How to turn on the scanner on iPhone

iOS 11: Document Scanner and Note Editor on iPhone and iPad. New Features of Notes

The Notes app on iOS 11 introduces new features and functions. The program can now scan texts, and the “Markup” option (as in “Photo”) for selection and drawing has also become available. Learn more about these features for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad in this resource.

How to use the document scanner in Notes on iOS 11?

Launch the Notes application and create a new entry by clicking on the corresponding icon in the lower right corner.

Click on the “⊕” icon in the new panel above the keyboard and select the “Scan Documents” menu.

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After the camera opens, aim the video finder over the document. By default, the self-timer is activated, so as soon as the iPhone or iPad focuses on the document and detects its frames, the photo will automatically take place (this option can be manually disabled). There are also several filters and a flash off button.

If necessary, specify the boundaries of the document by pulling the corners and click the “Leave” button.

The camera will open again and you will be prompted to photograph new documents. When you’re done, at this point click the Save button. If necessary, adjust the received scans, and then. “Finish”.

The scanned documents will appear on the note page.

If you had a scanned series of images, then the images can be viewed by scrolling (swiping) left and right. By clicking on the scan, you will be able to crop the image, apply a filter or rotate the photo. The option to add new pictures is also available.

ATTENTION! The document scanner built into iOS Notes cannot recognize text located in a photo and copy it for use in this or other applications.

How to use markup in Notes on iOS 11?

Open a note with images or scans of documents.

When you open classic photographed or selected images in the library, the “Markup” button will be available in the upper right corner.

If you have opened a scan of the document, then click on the “Share” button and in the bottom row select “Markup”.

How to Scan Documents and Make PDFs with iPhone or iPad

This utility has a huge number of useful tools for highlighting information (pen, highlighter, pencil, eraser, shapes and arrows, magnifier, and you can also add text and autograph).

Click the “Finish” button to save the changes or “Cancel” to keep the original.

Blocking cookies

Cookies allow websites to remember information to log into your accounts. login, email, etc. If you do not like the idea that this important data will be stored on your iPhone. you can choose one of three options when to save the cookie here: Preferences / Safari / Block. cookie.

Prevent apps from accessing the microphone

Warning: This paragraph only applies to the paranoid. If you’re sure Big Brother is following us all, then you should check the list of apps that use your iPhone’s microphone. At the first launch, the applications will ask you for permission to do this, but later you can control access to the microphone here: Settings / Privacy / Microphone.

Geolocation iAd

iAd are those ad units that annoy you in free apps from the App Store. By enabling “Geolocation iAd” you will see ads that match your location. Disabling the option, unfortunately, will not cause the ads to disappear, but will prevent the system from tracking your movements. Settings / Privacy / Geolocation Services / System Services / Geolocation iAd.

Clear history and cookies

This, of course, is not new, but every user should know that they can delete history and cookies from their Safari browser in one swipe. And if you have something to hide. do not forget to do it more often here: Settings / Safari. Almost at the very bottom. Clear history and Delete cookies and data

Troubleshoot microphone problems on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Follow the instructions below if you have a problem with the microphone on your device. For example, your speech may sound unintelligible during phone or FaceTime calls, or Siri may not pick up voice commands.

You may experience the following issues when making calls, using FaceTime or Siri, or playing recorded audio on your iOS device.

  • Other people can’t hear you during a phone or FaceTime call.
  • People who are talking to you are hard of hearing during a phone or FaceTime call.
  • Siri cannot detect voice response when prompted.
  • No sound or distorted sound when playing recorded audio.

All microphones must be tested to determine that the problem is with the device microphone and not the software or cellular connection you are using. Microphone placement may vary depending on the device model. Microphone location information can be found on the product specifications page.

IPhone has multiple microphones.

To test the primary microphone on the bottom of your iPhone, open the Recordings app and click the recording icon. Say something into the microphone and click the play icon to play the recording you just made. Your voice should sound clear.

If your voice is low on a hands-free phone call, make sure the iPhone receiver is not locked or covered.

If the video is quiet or Siri can’t hear you, make sure the microphone is near the iSight camera (on the top corner of the iPhone, on the back) and the receiver is not blocked or covered.

