How To Turn On Flashlight On Vivo Phone

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Installing a flashlight in a widget

This method is convenient in that it allows you to create a flashlight icon on an open desktop.

  • Tap on the “Flashlight” widget. It will automatically move to your desktop;
  • Close the “Widgets” menu;
  • Press your finger in the middle of the screen and, without lifting it, wait until an additional menu appears below;
  • Tap on the “Widgets” icon. A list of widgets that can be added to the desktop will open;

Using third-party applications

With their help, you can install a flashlight that works on a flash or screen backlight. Any of the applications considered in the review is downloaded for free online in the Play Market, automatically installed and SIMply used.

Turning on the flashlight on an Android device

You can turn on the flashlight on Android using the standard built-in application in the phone or by downloading a special one with additional functions.

In the shutter on the control panel

A shutter is a quick access bar for a number of phone functions. You can use it to turn on the flashlight.

  • Open the panel. Just slide your index finger across the smartphone screen (swipe) from top to bottom;
  • Find the icon representing the lantern;
  • Tap on it. The LED turns on.

To turn off the flashlight, click on its icon again after opening the curtain.

Sometimes smartphone settings do not provide for the presence of this icon on the quick access panel. In this case, you can install it there yourself. For this:

  • Make a double swipe as already described;
  • Tap on the “Sort” icon (or the pencil icon);
  • Find the one you are looking for among the complete list of icons and click on it;
  • While holding the flashlight icon with your finger, drag it to the selected location on the panel (for example, place it in the top row of icons);
  • Click on “Finish”.

Ways to turn on a standard flashlight

You can choose the most convenient one for you by using:

  • Shutter in the notification menu;
  • By voice command in Google Assistant;
  • Widgets;
  • Phone buttons (if you have a Xiaomi smartphone).

Let’s consider each method in detail.

Voice activation via Google Assistant

You can turn on the flashlight on your Android phone using voice commands. This requires:

  • Go to Google;
  • Say “O’key Google” or click on the microphone icon on the right side of the search bar;
  • Wait until the word “Recognition” appears in the Assistant window that opens;
  • Say, “Turn on the flashlight”.

The LED will turn on. And to turn it off, just tell the Assistant: “Turn off the flashlight”.

Using buttons on Xiaomi phones

The method allows you to turn on the flashlight on the phone in lock mode. The method has limitations: it is applicable only to Xiaomi smartphones, and the Android version must be at least MIUI 9. The procedure is SIMple:

  • Press the phone’s power button (it is located on the right side edge of the case);
  • Swipe from left to right;
  • Click on the flashlight icon (it will appear at the bottom of the screen).

Shake flashlight

The app is convenient because you just shake your smartphone to turn on the flashlight. It works even in lock mode: just press the power button (on the top or side right edge of the smartphone body), and then shake the smartphone. The application has no additional functions.

Built-in recording

Typically, smartphone manufacturers build in a hidden call recording function for use without external utilities. You can check the availability of the option on the selected phone during a call through the call panel.

Call recording via built-in phone functions

If there is an option to save a telephone conversation on the device, in addition to the “Enter number”, “Contacts” and “Notes” buttons, there is a standard dictaphone. On some models, some functions are hidden behind the “” or ” tools” button. You can check the availability of an option through accessibility features.

After activation, the recording is automatically captured in the media file. There are several methods for finding a lost document:

  • A SIMple way is to search for an audio recording in the built-in voice recorder of your mobile device. In the list of available materials, you can also find a telephone conversation.
  • Modern file explorators or media players are distinguished by the functionality of finding the necessary documents.
  • On bare Android, by default, information is stored in the sdcard / PhoneRecord folder. However, with each new update, the folder versions may be named differently.

How to enable conversation recording on Android phone

The external storage of the mobile device can store important telephone conversations, conversations with intruders and meaningful messages. Not in all situations it is convenient to understand how to enable conversation recording on Android and whether there is this option in the gadget.


Sample application for Cube ACR

The functionality includes the capabilities of a voice recorder and media player. There are many tools for the user to analyze, filter and search for selected documents. The service saves conversations in three convenient formats:

  • MP4;
  • AMR.

