How to turn on geolocation on huawei

How to disable geolocation on Android

Geolocation is one of the main functions of any Android smartphone. It allows you to determine the current geographic location of your device and, therefore, the user. Thanks to this many applications and services become possible, which allow the user to navigate on the terrain and get actual information about his surroundings. For example, thanks to geolocation, applications such as maps, navigators and trackers work.

Nevertheless, in some situations the user may need to turn off the geolocation on his Android phone. For example, to reduce the battery consumption.

Huawei: Tips for Use. X-gps

The notification panel (opened as a curtain on top) provides quick access to select the current mode of your smartphone or tablet.

The following table lists natural and reasonable recommendations for the chosen modes for the app to work properly:

Data Included Required For the full work of the application and synchronization of the data with the server in online mode it’s necessary for the device to be connected to the Internet
Geodata Enabled Required You must have geo-location enabled to determine your location
On Plane Disabled Normally Activating this mode will generally block access to geo-referenced data and the Internet
WI-FI Recommended Recommend turning on WI-FI for faster, less power-consuming geo-location in cities and buildings
Bluetooth Included Recommended Enabling Bluetooth is recommended for faster, less power-consuming geolocation in cities and buildings

Sources of geodata in X-GPS

X-GPS uses GPS/GLONASS satellite navigation to determine your location, as well as alternative methods such as cell phone base stations and Wi-Fi hotspots.

At the same time the application uses the smart algorithms of energy saving and some settings, which allow to get the required accuracy of location with minimum consumption of the device battery. when moving on foot or by transport.

How to use geolocation

Features of this function depend on the goals you set for it. All modern smartphones have geolocation on Android and iOS. Once it is activated, you will be able to mark on the photos the places where they were made (the data is pulled up automatically), to mark interesting points on the map. Coordinates are added with permission to all popular social networks:. , Instagram. You can also use geolocation to track a specific person. For this you will need to use additional programs and applications.

If you have a profile on the Google service, you can bind your device to it. The search giant offers a special function “Find your device”, which is activated when you first sign in to your account from your mobile. You will have a possibility to make a loud beep even if the sound is turned off, lock the device or erase all the data from it. One of the sections “Show on map” determines the location of the mobile, but only if:

  • The device is on, linked to this Google account;
  • there is a connection to the Internet;
  • the geolocation function is activated;
  • The “Find device” function is activated.

To view the location of your Android device within your Google Account, do the following

  • Go to your account page.
  • At the top will be a selection of devices (if you use more than one), select the one you want.
  • A list of actions will appear: send a beep, lock, find the device.
  • If the above conditions are met, the point on the map will appear where the mobile.
  • If any settings are disabled, it will show the last place where the phone was detected.
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Find My Android

This geolocation software for Android is suitable for all models on versions from 1.6. You need to download the app and transfer it to your phone via cable. Then you unpack the installation file, after installation the application works in standalone mode, does not manifest itself in any way. No third-party services are used to store data, all data is sent to your email on your behalf.

When you download, install wiretapping and tracking utilities, you automatically confirm that the program will not be used inappropriately. In order to use the program, you must perform additional steps:

  • Before installing, it is necessary to activate the “Unknown sources” option in the Android device settings to be able to install the utility.
  • From the phone you want to track, go to the site and click on the “Install” button.
  • It will request the right to access the Internet, send and read an SMS. Confirm all these permissions.
  • To get the location data send an SMS with the command =location= to your cell phone. You will receive a reply SMS with the coordinates.

Google Maps

Another app from Google that specializes in geolocation. Use maps to plot the best route around the world. A useful feature of the “Show Where I Am” application helps keep track of a user’s location. The app works on both Android and iOS devices. The app must be installed on both phones (yours and the one whose owner you want to track). You need to do the following steps:

  • On the device you are tracking, activate the “Show where I am” feature from your Google account.
  • Select your tracking period, enter your phone number or email.
  • Next, on your mobile, go to Google Maps, open the “Show me where I am” section, and select the phone you want to track from the list.

How to set up geolocation on Android

If you open the “Mode” section, you’ll see three possible modes of geolocation operation. Let’s consider each of these modes in details.

  • Mode “By all sources” (in older versions of Android this mode was called “High accuracy”). The most accurate mode of geolocation. If you turn on this mode, then to determine your location will use all available smartphone information. These are data from GPS satellites, data from mobile operator, as well as data obtained through wireless networks Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
  • Mode “By coordinates of the network (in older versions. “Saving battery power”). In this mode only data from mobile operator and wireless networks (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth) is used. While the GPS module is not working and does not consume battery power. Activation of this mode allows to save battery power and extend the battery life of the device.
  • According to GPS satellites (in older versions. “According to device sensors”). Geolocation mode which uses data from GPS module only. This does not take into account information from the mobile operator and wireless networks.

If you go back to the “Location” section of the settings and scroll to the very end, you will find a couple more interesting features there. These are “Location History” and “Geodata Transfer”.

