How To Turn On The Internet On Sony Xperia Z3

How To Turn On The Internet On Sony Xperia Z3

This instruction will be very useful for beginners who just managed to get acquainted with Sony Xperia devices and those who did not fully understand all the features of the gadget. There are times when you may need the Internet on another gadget at hand, such as a computer, laptop or tablet. Having an active Internet connection on your smartphone, you can easily distribute Internet from it and we will tell you how to quickly set up and use Sony Xperia as a Bluetooth modem, USB modem and wireless access point. Before this, make sure that the smartphone is configured with mobile Internet or 3G

Using Xperia in quality Wi-Fi hotspots

Go to “Settings Modem and access point mode” (remember this way).

Next, check the box next to “Wi-Fi access point”, after which you will be aware of the termination of current downloads, updates, etc. here we click “OK”.

A corresponding inscription with an icon will appear in the notification panel, and the name of the access point and activity information will be displayed in the item itself.

To configure advanced settings for the wireless access point, go to the appropriate item. Here you need to check the box “Visible” and find out the password that you need to enter on another device to connect. You need to take it from the menu item “Configure Wi-Fi hotspot”. If the password is hidden and displayed as dots, then simply tick the “Show password” box. Now you can connect wirelessly to your Sony Xperia without any problems.

Using Xperia in quality Bluetooth access points

You can also distribute the Internet via Bluetooth. To do this, all in the same menu “Modem mode and access points” checkmark “Modem Bluetooth” and in the bluetooth settings are unforgettable, activate its visibility for other devices.

On the connected device, after choosing your Sony Xperia you need to click on the settings for this connection and check the box “Internet access”. Also check its availability on your smartphone. On this setup is over!

Using Xperia in quality USB modem for PC

Despite the simplicity of this setting, some users may still have problems. First, connect your Sony Xperia smartphone or tablet to your PC using a USB cable, after which the line “USB Modem Mode” will become active in the menu “Modem and Access Point” and check the box next to it.

Further, all actions occur automatically. the appropriate drivers must be installed on the computer and the Internet connection will work. This happens if a modern operating system Window 7 or 8 is installed on the computer. The problem may arise just because the PC is diligently refusing to install these same drivers, although such cases are rare.