Callu provides the following options for use:

  • Filtering to select specific contacts from the address book for regular saving.
  • You can configure the inclusion of recording conversations by shaking the gadget. The instrument’s sensitivity is adjusted in the program settings.
  • Supported change of quality and adding text notes.
  • Two formats are available for work: MP3 and WAV.
  • You can protect the entrance to the application by setting a password.
  • Setting up synchronization with virtual clouds: Google Drive and DropBox.

Most often, the owners of mobile devices misunderstand the law, meaning the complete prohibition of electronic recording without the participation of a second subscriber. In fact, you can use the voice recorder option and install applications when using the device personally.

Important information about the dialogue can only be used for personal interests or as an argument during a court hearing. Criminal liability will come when the recorded conversation “will walk” on the Internet in the public domain.

How To Turn On Flashlight On Vivo Phone

Downloading a flashlight to your phone (self-installation of a flashlight)

The Samsung flashlight is not satisfactory, and its capabilities are quite enough to illuminate the path, use in emergency situations, and more. However, if the flashlight is not built into the phone. No problem, you can find many alternatives on Google Play. Download the best flashlights for Android through my website. Install the application on your phone and turn it on as needed.

  • Open Play Store on your desktop.
  • Enter the word “Fanarik” or “Flashlight on Samsung phone” in the search bar.
  • Find an application in the list provided or open several options to familiarize yourself with the characteristics of flashlights.
  • Click the Install button and download the flashlight to your phone.
  • Start Flashlight on Samsung Phone

Note. Remember that using the flashlight for too long can quickly drain the battery of your mobile device.!

How to turn on the flash on your phone when you call

Not everyone uses a flashlight for backlighting. Another utilitarian feature of the built-in phone camera is an additional ring signaling.

If the flashlight blinks when they call. This is more noticeable than vibration mode, the phone buzzes like a tractor. Many people like this signaling method more. Flashlights have drawbacks (wasteful battery consumption), but given the short operating time, you can close your eyes to them.

I wrote a manual:

It lists the apps and I tell you how to turn on the flashlight when you call. You cannot turn on the flash using standard Android OS tools. For this, the FlashonCall add-in and its analogs are used. All of them are available for download on and Google Play.

The second way how to turn on the flashlight on Samsung

  • Tap any free area on the phone screen with your finger
  • Select “Widgets” from the menu that appears
  • You need to select the Flashlight widget by scrolling the menu in different directions.
  • Without lifting your finger, drag the widget to the Android home screen.
  • To turn on the Samsung (Lenovo) flashlight, click on the widget icon.

How to turn on the flashlight on Lenovo, Samsung A3 and Duos

  • Swipe on the home screen to display the widget
  • Find the Flashlight application in the menu. If not, the icon at the end of the widget menu list.
  • Turn on the flashlight by clicking on the corresponding flashlight icon in the widget.

How to turn on and off the flashlight on an Android smartphone (Samsung, Lenovo)

You will learn how to turn on the flashlight in different ways. If your phone has a built-in camera, you can most likely turn on the flashlight. On some Android smartphones and tablets, however, turning on the flashlight is not easy. We have prepared a selection of the best flashlight apps for you. They can be enabled on smartphones Samsung A3, LG, and Lenovo.

Turn on the flashlight on your phone and walk calmly in the dark. Gateways are not scary!

Before turning on the flashlight: how to use the flashlight program on Android?

All mobile applications that emulate a flashlight programmatically can harm a smartphone or tablet. It is necessary to use the flash of the device’s camera as urgently as necessary and for a strictly limited time. We do not recommend putting a flashlight on the bell and wasting the battery. Why?

Firstly, such applications for lighting using flash very quickly drain the phone: the gadget’s flash is used, and it is not intended for intensive and long-term work as a “lighting device” on Android. A camera is a camera, its main functionality. Take photos and videos and not be a flashlight to call.

Secondly, without exception, all free flashlight applications downloaded from Google Play heat up the Android mobile device and can disable it if the smartphone is used inadequately, irregularly.

