How to Unfasten Iphone From Id

Many users purchase used iPhones.

In this regard, the problem of untying the device from the accounts of the previous owner becomes relevant.

The material answers the question. How to untie the Apple ID from the iPhone.

  • The essence of the problem
  • Unlinking Methods
  • Case 1: legal transfer of the device, access to a smartphone
  • Possible problems
  • Case 2: no access to the smartphone
  • Case 3: There is a device associated with an Apple ID
  • Conclusion

The essence of the problem

If you purchased an Apple phone with an untied account of the previous owner, it may not be noticeable in the first days of use. If you know the password code (or it is disabled), there will be no problems using it.

However, even in this case, there may be restrictions on the use of certain services.

The problem arises, for example, after you reflash the device or install an update on it. Now, to activate the device, you need to re-enter the credentials to which the smartphone is attached.

When you enter your own, an error appears, since the device requires the input of the information that was entered when the iPhone was activated.

If you cannot re-activate with the same data, then in fact, your phone will not work. But even if you did not install the update, did not do a flashing, the phone is functioning, at first glance, it’s normal, anyway a number of problems are possible:

  • Using iCloud and other Apple services.
  • Inability to work with iTunes, since you can not first install and run the program.
  • Defective functioning of some official applications.
  • Serious restrictions on all financial transactions, both online and in applications, and through the NFC system.

The second possible reason you may need to untie is getting the device in the wrong hands.

If you have lost an iPhone or stolen it from you, it is necessary to carry out a remote decoupling from your account so that an outsider does not gain access to your personal data, financial procedures, cards, etc.

A specific problem is remote locking. If you found the device on the street, then with a high degree of probability, the former owner has already blocked the smartphone, you will not be able to use it without entering the account credentials at the unlock stage.

Fig. 1 Locked device

Important! The problem is typical for iPhone, so for iPod, iPad, Apple Watch. The solutions are shown on the example of a smartphone, but with the rest of the gadgets, approximately the same scheme works.

Unlinking Methods

The basic rule that you need to remember is that if you found or purchased a device that subsequently blocked and requests account information, to unlock you need to know this data.

There is no other way to unlock besides entering the initial activation account information.

This is mainly related to work. Find functions iPhone. As soon as the user activates it online, the Activation Lock function is automatically turned on and the device starts requesting activation data when unlocking / rebooting.

It is the inclusion Find functions iPhone if you have lost the device, this will protect you from falling into the wrong hands of your personal information.

Not so long ago, when buying an Apple smartphone from the hands of the buyer, it was recommended that the buyer check the function on it Activation Lock, so that the seller could not block the device remotely for fraudulent purposes (for example, extorting money for unlocking). There was even a special algorithm for checking.

Such verification was carried out by IMEI, allowed the buyer to protect themselves from fraud, and also indirectly check whether the device is stolen. But starting in 2017, the possibility of such a verification has disappeared. Apple Disabled the service, citing the fact that it increases the likelihood of hacker attacks on devices.

Fig. 2 Lost iPhone

Case 1: legal transfer of the device, access to a smartphone

The algorithm below is fully official. It assumes that the owner voluntarily unties all accounts from the device when it is transferred to a new user.

Such measures are carried out when buying a smartphone from hand.

  • Open menu Settings on your device, then tap on the iCloud item (there is no such item in the new versions, then you need the iTunes Store and Apple Store).

Fig. 3 Device Settings

  • Scroll the page that opens and find the button Log off. Tap on it. A pop-up window will appear asking you to confirm your decision. Tap on the item again Log off. Now the device will ask what to do with the data on the device. You can save or delete it (depending on the situation, select the option that suits you and tap on it).

You will be prompted to enter Apple ID and password. Enter the activation data of the device.

This will start the data deletion process. Wait for it to finish. When this happens, you will receive a notification on the screen of your device.

Now the device is cleared of your personal data and untied from accounts. You can pass it on to an outsider.

It is clear, however, that such a method will not help if the smartphone fell into your hands already locked.

Possible problems

In most cases, the steps taken are enough to completely untie the device from the accounts.

