How To Uninstall App On Android Xiaomi

List of applications that can be removed

We have prepared a small list of preinstalled programs that you can uninstall:

  • MIUI forum;
  • WPS Office;
  • SwiftKey keyboard (if you replace another);
  • Google Photo;
  • Google Maps (maps);
  • Mi Drop;
  • screen recording;
  • Mi Credit;
  • SIM card menu;
  • Duo;
  • Google Play Music;
  • games;
  • Google Play Movies;
  • notes;
  • weather;
  • App Manager;

Note. It is NOT NECESSARY to uninstall the programs that were presented in the list! They can be deleted, it will not harm your device, and you can free up some memory, but deletion is not mandatory.

Most of the programs on the list cannot be removed without root rights, and Google apps are no exception. But you can try to disable them, as described above, in the example with the Duo program.

Disconnection using third-party programs

Let’s take Duo as an example. For those who don’t know, this is a video chat, which is kindly provided by Google. Video chat is claimed to work well even with low internet speeds. But we don’t need it, and we want to remove it. But if you look at the screenshot below, it can neither be deleted nor disabled.

In the open spaces of there is one wonderful shortcut program called “Application shortcut management”. It weighs only 9KB and just opens up some slightly hidden possibilities. Application link.

We go through this shortcut to the application management, and look for Duo. Once you find it in the list, click on it. And we see that it can be disabled:

Click “Disable”, and the application is removed from the desktop, and no longer functions.

Now let’s take the Games. As you can see in the screenshot, it is impossible to disable it.

Notification permissions are also not worth it, but, nevertheless, they appear periodically. We try to go through the “Application management shortcut”, but even in this way, you cannot turn off the “Games”.

And we smoothly come to another way to remove.

Removing preinstalled apps

Let’s see right away: not all standard programs can be removed from the phone in the usual way. Some of them can be disabled or updates can be removed. Now let’s look at all the ways to remove unnecessary junk.

Complete removal with root rights

First of all, install root rights. Look for information on this on the Internet specifically for your model. Then download any application manager that supports root rights and removes system applications. One of the tested ones is Uninstall Expert. It is slightly packed with ads, but it does its job perfectly.

Open Uninstall Expert, scroll to the right (to go to the “system app” tab), look for the desired program in the list. In our case, these are “Games”. We tick the required software, and click “Uninstall”.

The program will ask for superuser rights, which we confirm. Unnecessary trash in the form of extraneous software is removed and no longer interferes.

All actions shown in the screenshots were performed on xiaomi redmi note 5 with MIUI 10. The principle of removal does not differ on MIUI 9 and MIUI8.

Is it dangerous to delete mi applications?

Whether or not to uninstall Mi applications is up to you. But you need to know the line between what will be safe and what will not. You can uninstall the MIUI Forum app if you don’t show up there. But removing the MI player, or MI Explorer can already harm the device, or rather, you will not watch the video, and you will not find the file you need in the phone’s memory.

Safely uninstalling an app on a Xiaomi smartphone

Xiaomi smartphones, like most others, are crammed with unnecessary programs for the user, especially those produced by Google Corporation (Google Movies, etc.). Undoubtedly, some of the pre-installed applications may be needed by the user, but in most cases they are trying to be removed. We will talk about uninstalling applications that are installed by the user himself and those built by the manufacturer.

How to uninstall an app?

Consider a common situation. You downloaded the program to your Xiaomi, and it didn’t suit you, or you just don’t need it anymore. There are two ways to delete it.

  • Through settings

We go into the settings, scroll down, click on “All applications”. Select an unnecessary application from the list.

Below we see the trash can icon, with the inscription “Delete”. Click on it and confirm the action.

Now you need to move the application to the top and confirm your action.

This concludes the article. We showed you how to uninstall an application in Xiaomi and gave you a list of programs that can be removed for redmi 4A, Redmi 4X and others. Be sure to make backups so that if you delete an important component, everything can be returned back.

How to uninstall google system apps and services: other software

Many programs have been invented for third-party uninstallation of applications that also perform many other functions that change the settings and capabilities of the smartphone.

Often they are used on the Xiaomi Redmi 4x phone, this is due to the new firmware. MIUI 8.

The following methods can also help to uninstall some mi apps.