However, don’t worry: the software flashlights on Android discussed in this review are quite configurable and easy to use, so they are relatively safe. In any case, do not be lazy to download a flashlight to your gadget, test your phone with a flashlight and leave your favorite application in Android OS for a long time.

Turning on the flashlight on Android

Iphone owners may be a little more fortunate as the Flashlight app is built into the operating system. If you have iOS, we have selected the best flashlights for iPhone especially for you. If you have Android. Read the review further :).

Samsung phones have a built-in flashlight. How do I enable it on Android? To do this, you need to activate the application through the widget on the home screen.

Useful Ok Google commands to activate the flashlight

To turn on the flashlight by voice, I recommend using the commands of the Ok Google assistant.

Open the Google app or use the Google Now add-on. Click on the microphone icon and say one of the following commands:

Create a Flashlight widget on the ZTE Blade desktop

In order to create the “Flashlight” widget on the ZTE Blade desktop, follow these steps:

  • Unlock your phone, press the “Menu” button and hold it for 2 seconds, a list will appear at the bottom of the screen, where one of the icons will be called “Widgets”. Click on it.
  • Then at the top of the list of available “Quick Access” widgets, the total number of which depends on the installed applications, find the icon with a flashlight and click on it.
  • An icon for quickly turning on the flashlight will appear among the application icons; you can drag it to any desktop, wherever its location will be convenient.

Turn on the flashlight in the notification shade

You will need to activate the flashlight using the notification curtain when the phone is unlocked and you need to light up: the table, the floor, where the necessary thing fell in the dark or for other tasks.

Swipe down from the top of the screen, a notification curtain will appear with icons for quick access to regular phone functions, including a flashlight drawing. Click on it and the ZTE flash will start working in illuminator mode. By clicking on the icon a second time, it will turn off.

How to turn on the flashlight on your ZTE Blade phone: 3 ways (instruction)

The “flashlight” function in ZTE Blade smartphones is built-in, and the flash of the mobile phone camera acts as a light element. In order to turn on the flashlight on ZTE smartphones, you do not need to download any additional applications, since it is already built into the interface. There are three easy ways to activate it. Let’s analyze each of the inclusion methods separately.

Programming buttons

There is another way, which is designed to turn on the flashlight when ZTE is locked. To get to this menu, follow these steps:

  • Enter the general settings, find the item “Advanced settings”.
  • Now we need a menu item “Buttons and gestures”.
  • Then find the item “Flashlight”, inside which the list contains all kinds of combinations of buttons to activate it.
  • Choose the option that seems convenient to you, click on it and that’s it, no more actions are required.

How to turn on the flashlight on iOS 10

  • To turn on the flashlight on iOS 10, swipe up from the bottom of the screen and tap the flashlight button in the lower left corner of the Control Center.
  • The camera flash is included, so you can use it as a separate flashlight.
  • To turn off the flashlight, SIMply press the flashlight button again in the Control Center.

How to turn on the flashlight on Android phone

Turning on the flashlight on an Android phone is SIMilar to Android Nougat, Marshmallow and Lollipop.

Swipe down from the top of the screen once or twice (depending on your device) to open the notification panel. Then click the “Flashlight” (or “Torch”) icon.

The flashlight stays on until you turn it off, even when your screen is locked.

How to turn on the flashlight on your phone

Modern mobile devices are the most user-friendly devices. They combine several devices at once: a music player, a video player, an Internet browser, a game device, and much more. I think sometimes you also used a flashlight on your smartphone. So, in today’s issue I will tell you how to turn on the flashlight on your Android and iOS phone.

The flashlight feature on your iOS or Android phone uses the camera flash to illuminate in the dark. Some tablets don’t have a flashlight function, so we’ll also tell you about special apps that use your screen as a flashlight.

Turn on and adjust the flashlight on iOS 11

  • You can turn on the flashlight on iOS 11 in the same way as on iOS 10. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open Control Center. Then tap the flashlight icon. It may be in a different location depending on whether you have configured the Control Center.
  • Adjusting flashlight brightness on iOS 11 is slightly different from iOS 10. However, like iOS 10, flashlight brightness can only be adjusted on phones with 3D Touch (iPhone 6S or newer).
  • Press firmly on the flashlight icon in the Control Center. However, instead of three options, a panel is displayed showing the current brightness level. Swipe up or down on the bar to adjust the brightness level.

