How to turn on bluetooth on LG TV

How to control LG TV from your Android phone or iPhone? Smartphone instead of remote control for the TV through LG TV Plus

In this article, I’ll show you how to quickly and easily set up LG TV control from your phone. Any modern smartphone that runs on Android will do. The same way you can set up LG Smart TV control from an iPhone. The setup process is no different. All we need is an LG TV on webOS (models from 2014 and later) and a smartphone. Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Honor, Realme, iPhone. it does not matter, any will do.

The TV is controlled using the LG TV Plus app. It works in the following way: LG TV Plus application is installed on smartphone, in this application we find our TV set, choose it, enter the code, which is displayed on the TV set. After connection, you can control the TV with the cursor (touchpad). You can switch channels, adjust the volume, run apps, change inputs on the TV (signal sources). Open settings, turn off the TV from your phone. In addition to the touchpad (cursor control) in LG TV Plus app, a 5-position joystick is available, like on the remote control. There are buttons to control playback.

This way will be interesting first of all to owners of LG TV sets without LG Magic Remote. Your smartphone can replace it to some extent. I mean the cursor control. For example, it is very convenient in the browser. And in general, it is very convenient to control the TV without the remote control. The application is made cool and well thought out.

In order for the phone to see the TV, they need to be connected in some way. There are two options:

  • Via LAN (Wi-Fi or LAN). This is the easiest way that you are likely to use. Your TV and your phone must be connected to the same network (router). As is usually the case. The TV can be connected to the router both via cable and Wi-Fi. It makes no difference. Here are the instructions just in case: how to connect LG Smart TV to the Internet via Wi-Fi and how to connect LG TV to the Internet via cable.
  • Via Wi-Fi Direct. This is when your smartphone connects to your LG TV directly over Wi-Fi. Only useful if you don’t have a router and your TV is not connected to the internet. Or connected from another network.

I know a lot of people are looking for a Bluetooth connection. It doesn’t work over Bluetooth.

Setting up

How to turn on Bluetooth on your LG TV? LG’s Smart TV uses the WebOS operating system. Works with WebOS 1.0 и 2.0 with branded headphones only. Starting with version 3 (from ’16 models) you can also connect other audio players.

  • Put headset into pairing mode.
  • On the remote control press “Menu” or “Setting” to go to the settings.
  • Select Sound in the menu that appears.
  • Move the check mark to “LG Sound Sync / Bluetooth“.
  • Press “Select a device” and activate the detected device.
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The situation will be more complicated in a situation where the TV does not support Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. In this case you will have to buy a special Bluetooth-transmitter, with the help of which the synchronization of devices will be performed. The instructions for connecting via a transmitter are as follows:

  • Connect the Bluetooth unit to the network.
  • Insert the headset into 3.5mm jack or RCA jack. if your TV does not have this jack, you will need to buy the adapter.
  • Press the button responsible for activating the transmitter. if there are no buttons, then the device is turned on automatically.

The sound will be transmitted within 9-10 meters of the device. at distances greater than the limit, there may be interference.


How to turn on Bluetooth on your LG TV? LG Smart TV uses the WebOS operating system. WebOS 1 is working.0 и 2.0 only with branded headphones. Starting with version 3 (from ’16 models), you can also pair other audio players.

  • Put the headset in pairing mode.
  • Press “Menu” or “Setting” button on the remote control to go to settings.
  • On the menu that appears select Sound.
  • Move the checkbox to “LG Sound Sync / Bluetooth.
  • Press “select device” and activate the detected device.

How to Connect Wireless Headphones to Your TV

Knowing how to connect wireless headphones to your TV can improve the signal quality. Synchronizing the receiver and your device allows you to fully immerse yourself in the game, movie, or music. The procedure is not too complicated for users of any age.

What you need to connect

Pairing of most wireless headphones is done via Bluetooth module. To do this you need to synchronize the settings of both devices in the setup menu of the TV-receiver. No need to purchase additional devices. If your TV does not support Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, you will need the following equipment:

Pairing specifics of the devices in question depend on the brand of the accessory. For example, there is a special application for LG TV to speed up synchronization. Adjusting the settings depends on the Smart-TV operating system. Analyzing the connection peculiarities of wireless headphones will allow you to solve the problem of pairing with TVs from different manufacturers.

How to connect if there is no Bluetooth

How to connect wireless headphones to the TV if there is no bluetooth? A few recommendations:

  • Purchase a headset that works on the radio frequency or via the IR port;
  • Buy a TV with a Bluetooth channel;
  • Connect a transmitter (special adapter).

In the latter case, it is better to choose a modification with an optical input. For some variants (more expensive) you can connect two pairs of headphones. If there is no built-in Bluetooth in the TV, budget models with a program version at least 4 will do.0. This will avoid incompatibility with TV sets of different brands.

Connect headphones to TV with Android

The models of Philips and Sony brands work mainly on the OS in question. Android TVs have an identical way of connecting via Bluetooth.

  • Go to the main menu of the TV receiver.
  • Select “Wired and wireless networks” at the bottom of the screen that appears.
  • Find the Bluetooth search section. During the procedure, the headset must be at least 5 meters away from the modern TV.
  • Turn the headphones on, click on search.
  • The activation mode will automatically start, this will be confirmed by a blue flashing light.
  • If the LED does not blink, press and hold the power button (there is a corresponding graphic on this button).
  • The brand of headphones used will appear on the TV screen, then select “Connect”.
  • If everything is done correctly, there will be a notification that the selected headset is paired with the TV.
  • You can adjust the sound in the “Removing the device” section, where you can select the necessary commands.
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Synchronization on modern TV models takes no more than 3-5 minutes. If you follow the instructions, there will be no difficulties with pairing.

