How to Turn on a Flashlight on Iphone 8

The flash of the rear camera of the iPhone can be used not only for its intended purpose. it is also capable of playing the role of a flashlight. Turning on and off the flashlight on the “apple” device will succeed in just a couple of touches. how is this done?

Surprisingly, such a simple function as a flashlight first appeared only on iOS 7. Previously, iPhone users had to download third-party programs and tweaks from Cydia to make their mobile devices shine in the dark.

Turning on a flashlight on a modern iPhone is easy. In the article, we will tell you how to act, and also describe the problems that can lead to the inoperability of the flashlight.

How to turn on the flashlight on the iPhone?

Activate the flashlight on the “apple” gadget as follows:

Step 1. Display “Control center»Swipe up and down (also possible on a locked device).

Step 2. Click on the flashlight icon in the lower left corner.

How to Turn on a Flashlight on Iphone 8

You can turn on the flashlight in this way on the iPhone of all generations, starting from the 4th. On the iPhone 3GS there is no flashlight and cannot be, because this gadget does not have a flash on the rear camera.

IPhone 6S and subsequent models received a curious feature. Thanks to the 3D Touch function, the user of one of the latest apple devices is able to adjust the light intensity of the flashlight. To do this, just open “Control center»And click on the flashlight icon with force. The following menu will appear:

The user can choose one of 3 modes: “Bright light”,”Medium light”,”Weak shine”.

How to turn off the flashlight on iPhone?

Turning off the flashlight on the iPhone is almost the same as its activation. It should open “Control center»And click on the same icon, which, if the flashlight is on, lights up in white. After pressing the icon will change color to gray, and the flashlight will stop burning.

Geeks from the Reddit website also discovered another way to turn off the flashlight on the iPhone. relevant for iOS 7. You must click on the “Home»To highlight the locked screen of the device, then click on the icon with the image of the camera located in the lower right corner.

Obviously, this is not an option provided by the manufacturer, but a bug. turning off the flashlight in this way on gadgets with the latest versions of iOS will not succeed.

Why the flashlight does not turn on on the iPhone?

There are 3 common reasons why a flashlight on an iPhone may not work:

  • Moisture penetration into the housing.
  • Mechanical damage to the device, for example, due to a fall.
  • A software error caused by installing the “left” firmware or an inept jailbreak.

The user will be able to solve the problem that arose as a result of a software error on his own. it will be enough for him to restore the iPhone from a backup created at the time the flashlight was working. If there is a physical malfunction of the device, it is better to seek help from professionals. specialists of a service center.


Although there is a built-in flashlight on any of the modern iPhones, no one forbids the owners of “apple” gadgets to use flashlight applications from the AppStore. Third-party programs are much more functional than the ascetic built-in tool: if you want the light to pulsate or transmit a SOS signal in Morse code. please! The best flashlight apps for Apple devices are Flashlight, SOS My Location, Flashlight. (required with a dot at the end).