How to unlock android

How to unlock your phone if you forget the password?

If you own an Android phone and, like many, care about the security of personal data stored on your device, then this article is for you. You may have already encountered a situation where, having put a complex password on your phone, you realize that once you forgot it and can not repeat it, losing access to all the contents of your smartphone. And though the phone screen lock is put for protection of phone against penetration, nevertheless it is possible to remove the lock, not knowing the password. And the main question is how to unlock the phone? So, here are 5 ways to remove the screen lock on your Android phone.

Tenorshare 4uKey for Android is a program designed specifically to unlock the screen of any Android smartphone. Its user-friendly interface, step-by-step instructions and fast results are the main characteristics of this utility that will conquer you from the first use.

Download Tenorshare 4uKey for Android and install Tenorshare 4uKey for Android on your PC or Mac and run it;

The main menu will appear in the program window, where you should click on the “Uninstall” button.

Unlock the screen

Then connect your device to your computer with a USB cable; When you start your device, Tenorshare 4uKey for Android will install the driver for your smartphone.

Now it’s time to remove the screen lock. If your Samsung device is early, you can select “Remove screen lock without data loss”. If not, you can choose “Remove Screen Lock”. And we’ll take the second option as an example.

Then press “Start” to start the process of removing the Samsung screen lock;

Then you have to confirm that deleting the lock screen password will delete all the data on your device. If you are sure, just press the “Yes” button, then Tenorshare 4uKey for Android will start to automatically remove the lock screen.

Once the removal process is complete, you will be prompted to enter recovery mode. Turn off your device and press and hold the “Volume Up” “Home” “Power” buttons at the same time.

Then you will need to select an option with the volume keys and use the power key to confirm system reset: wipe data/factory reset confirm wipe cache partition confirm ReBoot system now confirm.

Then 4uKey for Android will automatically remove the lock screen. After a few minutes you will see that the whole process is done.

How to unlock forgotten Pattern Lock on your Android phone using Find My Device service

Find My Device service allows Android users to remotely control their device to find a missing phone or to lock/unlock it. To remove the Pattern Lock on your smartphone, go to https://www on any other

On the service page, log in to the Google account used on your phone.

If your device is not detected automatically, select it from the list of available devices manually. Select the “Lock” option.

Enter a new password for your smartphone twice and click “Lock” again.

Now enter the new password on your locked phone. After that you can set a new Pattern Lock or any other type of lock in the device settings.

The best solution to reset Android password is Tenorshare 4uKey for Android

How do I quickly reset the lock screen password?

Specially created for such cases, the utility from the developer Tenorshare 4uKey for Android will be the best assistant in solving the problem of a forgotten password / code / lock screen pattern on Android. All you need to do is to install the program on your PC and follow the prompts of the program.

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Connect your Android phone to your computer. Run 4uKey for Android.

Connect your Android device to your PC/Mac using a USB cable. Run the program and select the “Unlock Screen Lock” option.

Then select the “Remove Screen Lock” option, press “Start”.

When the notification about deleting all phone content appears, press “OK”.

Wait for the process to complete and then enter recovery mode. To do this, follow the program prompts.

Press “Next” button. The program will prompt you to perform actions to restore the factory settings on your smartphone and then reboot the device. After that you can use your device freely again.

How to reset an Android password without losing data: A STEP-by-step guide

  • Factory reset is one of the most global ways, which affects all the data in the device memory (not counting the SD-card). Its function is reflected in the name itself: with a special combination of keys when you turn on the phone you can go to the system reset menu that removes all files, settings and presets from your device. The combination of keys is different for almost every Android model, but in most ways it requires you to press the volume key and the “Home” key at the same time. Use this method only if you do not store anything important in the phone’s memory and you will not lose anything with a full reset.
  • Firmware Update.The second way, which will be partly similar to the first, will be to update the firmware on your smartphone. It works on the principle that it downloads new system data into your phone but removes the old presets and settings. Personal data in the form of photos, music, etc. is not affected by this method. Update can be done with a specialized program on your computer, using a USB cable or by putting the file with the new firmware into the device and then selecting it from the special “Recovery” menu.
  • ADB and command line.If you are particularly interested in how to reset the Android password via PC, you can use the command line on your computer. This only works if you have the ADB (Android Debug Bridge) program installed on your smartphone. Download the archive with the distribution package of the program and place it anywhere on your device. To reset password by this way, you need to connect the device to your PC with USB cable and choose “USB debug mode” from the offered modes.

Next, by unzipping, put all the necessary files of this utility in any folder of your smartphone. The program we need will be located in the path sdk/platform-tools. Run the command line on your computer by typing cmd in the command execution field, which is called by pressing Win R and type the following in the console window that appears:

If you do not need to reset the pattern key, but rather the password, then replace the gesture.key to password.key, then you can reboot your Android device and it will not ask you for your password to enter.

Dead battery. There are also trickier ways on how to reset your Android password. These consist of a kind of cheating the device and bypassing the screen with entering the password. One of those ways is to have a dead battery. It’s pretty simple here: wait until your battery resources reach a low charge, and until the device gives you a warning about this. When the low battery alert appears on the screen, tap on it and it will take you to the menu of your battery status. Press the back arrow to get to the previous directory, go into your device’s security settings and simply disable the password prompt.

A similar trick with device trickery is the incoming or outgoing call on your smartphone. The essence of this method is that when you cancel or end a call, your desktop appears on the screen for a brief moment, where you can click somewhere. Use this to call your phone, reset, and gradually tap on the right places on the screen, go to the menu with the security settings, and safely disable the password request.