Use the app to turn on the flashlight on iOS

You can use your iPad as a flashlight, but there is no built-in flashlight function. However, you can install the app to use the camera flash (iPad Pro models only) or the screen as a flashlight.

Free Flashlight for iPhone, iPod and iPad uses your camera flash or screen as a flashlight. Just press the power button in the middle of the screen to turn it on. You can adjust the brightness using the slider under the power button.

Additional functions are available in the settings, which can be accessed by clicking on the gear icon in the lower left corner of the screen.

You can configure the application so that when you start it, the flashlight turns on automatically.

Adjust Flashlight Brightness on Samsung Android Device

The ability to adjust the brightness of the flashlight on Android is primarily available on Samsung phones.

To change the brightness of the flashlight on your Samsung phone, swipe down from the top of the screen once or twice to access the Flashlight or Torch icon. Then click on the text below the icon, not the icon itself.

A slider with five different levels is displayed. Click one of the vertical lines in the panel to select that brightness level. Then click “Finish”.

Adjust flashlight brightness on iOS 10

Flashlight on iOS 10 has three brightness levels if you have a 3D Touch phone (iPhone 6S or newer).

To access these brightness levels, press and hold the flashlight icon in the Control Center. Then click Low Light, Medium Light, or High Light, the latter by default.

Adjust the brightness of the flashlight on your Samsung Android device. Use the app to turn on the flashlight on Android.

You can use your Android tablet as a flashlight, but not all Android tablets have a built-in flashlight function. However, you can install the app to use the camera flash (if you have one on your Android tablet) or the screen as a flashlight.

How to work with the application:

  • Just press the big slider button in the center of the screen to turn it on;
  • Additional functions are available in the settings, which can be accessed by clicking on the gear icon in the lower left corner of the screen;
  • Click “Settings” in the Android flashlight app;
  • One of the handy features is the ability to add an app to the notification bar. To do this, press the “Notification Panel Toggle” slider so that it turns green.

When you swipe down from the top of the screen, you will see the Flashlight icon in the notification bar and the constant Flashlight notification.

The flashlight icon does not work on devices without a camera flash. However, you can tap on the Flashlight notification to quickly access the app and turn on the flashlight.

How to turn on the flashlight on your phone

The flashlight on the phone is both a flash when taking pictures and a backlight when shooting videos on a phone. How to turn on a flashlight on your phone in one click. Let’s figure it out together! You can turn on the flashlight in the same place as vibration and the Internet.

Despite the SIMplicity of this action, many people are confused. Where is this power icon? We will figure out how to find and configure the inclusion of a flashlight for yourself.

Swipe down from the top of the screen to expand the phone OSD and find the icon as shown by the arrow in the figure:

If this icon is not in the first row, then you need to fully expand the on-screen menu on your phone. Find two horizontal stripes in this menu and drag them:

When the OSD is fully expanded, you will see a flashlight icon. Click on it with your finger once and your flashlight will turn on. It is important to know! If you go to the Camera app to take a photo or video, the flashlight may turn off.

When the flashlight is on, it turns blue. In this case, all active functions light up blue:

To turn off the flashlight, click on it one more time with your finger. The flashlight is off and turns light gray instead of blue:

To move the flashlight to the first row and not expand the menu twice to turn it on, you can swap the action icons. To do this, expand the menu completely and find, as the arrow shows, three dots in the upper right corner of the screen. Click on them once:

Select Button Order:

Place your finger on the desired icon and, while holding your finger on the screen, drag it to the desired location. You can drag and drop everything you need from your list of icons:

When everything is the way you want, click on the word “Done” in the upper right corner of the screen. Your flashlight and other functions are now in the front row. In our case, the first row is occupied by such power icons as the Internet and sound.

How to turn on flash on Android phone

Turning on the flash in an Android phone is quite SIMple and it makes almost no difference which phone and which Android.

The camera turns on directly in the program. Most often at the very top, but it can also be below.