To test your microphone on iPad, record a video using the Camera app, and then play back the recording. You can also make a video or video call using FaceTime to test the sound quality.

How to Scan QR Code (NO APPS) on iPhone, iPod, iPad

To test your microphone on iPod touch, open the Recordings app. Click the recording icon, speak into the microphone, and then click the play icon to play the recording. Your voice should sound clear.

If the problem persists after testing the microphone on the device, try the following.

  • Disconnect any accessories connected to the headset jack.
  • Be careful not to cover the main microphone and the iSight microphone with your fingers when holding the device or recording video.
  • Remove the protective film or case covering the main microphone, iSight microphone, or iPhone receiver.
  • Clean any dirt from the microphones or iPhone receiver. See your device’s user manual for microphone locations.
  • Reboot your device.
  • Make sure your device has the latest iOS version.

If, after following these instructions, you are still not heard by others during phone or FaceTime calls, or Siri is not responding to your requests, contact Apple Support.

FaceTime is not available in all countries / regions.

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Frequently visited places

By enabling the Frequently Visited Places option, you allow Apple to keep track of which places you visit most and add specific information about them to Maps. If this setting makes you uncomfortable, you can turn it off: Settings / Privacy / Location Services / System Services / Frequently Visited Places.

How to turn on the microphone on iPhone

USB modem mode

The first method is only suitable for a laptop or computer, as it requires a USB connection. To share Wi-Fi, you need to connect your PC and phone with a cord, and then set up an access point.

  • This is done in the “Settings”.
  • Open the corresponding application, click on the “Cellular” tab.
  • Next, go to “Data Parameters” and “Cellular Data Network”.
  • Scroll down the page and look at “Modem Mode Settings”.
  • We check that there is at least some APN. Usually it is issued automatically (depending on the operator). Username and password do not play any role, you can leave these fields blank.
  • After these actions, turn on “Cellular Data” and see that the item “Modem Mode” has become active.
  • We go into it and set up a password for our access point.

When connecting through a wire, it is not needed, but it is better to put it anyway, you never know the cord will not be at hand, and you will have to connect “over the air”. At the same point, you can find out the name of the point. After that, it remains only to connect the devices via USB and use the Internet.

The “Modem mode” icon is gone

Often, users complain that an icon has disappeared from the menu or a line in the settings, where you can activate the function. This often happens when updating iOS. How to fix this problem?

  • Go to the “Settings” phone.
  • Go to the “Cellular” tab, then click “Cellular data networks”.
  • Now open the item “Modem mode”.
  • Here you need to specify the APN, username and password that are relevant for your operator. You can find them by contacting support, or look at the official website.
  • After you have specified the data, the function line should appear in the “Settings”.
  • If this does not happen, you need to restart your phone.

In the future, if the function disappears, then this can be corrected by repeating the algorithm of actions.

After fixing the error, you can consider how to enable Internet sharing on iPhone 4S. The instruction is suitable for all versions of iOS, the only difference is the location of the function in the control panel. Note, depending on the selected distribution method, you may need to activate Wi-Fi. Discover, How to turn it on WiFi on the iPhone you can in a separate article.

Enabling Modem Mode

In order to enable the distribution of the Internet on the iPhone 6 and other models, the first step is to activate the modem mode. To do this, follow the instructions.

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Open the “Modem Mode” section.
  • Activate the toggle switch “Modem mode”.

Next, let’s look at how to enable Wi-Fi sharing on iPhone in different ways.

What you need to know?

Before you turn on the distribution of the Internet on the iPhone, you need to consider a few nuances.

  • Which tariff plan is connected. Internet traffic is often limited and you run the risk of wasting it.
  • Which coverage area is being used. The speed of the Internet will depend on this. If 4G (LTE) is working, then there will be no interruptions. There may be more problems with 3G, you can not count on the Internet when connecting Edge.
  • Battery charge. When distributing Wi-Fi, the battery is quickly discharged, therefore, without connecting to the network, it is better not to use the phone as a modem for a long time.

How to enable Internet Sharing on iPhone

Now the Internet has become a part of our life, and no one can imagine their existence without it. Many people access using their phone via a SIM card. Sometimes the internet needs to be shared. In iPhones, this opportunity has appeared quite a long time ago, and many people use it almost every day. Therefore, we will consider how to enable Internet distribution on the iPhone.

