How to turn off wiretapping on iPhone

Phone tapping. how to detect and fix it with your own hands

Let’s find out how to check your phone for tapping. It seems that this is only possible in spy movies. But in practice, this phenomenon occurs in everyday life. In this case, it is not the fact that the subscriber listens to the headphones of intruders from the neighboring house or a parked van.

The most common way to listen to a cell phone is through a special virus software. Rootkits are placed surreptitiously, while working in the background. Prepared recordings are transmitted to the interested hands through the Internet. It is possible to identify the surveillance, the most often there are specific signs.

Instructions are universal and suitable for all models and manufacturers (including pushbutton): iPhone, Windows Phone, Alcatel, Asus, Lenovo, Meizu, Philips, Nokia, Oppo, Phillips, Prestigio, Sony Xperia, HTC, Samsung, Xiaomi (Redme), ZTE, BQ, Vertex, Micromax, Umidigi, Oukitel, Texet, Leagoo, Dexp, Doogie, Huawei (Honor), HomTom, etc.д. There may be slight differences in the interfaces due to Android, iOS and Windows versions.

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How to know if your phone is tapped

Types of eavesdropping can be different: all telephone conversations without exception or only calls to selected contacts can be bugged, the function of listening in on certain code words, which were heard in the conversation can be duplicated forwarded information or applications can be completely in someone else’s power.

To find out if your phone is tapped or not, and if your personal information is going into the wrong hands, you need to pay attention to one or more of the following.

  • Interference with a conversation. Wiretapping may well be in place if during a phone call you hear on the line interference, grinding, ECHO, incomprehensible, unnecessary sounds, and it repeats often or regularly. It can also be considered a sign if you seem to echo everything you say to the subscriber. Very often a tap is indicated by a distinctive click at the beginning of a call or conversation, and a double beep on the first ring. In the past, when using a landline phone, this double beep indicated the caller ID turned on, which has nothing to do with modern cell phones. You can try to end the call without ending it and try going online or sending something in a messenger. If it failed or the speed dropped sharply, it is possible that during the call someone is trying to copy your data.
  • Hangs on call and hangs up. If it takes a while, 2-3 seconds, before the beeping starts, even though you haven’t noticed it before, or if the phone hangs for a few seconds after you end the call and press the “End call” button, it’s likely that the listening device connects and disconnects at that time.
  • Suspiciously high traffic usage. If the traffic consumption increases inexplicably, you need to check whether the information from your gadget goes to the side. For this purpose it is desirable to make an itemization of expenses on the site or in the personal cabinet of your operator, and carefully trace the activity of applications, comparing it with your actions.
  • Gadget’s independence. Unexpected phone reboots, opening or closing applications, scrolling the screen without your touch, slowing down, warning about system errors. all these indicate the presence of malicious and hidden application, which among other things clogs the RAM, not allowing the gadget to work properly
  • Heavy battery drain. If the battery suddenly began to run out much faster, 2-3 times faster than usual, and your actions have not changed much, you need to immediately look for an extraneous application.
  • Phone overheating. The device has become hotter, and most suspiciously, gets hotter while in standby mode. a sure sign that there is spyware on it.
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If you found at least one of the above-listed factors, it is worth checking your device more detailed and purposeful, and then try to remove bugging from your gadget.

Is it possible to bug your cell phone via SIM card?

Besides bugging via a remote connection, bugs can be used with the SIM card, or copying data from it, and there are offers to buy a ready-made SIM card for bugging via it. Of course, not even special services can wiretap all cellular numbers.

You can discover the secret monitoring by dialing a special code on your phone. #21#. with this number you can find out who secretly connected your phone to geolocation. It’s simple. the display will show the numbers, which immediately receives all the data about your movements.

iPhone 11 Pro keeps track of the owner all the same

In the spring of 2021 the newest model of iPhone at the moment, the iPhone SE, was released. This smartphone is considered a budget and not so powerful, so many Apple fans prefer the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Except we shouldn’t trust these beauties, it seems. Back in December 2021, IT security expert Brian Krebs discovered that the iPhone 11 Pro was collecting data on the geolocation of its owner in real time. And it does this even when the location feature is turned off.

Krebs noticed an arrow icon on the display of his new phone, which symbolizes the geolocation data it collects on iOS. At the same time, the specialist himself has disabled the collection of this information in his settings.

The man thought that this was some kind of mistake, and appealed to the press service of Apple for an explanation. But it was explained to him that this is the way it’s supposed to be:

The Location Services icon appears in the status bar when Location Services is enabled. The icon shows that there are system services for which data collection cannot be disabled.

Apparently, some iPhone models, including iPhone 11 Pro, include services for which geolocation data collection simply cannot be disabled. In privacy policy this nuance is not reflected in any way.