There are three positions of the icon at the top of the screen. Yellow lightning, crossed out icon and plain white. Choose the latter.

However, that all for two or three seconds is accompanied by text notifications, so it’s almost impossible to make a mistake.

Flash not working on Android phone when photo is taken through software glitch

The fact that an external flash can be connected to an Android phone is not known to everyone, and it is unlikely that many will want to worry about it.

But those who really often use the flash when photographing will not regret it.

Why? Because the external one is many times more effective than the standard one. There the photos are much better, and the shooting range is much greater.

However, I got carried away a little, let’s get back to the point and to test the flash performance, we will launch safe mode.

You can find out how to start it here. If your Android phone is in safe mode, the flash is working, then the malfunction may be caused by extraneous applications.

Also, if it does not work, it is recommended to clear the cache of the WEB-camera. Not always, but sometimes such a SIMple act can solve the problem.

Another way to bring the flash to life is to restore the default settings in the camera itself.

Interesting facts about flash for phones

A few years ago, a phone camera equipped with a flash was the object of desire of every mobile photography enthusiast.

Now almost all phones have it, only there is no special effect from it. This is a diode supporting autofocus.

Only manufacturers are trying to improve the lighting conditions of the frame, and LEDs cannot be compared with traditional flash.

The disadvantage is the need for a large capacitor, which SIMply does not have a place in thin smartphones.

Thanks to the latest invention, Professor Li Pui-Zee, she can now become many times more effective.

She was able to create a flat polymer capacitor that stores the charge needed to illuminate a gas just 1 mm thick.

Manufacturers now have the final challenge to implement a new solution for mass production.

According to Jack Tuen, CEO of Xenon Technologies, such subtle elements may appear on smartphones as early as next year.

It is very likely that the new development will attract the interest of leading manufacturers, and in the future this kind of solution will appear in new models. Success.

Why Android phone flash doesn’t work and how to turn it on

I have already been asked why the flash does not work on Honor 10, Honor 9 Lite, Honor 7a, Samsung a5, Meizu m5, Huawei p20, xiaomi, Xiaomi, Redmi 4, and in many cases it turned out that it was SIMply not turned on.

Therefore, first I will describe why the flash does not work in the camera when taking a photo on an Android phone, and then how to turn it on when taking photos.

A flash is the same flashlight. If a flashlight is working, then, as a rule, the flash should work.

If it does not work, then this is either a firmware failure or a component failure. The first reason is usually solved quickly and on its own.

By the way, maybe you’re doing something wrong. Here’s an instruction on how to properly connect a call notification and not only using a flash.

The SIMplest solution if the flash does not work in the Android phone when taking pictures

Such an inoperative programmed state of the flash is treated with a photo, you can say instantly. Open “Settings” and look for the reset function.

Where is she? It depends little on the phone model. More on the android version. Right now I have a Samsung phone in my hands with Android 7.0.

You do not need to search in it for a long time: “Settings”, “General settings” and you get to the reset section (at the very bottom).

Just don’t be naughty. First, save the data that is important to you. It will be deleted. A full backup will not work here. Then the old firmware will be restored and the flash will not work again

If you have synchronization enabled, then all data should be restored. If you choose this option, then before resetting, I recommend that you make sure that Google really synchronized everything.

To do this, you need to visit the Google website (or the phone developer. Many also offer their own synchronization) and see if everything is in place.

There are also computer programs that can quickly transfer your files to your computer or laptop.


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Nothing wrong. Android system is smart and knows what to sleep and when to turn off.

Once they answered in Russian, I will also answer in Russian, but Ukrainian is closer to me: then it is clear that the system is smart and knows everything. I don’t know the iPhone is smart or not smart, but also what you need. That’s it for today! Thanks for attention! I will write perhaps the day after tomorrow, because there are still questions. All the best! Bye!

In the event that you have not performed the jailbreak procedure on your gadget, but would like to have access to the selfie flash function, you can also use the Take Selfies FREE application. It is designed to take a photo using the FaceTime camera and contains, among other things, screen brightness settings.

Tell me why there is a flash on the phone. Does not work at full strength, not bright. And the flashlight does not shine brightly?