Google Account. The next way to disable the password on your Android smartphone will be tied to your Google account. How to use it correctly? Enter your device password incorrectly a couple of times (usually five to six times), then at the bottom of the screen you will see the Forgot Pattern/Password?”. Press there and the system will prompt you to enter the password with the login from your Google account, after which the phone will be unlocked. This method can also help those who are wondering how to reset the password without losing data.

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Find Your Device” service. The next method on the list is quite unusual. We need to go back to google services to save our phone from locking. It is called “Find device”, which not only performs the function reflected in the name, but also allows you to perform a complete reset of the device. In order to use it, you need to be connected to the Internet. Once your device has access there, go through your computer to the Google services page at and go through the authorization process. The location of your device will be displayed on a map and will correspond to the time when the smartphone last went online. Open the list of available options and select “Erase Data.

In the next window, click again on “Erase data” and then “Clear.

There are similar services and programs for most phone manufacturers like Sony or Samsung. You can use both their services and turn to Google’s services.

Smart Lock function. One of the final ways we discussed is a great thing called SmartLock, which appeared for the first time since Android 5.0. Its essence is very simple: instead of various passwords, passphrases, picture keys and other things, it can unlock your phone by fingerprint, facial image or voice recognition. So in case you have specified any additional unlocking options on your device with SmartLock, try unlocking your phone with them. But be careful while using this technology: any carelessness while configuring can lead to theft of your personal data by malefactors. If you are not sure if this option is safe for you, better give it up right away.

How you can unlock the Android screen lock

Now let’s look at how to unlock the Android screen:

    After the gadget has gone to sleep mode or you need to turn it off, after turning it on you will need to enter the code word or key. depending on which method of protection the user has chosen.

To unlock the screen on your Android device using this method, you need to remember the combination of codes. But often users forget the ciphers they enter.

How to bypass the lock if you have forgotten the password?

If you have recently changed your password and immediately forgot it, you need to enter Recovery mode to reset.

To do this, you must simultaneously press the power button and change the volume. Press these keys when you turn on your phone.

From the menu that appears you need to select the factory reset. You won’t have to enter the key in most cases after you boot your device. This method has a disadvantage. you will lose all user files, you will have to reinstall the applications. You can recover your information only if you have synced your device with the cloud storage.

With recent smartphones this method may not work. you will still have to enter the key after rolling back the settings. Also not effective are the options where the lock is unlocked during a call or when the battery is low. They only worked on systems before version 4, and later this vulnerability was closed by the developers. You will still be able to answer the phone without unlocking it, but you will have to enter the code to access messages or menus.

If you have a smartphone from one of the latest Android models. The only way to reset the forgotten key is to reflash the device. If you’re an inexperienced user, it’s best to have it done at a service center. To change the firmware, you will need to connect your smartphone to your computer, download a special program and a file with the factory settings.

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What the PIN code is used for

Locking the screen is the first barrier to those wishing to get “inside” the gadget and learn the secrets of the owner. In addition to photos and documents, smartphones and tablets are usually full of accounts, and fraudulent access to them can lead to irreparable consequences. Including reputational and financial losses.

Young children will not be able to accidentally delete data from the locked phone. If your device is stolen, it’s not immediately usable. The SIM card may also be blocked, and this will not give the thief a chance to use someone else’s number and balance.

Some models, especially those from Chinese manufacturers, immediately after purchase or update ask: “To start Android, enter your PIN.”. The default setting is simple and it is recommended to change it, which you can read about in the manufacturer’s instructions. There should also be information on how to do it right.

Why you should use a password

What we don’t keep on our gadgets! There are personal photos, documents and much more. Finally, a smartphone is a full-fledged wallet, and protection of own data is the most important task for a user.

Setting a password greatly reduces the possibility of ill-wishers and fraudsters. The first ones are unlikely to bypass the Android password and get access to personal information, and the latter can hardly be protected by a four digits code, but it makes you worry. Small children also will not be able to break the peace by accidentally deleting important files. Yes, there can be many reasons for locking a mobile device, but we often forget our passwords.

Ways to recover forgotten Pattern Lock for different smartphone manufacturers

Here’s what to do if you have forgotten your Android Pattern Lock and what to do if you have a certain brand of smartphone.

  • Sony. This manufacturer has developed a special software which will help you to restore your smartphone. To reset the Pattern Lock you need to install the Flashtool utility on your laptop or PC. and then connect the locked device with a cable. Open the Tools window. click on the Bundles field and the Create button. At the top of the window you will need to fill in the fields device type, version, firmware and device model. Also specify the path to the firmware file. Then confirm with the Create button to reset the graphic key.
  • HTC. This smartphone also has a utility for PC. HTS Sync. In it you need to use the option Lock Bypass to reset the graphics key. Wait until device reboot and remove the key in the device settings.
  • Samsung. On this phone, you can reset the key only after the phone is reset to zero. In recovery mode, most models go by simultaneously pressing the center button, volume up and shutdown keys.
  • Huawei. The reset is also done using Recovery mode. Go to it by pressing volume and shutdown buttons simultaneously. In the menu that appears, select factory reset. New models of smartphones from this manufacturer can be restored only through the official website.

So that the user who forgot the Android pattern key, how to remove it no longer thinks, it is worth to use the application SMS Bypass. It is distributed for a fee, but there is a trial version. This program allows you to restore access to your smartphone in just a couple of clicks. You do not need to have special knowledge to use this program.

Every girl has at least once faced a situation where she forgot the graphics key on her Android phone. This material will help you deal with it, spread it among your friends, it will also be useful for men. If you know a way to reset your key that we haven’t mentioned, post it in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. You can also ask questions in them.

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