Wi-Fi tethering

The second way is the distribution of the Internet via Wi-Fi. It does not require a wire and can be used both for distributing the Internet to other gadgets and on a PC.

For distribution, you will need to configure the access point in the same way as indicated in the previous instructions. Next, activate modem mode.

On the device that needs to be connected to the Internet, turn on Wi-Fi, find the network with the name you set, enter the password (if it was set) and use the Internet.

How to enable Internet Sharing on iPhone?

There are several ways to share Wi-Fi with other devices using iPhone.

we distribute the Internet via Bluetooth

The least common method, which is mainly used for distribution to a laptop, is via Bluetooth.

A pair is created between the phone and laptop. After that, in the laptop bluetooth settings, the tethered iPhone is selected as an access point.

  • Go to “Bluetooth Settings” (on a laptop or iPhone). Selecting an iPhone or laptop from the list of found devices.
  • Click on the found laptop to connect, confirm on the laptop that we want to create a pair.
  • After a pair has been created between the phone and the laptop, you must turn on the “Modem Mode” and activate the distribution of Wi-Fi.

Additionally, if the device was not previously used for distribution, then it will be necessary to configure the access point, according to the instructions in accordance with the first method.

If Wi-Fi does not work, you need to check the connection settings, or reset and re-do the steps specified in the first instruction.

Severe road accident in Ryazan: 12 cars collided, 9 people injured

Today, April 12, 12 cars collided in Ryazan. Nine people were injured in the accident, including a one-year-old child, the press service of the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs reported.

How to turn on the scanner on iPhone?

The Russian authorities want to create a new system of home care for the elderly and disabled

The Russian authorities intend to introduce a new system of long-term care for senior citizens in the country, carried out at the expense of social insurance funds. Further.

From the gulf to the sea: Pashinyan complained about the breakdown of Baku communications agreements

Azerbaijan is doing everything to torpedo the opening of communications in the South Caucasus region after the recent war in Karabakh and continue to keep Armenia in a transport blockade


Zelensky considers the situation in Donbass controlled

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that the situation in Donbass is under control. RIA Novosti writes about it. The situation in Donbass worsened in February of this year. The head of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Next.

What to do if a feature stops working or crashes

Some users experience problems immediately after enabling Touch ID, and some after a few days or months. The problem may be as follows: Touch ID does not work, stopped working, does not work the first time, does not work correctly. To get rid of all of the above problems, you need to do the following:

    Restart the device by simultaneously holding down the “Lock” and “Home” buttons for 8-10 seconds.

What is Touch ID

Touch ID is a password that can be set to unlock the device or to access some applications. Unlike previously existing passwords, which were a combination of numbers or a key sign, Touch ID verifies the fingerprints of the person trying to unlock the phone or tablet and compares them to the fingerprints stored in the device’s memory. If they match, then the unlocking is successful, but if Touch ID suspects that the device is being hacked, it will go into lock mode. The user has three attempts to prove their identity using unique fingerprints.

The advantage of this technology is that it is the most reliable way to block access to your device or individual programs. If the phone or tablet is stolen, then it will be very difficult for an attacker to get him out of the blocking state.

Touch ID first appeared on the iPhone 5S and is present on all subsequent phone models. This technology is also available for iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3.

How to enable, disable, and set up Touch ID on iPhone

Before activating Touch ID, it is recommended to restart the device, close all applications and wash your hands, since the first time you turn it on, you will need to add fingerprints, and if they are blurry, then in the future there may be problems with unlocking the device.

How to enable and set up Touch ID on iPhone

Apple provides users of its technology with a large number of functions designed to ensure complete security and protect the device from penetration of unwanted persons. One such add-on is Touch ID.

What to Do When Fingerprint Reader Doesn’t Work Well. video

If fingerprint recovery did not help fix the problems with Touch ID, you need to take the device to a service in order to get advice from a qualified specialist and, possibly, send the device for repair, since the reason is most likely in the stuffing of the phone or tablet. If you have jailbroken your device’s firmware using Jailbreak, then this may be the reason. Also, the reason may be in the iOS version, you need to install the latest firmware on your device for Touch ID to work correctly.