And before everything was fine?

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Flashlight by Splend Apps

Recently, another app with flashlight functions has appeared in the Play Store. Flashlight, developed by the Polish Splend Apps team. It can stay on your smartphone for a long time, because it differs from other flashlights with a beautiful and thoughtful interface.

Conveniently, you can activate the flashlight through a button in the notification area or through a widget.

“Analog” button for turning on the flashlight. Large and comfortable enough to feel in the dark. All actions are performed smoothly, the animation of the application is not annoying.

Two main lighting modes are supported: phone LED flash and screen flashlight (floor lamp mode, white light).

This software will be useful for:

  • Reading books in the dark,
  • Road illumination in country trips,
  • Alarms for help in unknown terrain or difficult weather conditions.
  • Signal transmission in Morse code (in SOS mode)
  • GPS compass. For orientation in unfamiliar terrain if you get lost.

Flashlight FreeApps.Mobi (free, no pop-up ads)

This free flashlight uses not only the camera flash, but also the phone screen for lighting and sos signals. Useful in “military field”, difficult climatic conditions, if you want to attract attention to yourself at a long distance.

There are not many lighting control options available. You can turn on and off the light of the flashlight (on phones Nokia, HTC, Samsung Galaxy and others), quickly turn off the flashlight by pressing one button. The basis of the Color Flashlight is in presets (quick settings). They allow you to conveniently and quickly signal the phone screen.

Additionally, with Color Flashlight, you can:

  • Display useful text, any text information on the phone screen
  • Enable bright flickering screen saver
  • Change the background color (judging by the name, this is the main feature of Color Flashlight)
  • Activate soundtrack, synchronize sound with camera flash.

Freeapps Flashlight can be downloaded to your phone for free: The Color Flashlight APK is available on Google Play and from the link below. Available in English only. But there are no ads in it (you can disable its display through the settings).

Super Bright: a bright flashlight for every day

Super Bright is indispensable when you need to highlight something while walking along the street or at home, for household needs. The software has all the basic features that are present in other lighting applications on the phone. The main noteworthy is the screen is made in the form of an analog lantern with a convenient power button.

How to turn on the flashlight:

  • Download Super Bright for Android through the Play Market,
  • Install the APK file,
  • Agree with access rights (they are minimal),
  • Use a flashlight by pressing the power button.

What are the settings:

  • Turn on, turn off;
  • Power on sound;
  • Screen off operation.

The application conscientiously fulfills its functions, but the developers overwhelmed it with ads: it appears when you click on the AD link, and a banner is also displayed at the bottom of the window. In the settings, other products of the same developer are mentioned to others, which can also be called advertising.

Svitlana Dev flashlight: off by default

There are 3 key positions in the Flashlight mobile app by Svitlana Dev:

  • Activation of the flashlight via the on / off button;
  • Turning on the stroboscope;
  • Setting the flashing frequency.

The advantage is that the app is disabled by default and does not drain your battery without your knowledge (while other Android flashlights have to be turned off at startup). You will not turn on the light by accident by touching the button on the phone, it will not discharge your smartphone, it will not overheat the rear camera, even if the program is launched in your when you accidentally press the Power button.

The only drawback of this small applet is that an ad block is displayed at the bottom of the window (although for using the SIMplest functionality you least want to view banners).

Bright flashlight Pony Mobile for smartphone

Probably one of the brightest and most versatile flashlights for Android with support for strobe mode and SOS distress signals. It will be useful for fishermen, hunters, sportsmen.

Also, this program will be useful for ordinary users if they cannot turn on the flashlight on Samsung, Lenovo or other Android phone due to software restrictions or on an outdated device.

The flashlight can also be turned on through a widget added to the desktop. When it is activated, the light comes on, and the user does not understand where the light on / off button is, where the brightness setting is, and so on. Fortunately, there is a menu with settings, and here you can adjust the sound, timer.

