How To Turn On Sony Bravia Tv Without A Remote Control

Controlling TVs from Smart TV

You can turn on the TV using your phone. This will require special software and an internet connection. In this way, you can control any TV with Smart TV functionality.

In order to turn on your LG TV without a remote control, you need to use the POWER button on the TV itself. You can install the LG TV Remote app on your smartphone to control and change channels. You just need to take into account that the application works with LG TVs of 2012 and older.

Controlling the TV with buttons only

If we talk about old models, that is, about CRT TVs, then they had a large button panel in front, with which you could control the equipment. All keys are labeled accordingly so that the user can change the TV channel or change the volume. Users have almost never had any problems with the management of such equipment.

Turning on the TV without a remote control from a foreign manufacturer is a little more difficult, since all buttons are indicated in English. The keypad has long been moved to the back or side of the TV. This allows the most efficient use of screen space.

How To Turn On Sony Bravia Tv Without A Remote Control

Remember that absolutely all TVs are equipped with a manual control panel. The only difference is that the developers have significantly reduced the size of the keys, and also moved them to the side or rear panel. It can be so tiny that the user simply won’t notice it.

If you are using equipment from Philips, Toshiba, then stand facing the screen and look for the panel on the left side. On TV from Panasonic and Bravia, the manual control menu is on the right. Sony, Samsung, LG put all the necessary buttons on the back of the TV, in the same place as all the interfaces. The location of the main buttons on the TV panel may vary depending on the model and manufacturer. You must first study in detail the operating manual of the device.

What if you need to turn on the tuner without a remote control? In this case, the situation becomes much more complicated. You need to purchase a new remote control from an electronics supermarket. Since there are no buttons on the front panel of the tuner for switching channels, adjusting the volume.


On all TV models, including Supra, Vestel, Funai. Sharp, child protection provided. Once activated, the control panel is locked. The device does not respond to commands from the buttons. Even if the device, after connecting to the network, will show any channel, you will not be able to switch to another without a remote control. Therefore, if it breaks, it must be quickly repaired or a new one purchased. Be sure to study the instructions. On some models, you can unlock the lock by entering a specific password.

Setting up your TV without a remote control

Some TV models have a manual control panel that visually looks very much like a game joystick. By and large, this is one large key with which you can fully control the TV. To confirm the action, you need to hold down the key in the center. To select the required command, click in a certain direction. The operating algorithm is very similar to that of old mobile phones.

Using the example of such a TV, we want to analyze the procedure for setting, for example, brightness:

First you need to open the main menu, to do this, hold down the joystick in the middle and hold it in this position for a few seconds.

  • The screen will display a list of functions that can be used to customize the technique.
  • Select the desired function by toggling between options by pushing the joystick up and down.
  • The command you need will be called “Contrast”, to select it, press on the center of the joystick.
  • Change the contrast level to the desired value. Use the left and right buttons to adjust.
  • Press the center of the joystick to save the settings.
  • To exit the settings menu, hold down the joystick in the middle and hold it for a few seconds.
  • According to this principle, absolutely all functions are configured without exception. Using the manual control panel, it is extremely easy to set up a TV channel sequence. Finding the program you need will be much easier. This is done according to the following algorithm:

    Go to the main menu by clicking on the corresponding button.

  • Select the “Channel setup” section, and then the “Manual setup” subsection.
  • To confirm the entrance to the section or subsection, click on the “OK”.
  • Open the “Programs” item.
  • Assign a specific serial number to each TV channel.
  • To switch between numbers use the buttons: up, down, left, right.
  • Do not forget to confirm the previously selected values ​​by pressing the “OK” button.
  • The color of the region is selected according to a similar principle.
  • Adjust sound settings.
  • Search for new TV channels.
  • The found TV channels must be stored in the TV’s memory. To find new channels, repeat the steps above.

    Channel switching

    When the TV is switched on, the broadcast of the TV program that was selected last before the end of the last session starts. In the presets, you can select a channel so that it turns on immediately after starting the TV. How to switch channels without a remote control on equipment from Panasonic, Daewoo? The manufacturer does not play a special role, since the switching between TV channels is carried out according to an identical algorithm.

