How To Turn On Flash On iPhone 6 S

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How to set a flash on an IPhone 7 on a call

The use of LED flash for notifications is possible in all modern versions of iOS and iPhone devices. This is how you can customize this feature for your.

Click on the Settings app and then on General / General. Select “Accessibility / Accessibility” in Settings.

Find “Flash for Alerts” and click on that. Now flip the switch to the active green position.

Upon receiving an incoming message, phone call, or alert, the LED flash on your iPhone 7’s camera will blink, showing a visual indicator that notifications or alerts are being received on the device.

Undoubtedly useful not only for those with hearing problems, but also really useful for those of us who constantly keep our phones muted, volume down or just want something more obvious.

This setting is supported by all modern versions of iOS, although it has been around for quite some time and this setting may look slightly different on newer and older models.

Note that once you enable LED alerts, you have another option to enable them when your phone is off. Also, this feature only works when your screen is locked.

Another useful option is the Call Alert feature, which can be found under Settings → Phone → Voice Calls.

Siri will tell the caller’s name to make it easier for you to decide if you want to answer or ignore him.

You can choose to have Siri always announce calls, with headphones and car only, or with headphones only.

How to turn on flash on iPhone 7 on calls and SMS notifications

Unlike androids and other phones, the iPhone 7 doesn’t have a dedicated indicator for notifications.

Instead, it has a feature for the deaf or hard of hearing that uses flash to provide a visible signal for incoming notifications. This is in addition to the usual vibration already provided by the system.

Whether you need flash notifications on call or just want to turn them on, once you turn on this feature, all you have to do is leave your phone in sight so that you don’t just hear incoming notifications, you see them.

Your iPhone 7 will blink a flash when alerts for calls, SMS and messages arrive.

When enabled, the LED will blink several times whenever a call or message is received on the device, even if it is in silent mode.

This wonderful technology offers an obvious visual cue with a bright blinking light when any warning or notification comes in. A great feature that isn’t very well known, but I’ll show you how to turn it on.

How to disable flash on iPhone 7

Keeping iPhone 7 in LED flash mode may negatively impact battery life.

Therefore, you should consider disabling the mode as soon as you are done with the need to use this alert mode during calls and SMS notifications.

Actually, there is nothing to describe, since this is just the reverse process. Press Settings, General, tap Accessibility and scroll down.

There click on the LED flash for alerts. On the next screen, you can disable it by moving the switch to OFF (make it white). Also, disable on the mute option. Have a good day.

Setting up notifications on iPhone without flash

With the new iOS 13, users have the ability to customize phone notifications for all apps or for each one individually. By default, notifications are enabled for a new program. And any changes in it will be displayed as alerts. But our smartphones often have a lot of programs that leave notifications. And often there is an information flow of messages when we return home and connect the phone to the Wi-Fi network.

How To Turn On Flash On iPhone 6 S


  • To open the downloaded file, click the arrow at the bottom of the window and select the folder that is intended for downloads by default;

If you have already turned on the flash for calls or notifications in the iPhone, then non-standard melodies will also be accompanied by a light indication. If you want to create a ringtone from a song that is already in your library, you can do without downloading, that is, without the browser “Aloha”. And immediately open the melody in the GarageBand app. You can even create musical pieces of your own composition in it. And also edit ready-made tracks, setting them immediately to the call.

How to enable blinking flash alert for calls on iPhone

The previous instructions for turning on the flash are suitable for owners of mobile devices with iOS versions 5 to 12. But today, almost all fans of mobile firmware use version 13. And in it, the developers organized the device settings in a slightly different way. The flash function for notifications remains in place, it can still be activated and used on a mobile phone.

How to turn on flash on notifications on iPhone

All mobile phones today have a useful feature. This article will show you how to turn on the flash for any notifications or calls on your iPhone. This type of notifications in the phone is not only decoration or entertainment, but also helps to draw attention to the device at the right time for people with hearing impairments.


  • To enable it, open the iPhone settings;

Flash in silent mode will be a great addition, as we will not be able to find out about incoming notifications or calls.

Block incoming calls on iPhone

If you’re tired of answering phone calls from advertisers, unknown callers, and other contacts, set up your iPhone to only accept calls from specific people. So to speak, from the circle of trust of your environment.

