How to Unblock Blacklist on iPhone

All about blacklisting contacts on iPhone

Greetings! Do you get bored with calls from strange people? Or is your iPhone constantly bombarded with intrusive SMS spam? A great way to protect yourself from these problems is to use the blacklist on the iPhone. The coolest thing is that for this you do not need to install additional programs and applications, pay any money, use the services of mobile operators. you just need to pick up the phone and just block the subscriber!

Cool stuff? Sure. It will be hard? Not a bit. even a child can handle it. Will it take a long time? No, no, and again no. a couple of minutes maximum. How to do it? Now I will tell and show you in all the details. the instruction is already here. Go!

But first, let’s consider the main advantages of such a blacklist:

  • Integrated into iOS natively. That is, blocking an unwanted number is possible immediately after the first activation of your gadget.
  • The list of “illegal” numbers is saved along with the backup (no difference, it was created using iTunes or iCloud) and will be returned to the device when restoring (from a computer or from the clouds). Attention! With any other method of transferring contacts between iPhone, you will need to enter the numbers in the emergency situation again.
  • Everything is free! Nobody will take the money for sure.

Let’s get down to business and find out how to block a subscriber on an iPhone (if you want to delete it completely, read this instruction). We go to the desktop. select the item phone (“recent”, “favorites”, “missed”. it doesn’t matter, any will suit us) or SMS.

You need to look at the information about the contact (opposite any number there is an icon. the letter i in a blue circle, feel free to click on it!).

Detailed information opens. scroll down the screen, and we see the cherished inscription. block the subscriber.

What will happen after that?

  • For telephone conversations. the caller will hear short beeps (as if the network is busy).
  • SMS just won’t come.

But what if you added someone by mistake? Everything can be fixed, for this it is important to know where the blacklist is on the iPhone. It’s easy to find it, in the settings we select the item phone, then. blocked. Here they are. “unwanted” people! Editing if desired.

Updated! Thanks to Andrey and his comment. Now the menu item in which all numbers added to the emergency are located is called not “Blocked”, but “Block. and identif. call “. I won’t change the picture. sorry 🙂

Updated again! In iOS 13, this item is now again called quite normal. “Blocked contacts”. Praise Apple! 🙂

But what if your number is blacklisted, but you really need to get through?

Here you cannot do without the help of the operator, we connect the anti-caller ID service (most likely it will be paid, here already check with the operator’s subscriber service). After that we call who and when we want!

And finally, personal experience of use 🙂 You know, I am practically not annoyed with unnecessary calls and “useful” messages, but the blacklist on my iPhone 5s is far from empty. In the article about earnings, I just talked about what prompted me to add some numbers to the Blacklist. Why do you need a lock? Tell us in the comments!

How to set up do not disturb mode on iPhone?

Do Not Disturb is a useful iPhone feature that does not miss any calls to your device during user-set hours. Typically, iPhone owners set Do Not Disturb so that no one can reach them at night or during a work day. However, the option can be used differently. as a whitelist that allows calls only from selected subscribers.

The parameters of the “Do not disturb” mode are set in the section of the same name in the “Settings”.

On older versions of iOS, the function settings block is located in “Notifications”.

In addition to the main toggle switch. “Manual”. in the “Do not disturb” section you will find a lot of other settings:

“Planned.” This setting allows you to adjust the length of time that Do Not Disturb will remain active.

“Call admission”. Here you can determine which subscribers will be able to reach you when the Do Not Disturb mode is activated. If you select the “From all” option, all calls will be blocked; if you check the box next to “From the elite”, the people most important to you will be able to contact you at any time of the day.

The main thing is not to forget the contacts of important people to assign the status of “Chosen”.

“Repeated calls”. If this toggle switch is activated, the call of the subscriber who showed persistence and called the second time within 3 minutes from the moment of the first call will not be muted.

“Silence”. In the “Silence” block there are two options. “Always” and “Only while the iPhone is locked.” If you check the box next to the second, the unlocked iPhone will skip calls. Choose the “Always” option and stop worrying about whether your device is locked at night or not.

How to Unblock Blacklist on iPhone

How to Whitelist Do Not Disturb Option?

Set the 24/7 operation time for this option and deactivate the “Repeated calls” slider.

Go to the “Contacts” application and open the card of the person whom you would be glad to hear. Find the item “Add to Favorites” in the card and click on it.

In the “Call admission” section of the “Do not disturb” option settings, check the “From favorites”.

With such an iPhone setup, no one can reach you except the person you are waiting for. From selected contacts and a white list is formed.