If you open the “Location History” section, you can enable or disable the recording of the history of your movements with your Android smartphone. This history is stored on Google servers and can be viewed on the site “Google Maps” in the “Chronology” section. information about this feature you can get in the Google help.

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And you can add Google users who have access to your location data under “Transferring geodata”. If you have this access, your movements can be tracked on Google Maps under “Show where I am”. You can read more about this feature in the Google help.

What to pay attention to when buying a new smartphone?

Now you know the answer to the question “How to configure GPS on Android?”. But all this will not help you much if you want to use your smartphone as GPS navigator on a permanent basis. For this purpose it is better to have a good modern smartphone. When choosing one, be sure to read its full technical specifications. They should mention the support of A-GPS. it is a great way to reduce power consumption. The ideal smartphone for you will be the one that also works with GLONASS satellites. Fortunately, almost all devices that are imported into our country over the last year have support for the Russian navigation system. But, again, it is still necessary to have a look at the specifications of the device before purchasing it.

Satellite navigation systems GPS and GLONASS make it possible to determine the location with an accuracy of up to five meters radius, which allows the built-in application in Huawei smartphones to help the owner determine the location, find a specific object or find out the weather forecast in their city.

By changing the location modes, you can calibrate the accuracy of the function. Also in the settings you can see the history of locations and recent requests from installed applications on your smartphone.

Do I need to turn geolocation off?

Knowing where to find geolocation on your Honor phone, you can enable and disable data collection at any time. It is recommended that this option be active. If it is deactivated, applications and services will not be able to determine where you are. This will result in the wrong IPs being used for searches, or the functionality will be limited at all.

The following options will not work in the Google service:

  • Determine the exact location of the phone, for example, to find it in case it is stolen.
  • Location Industry. Allows you to see on a map where you’ve been before, what places and cities you’ve been to.
  • Google Maps. If you disable geolocation on Honor phone, the owner will not be able to use Google Maps program to the full extent, when it is necessary to plot routes.
  • Accurate Google searches. If you disable the location option, Google service will not know where the person is. This means that results for certain queries will be less accurate.

In addition, geo data can be used by other applications, such as Instagram, Weather, Chrome, and others. Keep in mind that in most cases the option is automatically enabled on your Honor phone, so if you want to hide your location, you should turn it off. In rare cases, this can lead to the phone not being able to update the network time.

Knowing where geolocation is in Honor will make it easier for you to navigate the feature and disable it if necessary. If the GPS does not work for some reason, the fault may be a mechanical malfunction of the Honor phone, weather and difficulty finding satellites or internal failures. Try to restart the smartphone or do a factory reset.

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In the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, share how you use geolocation on your Honor phone, and where you have it on your device.

Strengthening the signal with an antenna

Many motorists have a full-fledged GPS-navigator. Some of these devices have an antenna connector on the back or side. It allows increasing signal reception several times. you only need to get the appropriate antenna.

As for the modern smartphones, we hasten to disappoint you. You will never find a special antenna connector in them. Improve GPS reception on Android can only be software methods. If they do not work, then you have to put up with the current state of affairs. As it is easy to guess, the worst thing with GPS-satellites work the budget devices. The reason is that they are equipped with the cheapest and oldest navigation chips, which have low speed and a weak signal receiver.

Visiting the settings section

In many smartphones and tablets, the GPS-chip is disabled by default. In this case the device determines the location on cellular towers and Wi-Fi networks. To enable the navigation chip, you need to configure the device. To do this, perform the following actions:

Go to “Settings”.

Here you should be interested in the item “Location”.

On different devices this item may have a different name. For example, on Samsung tablets it is necessary to select the tab “Connections” and click on the “Geodata”, at the same time activating the appropriate switch.

In this section you need to enable high location accuracy. The device should use all sources for this. GPS satellites, Wi-Fi networks, and cell tower data.

Note that in this mode the power consumption increases. And if on the new smartphones it is practically not noticeable, the owners of budget and older devices will definitely feel the reduced battery life.

Depending on the characteristics of the device, the GPS settings can be in different subsections. So on more modern Android smartphones, these steps can be done a little differently.

Bring up the notification panel and make a long tap on the “GPS” icon (may have a different name). In the page that opens, give the applications access to the location and in the “Location Determination” section set the “High Accuracy”.

When the setting is needed: the Mediatek curiosity

Today the company Mediatek (also known as MTK) is one of the leaders in mobile processors. Even the giants like Sony, LG or HTC create smartphones on MTK processors today. But there was a time when the processors of this Taiwanese company were used only in miserable clones of the iPhone or two-simmer “dialers.

In 2012-2014, Mediatek produced quite decent chipsets, but they constantly had a problem: improper GPS operation. Satellites with these devices behave according to the quote: “I’m hard to find, easy to lose”

It was all about the EPO service settings. This service, developed by Mediatek, helps to calculate in advance the orbits of the navigation satellites. But here’s the trouble: the preset default EPO data in Chinese phones is calculated for Asia and fails when used in Europe!

It can be easily fixed in modern models. Recall that all these instructions are only suitable for smartphones with MTK processors:

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