How to Turn on Toshiba TV Without Remote

The remote control has been designed specifically to make life easier for the simple user. After all, with its advent, it has become much easier to control a TV or other modern devices. But there are quite unpleasant situations when the remote is lost, the batteries run out or worse. it breaks. Of course, remote control repair is inevitable. But what to do while the remote control is under repair, how now to switch between your favorite programs? Some users have a logical question: how to turn on the TV without a working remote? Do not panic, every problem has a solution.

TV Navigation

The first televisions with a remote control on the side had a button control panel of a sufficiently large size, on which the buttons for switching on, switching and tuning flaunted. Very often among them stood out one big one, which was responsible for turning the TV on and off, as well as switching between channels. Gradually, this navigation began to fade, the manufacturer made the panel smaller and smaller. When developing new TV models, designers tried to completely get rid of button navigation, constantly reducing it and even removing it to the rear panel.

Each device always has a manual control, you just need to look for it. In the operational documents that come with the kit, there will be a description of the panel and the purpose of each element. Even with the most modern TV, thanks to the button navigation, you can not only turn on the device, switch channels, but also adjust the sound, brightness and even unlock the TV.

How to Turn on Toshiba TV Without Remote

How to find buttons on the case

A rare TV is not equipped with at least a minimum set of buttons on the case. But if the model is just that, then you can’t do without a remote control. Meanwhile, it happens that the user simply cannot find the keys and thinks that they are not there.

The most noticeable place is buttons on the front panel. If they are, then turning on the TV is very simple: just press the key with the stick, which goes into the circle above, or select the CH /. channels. Sometimes on the case you can see the engraving with the designation of the function, but the button itself is not felt. It means that she is sensory and clicking on the icon performs the action. These keys are usually located near the LED, which is an indicator of the operation of the device.

Touch control panel

Older TVs buttons can hide under the lid. To open it, you need to pick up the latch or press in the center, as a rule, from this the mount will pop out of the groove and the cover will open. The second classic option is round keys located on the side of the TV.

Sophisticated power button layout. on the bottom. It can be taken out separately from others and is located on the right or on the bottom left. It is easy to miss such a key, but you can feel it with your fingers. Many modern LG, Samsung, Sony TVs use a joystick instead. By clicking on it, the functions are displayed on the screen, and by shifting to the desired side and holding in this position, the necessary action is activated.

Buttons on the bottom of the TV

The most difficult option to turn on the power is observed in some manufacturers of Chinese TV. In addition to a separate button, they have real toggle switch, which turns off the power completely, and even the power button or remote control will not help until the toggle switch is again switched to the active state. Look for it on the bottom of the TV.

Key Designations

Each button even on the smallest panel has a certain functionality, and is signed with a word or symbol.

  1. The element with the inscription “Menu”. most often designed to turn the device on and off, and also allows you to configure the image without the remote control.
  2. Button “Ok”. is used to confirm the selected settings or action.
  3. Elements marked “” and “” are designed to travel through the channels. After pressing “Menu” they are used to move between the settings options.
  4. Using the “” or “-” buttons, you can adjust the volume, and after the “Menu” decrease or increase the values ​​of the selected settings.
  5. The “AV” button is used to select a special mode that allows useDVD-player or VCR. In some models, it may not be available, but when you turn on such devices, the mode is activated itself.

Smart TV control from smartphone

SmartTV televisions can be controlled with a smartphone instead of the remote control. This will require special software.

To control LG TVs, you need to put on a smartphone LG TV Remote app, it works with smart TV models from 2012. To turn on the device without a remote control or smartphone, you can press the Power button on the case.


To control the TV of the Korean brand Samsung, you will need the installed utility on the phone. Samsung TVRemote. After installation, you will need to wait for synchronization. The program has a nice and intuitive interface with two desktops. On the first are standard buttons. power, channels, volume. The second will help you use the smart functions of the device.


The branded brand app from the Netherlands is called Philips TV Remote. After installation, the search for compatible devices will automatically start. select your TV and connect. After that, the program will allow you to perform any action, including setting up the device.

Third-party brands

If the TV is from a different brand, then you can use the TV Remote utility to control it. The application has a nice interface and the required minimum of functions. It is easy to find on request in the Play Market or AppStore to put on the iPhone.

After installation, the TV can be controlled via infrared or Wi-Fi. The first is convenient because all TVs have, but not all smartphones, but Wi-Fi will help only with SmartTV.

Connecting a set-top box in a TV without a remote control

In order for the TV to start showing through the console or receiver, it is necessary select a signal source on it. To do this, on the case you need to find the button with a rectangle, into which the arrow enters on the left, and, clicking on it, select the desired connector.

Source button. select a signal source

Sometimes switching is carried out paging. after they are finished, the device will automatically start switching signal sources. Some devices have a dedicated AV / TV key that allows you to switch from the antenna to the tulips.

Using another remote

If the house has several televisions of the same brand, then you can try to use one remote control to control them. Nothing bad will happen, but it can help solve the problem with a broken remote control. Sometimes the consoles are completely interchangeable, in some cases there is partial compatibility. only the basic functions work.

The smartphone can easily replace for some time, for example, for the repair period, a remote control for the TV. If the remote control cannot be repaired, then you should choose a new remote control, possibly even a universal one.