    There are dedicated buttons on the manual control panel. Click on them to browse TV channels forward or backward. What if these buttons are missing? How do I change channels? In this case, you need to go to the appropriate section of the menu to switch to another channel, use the volume buttons and. Accordingly.


    On all TV models, including Supra, Vestel, Funai. Sharp, child protection provided. Once activated, the control panel is locked. The device does not respond to commands from the buttons. Even if the device, after connecting to the network, will show any channel, you will not be able to switch to another without a remote control. Therefore, if it breaks, it must be quickly repaired or a new one purchased. Be sure to study the instructions. On some models, you can unlock the lock by entering a specific password.

    Preparatory work

    Save the diagram below to calibrate the image to a USB flash drive or external hard drive. Connect the storage device to the TV via the USB connector. Open the picture for customization via the media player.

    On newer models running on the Android TV platform, calibration files are played from a DVD or Blu-ray player. Since it is impossible to change the settings through the Album application.

    First, we set up the main indicators. To do this, you need to disable advanced options. Open the main menu and go to “Settings”, and then to the tab “System settings” and subsection “Eco”, here turn off the light sensor.

    Return to the main menu and again go to the “Settings”, and then to the “Image” tab to deactivate the following functions: creation of reality, smooth transition, noise reduction.

    For highlight, set the value to 7 or 8 points. Select Standard for Picture Mode. When these changes are made, switch to the Advanced tab to deactivate all features.

    Saturation of the color palette

    The colors will be saturated when all transitions are viewed in the calibration chart. Take a look at the center of the scale for natural tones.


    Start by checking that the picture size settings are correct. The default settings enlarge the image. As a result, sharpness drops. This manifests itself in the form of moiré, which can be seen in the contours of the resolution bands.

    To adjust the size of the picture, open “Preferences” and go to the “Screen Control” tab to turn off the “Auto Display Area”. Disable the Maximum Resolution function as well. Arrows are now visible in all corners. Moiré effect disappeared.

    On the phone

    If necessary, all TVs can be controlled directly from a smartphone. In order to carry out such a setting, it is necessary to install a special plug-in on the mobile device, which is freely available on the Internet. Next, a corresponding search for the available encoding is carried out, which is transmitted from the TV. In the case of manual configuration, you have to choose a specific model, and in addition a line of equipment, in order to then carry out the necessary control from a smartphone. Unlike remote controls, phones do not need a preliminary reset, but such gadgets do not provide full access to all functions.


    Corresponding touch-sensitive remote controls were produced specially for these series of devices. Such equipment is much easier to set up in contrast to conventional push-button options, since all commands are displayed with a characteristic response on the display. Let’s consider in more detail how this equipment is configured:

    • First of all, it is necessary to make an appropriate reset of the settings present in the device to the factory value;
    • Subsequently, the device is switched to the corresponding encoding search mode from the TV;
    • Then the TV is turned on, after which the device is aimed at the module that issues the signal;
    • Then the screen displays the relevant information regarding the device with which the pairing occurs;
    • Upon completion, you only have to save all the relevant settings using a specific command.

    It also provides not only automatic, but also manual adjustment. To do this, you have to select the appropriate manufacturer in the device, as well as a series of equipment. Further, all parameters are saved and the subsequent test application of commands.

    Don’t forget to set up the remote correctly

    How to turn on the Sony Bravia TV from the remote

    Today we will talk about the initial setup of your BRAVIA TV.

    If you are confused and want to retune your TV, the reset function will help you.
    To do this, in the installation menu, go to system settings → general settings → factory settings → perform a reset.
    You can see by clicking on the link:

    It’s hard to imagine modern life without television. Televisions have become an integral part of everyday human life. These devices act as a powerful information provider, as well as a way of entertainment when watching interesting films, TV shows and TV shows. Of course, such devices are equipped with everything necessary for control, however, remote control of devices is most often used. In practice, a Sony Bravia TV remote control is often used, as it is a common and popular brand. This device is versatile, and in addition, it is equipped with a touch control with a touchpad. Such a device is multifunctional, however, it can also become unresponsive to commands. In such a situation, you will need to visually consider how to disassemble the remote control from a Sony Bravia TV, and in addition, eliminate the existing faults if necessary.