How to see blocked contacts on iPhone?

If one of your acquaintances asks why your cell phone is unavailable all the time (and you are not a fan of long telephone conversations), you should check if you have mistakenly sent this person’s number to the blacklist. You can view the contents of the blacklist like this:

Go to “Settings” and find the “Phone” section. Follow into it.

In the “Calls” section of the “Phone” section, select the “Blocked” subsection.

The “Blocked” and contains a list of all numbers that you recognized as undesirable.

Using the “Add new.” button, you can add to the list, but only with those numbers that are present in the phone book. If, on the contrary, you want to remove any number from the black list, click on the “Edit” button in the upper right corner, then on the red circle with a minus opposite the contact.

Do not forget to confirm your desire to remove the number from the unwanted number. click “Unblock“.

After that, you can please your friend by saying that you are “in touch” again.

How to blacklist an unknown number on iPhone?

Bank employees and collectors sometimes infuriate with annoying calls. especially when they turn to the wrong address. They always call from different numbers. if all these numbers are added to contacts for the purpose of subsequent blocking, the phone book will “swell” to such an extent that it will be completely inconvenient to use it.

Fortunately, an unfamiliar number can also be blacklisted on an iPhone. How it’s done?

In the Phone app, go to the Recents section.

Find the number from which they annoy with regular calls, and click on the icon with the letter “i” opposite this number.

On the next screen, find and click the “Block subscriber” button (already familiar to you). Then confirm the lock.

The number will end up on the black list, but it probably won’t solve the problem with calls from the bank. You will simply begin to annoy you with calls from other numbers, of which the collectors are above the roof.

How to Block a Caller from iPhone Contacts?

One of the numbers contained in the phone book should be sent to the black list as follows:

Open the built-in “Phone” application and go to the “Contacts” section.

Find the contact you want to block and click on it.

Scroll down the subscriber’s card. you will see the button “Block subscriber”. Click it.

Confirm your intention to send the contact to the blacklist. in the menu that appears, select the option “Block subscriber”.

You will not receive any phone calls or SMS messages from the person whose number is included in the Black List. Even through the Face Time application, he will not be able to reach you.

What applications allow you to create a blacklist?

An iPhone user may have a logical question: why do you need applications to create blacklists at all, if you can get rid of unwanted calls with the help of built-in iPhone functions? The fact is that third-party software offers gadget owners incomparably more opportunities than an integrated tool from Apple.

The application has a 10-day free period, which will be enough for the user to get acquainted with the capabilities, advantages and disadvantages of this utility.

Creation of black and white lists is just one of the functions of the iBlackList program. The owner of the gadget is also capable of:

    View the history of blocked calls and messages (if necessary, this list can be quickly exported). Create multiple profiles with different blacklist settings. Activate the parental control function, which involves blocking outgoing calls to unknown numbers. Set a password to launch the application so that another person cannot change the settings.

The creators of iBlackList have made a lot of efforts to ensure that the user of the application has the opportunity to reliably hide the fact of adding the intrusive caller’s number to the black list. For example, in addition to the real password, the owner of the gadget is able to launch a “fake” one. If the annoying interlocutor suspects that his number is blocked and asks to show the blacklist settings, the user should enter a false password and show an empty Black List (which is actually a fake).

There are other applications that block calls. for example, Black Phone, Call Control, Calls Blacklist. but the functionality of each of them is incommensurably poorer than that of iBlackList.

How to add / remove contact from iPhone blacklist?

Together with iOS 7, the owners of iPhones got the opportunity to create blacklists with the built-in means of their “apple” gadgets. The article will tell you about different ways of adding a number to the blacklist, as well as why third-party applications do this better.

Previously, an iPhone user who wanted to blacklist a pesky number had to download and install paid apps. However, since the appearance of iOS 7, this need has disappeared. all modern versions of Apple’s operating systems have a contact blocking function, which allows you to do without downloading third-party software.

There are several ways to block a contact on iPhone. all of them are equally simple.

How to add a number from “Messages” to the blacklist?

You can block the number from which tons of spam and promotional offers come via SMS directly in the Messages application. This is how this procedure is performed:

Go to the “Messages” application and open the correspondence with the number that sends spam.

Click the “Contact” button, which is located in the upper right corner of the screen.

A panel with additional buttons will appear. among them there will be a round icon with the letter “i”. You need it. click on it.

Further. according to the standard scheme: we are looking for the “Block subscriber” button and send the number to the “Black List”.