Scan documents through Files on iPhone

  • Open the “Files” utility and click on the 3 dots located in the upper corner of the display on the right side.
  • Click on the “Scan Documents” shortcut. For the best digital duplicate quality, the system will display the viewfinder window and a line with the settings.
  • Turn on flash. when in a low-light room.
  • Color options. used depending on the type of documentation. “Color” is needed for color files, “grayscale” is used for black and white papers with pictures, “black and white” is used for ordinary text.
  • To digitize old photographs, select the “Photo” option.
  • Shooting mode. when “auto” is turned on, the smartphone itself determines the boundaries of the text and automatically takes a picture; with the “manual” option, it allows the user to independently determine the amount of documentation.
  • In the procedure, the iPhone is pointed at the paper and a photo is taken, the borders are corrected by dragging the points located at the corners of the image.
  • If everything suits you, then click “Leave”, if not, then turn on the “Resume” button.
  • After shooting all pages, press the “Save” button and indicate the number of.
  • Enter the name of the documentation and select the location of the PDF file: in an external cloud service (Dropbox or Google Drive), in iCloud.

Important! The user can carry out the operation in landscape mode. To do this, the device must be turned over.

The built-in scanner on iPhone, located in the Files utility, allows you to create digital duplicates of paper documents and store them in a convenient and accessible place. When the instruction is executed, the execution of the process does not cause problems even for beginners.

Scan documents using Notes on iPhone

  • Run the standard Notes utility.
  • Create a new one and click the Plus label.
  • Select the item “Scan documents”.
  • Point the camera at the paper and take a photo. at this time, the system independently recognizes the boundaries.
  • If you wish, you can adjust the text and use special filters to help improve the quality of the scanned copy.
  • After completing the procedure, press “Save”. User can make copies of several pages at the same time.

All photos will be sent to the created draft. In the future, they can be exported to other applications via “Share”, choose to save in PDF-format or print on a printer.

Important! The user should not forget that ready-made duplicates are not sent by the system to the standard photo gallery of the gadget.

How to scan documents in iOS 13

How you can scan documents on iPhone: iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 introduced great functionality to duplicate documents right from the Files app. After the end of the process, it can be saved to any place convenient for the user. This approach allows you to save money on paying for using third-party applications for creating duplicate texts.

Important! The procedure is carried out according to the above algorithm and does not take much time.

List of popular third-party scanners for iPhone

The question of how you can scan documentation on an iPhone is easy to answer. To carry out the process, just use one of the following utilities.

How to scan a document on iPhone

The eleventh operating system has hidden functionality. in the “Notes” application, you can make duplicates and send them to the space of the same name on the iPhone or iPad. The performance of the application is rather weak when compared with third-party utilities. Despite this, its equipment has the necessary parameters:

  • automatic work with border recognition;
  • the ability to duplicate a large number of files;
  • turning on the mode with a gray tint, etc.

The scanner application for any iPhone uses digital processing, thereby simulating the work of the present. It can remove shadows, unnecessary information and inclusions from the generated image. The output is text material of the correct format.

Important! In the first version, the software is responsible for the operation, in the second. bright light. Final documentation practically does not differ from duplicates on standard equipment. If desired, it can be printed through a personal computer or by connecting a printer to a gadget.

How to scan a document on iPhone. instructions

The need to duplicate some materials raises a legitimate question among the owners of Apple gadgets, how to scan a document on an iPhone. The final method depends on the operating system that the smartphone is running.

How to connect a scanner to a computer

A scanner is required to create copies of documents, photographs and any notes on paper. It analyzes the contents of paper media, and reproduces their digital image, saving the file on a computer. To install the equipment, it is necessary not only to correctly connect the device to the computer, but also to configure it for operation. The equipment is necessary for the full functioning of most organizations, and more and more people are purchasing a device for personal use.

How to troubleshoot

The first step is to make sure the equipment is plugged into a power source and turned on. The fact that the device is connected to power is indicated by a lit indicator located at the bottom of the case. Then you need to check if the cables are connected correctly. If one of them is not properly connected, this may be the cause of the problem. Many models of modern scanners are equipped with special levers that block equipment during transport. This fact should be indicated in the operating instructions, so you should carefully reread it again. Sometimes it is possible to normalize the scanner operation by simply restarting your computer or laptop.