    How to find the TV code

    Initially, you must find out the code for your Sony Bravia TV. This will allow you to program the remote unit for your TV model and set specific commands. The code consists of three or four digits. For this:

    Take a look at the technical data sheet.

  • Look at the manufacturer’s official website.
  • It should be noted that not all situations require codes. If you cannot find the passwords you need for your TV, then you can perform automatic setup. Each universal remote control has a built-in function that independently selects the desired code. To activate it, you need to enter a specific password, after which auto-selection will start. Such devices use impulse code modulation as a communication method. The main feature is the use of a three-bit sequence. Let’s say:

    • 000. Turn off the TV set.
    • 001. Enable next channel.
    • 010. Return to the previous broadcast.
    • 011. Add sound.
    • 100. Turn down the sound.
    • 111. Turn on the telly.

    Thus, each time you press a button on the remote control, the built-in circuit activates the IR LED, which is oriented to the pattern. “111” ON, ON, ON, where the step length can be 3 milliseconds.

    Setting up a universal remote for Sony Bravia TV

    First, you must make sure the remote control has batteries. Often these devices are sold without a power supply, which means you have to purchase them separately.

    The second step is to turn on the TV. On the remote control, turn on the desired mode, in our case. Tv. Hold this key until the light comes on. Next, let’s look at the process of setting up three types.


    For auto-tuning, enter the code. 9999. In this case, the last nine must be clamped, hold it until the TV-box turns off. Then auto-selection of channels will start. The procedure itself can take up to 15 minutes.

    This option is used if you cannot find the codes you need for your TV. But, in the process of using the UPDU, problems may arise, for example, a key conflict. That is, when one button, programmed for a specific function, spreads to other devices in the house. The problem cannot be fixed if you used the combination 9999.

    The setup procedure will differ for different brands of UPDU. For example, connect a universal remote control to a Sony Bravia TV when using the SUPRA model:

    If you have any questions or complaints. Let us know

    Turn on the telly.

  • Point the remote unit at it.
  • Click on “Power” and hold it until the indicator lights up.
  • You will see the sound change icon on the screen.
  • Check the controls, for example turn down the volume. Works? Auto tuning worked.

    Huayu implies the following instruction:

    • Start TV.
    • Press the “Set” and “Power” key. Hold them for a few seconds.
    • Then click on “Power” again.
    • The sound control should appear on the screen.
    • To exit the setting mode. Press “Set” twice.
    • If the instructions did not work, then try the third option:

      • After turning on the TV, hold down the “TV” button until the indicator lights up.
      • Then hold down the “Mute” key. This will start a search.
      • Wait for the procedure to complete and check the control.


      Each TV set has a special password for pairing. If you know this code, you can easily program any key on the remote control.

      Procedure for SUPRA:

      • Turn on the TV.
      • Press and hold “Power” on the remote.
      • Enter model code.
      • The indicator will blink twice. Release “Power”.

      Instructions for HUAYU UPDU:

      Hold “Power” and “Set”. The light should be on continuously.

    • Enter a four-digit code.
    • After entering the password, the light will turn off.
    • Click “Set”.

      How to connect a universal remote to Sony Bravia: codes, instructions

      How to set up a universal remote control for a Sony TV is a question of interest to many TV viewers. The remote control is often lost or broken, then it becomes necessary to acquire a new one. Mostly users buy universal remote controls, but how to adapt them to a specific TV model? In the article we will consider how to connect it to the device and the setup process.

      The universal remote control can be used for any device or for several at once. The main advantage of such a device is that you can configure it for a TV, set-top box and multimedia equipment, and put all other remotes in a drawer. You just need to register the main functions. Some people ask the question, is it possible to make an ordinary remote control universal? That is, configure it for another device. No, despite the external similarity, inside they differ in schemes.

      No code

      Start the TV set and hold and hold the buttons on the remote control. “TV” and “OK”.

    • All buttons with numbers should light up.
    • After that, start slowly flipping through the channels. The “CH” button.
    • Tv will turn off soon.
    • Press on “TV” and check the setting you made, for example change the channel or change the volume.
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