Removal via Activity Launcher:

  • Install the “Activity Launcher” application from the Play Market;

how to uninstall app on xiaomi

  • Run it and in the top menu replace “Recent Actions” with “All Actions”;
  • Next, find the “Settings” tab in Russian;
  • You will see a list of tabs, select “All Applications” with the link “android.settings.applications.ManageApplications”;
  • You will be presented with a list of installed programs, where you can find google applications;
  • Select the desired application and disable it;

Removal via Shortcuts:

  • Install the Shortcuts app from the Play Market;
  • Launch the app and select Activity;
  • In the search enter “All applications”;
  • Now you need to create a shortcut for the desktop: click on the very last field “SettingsAllApplicationsActivity” and it will appear on the main screen of your gadget;
  • Open this shortcut and find the program you need;
  • Click the “Disable” button and confirm your choice;

These two applications are similar to each other, and the methods for uninstalling applications with their help are almost identical.

Be careful with disabling applications, as some programs can cause bad consequences for the phone.

Removal via Play Market:

  • Go to the Play Market and open the “My applications and games” tab in the menu;
  • Go to “Installed Applications”;

how to uninstall app on xiaomi

  • Select the required program and open it;
  • Here you will see two buttons: “Update application” and the one we need. “Remove application”, press and confirm your choice;

There are situations when a simple deletion, even through “Settings”, may not be enough, and the data of this application remains inside the phone. Removing the application through special software will help to completely clear the cache, using which you can also identify any problems in the phone and check it for threats and viruses.


  • Go to the Play Market;
  • Search for “CCleaner”. this is a special program for analyzing your device and cleaning it of unnecessary garbage;
  • Install the application on your phone and run;
  • In addition to the list of accumulated problems / viruses, etc., if any, you will see a list of applications in which you need to select the one that you want to remove and click the corresponding button;
  • There you can also erase all data from this application;

how to uninstall app on xiaomi

What apps can be uninstalled on Xiaomi

Below is a list of those applications that can be removed from the phone, and not just disabled:

  • Self-downloaded programs through the Play Market or browser;
  • Some installed google-services: YouTube, Books, Movies, Music, etc.

How to uninstall stock apps on Xiaomi

A rather relevant issue is the removal of standard programs from the phone, such as “Calculator”, “Calendar”, etc.

But, in order, for example, to delete the “Weather” application, or updates are disabled, which will be discussed later, or the rights of a super-user are obtained. the instructions will also be given later.

How to uninstall Google Apps from Xiaomi phone

Many Google services are built into the Xiaomi phone itself, so the previous methods won’t help you uninstall these apps. In general, these programs can be considered almost systemic. But you can use other solutions, which will be discussed further.

How to uninstall an application on Xiaomi. Detailed instructions!

For a number of reasons, users of Xiaomi phones often have questions about how to uninstall an application, why it is impossible to uninstall an application, how to clear all its data, etc. This may be due to the usual ignorance of the situation, an updated firmware, or some glitches in the phone itself.

Third-party ways to uninstall apps

Sometimes the above methods of uninstalling programs are not enough.

But there are two more methods on how to save your phone from an unnecessary application: through the Play Market and using CCleaner.

How to uninstall an app on xiaomi: first method

If you are going to uninstall an application that you yourself downloaded, the uninstallation process will not be time consuming, but on the contrary, it will seem very simple.

To use this method, the application must be located on the desktop.


  • Find the application on the desktop;
  • Pinch it with your finger. a trash can icon will appear at the top;
  • Drag the application there;
  • Confirm your choice.

how to uninstall app on xiaomi

How to uninstall an app on Xiaomi: second method

This method is suitable for all Xiaomi devices and is the same way to uninstall applications as on Android. through the settings.


  • Go to “Settings”;
  • Open the “All Applications” tab;
  • If you are still uninstalling the program you have installed, it will not be superfluous to go to “Third-Party Applications”. you will find the necessary object faster, since only applications installed on the phone yourself are shown there;

how to uninstall app on xiaomi

  • Select the required application and go to its settings;
  • Before deleting, you can also use the “Erase Data” and “Clear Cache” functions so that no traces of the application remain in the “insides” of the phone;
  • Click “Delete” and confirm your choice;

How to uninstall an app on Android

The era of the unprecedented heyday of computer technology sets its own pace for life. And now a man of the XXI century cannot imagine his existence without a smartphone, tablet and other such useful and irreplaceable devices. Sooner or later, the owner of a fashionable gadget has a question that worries hundreds of users of one of the most popular Android operating systems how to remove unnecessary applications. Sometimes such a seemingly simple task can become a serious problem. This article will tell you how to uninstall an application on Android, while saving your time and nerves.