No matter how hard an iPhone user tries to protect himself from annoying caller calls using a blacklist, he cannot be 100% sure that he will succeed. It is enough for the caller to activate the service “AntiAON” (“Number identification restriction”), and he will not be afraid of any black list.

You can completely save yourself from intrusive attention by creating a white list that blocks incoming from unknown and hidden numbers. However, when using such a filter, the owner of the gadget risks missing an important call.

How to find out if a blocked subscriber called on iPhone

By adding numbers to emergency situations, a person seeks to rid himself of annoying calls, messages or emails. Most often this is a forced necessity, but sometimes it can be just an impulsive act or inattention.

What to do if the contact is blocked, and you really want to know if he called? Can I do this using my phone? The answer is unequivocal. no. A call to a blocked contact simply cannot reach the subscriber, which means that it is not recorded in the iPhone in any way. “Ignored” constantly hears short beeps or is redirected to the voice box, if it is connected.

But, as you know, there are no hopeless situations. There are three ways to find out if there were calls from a blocked number:

  • Unblock the subscriber and wait for the next call.
  • Call yourself the desired number.
  • Request details of calls and messages from your mobile operator.

Important! When contacting the service center for information about calls, you need to be prepared for the fact that this service is paid. You must have a passport with you to confirm that it was the owner of the room who applied for details.

Finding out if there were calls from a specific number is much more difficult than putting a lock on the iPhone, so you shouldn’t abuse the option or use it in the heat.

You can find out about calls from a blocked number using your mobile operator

How to see blocked numbers and contacts on iPhone

The question of how to find blocked contacts on iPhone may arise if you want to edit the Blacklist. The numbers that got into it can be stored there forever or temporarily. There is also a risk of throwing an emergency contact by mistake. Therefore, it is useful to check the list at least occasionally.

To figure out how to view blocked contacts on iPhone, you need to know the Blacklist location. Fortunately, you don’t have to search for a long time where the blacklist is on the iPhone. It is enough to go to “Settings”, select the “Phone” application. In the “Calls” menu one of the tabs is called “Call blocking and identification”, by clicking on it you can get to the submenu containing the “Blocked contacts” item. Opening this tab will answer the question of how to view blocked contacts in iPhone.

Note! Here you can not only see the existing numbers, but also add a new unwanted contact through the “Add new” tab or delete an irrelevant swipe to the left.

How to see blocked numbers on iPhone and where to find

Modern gadgets are designed to make human life more comfortable. At the same time, the telephone often plays the role of a strong irritant, especially when it receives unwanted calls. You can, of course, ignore these calls or reject them, but there is an easier and more elegant way to avoid an unpleasant conversation. To do this, just add a contact to the Blacklist, but before that it is useful to learn how to view blocked numbers on iPhone and how to unblock.

How to unblock a contact on iPhone

Blocking a contact is not a life sentence. If the situation changes, the phone’s operating system allows you to remove a specific contact from the blocked list.

There are two ways to remove subscriber blocking:

  • Go to Blacklist, after which a list of blocked numbers will appear, select the one you need and swipe it to the left. A red “Unblock” button will appear, on which you need to click.
  • In the “Phone” application, find the desired contact, then go to the information about him and, by scrolling down the menu, go to the item “Unblock the subscriber”.

The contact is activated immediately after canceling the blocking function.

Adding a number to the blacklist

There is nothing difficult in how to block a number on an iPhone. To do this, you need to perform several movements:

  • Decide on the “unwanted” number.
  • Find it in Contacts, Recent Calls, Messages, or FaceTime.
  • Go to the menu marked with the letter “i” at the top of the page.
  • Click on the item “Block contact” (the last tab of the working window);

After execution, you can be sure that this subscriber will not be disturbed until he is removed from the ignore list.

If the inconvenience is caused by the mass mailing of advertising messages and there is no desire to add unfamiliar numbers one by one, iMessage has the ability to set a filter on incoming messages from unknown numbers not saved in the phone directory.

For this you need:

  • Open “Settings”.
  • Go to “Messages”.
  • Configure “Filter by Sender”.
  • Select the “Unknown Senders” tab.

After these steps, the iMessage service program will filter out messages from unknown numbers, focusing on the fact that the subscriber is not in the contact list and, possibly, it is spam.

Spam can be reported to Apple through the “Report Spam” tab that will accompany each such message. After clicking on the tab, the information will be sent to the address, and the message will be automatically deleted from the iPhone memory.

Important! By itself, such a filter does not protect against further information distribution from this number.

