How to unlock access to a microphone on samsung

How to unlock access to a microphone on Yandex?

We open the main page of Yandex in our browser and click on the microphone icon in the search line. Next, you need to give Yandex access to the microphone in the dialog box. The resolution is requested only for the first time, then Yandex will not ask him.

  • Open the Chrome application. On the Android device.
  • To the right of the address line, click on the “more” icon of the settings.
  • Select sites settings.
  • Press the microphone or camera.
  • Turn on or off the microphone or camera.

A few more tips to unlock access to voice input

If Yandex.Alice still does not hear you, or hears poorly, we also recommend that you do the following:

No. Council features
one Check if your gadget has a sufficient amount of free space. The clogged phone memory can cause problems in the work of the assistant.
2 Make sure you have a stable Internet connection. Reboot your router if necessary.
3 See if your Alice has a voice activation. To do this, go to the Yandex Applications settings.Browser “(button with three horizontal lines). Next, select “Settings”, and check the option “Voice activation”. She should be in the “BCL” position. Activate it if necessary and start the assistant.

How to open access to a microphone on Android

To configure the microphone in the Yandex mobile browser on smartphones with the Android operating system:

  • Go to the menu of the basic settings of the mobile device and find the item “Applications”. “All applications”.
  • Find in the list web browser.
  • Open the “Applications permits” section and re.Click on a similar tab.
  • Move the slider to the right of the “microphone” to the right.
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On outdated versions of Android, access to the microphone is provided by default-the user confirms his consent when installing a web browser.

You can familiarize yourself with a full list of permits through a page on Google Play. Find the “Description” section, pierce the page down and click “Resolutions for the application”.

To go to voice control Yandex.Click on a similar icon located in the search bar on the initial page with a browser. Click on a round button at the bottom of the dialogue, what to transfer the necessary request to the voice assistant.

How to enable Alice in the background?

In the lower part of the screen in the emerging menu, find and press the bot icon; Then click on the signaling icon of the voice assistant; Turn on voice activation.

You pronounce the phrase, and Yandex recognizes the text, searches and provides you with the results on the search page page. To activate the voice search, click the icon in the search bar. When you first turn on, you will see a dialog box: allow or forbid to use the microphone on the Yandex website.Ru.

Where to find the microphone settings on the phone?

In the engineering menu you need to go to the Hardware section, where to click on the subsection Earchones and Mic (or something similar). After that, the sensitivity of the microphone in the headphones in the subparagraph Speech Enhanceement should be configured (until the normal sound level occurs).

We open the main page of Yandex in our browser and click on the microphone icon in the search line. Next, you need to give Yandex access to the microphone in the dialog box. The resolution is requested only for the first time, then Yandex will not ask him.

How to unlock the microphone in Yandex on Android on the phone?

This unusual question about the microphone is usually asked by users who decided to use the voice assistant Alice. The thing is that for the correct work of Alice it is necessary to provide access to the microphone, which, in fact, the user must do. If he blocked access to the microphone, Alice will not be able to work correctly, namely, he will not hear the user and give answers to his questions.

unlock, access, microphone, samsung

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Galaxy S10 Microphone Not working Fix- 7 Solutions

Click on the icon for launching Alice (we have Yandex in the example.Browser with Alice).

Then it will be necessary to provide several permits, the main of which is the audio record, that is, the microphone.

If you provide permission, there should be no problems, Alice will function normally and answer questions.

unlock, access, microphone, samsung

But what if the microphone is still blocked? In this case, it is tedious to grant the rights to manually, what you can do using the “Settings” application.

Open the application with Alice, for example, Yandex or Yandex.Browser, as in our example.

Then turn on the “microphone” using the switch.

After these actions, the voice assistant must begin to function correctly.

Checking the operability of the microphone

To check if the microphone works, use the standard “recorder” application, which is on any phone. Depending on the model and the firmware version, its integration may vary slightly.

Launch the Softophone application.

Click on the record button and say something in the microphone.

Stop the record. To do this, click on the corresponding button.

Go to the saved records menu.

Select the right one and listen to it.

The further plan of action depends on what you hear. If there is no sound, most likely the microphone is damaged. We will talk about this at the end of the article. But what to do if you hear yourself clearly?

Unlock microphone in Yandex.Browser for Android

In Android, each user can limit any third-party applications to the use of any components, including the microphone. If we are talking about Yandex.Browser, there it will come in handy for communication with Alice, voice input of requests and, possibly, for some other purposes. Unlocking the use of the microphone occurs through the system settings of the operating system. We will immediately clarify that the sequence of actions may vary slightly, and this is due to the difference in the membranes. For an example, we took “pure” Android.

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    Launch the built.In “Settings” application and find in it the “Appendix” or “Applications and Notifications” items.

If you use voice input through the keyboard, it will not be blocked along with the ban on using the microphone in Yandex.Browser. However, access to it with the keyboard can be prohibited in the same way, since before the first voice input, the smartphone will ask you for permission to use the microphone. In many keyboards, you can allow access to it immediately by repeatedly by pressing the voice input icon. In other cases, you will need to use the instructions above, but only instead of Yandex.Browser choose an already installed keyboard.

Service center

If the reset of settings did not help, most likely, the problem of hardware. Contact the service center, they will conduct diagnostics and repair samsung.

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Of course, we can assume that the problem “sits” deeper, and it can be eliminated by reinstalling the system. But even in this case, the opinion of specialists about this will be correct. If you are confident in your assumption and are ready to do it yourself, on our website there is a detailed instructions for flashing the devices of Samsung.

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