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How To Turn Off

Turning off the PlayStation4 according to all the rules and why it should be done that way

How To Turn Off PS4

Today, a huge number of computer game lovers have a PlayStation4 console. The player does not need to have any special knowledge to “plunge” into the virtual world of beautiful three-dimensional graphics and exciting adventures. Meanwhile, the PlayStation4 prefix is ​​a complex device, the creation of which required the efforts of the best minds of mankind, who developed powerful processors, the smallest radio elements, and complex software. Many players regard this device as an ordinary household appliance, forgetting that certain rules must be followed when using it. For example, a sufficiently large number of PlayStation4 owners, after they play it, do not worry about following the correct shutdown procedure for this device, they just press the Power button for a few seconds, after which the console turns off.

This version of turning off the PlayStation4 game console is wrong. As a result of such actions, over time, the device will begin to work with an increasing number of errors and as a result, it will simply fail. In this article we will try to tell how to turn off this complex device in order not to harm it.

PlayStation4 is a small device. It is much smaller than a standard personal computer and resembles a small laptop in size. Therefore, all the radio elements and mechanisms of this device are located very close to each other. Given the powerful graphics provided by the device, it must be understood that the radio elements responsible for this component of the game work with high voltage and heat up quite a lot during a long game, and the console does not have conditions for good heat dissipation due to its small size. Overheating of the device can lead to the failure of individual radio elements, so the prefix should regularly “rest”.

Turn on the PlayStation4, power button and indication

Like many devices related to computer technology, the console can be enabled in several ways:

The “Start” button, which is located in the device’s body;
press and hold the “PS” key on the gamepad synchronized with the system.

As a result of these actions, the power sensor flickers blue and then the white LED lights up. This is a signal that the device has turned on.

Sleep mode.

The sleep mode in PlayStation4 is similar to the same mode in a personal computer. Its essence is this: the device is in a state of “combat” readiness, but many of its systems are turned off, so it consumes much less energy and does not spend technical resources. Often, the device is put into sleep mode to recharge the console or while loading games.

To put the “PS4” into sleep mode, you can use the quick menu: power. Rest mode. You can press the Power button and then select the option “go to rest” in the menu. You can simply press and hold down the power key until the system notifies you with a beep sound that it has entered sleep mode.

In sleep mode, there will be no image on the screen. The indicator will light orange. Exit this state back to the game by pressing the “Power”.

How to completely disable Play Station 4

You can also turn off the console in various ways.
Select the menu item “Power” and click on “Turn off the PS4 system”;
in the quick menu. “Power”, and then, “Turn off the PS4″;
press the Power button on the console and hold it until the system emits a double beep. This will happen in 7 seconds.

When the set-top box is completely turned off, the screen does not light and all indicators go out.

Sony PlayStation 4 has standard settings, where it is determined that if no actions are done with the console, then after a few minutes (defined in the energy saving settings) it goes into sleep mode. If there is a on the console or a game is paused, then the transition to sleep mode may not occur. For this to happen, you must define the settings manually.