  • No ads
  • Fast startup and no lags
  • Works when the screen is off
  • SOS indicators
  • Work in stroboscope mode (10 blinking modes)
  • Low battery consumption

Flashlight app from smallte.Ch: maximum flexibility, customizable brightness and lockout

Free must have app for Android. Allows you to adjust not only the brightness of the flashlight, but also adjust other parameters directly related to the lighting functions. For phone screen and photo flash. The developers have added features to the widget that are missing in other mobile flashlights.

After downloading from Google Play and installing a portable flashlight on Android, go to the settings and see the following parameters:

  • Lighting at startup: you can enable or disable the option to turn on the light at startup (we advise you to disable it to avoid accidental activation)
  • Auto power off: accordingly, the interval for turning off the flashlight on the phone / tablet (we recommend enabling the option)
  • Sound: beep when the flashlight is activated
  • Flash-to-ringer and ringer-flashlight use
  • Flashlight control via widget from Android home screen
  • Smooth brightness adjustment
  • Change screen orientation with active flash / flashlight
  • Root Mode (Use Rooted Mode): If Android OS is blocking developer options, activate Android extended rights.
  • App Button Lock: Prevent accidental button presses while the flash is on (the flashlight will not turn off at an important moment).

Although the flashlight works stably, when a white screen appears, a false impression is formed: it is not clear whether the problem is in the device or in the application. However, this is just the background of the screen in floor lamp mode, customizable in “Flashlight” for taste and color.

In “Flashlight” ads are traditionally displayed, as an option, on Google Play there is an ad-free version of the same program for Android. However, the application is worthy of installation on a smartphone and a symbolic payment. We advise you to download this particular flashlight for Android from the Market (1 Mb APK).

Download Free Flashlights for Android: Best Apps. 2020

Short description: Review of free flashlights for the mobile platform. How to download and install applications on Android (smartphone, tablet), what settings to pay attention to.

  • If you want an unobtrusive yet ad-free free flashlight, use Flashlight for Android, Pony Mobile Flashlight or FreeApps.Mobi.
  • For older phones, the Flashlight app is fine. LED Torch Light. It is compatible with Android version 2 and above.
  • In the Frequently Asked Questions, you will find answers to questions about using a flashlight on a mobile device, as well as other recommendations.

List of all applications:

ApplicationdeveloperappraisaladvertisingAndroid version
Flashlight for AndroidArtLine4.7noDepends on the device
Flashlight 2smallte.Ch4.4there isDepends on the device
“Flashlight” Pony MobilePony mobile4.7no4.3 and up
Bright flashlightAbc Apps4.4there is4.0 and up
FreeApps.MobiFreeApps.Mobi4.6no4.0.3 and up
Sane flashlightLexaUA4.8there is4.1 and up
Flashlight. LED TorchGOMO Limited4.4there is2.2 and up
Just flashlightSvitlana dev4.8there is4.0 and up
Flashlight FlashlightSplend Apps4.7there is4.1 and up

Flashlight # 2. Android flashlight without ads

The Flashlight program of the same name is a very SIMple, even primitive flashlight for an Android phone with a single button. To turn the camera flash on and off.

Alas, the brightness setting is not available in Flashlight, which may not suit the user who downloaded the application. Installing a flashlight on the bell and other functions are also not intended. However, Flashlight has a big plus: there are no ads or marketing chips.

In other words, both the advantage and disadvantage of Flashlight are the lack of adjustments, sheer minimalism. The widget does not “eat up” the memory of the mobile device, performing the assigned functions. To turn off the flashlight, just press one button. The light will go out, turn it on. Similar action.

Another free android flashlight called Flashlight

Just Flashlight: Super Bright Flashlight for Android

Among hundreds of mobile flashlights, you will rarely find an application with an original name. So Just Flashlight is little different from other candidates on Google Play. But let’s see if this free flashlight has any features.

Just Flashlight conveniently separates the brightness settings of the mobile device screen and the options responsible for the flash operation. In addition to the frequently encountered SOS mode, there is also a Strobe. A stroboscope is a bright flickering backlight through the screen or tablet flash.

Just Flashlight. Ordinary flashlight with convenient settings

It is not clear why Just Flashlight is slow to launch (compared to other applications), and this is clearly not the best side of the flashlight. No matter how SIMple or complex it is, I would like to turn on the application without a three second delay.