How to uninstall an app on Android

Very often in the process of using the device, the owners find that the device’s memory is littered with a large number of unused applications. This inevitably leads to clogging of the RAM, increased power consumption, and simply to the elementary mess in the files and inconvenience of use due to the heap of “extra” icons. If you want to get rid of an application that you installed yourself, then it will not be difficult. There are several options:

Method “for dummies”.
If you are new to using Android devices, the easy way is for you. It is necessary to open the tabs “Menu” / “Settings” / “Applications” (the latter may also be called “Application Manager”, “Application Management”). Select the application you want to uninstall and click the corresponding button.
Attention: when using this method, the inconvenience is that the list contains all applications, including system ones. If there is no “Delete” button on the screen, then, most likely, the selected application is standard, and the algorithm for working with it is somewhat different. (Read below how to uninstall stock Android apps).

Using special programs
Programs such as Uninstaller or AppInstaller make it quick and easy to uninstall apps that were installed on Android by the user. They are more convenient in that they do not include standard applications in the list.

Using the file manager.
The file managers menu usually contains a tool with which you can remove installed applications. For example, ASTRO File manager, ES File Explorer File Manager, etc. are suitable for this.

Through “Google Play”.
You must launch the Market application. The downloaded programs can be seen in the “My Applications” tab. The delete function is also available there.

How to uninstall stock Android apps

If in most cases there are no problems with uninstalling custom applications, then the answer to the question about Android how to uninstall system applications has its own nuances.
Be prepared for the fact that you need Root rights with access to the folder with system files. (Note: obtaining Superuser rights is possible using various special programs, for example, Kingo Android ROOT or Unlock Root). If available, you can clean your Android device of unnecessary apps effortlessly.

So, consider below 2 ways how to uninstall pre-installed Android apps:
1.Using a file manager that supports displaying hidden system files. One of the most popular is Root Explorer. After installing it, you just need to enter the / system folder, find the required application in the / app subfolder and delete it. (Please note: many applications have not only an APK file, but also an odex. In this case, they must be deleted both).
2.Using special programs such as SystemApp Remover or Root App Remover, you need to install the program on your device and follow the instructions.

Attention: It should be noted that experts do not advise deleting system applications permanently, but resorting to “freezing” them. This can be done in the standard “Settings”. Select the “Applications” tab, then click on the required program icon and “Disable”. Thanks to these actions, the application will not be displayed on the device, but it can be activated at any time.

If you didn’t know how to uninstall Android system applications, or thought it was impossible, this information will show you the main ways to solve this problem.

How to uninstall an app that won’t uninstall on Android?

This can happen to anyone. when trying to uninstall an application, it turns out that it cannot be uninstalled. And in this case, we are not talking about a built-in application in the firmware, which cannot be deleted without root-rights, but about the most common one, which you installed on your device.

For example, some time ago we talked about how to reboot an Android device and showed an application called Volume Unlock, thanks to which you can turn on the device by pressing the volume up button. When running, the application gets administrator rights, so there is no easy way to delete it. And here’s what it looks like. let’s show it clearly.

We go into the settings and find the section “Applications”.

Here we see a list of applications. Choose the one you want (in our case. Volume Unlock).

And what do we see? That’s right, the “Delete” button is inactive.

If you encounter a similar problem, it does not matter, it can be solved. To do this, go to Google Play and type in the search the word “uninstall” (without quotes) or uninstaller. Select an application from Rhythm Software and install it. This is an extremely small free application that does not even require additional rights.

After installing the application, open it and see a list of all installed applications. Select the one you want by tapping on it once, then click on the “Delete selected applications” button located at the top of the screen.

We agree with the removal and see a window in front of us, in which it is written: “It is impossible to remove the package, because it is selected for device administration. ” Click “Administration Settings”.

A window opens, in it we uncheck the application.

In a new window, disable administration rights for the application by clicking on the “Disable” button.

After that, we get to the application page and see that the “Delete” button is activated.