How to connect a scanner to a computer: step by step

If you need to connect several computers to one scanner, you will have to use a network switch. Thus, you can connect any office equipment: printer, fax or telephone. Drivers must be installed on all types of hardware. Only in this case, uninterrupted operation of the equipment is possible. Otherwise, scanning or faxing of documents will not work correctly, or will not function at all.

What is required for this

After studying the operating manual of the device, prepare all the necessary cables, make sure that there are no external mechanical damages on them. The connecting wires should not be stretched when connecting, as there is an increased likelihood of a break in the connection. The equipment itself should also be inspected for damage or cracks. Typically, a CD containing the necessary drivers and software is included with the scanner. The disc does not need to be removed far, it will make it easier to install files through the drive. Modern computer models are not all equipped with disk drives, so no disks are needed for such equipment. For such cases, drivers can be downloaded from special sites. It is advisable to take advantage of the offer to download and install drivers from the scanner manufacturer’s website.

Reference! If the cable that connects the computer and the scanner is too long, then for convenience it must be carefully rolled up and secured with a rope or cord. This will help not to stumble about it and, thereby, extend its service life.

Connecting the Scanner to a Computer

For high-quality operation of the device, it is required to correctly connect and install drivers. Modern equipment is equipped with everything necessary for an ordinary person to cope with this without certain skills and knowledge.

First, prepare a comfortable place for the device near your computer. For future convenience and comfort in work, it is necessary to take into account the dimensions of the device, the length of the connecting wire. After the scanner is in place, you can start connecting.

Important! Before you start connecting the device, you must carefully read the instructions for use and operation of the equipment.

How to make a forwarding using the “Continuity” function?

The “Continuity” feature (translated from English. “continuity”) first appeared on iOS 8. Apple software developers claim that this feature was able to “make friends” between iOS and OS X. Thanks to “Continuity”, a user can combine multiple Apple devices to work together.

The main feature of “Continuity” is as follows: an incoming call is displayed on the screens of all gadgets authorized under one Apple ID. on the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and even on the Mac. Therefore, the user can pick up the phone on the device that is closest to him.

Owners of gadgets with iOS 8 will face a serious limitation: for Continuity redirection to work, all devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi signal source. This limitation binds the user hand and foot, and here’s why:

    Calls are not diverted from the switched off phone. Call forwarding can be configured only within a limited area. the one that is under Wi-Fi coverage.

IOS 9 extends Continuity functionality so you don’t need to connect to the same Wi-Fi network to forward calls. If you forget your iPhone at home, you can easily pick up an incoming call on your work Mac. In this case, it is not at all necessary that the smartphone be turned on.

You need to set up Continuity forwarding like this:

Find the “Phone” section in the “Settings” iPhone and go to it.

Go to the subsection “Calls on Other Devices”.

Move the “Allow Calls on Other Devices” slider to the active position. If you stop at this stage, the iPhone will forward calls to all other Apple ID-authorized Apple devices within the coverage area of ​​one Wi-Fi source.

In the “Allow Calls On” section, switch the sliders in front of those gadgets to which, in your opinion, calls from the smartphone should be redirected.

Continuity forwarding is free, but this method has a significant drawback. calls are redirected only within the Apple ecosystem. If you need to set up call forwarding from iPhone to Android device, “Continuity” is useless. the user will have to resort to the traditional method.

How to make call forwarding on iPhone?

Call forwarding was available even on the first iPhones. Users of gadgets with the latest versions of iOS have a choice of how to set up call forwarding. thanks to the innovative “Continuity” function.

There are many situations in which call forwarding may be necessary. A typical example: a subscriber went on a trip and upon arrival bought a local SIM card so as not to overpay for roaming. By setting up forwarding from the old number to the new one, he will avoid the risk of missing an important call. Call forwarding is popular among people who are accustomed to clearly distinguishing between work and personal time. Leaving the workplace, a person can activate call forwarding to the number of a colleague who has not yet left, and spend time calmly with his family.

The owner of an iPhone with a modern iOS version is able to set up call forwarding in two ways at once. We’ll take a closer look at both. traditional and more non-trivial.