In Apple mobile devices, this is done quite SIMply, with built-in tools:

  • Go to phone settings;
  • Select the “Do not disturb” item;
  • Activate the Do Not Disturb mode at the top. Its action is indicated by the crescent icon, which will appear at the top in the status bar;

You can create separate groups and name them accordingly, for example, “Work”, “Friends”, “Acquaintances”, etc. You can use these groups in the list to block, allow or prohibit them from calling you.

If you need to set up notifications for each app on iPhone:

  • Open the settings;
  • Select the item “Notifications”;

Thus, you can turn off any of the proposed list. Select each and turn off the notification for which the flash has been configured. You can also configure some parameters of messages in this window.

How to set any song to an incoming call on iPhone

Any mobile device has a default ringtone. But we want to replace it with the song of our favorite artist. You can change it without connecting to a PC. To do this, we need to download an application from the App Store called GarageBand. As well as a browser that can download MP3 from the Internet, such as Aloha Browser.

We install it on the phone and download the track that we want to set as a call. It’s as easy as turning on flash notifications on your iPhone.

To turn off all notifications at once, including those for which the flash is set on the iPhone:

  • Go to the settings of the mobile device;
  • Click on the line “Do not disturb” and activate this mode.

After moving the slider to the right and enabling the mode, your phone will stop receiving notifications. They will all be locked until you turn off the mode. Even if you agreed to receive PUSH notifications in your browser, they will also be blocked. In this settings window, you can change the parameters for receiving phone calls from other subscribers.

How to turn on flash on incoming call or SMS message on iPhone

Almost all modern smartphones and tablets are equipped with an LED flash, which is mainly used for photography and as a flashlight. In turn, Apple has found another, no less interesting use for it. Starting with the fourth-generation iPhone, the flash can function as a flasher to visually signal the call.

Is this flasher needed

Initially, the idea of ​​using the LED in a blinking mode was intended to help people with disabilities (hearing impaired) not to miss incoming calls and SMS notifications. But over time, the situation has changed. Today, many young people deliberately turn on the flashing light, thus trying to draw the attention of others to their fashionable gadget. However, this method does not always have a positive effect. Some people may be annoyed by such flickering, especially at night.

The LED flasher can help girls quickly find an iPhone in their bag among many different accessories. It’s also worth noting that the flickering extends to the alarm clock as well. This means that at the moment the alarm goes off, in addition to the melody, frequent flashes of the LED will be visible in the room, provided that the iPhone lies with its screen facing down. To determine if the flasher is useful for you, you should turn it on for a few days on your iPhone. But keep in mind that this will speed up battery drain.

Since turn on the blinking flash?

The procedure for turning on the LED flasher is extremely SIMple and is completed in just a couple of minutes. To do this, go to the “Settings” section and find the line with the name “Basic”. Then touch the specified line, after which a list with many sub-items will appear on the screen. Among them, you should find and click on the item “Universal access”. Leafing through the items of the newly opened section, you need to find and select the line with the name “Flash alerts”. After its activation, all incoming calls and messages to the iPhone will be accompanied by a melody with a bright optical effect.

The developers of the iPhone running iOS 10 have additionally equipped it with another option. “Flash in silent mode”, which is also in the “Accessibility” menu. To enable it, the user needs to do two things:

  • Turn on the switch next to the option name by sliding your finger across the screen;
  • Switch the switch located at the end of the phone to the “Silent” position, at which its orange part will become visible.

Sometimes iPhone owners complain that for some reason the flasher does not work immediately after enabling the option. In this case, you should restart the device and try to answer the call again. In this case, the following nuance must be borne in mind. Periodic flashing of the iPhone is possible only if its screen is turned off. If the device is not in standby mode (screen is active), the LED will not blink.

How to disable

Disabling the LED flasher on an iPhone follows the same principle as enabling it. To turn off the flash during incoming SMS and calls, re-enter the “Accessibility” menu and slide the switch on the screen to the inactive position.

By the way, not only owners of iPhone versions higher than iOS 5 can turn on the LED flickering function during incoming calls. Some other smartphones also have access to it. In particular, activation of the flasher is available by default in devices with MIUI firmware, and on a smartphone with Android OS you will have to install the Flash On Call application.

How to turn on flash when calling on iPhone

Many do not know how to turn on the flash on the iPhone when they call. You can do this by looking for the Flash Alerts tab in the settings. If the user has an iPhone 4, then the activation is available to him only if the sound mode is enabled on the phone.