However, sometimes, even after carrying out all the described actions, the iPhone is still in the list of your devices on icloud.com, therefore for greater reliability it is recommended carry out a number of actions:

  • Open your device’s settings, go to them on the item The main. There, scroll to the item Reset and tap on it.
  • In the window that opens, select Erase content and settings, then Reset All Settings.

Several pop-up windows will appear in which you will need to confirm your decision by clicking on Erase Iphone.

Some models and versions of updates also require entering a password code and / or activation data of your device (password, AppleID).

At this stage, the device is definitely completely untied from all accounts. A new user can enter new personal credentials for the full functioning of the device.

Case 2: no access to the smartphone

A number of sellers, passing the device to a new user, simply forget to untie it from the Apple Cloud.

This leads to serious restrictions when using the device by the new owner.

To unlink accounts from a device that is no longer in the hands of the owner, You can use the following algorithm:

  • Follow this linkwww.Icloud.com. Log in using the credentials of the device you want to untie from your account (password and Apple ID).

Fig. 7 Login

  • Find item To findiPhone and click on it.
  • Then set the option Find all devices. On the background of the map, a list of all devices from Apple connected to this account will appear. In the drop-down list, click on the gadget that you want to untie from the credentials.

Fig. 9 Device selection

  • A window with the main functions will appear on the right of the screen. In the bottom right corner, find the button EraseiPhone and click on it.
  • Another pop-up window will appear in which you need to confirm your decision. Click on it in the item Erase.

Fig. 11 Confirmation

  • After that, the window in the upper right corner of the screen will be updated and will require you password entry fromAppleid, even though you are already authorized on the site. Enter it and confirm.

Since the decoupling takes place remotely, no matter where the smartphone itself is located, if it is turned on, dialogs confirming the process will be displayed on its screen. You do not need to take any actions in them. Just click Further, then Done.

If this is not done, untying will happen anyway, but it will become clear only after rebooting the device.

All actions on the part of the initial owner of the device are completed, it is untied from all accounts.

The cleaning process on the untied iPhone will start immediately as soon as an unlimited Internet connection appears on it. The user will not be able to stop the data process.

After cleaning, the smartphone will reboot and will require a new activation already with new credentials. The method is very convenient not only with the legal transfer of the phone, but also in the event that it was stolen from you or it was lost. Timely taken, such measures will prevent your personal information from getting to an unauthorized person.

Possible problems

It is clear that if the remote smartphone does not have Internet access, then the iCloud cleaning team cannot come to it.

How to Unfasten Iphone From Id

But in this case, you can still do the decoupling through DFU mode.

To do this, do the following:

  • Repeat steps 1-5 of the previous algorithm.
  • Now, when a window appears in the upper part of the device with a list of your devices, click the one you want to untie and click on the cross to the right of its name. Perform a DFU flashing.

Re-flashing by mode Dfu can be carried out only with the direct participation of the smartphone itself (it is necessary to hold down the buttons on it Home and Turning on/Shutdown) That is, the method will not help if you have lost a smartphone.

Case 3: There is a device associated with an Apple ID

When buying a device with your hands, make sure that it is mandatory to be untied from the credentials. It is better if the seller makes a decoupling according to the above algorithm before your eyes. Otherwise, the device will not be functional at the first update, not to mention the fact that the seller will be able to block it remotely.

If you found or purchased a device tied to someone else’s account, it is completely useless for you.

You can not install updates until a certain point, but the functionality will still be significantly limited.

In fact, for example, the found activated iPhone cannot be used, even if it is not yet locked remotely.

In all other cases, it is necessary to search for the account owner and act together with him as described in the first or second section. However, finding such a seller is often very difficult, of course, there are cases when the former owner did not untie the iPhone unknowingly or inattentively, but most often they sell stolen devices in this form, that is, the seller does not know the necessary information.

Fig. 14 Locked smartphone


Buying an iPhone from your own hands is a rather risky venture, requiring great care and responsibility from you.

Check all the functions of the device with the seller, especially pay attention to decoupling from old accounts.

When you buy a used device, all responsibility for its further operation rests solely with you.