How to make call forwarding on iPhone: the usual way

You can enable call forwarding even on the most “ancient” iPhones with initial versions of iOS. Here’s how to do it:

In the “Settings” find the “Phone” section and go to it.

In the “Phone” section, you will need to find the “Call forwarding” subsection (“Calls” block).

Toggle the toggle switch “Forwarding” in the subsection of the same name.

On the next screen, enter the number you want to forward calls to. It is permissible to use not only mobile numbers, but also Skype, Google Voice numbers.

Go back. You will see that the “Forwarding” slider remained in the activated state, and a little below the “Forwarding” field appeared, in which the number you specified was entered. In this case, the following icon will be displayed in the status bar:

You can turn off call forwarding from iPhone by simply moving the Forwarding slider to an inactive position.

Call forwarding will work even if the Apple device is disabled. because the call forwarding function is implemented at the level of telecom operators. This is also a disadvantage: mobile providers may charge additional fees for forwarding to be possible. You can clarify the cost of call forwarding by the operator and connect the corresponding option to the number by calling the contact center of the organization. the service provider.

If your iPhone has one of the latest operating systems installed, you can organize call forwarding in an alternative way. 100% free!

Before setting up call forwarding on the iPhone in the usual way, the user needs to ask the operator if it is possible to add this service to a cell number and what is its cost. It may come as an unpleasant surprise for the subscriber that he will be charged a daily fee for forwarding calls.

If you need to set up forwarding from one “apple” device to another, it is wiser to turn to the “Continuity” function, which will redirect calls within the Apple ecosystem without requiring money. However, the “Continuity” function is quite convenient only on iOS version higher than 9.0.

How to make a PDF file on iPhone?

To create PDF on iPhone, you need to open a compatible format in an application that supports PDF editing. In our case, this is Adobe Acrobat Reader. Next, in the menu, you need to select the Create PDF item, it can be called Export PDF in other applications.

Where is the QR code of WhatsApp on iPhone?

iPhone. Open WhatsApp Settings. Click the QR code icon next to your name.

How to scan documents using a smartphone?

  • Open the Google Drive app.
  • Click on the “Add” icon in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • Select “Scan”.
  • Take a photo of the document.
  • To finish scanning and save the document, click on the “Done” icon.

How to scan Quar code on iPhone?

  • Open the Camera app from the Home screen, Control Center, or Lock screen.
  • Select the main camera. Hold the device so that the QR code is in the viewfinder of the Camera app.
  • Tap the notification to open the QR-linked link.

How To Scan Documents On iPhone, iPhone 11, 8, 6s, SE or iPad

How to scan on iPhone iOS 13?

How the built-in scanner works on iPhone and iPad

  • Click Browse at the bottom of the Files app.
  • Click the button (three-dot icon) at the top of the menu.
  • Select “Scan Documents”.
  • Place the document within the screen and press the button to take a snapshot.

How to make a document from a photo on iPhone?

In order to save any photo or picture in PDF format, launch the standard Photo application and select the desired image. It should open to full screen. Click on the “Share” button in the upper right corner and, after scrolling through the list of available sending options, select “Save PDF to iBooks”.

How to share an iBooks?

iBooks Author: Transfer Book by Email

  • Open the workbook, select Export, Send from Mail in Format, then select the desired option from the submenu. IBooks Author File Creates a file in iBooks Author (with.iba extension).
  • Edit the text of the email message and click “Send”.

How to make a scan in PDF format?

Click the Scan button. Then, on Windows, select Adobe Acrobat from the list of registered applications. In the Scan to Acrobat window, select your scanner and presets, or click Custom Scan. To scan a paper document to PDF using Acrobat, select Tools Create PDF.

How to make dark Instagram theme on iPhone

How to make Instagram black, users are interested that they intend to follow the trends of social networks. Photo hosting developers have picked up the baton of changing the appearance of applications, and now the “night” version is available to adepts.

In April last year, VK was marked by the addition of discussions that put dimming into the interface. Members of the Russian service write Комментарии и мнения владельцев and receive a new design. But Instagram fans don’t have to add “letters of happiness” J

The editing function is built into the OS; in the article, let’s talk about activating dark mode:

  • by standard means. mode settings or color inversion;
  • third party utilities.