You can also block your email address to rid yourself of unwanted emails. The algorithm of actions differs little from blocking a number:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Find the “Mail” tab.
  • Select Email.
  • Click on the sender’s contact information.
  • Activate the “Block contact” tab.

Blocking a contact protects against mobile calls and SMS, but will not apply to calls and messages made via WhatsApp or Viber. These mobile apps have their own blacklists.

Contact blocking is in the “Information” tab

What is the iPhone blacklist and what is it for

What is a blacklist? This is a special feature that you can use to block unwanted contacts. For Apple users, the option became available in iOS 7. This means that iPhone owners from 5s, se to 10, 11 can use the function. After adding a number to the blacklist, the subscriber will not be able to call the iPhone or send a message.

Lock function on iPhone allows you to communicate only with the right people

When a contact from the list tries to call, the line will be constantly “busy” for him, and messages will go from the phone, but the addressee will not know about them. This will not cause any inconvenience to the author of the list, since he will not hear the call, and no information about the caller will appear on the phone.

There are other advantages to this option:

  • It is included in the basic package and does not require additional installation.
  • Blacklist persists when backing up to iTunes or iCloud.
  • “Ignored” will not know what is in blocked contacts.
  • The option to block numbers does not require the intervention of a mobile operator, so it is completely free.

When copying contacts to another iPhone, it is important not to forget that the emergency does not carry over

Attention! When transferring the phone book from one iPhone to another, the data from the emergency situation is not copied, so it will have to be recreated on the new device.

Whether SMS is received if the number is on the black list

The emergency function is useful for the “authors” of the list and keeps in complete ignorance the “ignored” who are unsuccessfully trying to get through to the subscriber. With a constant hit on a “busy” line, naturally, questions arise. But this situation may be associated not only with the blocking of the contact, but also with malfunctions of the phone itself.

It seems one of the surest ways to find out the truth is by writing a message. A person types a text, sends. the message leaves, but there is no answer. Why?

Everything is simple: if the number from which the SMS is sent is in the black list, then the messages simply do not reach the addressee. over, the sender’s phone will not display any information that something is wrong with his sending.

Messages from the blocked number do not reach the addressee

The question remains whether the ignored person can contact the subscriber he needs. This is only possible if the number is hidden using a mobile operator. An alternative way is to simply call from a different number.

Block annoying number, blacklist email address, easily find it in the phone menu and edit Blacklist. all these functions are available to iPhone owners and are designed for the comfort of Apple smartphone users. However, inadvertently, you can block the desired contact and thereby create inconvenience to yourself. Therefore, it is always worth looking into “Blocked” in order to find and correct possible errors in time.

Block callers on iPhone using the Phone app

You can and should block unwanted numbers on the iPhone in the Phone application (1 in Fig. 1).

We tap on the “Phone” button. There are several tabs at the bottom of the app that opens. We select one of them. this is the Contacts tab (1 in Fig. 2).

Yes, yes, you need to open Contacts in the Phone application, where you can block subscribers. Instead of trying to block contacts in the intuitive Add-ons. Contacts application, where such an opportunity is completely absent (for unknown reasons, which only iPhone developers could tell us).

The list of contacts opens. It is completely similar to the list that the iPhone Add-ons. Contacts application could show us. In the presented list, you need to find the subscriber you want to block. Let’s say it will be a subscriber named Andrey (2 in Fig. 2).

We tap on the subscriber “Andrey”. A window with a description of this contact will open. You need to scroll this window to the very bottom. It is there that the menu line “Block subscriber” is located (1 in Fig. 3).

By tapping on “Block subscriber”, it remains only to confirm your intentions in the service window: “Block contact”. This is what this confirmation looks like (1 in Fig. 4).

Strictly speaking, this completes the subscriber blocking. On the contact page, instead of the menu bar “Block subscriber” (1 in Fig. 3), the line “Unblock subscriber” will appear. It is necessary in case a decision is made to restore communication with the blocked person. Life does not stand still, everything changes. And relationships are changing too.

Alternative Ways to Block Callers on iPhone

In principle, the available standard iPhone tools for blocking subscribers are quite enough. However, some users prefer to install and use additional apps, including paid apps. In this case, you can try the following options.

Add subscribers to the blacklist on iPhone

Not a single modern smartphone can do without a blacklist. This feature is present almost everywhere. The blacklist is also available on the iPhone. This function allows you to add unwanted numbers to a separate list so that the specified subscribers cannot call the owner of the smartphone.