Enabling the option on 4 iPhones

Important! This procedure works for 11 iPhones and 7 and se. And starting with iOS 13, you can set the flash in different sound modes.

To enable flicker, which will only work in Silent mode, you must repeat the procedure that was used when normal flicker was enabled.

Instructions on how to turn on the flashlight on the iPhone when making a call in Silent mode:

  • Open the settings, find and click on the “Accessibility” option.
  • Go to the Flash Alerts tab.

In this tab, the user will have access to two functions that can be enabled both SIMultaneously and alternately. If it is necessary for the indicator to work when a call is made in a silent profile, then the corresponding function is turned on. In this case, the flashlight will glow if the side panel of the device is in quiet mode.

Function in silent mode

If it is required that flickering works only in the main mode, then turn on the second function. In the same way, you can enable both options at once or disable them.

Note! People with deafness are advised to enable both functions at once. This provides convenience for both the person himself and for others who will not be disturbed by sound notifications.

After successfully following the instructions, the flashing should work. It is worth remembering that the indicator will turn on only when the device is locked. When enabled and unlocked, all incoming notifications are displayed directly on the smartphone screen. Therefore, the presence of flickering when unlocked is optional.

How to turn on flash when calling on iPhone

For the convenience of deaf users, a flash was invented that fires when you call. With the help of it, a person can learn about incoming notifications even in the absence of hearing. Flickering is now used not only by deaf people, but by most of the iPhone owners. Before wondering how to turn on the flash when calling on iPhone, you need to make sure that the device supports the light signal.

Flash on iPhone call for quiet mode

Some people are wondering how to set the flash on iPhone ringtone for quiet mode. To do this, you must have an iPhone version of at least 5.

Note! The iPhone 4 S does not have this option. On this device, you can SIMply turn on a light notification, which will work both in normal mode and in silent mode.

So, to turn on the light indicator in silent mode on the iPhone, you need to go to settings, then to “General”, then go to “Accessibility”. Next, you need to find the “Hearing” tab, on which to find and click on the “Flash warnings” option.

After all the performed actions, the user will see a window in which there will be two functions. For notifications to be accompanied by light blinking in any mode, you must check the box next to each option. If the user is interested in the presence of a flash only when the sound mode is on, then he puts a check mark only near the first function. If he needs to make the blinker work only in silent mode, then he needs to enable the second function. “Flash in silent mode”.

How to set up flash when calling on iPhone

Thanks to the versatility of Apple devices, users have no longer needed to buy additional gadgets so that when a call comes in, a flash fires on their smartphone. But most still do not know how to set up blinking on a device. Therefore, they resort to downloading programs that can implement this function. But in fact, this is not necessary, the flash on a call can be easily configured by yourself, it only takes a couple of minutes.

To correctly configure the flicker, it is necessary to decide for what purpose the user needs this option. If he has hearing problems, then you need to configure the function for noisy and silent modes at the same time.

Important! If the user turns on the flashing light for only one of the modes, then the smartphone may accidentally switch to another, and then all calls and notifications will be missed.

How to turn off flash on iPhone on calls and notifications

If you want to remove the light notification, then you need to figure out how to turn off the flash on the iPhone on notifications. This is done in the same way as in the case of connecting the option. Only instead of the “Enable” button, you must click the “Disable” button.

Thus, it becomes clear how to disable flash on iPhone on notifications. Flashing can be disabled for all modes. Also, flickering can be turned on and off in noisy and silent statuses. This can be done only if the smartphone model is higher than iPhone 5.

How to turn on flash on iPhone on notifications

Iphone can blink not only when there is an incoming call, but also when receiving push notifications. The aLGorithm for turning on blinking, which will accompany any SMS or notification, practically does not differ from setting the flash when calling on an iPhone.

Important! The light flashing feature when receiving notifications will only work for those apps and contacts for which notifications have not been disabled.

How to turn on flickering for notifications

To configure the indicator that will be triggered every time an alert arrives on the phone, the user needs to go to the settings. Then find and open the “General” section. After that, find the option “Flash warnings” and next to it, press the power button. Thus, flickering will now work not only when making a call, but also when receiving messages.

Which iPhone models support flash notifications

Flash notifications support absolutely all iPhone models that were released after the iPhone 4 s. It was on it that the function was first introduced, which is now used by almost all owners of Apple smartphones.

