How To Turn On A Microphone On Earphones On A Phone

In this article, I will consider the main reasons why the microphone does not work in the Android phone and what can be done to return its functionality.

It is worth noting that the microphone may not work as a whole, or in separate applications (when calling, on Skype, voice recorder, etc.). Each situation is unique and sometimes the help of a repair service center is required.

This article is suitable for all brands producing Android 10/9/8/7 phones: Samsung, HTC, Lenovo, LG, Sony, ZTE, Huawei, Meizu, Fly, Alcatel, Xiaomi, Nokia and others. We are not responsible for your actions.

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Reasons why the microphone does not work on Android

The reasons why the microphone on Android does not work can be software and hardware in nature.

  1. Moisture in the enclosure.
  2. Shock, drop or other mechanical impact.
  3. Clogging.
  4. Unsuccessful needle / toothpick cleaning with microphone damage.
  5. Software crash.

If the user can cope with software errors on his own by performing a reset or reflashing the device, then hardware malfunctions often require qualified assistance from a specialist in a service center.


If the microphone on Android does not work after moisture or mechanical stress, then it’s unlikely that you can fix it on your own. Where it is more real to deal with clogging and software errors.

One of the symptoms of clogging is that the microphone may partially work, but the sound is greatly distorted, so the interlocutor hears almost nothing. If you encounter such a problem, blow and carefully clean the small hole in the case that acts as a sound pickup. Do not make serious efforts, otherwise you may damage the microphone.

How To Turn On A Microphone On Earphones On A Phone

If the cleaning did not help, but you are sure that there are no hardware problems, use the software methods of troubleshooting:

    Open the settings and perform a reset. Before rolling back, back up the data as it will be deleted. Turn on contact sync, reset photos ands to a memory card or computer.

  • Reflash the device.
  • Use the official or verified custom firmware to eliminate conflicts between the system and the hardware.

    The microphone does not work in some cases

    If the sound periodically disappears, then this indicates the absence of reliable contact. As a result of mechanical impact or moisture and oxidation, the contact may periodically disappear. Such a problem is solved only in the service center.

    In order to exclude the influence factor of third-party applications on the microphone’s operation, it is recommended to download Android in safe mode and check the operation.

    If the microphone does not work in the recorder or communication applications (Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram), then the cause of the problem should be sought in their settings. In rare cases, these applications may refuse to work with the built-in microphone and normally pick up sound through the headset. Reinstalling the application may help.

    There may be a reverse situation: the microphone works in various instant messengers, but the interlocutor does not hear you during a normal call. This happens if the earpiece microphone is damaged and the external one works.

    Many phones have 2 microphones that share functions or work in conjunction to improve sound. To diagnose such a failure, you must contact the service center.