Secret codes for your phone

To activate any of the codes below, you must dial it on your smartphone and press “Call” button.

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If the phone is bugged, this combination of numbers and characters will help you to figure it out. The code will define whether call forwarding is enabled on your smartphone, i.e. whether it is possible to forward your calls or SMS to a third party.

Where exactly the phone tapping is directed, to which number incoming calls are forwarded, you can find out with this combination. it works if your smartphone is out of range or turned off.

To cancel any call forwarding, enter this code. now you won’t be bothered by phone tapping.

If some services on your smartphone were blocked, for example calls, SMS and other data, you may not even be aware of it. This combination of numbers and symbols will help you to get information about it.

With this code you can find out the IMEI number of your smartphone. It will be able to protect your smartphone in case of theft or loss, because it allows you to remotely lock your mobile device so that it cannot be used by any intruder, even if you change the SIM card.

What is IMEI and how does knowing the index help your iPhone

Information on number identification on incoming call will be available by entering this code.


All information about your own SIM-card can help you learn a special number, which is also called the “James Bond menu. Works only for iPhone phone.

The 5 signs that your phone is bugged, learn from this

Surveillance on the internet: truth or myth?

How to remove wiretapping from your phone with antivirus

If intruders were able to remotely put spyware on your gadget, you can remove it with an antivirus program. Since this program harms the phone and is not licensed, officially allowed for installation from the application store (Play Market or AppStore), its activity will be subtracted by a good antivirus.

It is recommended to install any applications, antivirus including, only from official sites, so as not to cause more harm. For this purpose, any program designed to find and disarm malware will do. The main condition is that it must be compatible with the model of your phone and installed operating system version.

Having installed the program, set not automatic removal of suspicious files, but manual processing and run a full scan. This way you will not lose important files that the program may consider unreliable. Usually it takes quite a long time to perform a full scan. At the end of the check do not forget to select actions for found suspicious objects.

How to protect yourself from wiretaps, surveillance, and interception of personal information

In this modern age, too many tools are used to control the average citizen. Terrorist threats, shaky government and monitoring of asocial elements leads to the fact that almost everyone is bugged. Or everyone. Or more than all. Be that as it may, communication is no longer personal. If the intelligence services are not interested in you, the identity of a more dubious nature will definitely be happy with personal correspondence. It is possible, even if it is difficult, to protect yourself from all this. We can help you with that.

Let’s start with the most radical step: changing the standard of communication. Most modern cell phones work on the GSM standard, intercepting which is not a problem if you know how to do it. But there is also the CDMA standard. It’s already many years old, phones that work with it cost on average one and a half times more expensive, and they are almost always ordinary dialers, sometimes even without J2ME. But the reliability of the standard is proven by the fact that knowledgeable people, businessmen and those for whom security is more important than bragging rights, consistently support it financially. Here’s a simple change from a smartphone to a regular phone. Less radical, less convenient, but you will protect yourself from the viruses, which can intercept the SMS.

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Next is a check for the presence of wiretapping itself. If you have a smartphone, the signs that your conversations are not confidential, are the following: the battery dies very quickly, even if you do nothing, during the conversation in the tube you can hear other people’s voices, the smartphone is very hot, when you bring it to the included speakers you hear a background sound. These signs are not one hundred percent reliable, but if you have noticed them, then you already have reason to worry a little.

Since you can’t avoid wiretapping via mobile networks, you can try, all of a sudden, the Internet. Skype and the like, ideally, can protect your confidential conversations, because the data is transmitted a little differently than in a simple conversation. However, the World Wide Web has its dangers.

How to disconnect wiretapping and call forwarding on mobile?

Code #62#. the command allowing to know the number, to which call forwarding of incoming calls is made, if the cell phone is switched off or is out of the network coverage area; Code ##002#. by means of this set you can switch off the call forwarding.

Simply put, it’s bugged! We enter on a phone a code. ♯ 21♯ and press call. After that, the following window will pop up, which will show whether your data (calls, SMS, etc.) are being forwarded.

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How to disable

Let’s start with the phone. To disable wiretapping it is useless to change SIM-cards, as a unique phone number (IMEI) is always placed on the control. The forwarding function is responsible for transmitting data to special services. If it is on, you are bugged.

You can verify this by calling # 21#. After that, a window will appear, which will show whether forwarding is enabled on the phone. To disable this tapping, enter the code # 002# and press “call. No one is following you now, but it may not be for long.

Speaking of geolocation, you can only counteract this method of tracking by turning off your phone. Carrying spare smartphones with you is useless, as geolocation data shows that there are always 2-3 others next to your “main” number. After that, they can also be tapped.

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