Click on it and the application is removed.

Of course, this way you can remove virus applications that cannot be removed in the usual way. Root is required to remove system applications.

Second way

For this method, we thank the user with the nickname Android, who in the comments suggested a less complicated method for removing such applications. He talked about another method that requires USB debugging to be enabled. The user with the nickname Valery said that you can use this method without USB debugging, for which thanks to him. And yet, we show an example with USB debugging. just in case. We advise you to immediately open the “Security” section (see the last three screenshots) and if this does not help, try enabling USB debugging.

Go to settings. Here find the section “About the phone” (or “About the tablet”).

Next, tap on the build number 7 times. this way you will open the developer mode, which we need (see details here).

After opening this section, it will appear in the settings:

Go into it and put a checkmark next to the item “Debugging via USB”.

Further in the settings, click on the “Security” section and find the item “Device Administrators”.

Here you will see a check mark on the application, which is not uninstalled in the usual way.

Just uncheck the box, then click Disable.

Now the application can be uninstalled in the usual way.

Removing the application through the settings of the Android phone, tablet

Turn on the phone and go to application settings menu, here several windows will open in front of you in which you can select all applications or only those running or installed on the memory card. We go to the tab all applications, select the one that we want to delete and go to it. In the next window, you need to clear the application cache, stop it, and then delete it. Below everything is in pictures (click on the picture to enlarge).

Go to the Google Play application, go to apps my apps, here we select the application that we want to delete, go to it and press the delete button. You can see more details in the screenshots below (click on the picture to enlarge).

How to uninstall apps on Android

In this article I want to tell you how you can uninstall applications on a tablet, phone running the Android operating system.

As soon as you purchase an Android device, it basically has everything you need to communicate, these are SMS, calls, various programs for checking mail, social networks and just surfing the Internet. But in a few days you will find out about Google Play and, where you can download various useful programs, funny new games for Android and much more. You will download and download, but the memory on the device is not rubber and you will have to delete some of it to free up memory for higher priority applications.

I will try to be brief, as there is nothing difficult about deleting. Of course, if you just bought a smartphone or tablet on OS Android, then it will be problematic for you to find where to delete unnecessary games, programs.

So let’s start in order, I will illustrate all the ways with screenshots from my phone.

Removal via third-party utilities

So the last option is removal through third-party programs, the so-called file managers, which you can download from our website at the link. As an example, I will give the File Expert program that I myself use. If you also install it then read it. First you need to run the program, select applications and games in the tab my files, go to the section. All installed applications will open in front of you, here you can mark those that you want to remove, and then click on the cross below to remove. For clarity, I made screenshots, they are below (to enlarge, click on the picture).

I also want to note that some programs, games leave trash behind on the phone’s memory, SD card, to remove it, you can look through the computer in the root folder, folders with the name of the remote application or the name of the developer. You can also check the SD card / Android / folder. To clean up junk directly from your Android device, the free Clean Master program is suitable, which not only removes unnecessary files, but also speeds up the device by disabling unused applications.

That’s all! I hope you will not have a question on how to remove applications from an Android device and you have found the answer to your question in this post. And there will be other questions, ask them in the comments and I will definitely answer them.

Ways to uninstall non-removable apps in Android

During the operation of the mobile gadget, many different applications are installed. Some are system ones, others are downloaded by the user, others are spread like viruses and are embedded in the OS: they become indelible, while bringing harm, not benefit.

This guide will show you how to uninstall theoretically non-removable applications. In practice, many of them are easy to uninstall.

How to remove a non-removable virus application

Malicious programs have the ability to penetrate the device’s firmware. Therefore, their removal using root access may result in a malfunction of the gadget or its complete failure.

Any of the methods mentioned above will be ineffective.

The best way would be to install Malwarebytes antivirus.

Sometimes you have to use more radical actions:

Update the firmware: find the “Software update” section on the device, find the latest version.

Reinstall the OS by downloading it from the developer’s official website. To do this, you need a program. a flasher from a PC.

Removing Rooted Applications

If the standard uninstallation procedures described above, provided by the system itself, do not help to obtain the desired result, you can use other methods. Conventionally, they can all be divided into two groups: accessible with and without root rights.