Refrain from using unofficial web browser plugins. Download software from trusted sites to avoid profile data theft or virus invasion.

over, such software changes the background in the browser without touching the photo hosting application. And the App Store does not contain utilities for changing colors (more relevant for Android), so choose the standard method.

Features of the dark Instagram theme on iOS

Here are the reasons that prompted developers to put on a black design:

  • improving the perception of content, which is achieved through styling. Setting up a dark theme on Instagram will change the experience of monitoring posts posted by members on the iPhone. The unusual effect of displaying content adds solidity to the published images;
  • reducing the burden on vision associated with the duration of the use of mobile devices. After all, when a person “hangs” at the smartphone for a long time, the Focus of the eye organs “dries up” and blurs;
  • research-based battery savings. LEDs built into AMOLED displays do not need additional lighting. And white is the most costly battery in terms of battery resources.

The recommendation, which is relevant for all types of gadgets, is to lower the brightness in order to conserve battery life. Since Instagram practices light tones, regular surfing can drain your phone quickly.

The counter-argument advanced by opponents of the black cover is the appearance of ripples in the eyes. However, try it firsthand before drawing conclusions. a bunch of users do not fall back on a white interface.

How to enable dark theme on Instagram iPhone

How to make Instagram dark theme on iPhone without update installed? The function works on devices running iOS not earlier than version 13. Color inversion implemented in smartphones:

  • with 7 specifications;
  • from version 10, support has been added only in software and selected sections;
  • Version 12 pleased fans of Apple devices with the introduction of Smart Inversion.

Instructions for changing the background by inverting:

  • start the configuration of the portable device;
  • click the line “Basic”;
  • tap “Universal Access”;
  • select the command “Display adaptation”;
  • set the “Color Inversion” slider to the active position and tap it;
  • enable type of design inversion.

The browser version of the messenger is changed thanks to the Night Mode for Instagram application:

How to switch between dark and light Instagram themes on iPhone

How to make Instagram dark theme on iPhone? Let’s move on to discussing the standard methods for installing the interface that are relevant for owners of the 13th version of the OS:

  • open the smartphone settings;
  • tap the combination of the words “Display and brightness”;
  • check the “Dark” checkbox to change the design;
  • go to the social network program and discover a new design.

You can put the black mod faster using the “Control Center”:

  • based on the configuration of the “iron” pile from top to bottom (from the right edge) or up;
  • tap the icon shown in the screenshot;
  • mark the first icon with black and white semicircles.

It is also available to enable the dark OS independently. The mode is automatically set at nightfall. Open the familiar Screen and Brightness frame and activate the Auto slider. If necessary, set up the black background schedule by clicking “Parameters”:

  • touch the inscription “Set up a schedule”;
  • select the time interval for the topics.

How to make a dark theme in Instagram, on the iPhone, the burden on the organs of vision will be reduced. Dimmed lighting does less of a hindrance to melatonin production.

How to find a QR code on a computer?

Open a picture, email or web page with a QR code, return to the running program and click on the “From screen” button. The utility window will be minimized and the display will be grayed out. Now you can frame the QR code and release the mouse button.

How to properly scan a document?

  • Open the Google Drive app.
  • Click on the “Add” icon in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • Select “Scan”.
  • Take a photo of the document.
  • To finish scanning and save the document, click on the “Done” icon.

Where is the QR code of WhatsApp on iPhone?

iPhone. Open WhatsApp Settings. Click the QR code icon next to your name.

Which scanner is the best for iPhone?

5 best apps to scan documents on iPhone and iPad

  • Scanbot. QR Code Document Scanner Developer: doo GmbH.
  • Scanner Pro 7. Developer: Readdle.
  • Evernote Scannable. Developer: Evernote.
  • Genius Scan. PDF Scanner. Developer: The Grizzly Labs.
  • iScanner. Document Scanner Developer: BPMobile.

How to find your WhatsApp QR code on your phone?

Open WhatsApp click Options Settings. Click the QR code icon next to your name. Click SCAN CODE.

How to find your QR code?

You can read a QR code from any surface using a smartphone with a camera and an application such as “QR Code Reader” or “Lightning QR Scanner”. Launch the application, point the camera at the IQ code on the phone screen and wait for the reading. Done!