Indicator light on iPhone

They tried to implement a flashing lantern earlier, but the creator could not implement it. He couldn’t fit the indicator inside the device. So he made a mini-gadget iFlash, which was designed to turn on the flasher when a phone call occurs. In addition, iFlash could significantly improve the quality of photos and videos on a smartphone, it helped the camera to capture more light and thus increased the detail of the picture, so it was often used for shooting in the dark. It is thanks to this that the device has gained huge demand.

Important! If the user’s smartphone is version xr or 7 plus, then it definitely has the ability to turn on the backlight when making a call.

S. Jobs planned to provide the convenience of using his equipment to people with disabilities. That is why it was important for him to implement blinking in his new device, and he succeeded. Now absolutely everyone could fully use the Apple smartphone.

How to change the brightness of the notification light on iPhone

Often, users are faced with the inconvenience of using a flashlight on the phone: it shines too dimly or, conversely, too bright. The creators of Apple found a solution to this problem and in iOS 13 provided the ability to adjust the brightness of the flashlight on the iPhone.

Note! Initially, this privilege was only available to users of the iPhone 7 and 7 plus, but now every owner of an “apple” smartphone can adjust the brightness of the flashlight on the device, for this he just needs to update his gadget to iOS 13 version.

The brightness level of the flashlight is directly related to the brightness of the flicker, which accompanies calls and notifications coming to the smartphone. To decrease or increase the brightness of the flash, you do not need to go into the settings or download additional programs for this.

Changing the brightness of the flashlight

To change the brightness of the indicator, just start the control point and press the flashlight icon while holding it. To open the control center, you need to swipe up from the bottom of the display. While holding down, you need to swipe up to increase brightness or down to decrease.

Note! This action changes not only the brightness level of the flashlight, but also the brightness of the flash that accompanies calls.

Thus, it becomes clear that turning on and off blinking on a call is a very SIMple step that takes less than a minute. The user can customize this option at his own discretion, for example, change the brightness of the flicker or the mode in which it will work.

How to turn off the flashlight on iPhone

Disabling a widget is very SIMple:

  • Go to Control Center
  • Find the flashlight icon and click on it
  • Make sure that the camera flashlight is off by turning the phone cover towards you.

Don’t forget about the battery. If you have problems with fast battery drain, I advise you to read the article in which I collected tips on how to save battery drain. Although the text is intended for Android users, iPhone owners will find a lot of universal advice in it.

How things stand with iOS flashlight apps?

The point is that making a flashlight for the iPhone 4 or 5 has been a favorite of any iOS developer. The device of such programs is more than SIMple: when you press the button, the flash built into the iPhone fires. Intended, in essence, for other purposes, namely for the camera.

Accordingly, many of the flashlights on the iPhone 5s did not work properly: they were created by hobbyists, not professional programmers.

Common mistake: forgot to turn off the flashlight on your phone

When you press the power button on an iPhone, putting it into sleep mode, you turn off the flashlight, right? No!!

People walk around with glowing s because they don’t know how to turn off their iPhone flashlight. To do this, you just need to go to the checkpoint and turn off the flashlight after using it. Otherwise, Flashlight is only disabled on your phone after you turn off your phone completely or your battery is completely discharged.

Why iPhone flashlight doesn’t work

If the flashlight does not work on iPhone 5s or earlier / later models, then, most often, this is due to an iOS software bug or Control Center. In this situation, we can advise you to go to the Appstore and install alternative applications to turn on the flash on the iPhone.

We’ve rounded up a selection of flashlights that can be a great option if your iPhone’s flashlight doesn’t turn on in the usual way.

Flashlight XS: turn on flashing on iPhone

Flashlight XS allows you to turn on flashing on iPhone in the most urgent situations. Among other things, this is a really good solution in case the flashlight on the iPhone does not work. The application starts instantly, because it combines all the advantages of iOS optimization. Unlike, say, some other flashlights for the phone, which sometimes SIMply “fly out” and do not turn on.

SOS My Location. Personal Safety App

If you need a flashlight for purely practical purposes, then this app combines SOS alarms, GPS tracker and a powerful, bright flashlight for iPhone. Works on both iPhone and iPad.