On the iPhone, at first glance, the feature is not available by default. Contacts on iPhone has everything you want except the function of blocking callers. And therefore, some iPhone owners are immediately looking for alternative ways to block subscribers using additional applications.

In fact, on the iPhone, you can successfully block subscribers using regular (standard) iPhone tools.

Filling in the gaps. expanding horizons! Computer literacy with Hope


You need to start by opening iTunes on your computer by pairing with an iPhone.

Then they go to the AppStore, find the iBlackList application there. When the specified application is purchased, it must be installed on the iPhone.

Next, set up blocking of incoming calls. It should be noted that often this application is installed only in English.

Blacklisting unknown subscribers

Not everyone with whom we are in contact is recorded in the “Contacts” phone book. But what if you need to block an unknown subscriber, whose number is displayed on the screen when you call, but there is no other data?

This blocking of unknown subscribers is in some way even more important. Especially if they call from unknown phones in order to promote dubious services (intrusive marketing), for various kinds of surveys (sociology), or even for fraudulent purposes in order to fraudulently gain access to account passwords and bank cards.

In this case, “unknown” phone numbers (the numbers, of course, are known, but it is not known who is behind these phone numbers) are recorded on the “Recent” tab (1 in Fig. 5) of the “Phone” application.

Suppose you want to block the very first number from which unknown people called (2 in Fig. 5).

We tap on the selected “unknown” number 7 (XXX) XXX-XX-XX. The contact page opens. It needs to be scrolled to the very bottom, where the long-awaited menu line “Block subscriber” will be located (1 in Fig. 6).

After the tap on “Block contact”, a service window will appear for confirming the action “Block contact” or refusing the intention “Cancel”, similar to how it was shown in Fig. 4. After that, on the page of the “unknown” contact, the “Block subscriber” menu will change to “Unblock subscriber”.

Unblocking the “unknown” subscriber may be useful in the future, if it nevertheless turns out that the unknown person who called was actually needed, it is useful to continue further communication with him.


There is an alternative option for adding unwanted subscribers to the blacklist. Need to download MCleaner software.

With the help of this program, you can block not only calls, but also messages, which is very convenient (many, probably, have encountered spam).

Yes, indeed, the standard iPhone tools do not block the receipt of SMS messages. They only block incoming phone calls.

Contacting a cellular operator

As another option, you can call the Support of the cellular operator. You can ask him about the additional service “Black List”. The service will help you save the necessary contacts from the phone book to the iPhone by assigning special names.

But the “Black List” is usually connected for a certain fee. To activate it, you can go to the service office or call the hotline of the cellular operator. whoever is more convenient.

How to remove a blacklisted contact on iPhone

In the same menu, by pressing the “Edit” button or swiping from right to left, you can delete contacts from the “black” list.

Here, through the “Block contact” menu, you can quickly add new contacts from the address book to the “black” list.

Video instruction:. How to view the blacklist on iPhone

In order to see the list of all blocked contacts, open the “Settings” application, go to the “Phone” section and select the “Call blocking and identification” menu.

How to set up a Blacklist in FaceTime on iPhone

To view your blocked contacts from FaceTime go to Settings → FaceTime → Blocked.

Block incoming calls in iOS

With the arrival of iOS 7 (the Blacklist function has successfully migrated to subsequent iOS versions), every iPhone owner has the opportunity to add the phone number of an annoying contact to the “black list” without using any tweaks and dancing with a tambourine. Incoming calls and messages from a blocked contact will no longer bother you. This feature was expected by, if not all, then many.

How to block unwanted contact on iPhone (add to the “black” list)?

Open the Phone app, go to the Recents or Contacts tab.

Select the contact you are interested in and open information about it.

Scroll down the list and click “Block Caller” → “Block Contact”.

IPhone Blacklist and All About Blocking Contacts

How to block annoying iPhone contacts? How do I know if my number is blocked? How to bypass number blocking in iOS? We will answer all questions in this material.

What happens if you call a blocked number?

If you call the iPhone in which your number is in the “black list”, then you will hear a long beep that immediately turns into intermittent beeps, simulating that the phone is busy with an outgoing call, or a long beep with a transition to voicemail (if this service is used ). The iPhone on which the subscriber is blocked will not display anything.

But this does not exclude the fact that the phone can simply be turned off or call forwarding set up. To exclude this fact, it is enough to call the subscriber from another number or hide your own number.

We can consider that you are lucky if the subscriber who blocked you uses iMessage. It is enough to send him a message through the Apple branded service and if the status “Delivered” is displayed under the message, but you cannot get through to him, then you should know that you are on the “black list”.