Connecting to a Samsung TV

It is easy to connect a Bluetooth headset to the Samsung TV. Difficulties can be caused by incompatibility of the paired devices. The company focuses on the use of devices of its own production. On the latest models it is possible to watch a film or show using a third-party headset.

Instructions and tips for connecting wireless headphones to your Samsung TV:

  • Choose a compatible headset with the TV and the Smart-TV firmware.
  • Enter the TV menu.
  • Select the items “Sound”, “Speaker Setting”.
  • Turn on the wireless headphones for TV and place them within 5 meters from the TV. Connection mode is indicated by a blinking blue light.
  • Select a list of Bluetooth headsets. A list of available devices will appear on the screen.

Connecting Headphones to TV via Bluetooth

In some TV models you need to enter the setting menu, select the item “Sound”, “Speaker”, “Bluetooth.

Connecting to LG TVs

LG brand TVs work on OS WebOS. The procedure for connecting Bluetooth headphones to TVs of this brand is different. The pairing method is complex, the instructions are listed below:

  • Only LG headsets are connected.
  • Using the remote control, find the “Sound” section, then the “Wireless Audio Sync” item.
  • If your TV is without bluetooth, you will need to purchase a special adapter.

Some users set the headset connection via TV Plus app. You can download the program in the App Store and Google Play mobile market. Utilities are designed to adjust LG TV pairing settings with other devices. Application functions on WEB-OS operating systems. Setting is provided on models with at least firmware version 3.0.

Download the app on your phone, laptop, PC, or tablet for compatible devices to work properly. Then enter the utility, set up synchronization in the section “Bluetooth Agent”, and connect the wireless headphones.

Alternate wiring diagram in your home and apartment:

  • Open the Bluetooth setup menu.
  • Select the “Headset” section.
  • Confirm the action by pressing the OK button.
  • Start the search by holding down the green icon.
  • Choose from a list of used headphones, click on OK.
  • Enter the password specified in the user manual.
  • This system connects most branded accessories.

Connecting to other brands of TVs

Some TV receivers do not support wireless headset connection technology. The issue can be solved by implementing a transmitting converter. The main selection criterion. the number of paired devices.

How to connect wireless headphones to the TV in this way? It is worth noting that modern adapters are not designed to connect more than two devices. For listening to music in high-quality sound is suitable adapter like Mpow Streambot, In the basic package of the device is supplied with a battery, which guarantees autonomous operation of the product. With the help of an adapter it is possible to connect different devices. Even without fine tuning, you can listen to the sound broadcast to wireless speakers.

How do you know if your TV supports Bluetooth?

To switch on Bluetooth very simply! Enter the Settings /Settings menu (gear icon) with the remote control. Select the item Bluetooth / LG Sound Sync. Activate the function (select “On”).

How to connect the speakers to the TV if you don’t have a headphone jack?

RCA or RCA “tube”. the left and right channels are connected to the red and white sockets on the TV, respectively. TRS or Mini Jack is a popular jack for home speakers. If the TV does not have such a connector, you should buy an AUX wire, which will allow the devices to connect to each other.

  • Enter the settings menu (the gear button on the remote control).
  • Choose Audio Out and press OK.
  • Use the Right and Left buttons to find the Bluetooth item.
  • Use the Down button to toggle to Device Selection and press OK.
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How to connect mouse and keyboard to LG TV

It is easier than it seems at first sight. Take an adapter from a mouse, or keyboard, or both (as in my case) and plug them into the USB connector of our TV.

At that moment, the TV should be able to see the message that there are new devices. These messages disappear very quickly from the screen.

That’s it:) Connected mouse, or keyboard should already work. Turn on your Smart TV and check it out. The cursor should appear on the TV screen.

turn, bluetooth

You can check if the keyboard works in your browser. Or, for example, when searching for videos on YouTube.

Here is a short and simple instruction. If you have problems with any specific device, then please share the information in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Or just tell me how you like Smart TV:)

If your TV doesn’t have Bluetooth, or the headphones don’t work: solution

There are devices such as Bluetooth transmitters. You can use them not only with TVs but also with other devices. Their job is to take sound from the TV through the cable (from output 3.5 mm, RCA, or optical) and transmit via Bluetooth to any wireless headphones.

It is a universal solution for almost any TV, even older. Simply plug the cable from the transmitter into the headphone output of your TV, and connect your headset to the transmitter. These adapters usually draw power from a built-in battery. USB cable for power/charging is included. If your TV has a USB port, you can connect the adapter to it.

There are many such transmitters on the market. There are a lot of Chinese, cheap devices. Read more in this article: Bluetooth transmitter for TV (headphones). What is it, how it works, and how to choose?

As it turned out, only the TVs that run on the Android TV system can connect a Bluetooth headset without any problems and output the sound on them. For such popular manufacturers as LG and Samsung in this respect all is very ambiguous. There are certain series and models that feature Bluetooth headphone connectivity. And LG company still can’t let users choose which Bluetooth-devices they want to connect to their TVs. And not to limit them only to branded accessories.

In any case, you can always buy an inexpensive transmitter and output the sound without wires with it. Yes, it is additional expense and inconvenience of another device, but if there is no other way, it is not a bad solution.

Write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Share useful information and ask questions. I’ll be happy to answer that!

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