How to turn on the flashlight on iPhone 4, 5s and 6 and put it on a call

What if the darkness has already fallen, and there is no flashlight at hand? Can’t read the menu in a restaurant in dim light or are you coming home late at night? We advise you to grope for an iPhone in your. The good news is that the iPhone comes with a bright flashlight, you only need to turn it on.

So, in this tutorial you will learn:

  • How to quickly turn on the flashlight on iPhone via Control Center
  • How to disable the Flashlight app so you don’t waste your battery
  • What to do if the standard iPhone light does not work (general error when the camera and flashlight do not work in iPhone 5s)
  • Can I put a flash on a call? (Yes!)

By the way, if you are not interested in iPhone and you are a smartphone user with Android OS. Here you can download the flashlight app for Android.

What is iOS Control Center

Control Center is for accessing basic iPhone features. You can open it from almost any screen, you don’t even need to enter a password for this.

Control Center Window

How to turn on the flashlight on iPhone 4 (5, 6)

To open Control Center, swipe at the bottom of the screen. A box with several icons will appear. In the lower left corner you will see a small flashlight icon.

Click on it to turn the flashlight on or off on the iPhone. It should be noted that this activation method works with such iOS devices as iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and 5s. And with later models of the phone, the methods are SIMilar.

How to flash on calls and SMS notifications on iPhone 6 / 6s

Depending on your environment, you can easily skip calls on iPhone 6 / 6s, but iOS has some useful accessibility features built in to make it easy to stay in the loop.

Visual flash alerts can be useful in a wide variety of situations, even if you have acute hearing.

Accessibility on iPhone 6 / 6s is powerful and useful. One of these options allows you to turn on the camera flash so that it starts blinking on a call (when you receive a call) or SMS notification.

This is especially useful if you have hearing problems. Likewise, this feature is also useful when you don’t want to miss a notification if your phone is in silent mode or with a very low ringtone volume.

In these situations, the flash blinks and informs you of an incoming call or notification. Let’s see how to enable it.

Just keep in mind that the LED only blinks when your iPhone is locked. Let’s see how to do it on iphone 6 / 6s.

How to enable LED flash on call and for SMS notifications on iPhone 6 / 6s

Launch the Settings app on your iPhone. Scroll down and tap on Accessibility.

Now click on Flash Alerts. Turn on the switch for LED.

Here you have the option to enable or disable the LED flash alerts during calls and SMS messages even in silent mode.

If you want the flash light to appear in “Silent” mode, make the silent switch active (green), and if you do not want the alert light to flash in automatic mode, then make the switch white.

There are five fast flashes for messages and other notifications, and for calls, the LED continues to flash until the call ends or you mute the phone.

You may want to consider using Flash Mode for Call Alerts with the Flash Mute option enabled if you are waiting for an important call and you are in a situation where your phone cannot ring or vibrate.

Flash Call Alert with Flash Mute disabled, useful in noisy environments where it is difficult to hear your phone ringing or when you are listening to music.

Ideally, the phone should be facing down so you can clearly see the blinking LED next to the rear camera.

Because in our fast-paced, technology-driven world, phone calls need to be answered as quickly as possible.

This option is also useful if you prefer to receive visual alerts rather than audio alerts, such as when you are in a noisy area and cannot hear your phone ringing.

If you decide you no longer want your iPhone 6 / 6s LED to blink, move the button to the off position and re-enable vibration for silent mode.

These changes take effect immediately and you will no longer receive visual alerts for notifications and calls.

If you enjoy listening to music through your iPhone 6 / 6s headphones, using the flashing LED means you won’t hear the normal warning, but you can see the LED flash.

Using this option can also help you find your phone. For example, if you turn off your phone, sometimes you can hear it, but still cannot find it.

Being able to summon it and see the LED flash will help you find it quickly, especially if it’s hidden in your closet. Have a good day!

Function does not work

If you did everything according to the instructions, but the blinking did not work, you will have to pay special attention to some of the nuances. First of all, check the iPhone lock. You will not be able to see the light effect if the device is now in active mode and its display is lit. This is a prerequisite for saving battery power, besides, there is little point in additional illumination and notification if you hold your smartphone in your hands and see for yourself that they are calling you.

The next moment. The call is in a vibration state. Most experienced users have noticed that after deactivating the vibration alert, the option starts to function. One tip. Don’t forget to turn on silent mode. If these parameters are normal, and the flickering light, when they call, did not appear, the cause of the failure may be incorrect operation of the operating system. In such a situation, it is necessary:

  • Go to the accessibility settings;
  • Disable LED notification;
  • Return to the home display by pressing the main round Home button;
  • A reboot is required, it can be done by pressing the Home key and the Power button together until a white screen appears with the “apple” logo in the center.