How to hide your number on iPhone?

This function is provided by a smartphone, but often it must be agreed with the operator and based on this you will be charged.

To hide your number go to “Settings” → “Phone” → “Show number” and slide the switch to the off position.

If the slider is dim, then hiding the number is possible only through the mobile operator.


This is the official app from Kaspersky. Who does not know, Kaspersky products are aimed at protecting information, user privacy, and recently they have a separate tool that allows you to automatically block unwanted numbers.

The essence of the program is quite simple: from the outset, users independently enter numbers that they consider undesirable into the program list. On the company’s servers, a search for duplicates is carried out, and if certain numbers are blocked by many, they are assigned a marker, for example, “Collectors”, “Lawyer services”. As a rule, the information is reliable.

Thanks to such a huge and constantly updated database, in the future you will see this very marker on your phone screen when a call is made. You can also see it in calls, which is very convenient. For example, even if you missed a call from an unknown number, you can see exactly who called you if it is entered in the database.

The main advantage of WhoCalls is its constantly updated database. Here, rather, you will not see the usual subscriber numbers, but you will be able to find out exactly which organization is calling you. At the moment, the system contains several dozen categories and this list is constantly updated. The app’s ratings are not high, but the developers are trying to optimize their product.

To work with the program, you need to do the following:

  • Also, as in the first case, download the application to your device;
  • Go to “Settings”, click the item “Phone” and find there “Block. and identify. call “;
  • Activate WhoCalls in the list and go to the application to update the database;
  • As soon as the database is updated, you will be able to receive information about incoming calls.

Attention! You can also check a separate number at any time by simply going to the “Check” tab in the application and specifying a specific combination.

Recent calls

This method is universal in its own way, since from here you can blacklist both those who are in your contacts and those who last called you.

  • Find the number you need to block;
  • Click on the exclamation mark on the right next to the number;
  • In the menu that appears, scroll down and click “Block subscriber”, then confirm the operation.

How to add a subscriber to the blacklist

If you are bored with one or more numbers constantly calling your iPhone, you can add them to the list of unwanted numbers in a few clicks. This can be done in different ways, and we have described all of them.


Blocking is also possible through messages. Very often they send various SMS, which offer new products, services and other information. over, you can block both standard cell numbers and short ones. The ban is imposed on everything: both messages and calls, including FaceTime.

  • Go to “Messages” on your iPhone and find the one that you consider unwanted;
  • At the top, click on the arrow under the subscriber’s number;
  • In the menu that appears, click the “Information” tab;
  • The very first line will have a phone number and an arrow to the right. Click it;
  • In the additional menu, click the “Block subscriber” button and confirm the operation.


You can also add any number through the settings of your device. The only drawback is that you cannot quickly attach a number from the last calls from here. Data is taken from the phone book or entered manually.

  • Go to “Settings” iPhone and go to the “Phone” tab;
  • Click on “Block. and identify. call “;
  • Scroll down the list and click the “Block contact” tab;
  • Choose any subscriber from the phone book and enter.

How to see who is blacklisted

You can delete subscribers or simple numbers from the list at any time, add new ones, edit them. All this is also done through the settings. You need to go to the “Phone”, go there to the tab “Block. and identify. call “and the full list will be displayed in front of you.

Phone book

Please note that this method is only suitable if the number is in your phone book under a certain name. If not saved, go to the next option.

  • Go to the “Contacts” application and find the required number;
  • Click on it and scroll down until you find the item “Block subscriber”;
  • Confirm the operation in an additional pop-up window, after which the specified subscriber will be blocked and added to the list of unwanted.


With this program, you can create specific lists of subscribers, which will be automatically blocked by the system when an incoming call or message arrives. There is also the possibility of synchronizing and transferring data from databases, for example, if you have previously used it somewhere and want to transfer it to your iPhone.

All you need is:

  • Go to the “Settings” of your iPhone, go to the “Phone” tab;
  • Then click on the item “Block. and identify. call “and put a tick in front of the program. This action grants access to the application;
  • Next, go to BlackList and activate both items, as in our screenshot. This completes the setup procedure;
  • If you need to transfer a previously created base for the blacklist, you will need to purchase the PRO version of the program.

Programs for blocking numbers

Previously, before the release of iOS 7, the ability to block subscribers was absent, so a variety of applications were popular in the Apple Store, allowing you to do this in a few clicks. But even now, some of them are popular. One of these utilities is BlackList.