The presence of root rights greatly simplifies the procedure for uninstalling non-removable programs. For such cases, a special Titanium Backup manager has been developed. He is able to cope with any application, even if it is not deleted.

The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • Download and open Titanium Backup by giving it root rights.
  • Enter the main menu and find the item “Backups”. It contains a list of the utilities available on the device. Red denotes system ones, white. user-loaded ones, yellow and green. those that are not recommended to be touched.
  • Select the program to be removed and click on it. A window will open with suggested options.
  • You can immediately click “Delete”, but it’s better to make a backup first. If necessary, it will be easy to restore it from Titanium Backup
  • Wait for the operation to complete, close Titanium and check for the absence of the utility.

This method seems to be the easiest and most convenient when answering the question of how to remove an application that is not being removed. One drawback. the free version of the manager is somewhat limited in functionality, so it is recommended to turn to the Pro version.

Uninstall via Safe Mode

Safe mode is useful for solving various system problems. In particular, through it you can quickly uninstall an application that is not uninstalled in normal Android operation.

  • Enter Safe Mode.
  • Go to Application Settings.
  • Select a program by clicking on the line with its name.
  • Click on the Delete button.
  • Confirm Action.

Why some apps won’t uninstall

Android developers have provided various user experiences in relation to applications. Some are allowed only to run, others. to change and delete. But there are also those, access to which is closed for the user. This is done in order to prevent actions that can harm the mobile OS.

There are not so many reasons why the application on Android is not deleted:

  • the user has no rights;
  • the application is included in the system list;
  • the virus restricted access to the system application disguised as a system;
  • the program contains built-in tools for blocking functions responsible for deleting;
  • after deleting the application again loads another utility available in the OS.

There may be several reasons, in addition, they are often combined with each other, in connection with which getting rid of the ill-fated utility becomes even more difficult.

However, in most cases, you can cope with such a nuisance yourself. In this review, we will find out how to uninstall an unremovable application. But first, let’s figure out why to do this.

Other ways to uninstall non-removable apps

Samsung Galaxy S8. S20

In the latest models of Samsung Galaxy S8, there are innovations in uninstalling programs: you need to hold your finger on the application icon to open the context menu, in which you select the “Uninstall” option.

Lenovo, Philips, Sony, Xiaomi

In most Android devices, it is quite easy to delete programs “embedded” in the system: hold your finger on the icon until the inscription “Delete” or an icon in the form of an urn appears, and then drag the icon into the trash can and confirm the action.

Removing Administrative Programs in Android

Such applications need more authority to function, but within the scope of user rights. In other words, no root rights are required to remove them. Such utilities include, among others, GPS tracking and remote blocking.

To get rid of an unwanted program, you should:

  • Enter the gadget settings;
  • Find the section “Security” (or Other security settings), and then. “Device administrators”;
  • Remove the mark from the uninstalled program that it acts as an administrator.

Now the administrative utility can be easily removed in the usual way.

Why uninstall apps from Android?

  • The phone slows down, responds slowly to user actions. As a result, it is inconvenient to work with the phone, access to important functions is slowed down.
  • There is not enough memory on your mobile device. This does not always happen due to the small amount of RAM, but because unnecessary applications are installed on the phone. Because of this, side and unnecessary functions run in the background.
  • By removing unnecessary applications, you will focus on the most useful ones (of the remaining ones) and will not be distracted by unnecessary ones.
  • Some developers introduce ads into their products. a popup-screen is displayed on the phone screen or lockscreen (lock screen), which cannot be eliminated in any way, except for uninstalling the “culprit”.

Reference. Uninstall. remove a mobile application (or computer program) from the operating system and from the storage device.

How to remove unnecessary apps from your phone

Removing applications via CCleaner

CCleaner is a simple but effective utility for uninstalling Android apps. The intuitive interface allows you to remove everything unnecessary in a few clicks: applications and cache (sometimes occupying hundreds of megabytes), APK installers and temporary files, and other “garbage”. The full version of the app is free, but contains ads.

Steps to uninstall applications using CCleaner:

  • Download and install the utility
  • Through the main menu, go to the “Application Management” section.
  • Installed, system and disabled applications are divided into tabs. Select the section you want.
  • By clicking on the line with the application, information is available: name, size of the program and cache, installation date, version, etc.
  • Select the items and click on the Trash icon to remove programs from Android.
  • Press “Delete” again and confirm the operation.