After the device boots up, you need to repeat the above procedure to turn on the flash on your OS version. Find the Vibration section in the accessibility settings and click on it, then slide the slider to the left so that the vibration mode is disabled.

What is LED flashing used for??

Interestingly, the burning “dot” was first introduced on generation 4S phones. For the fourth iPhone, such additional functionality had to be purchased separately, such a mini-device was called iFlash. It plugged into the charging connector and improved the quality of shooting in low light. That time has passed, and now photo illumination has become an obligatory component of “apple” gadgets.

Today, she not only helps in taking night photos, but can also do the work of a flashlight. Another function is notification of various events, for example, missed calls, SMS, alarm clock. The latter function will be especially relevant for people with hearing problems, if they do not hear the signal, they can immediately see the flash on the iPhone when the alarm is ringing or playing.

Many users want to enable this option, besides, the device blinking interestingly when making a call is visually very pleasant.

How to turn on the flash on iPhone when they call

Hello. With the advent of mobile gadgets with modern cameras with high quality shooting, the need for a camera for many users has SIMply disappeared. Cellular flagship cameras boast extensive functionality, among which the flash stands out. And if everything is clear with Android, the owners of Apple devices are often interested in the question of how to turn on the flash on the iPhone when they call.

Activating the option on new generation iPhones

I note right away that the light notification is quite SIMple to turn on, you can do it in a few steps. The aLGorithm that I describe below is suitable for iPhone 5, 6, 7 (and all Plus and S editions) running iOS.10 and later. If you want to turn on the light notification when they call, you must:

  • Go to Smartphone Settings, select “General”;
  • Look for the “Universal Access” sub-item and go into it;
  • Go to the “Hearing” parameter group, look for “Alert flash”;
  • Switch the slider to ON.

After these steps, you can use the device as a convenient and bright flashlight when making a call, see incoming notifications or play an alarm.

It is worth recalling that in the “Flash alerts” menu there is also an option “Flash in silent mode”. When you turn it on, you can see the blinking of the iPhone only if the special switch on the left side of its case is sent to silent mode (when the phone rings silently). If the incoming one is with a melody, you will not see the LED backlight.

Turn off the indicator

On some newer iPhones, blinking is already activated. After the purchase, the device may flash, and an inexperienced user is afraid that when he calls, the device lights up near the main camera. There is no need to panic and worry about a malfunction, because if necessary, the function can be easily deactivated. Also go to the accessibility settings and in the Hearing section, turn off the LED notification.

The author recommends:

How to enable flashing on iPhone 4S

I will say right away that the aLGorithm of actions for this version of smartphones is SIMilar to the previous one. But at the same time, some differences should be noted and the reason for their appearance. In fact, these devices are capable of supporting operating system updates to 9.3.5, but the silent blinking option itself became available only in iOS 10. So if you are using an iPhone 7 device or some other model that has not been updated to the latest version, the option can be configured like this:

  • Go to Smartphone Settings, select “General”;
  • Go to the universal access section;
  • Also find the “Hearing” section and turn on the “Flash alerts” slider.

At first glance, everything is SIMilar, but at the same time, in earlier versions of the OS, the function of interest to us was represented by one line, already starting from a dozen, it was allocated its own section, which opens in a separate window, although it has only two characteristics.

Turn on the flashlight

I think it would be appropriate to remind you how to turn on the flashlight. This option appeared in the iOS 7 firmware. The icon of this very tool is located in the Control Center tab. Many users use it more often than the flash when shooting. You can activate the flashlight by unlocking the iPhone with the Home key, open the aforementioned tab from below and press the button on the left side with the image of the device we need.

Once activated, the flash will work in the desired mode. To disable, these steps are repeated. I would like to note another interesting option for turning off the flashlight in the “apple” device. “wake up” the smartphone and press the trailing Camera key, it is located in the bottom right corner. After this action, the display twitches slightly and the flashlight goes out.

How to turn on the flash on iPhone when they call? As you can see, this is very SIMple to do and, if desired, it is easy to deal with it. So if you do not want to miss important calls, notifications. Activate this option immediately after purchase.