Through CCleaner, you can uninstall applications in batch mode, and not one by one, as the standard manager suggests.

CCleaner is suitable for regular cleaning of Android and uninstalling applications from your phone. Removing standard Android applications (such as Google Drive, Gmail) in CCleaner is not possible. neither with root access, nor without it.

One last tip: only install the apps you need on your phone

Leave only the apps you need on your phone. Try alternatives, experiment, but always be in control of what is installed.

If you install any program through the Google Play application, be sure to test it and conclude: leave the program or uninstall. On the one hand, this approach takes time and patience, on the other, you save your nerves. A phone loaded with dozens of apps won’t run as fast as after purchase.

Removing unnecessary applications on Android: uninstaller programs

In this how-to guide, I will show you how to uninstall an app on Android in various ways. This can be done without harming the OS. You will also learn how to remove system (standard) and hidden applications. How to uninstall them from internal memory or sd card.

Through the standard Application Manager

You can find a section with a list of installed programs on Android at: Settings. Applications.

Android Standard Application Manager Toolkit

In the “Applications” section, you can find out how much space a particular application takes, where it is installed. in the internal memory or on the sd card. The bottom of the screen shows how much phone memory is free and in use. By clicking on the line with the name, you will find out the cache size and data consumption in the OS.

Applications installed by the user can be stopped (i.e. unloaded from memory), deleted or transferred from the phone memory to the SD card (which is useful if you need to free up the phone memory).

In the SD memory card tab. a list of applications installed on the phone’s sd card.

In the Running section. useful information about how long this or that program is running, how much RAM is consumed. Thus, if an application is wasting resources, it can and should be removed.

It should be noted that the standard Android toolkit is not suitable for the bulk removal of android applications, although it is useful for a single removal of a package.

Try any third-party Android app manager. There are a lot of cleaning programs on Google Play, and further we will consider the most sensible of them.

Clean Master. uninstall standard and custom apps

Clean Master is another program for comprehensive cleaning of the phone from garbage: temporary files, duplicates and leftover data that this or that application was “too lazy” to clean up after itself. Clean Master does not specialize in uninstalling programs, but it includes a module called Application Manager.

A batch mode of uninstalling applications on the phone is available here. In addition, you can manage APKs and move apps from your memory card. This will help reallocate space and clear your phone’s internal storage.

Removing Android system applications in Clean Master is not available, you can only uninstall custom programs. installed yourself.

To remove the program via Clean Master, do the following:

  • Download and install the application on Android
  • After starting, press the Start button
  • We go to the section Tools. Application Manager
  • Press the buttons “Provide” and then “Allow” in the dialog that opens
  • In the Clean Master application manager, check the boxes for the applications that need to be removed from the phone
  • Press the “Delete” button and OK to confirm uninstallation
  • If you are not sure if you want to remove the application, click “Cancel”.

System App Remover Pro

Removing Android system apps will help speed up the OS. However, it makes sense to take on this only if you clearly know what you can delete. To do this, you need root rights and System App Remover.

Remove unnecessary apps from your phone

Through the System applications section, you can remove what ordinary managers do not allow you to do. However, we advise you to follow the recommendations of the uninstaller and deactivate only applications that are marked “Can be deleted”. Otherwise, you can disable the Android OS or provoke system errors.

To remove Android system components:

  • In the System App Remover menu, go to the “System Applications” section;
  • In the list, check the items to be deleted;
  • Click the “Delete” button.
How To Uninstall App On Android Xiaomi

By the way, this method will help to remove non-removable applications hidden in the standard Android manager, accessible only in safe mode. As an example, adware and spyware.

Council. If your goal is to free up space in the phone’s memory, we strongly advise against deleting system applications. It’s better to buy a spacious memory card and install all applications on it.

System App Remover requires payment for its fully functional work in the pro version (in the free edition, ads are displayed at the bottom of the window). Symbolic 1.88 open access to functions:

  • Management of system and user applications;
  • Move any installed application to sd memory card or internal phone memory;
  • Use as a phone basket;
  • Allows you to uninstall Android system applications;
  • Batch uninstall mode: you can check the boxes only for the applications you need and uninstall them in a few clicks.
  • Flexible management of standard and custom applications: sorting, filter by name, package name and path, search for applications, etc.