How to turn off the touchpad on the Sony Wio laptop

How to turn off a touchpad on a laptop using hot keys or settings

Today, a person who is quite versed in computers, asked me about how to turn off the touchpad on his laptop, as he interferes when working. I suggested, and then looked how many are interested in this issue on the Internet. And, as it turned out, there are many, and therefore it makes sense to write in detail about it.

In the instructions in stages, I will first tell you about how to turn off the touchpad of the laptop using the keyboard, set the driver, as well as in the device dispatcher or Windows mobility center. And then I will go separately for each popular laptop brand.

Below in the manual you will find the key combinations and other methods for laptops of the following brands (but first I recommend reading the first part, which is suitable for almost all cases):

Shutdown using functional keys

Manufacturer Keyboard shortcut
HP Separate button, double click on the touch panel itself
Asus FN F9 or FN F7
Lenovo FN F8, FN F5 or just F6
Dell FN F5 or FN F7 less often FN F3
Acer FN F7
Samsung FN f or fn f5
Sony (VAIO) FN F1, VAIO Control Center
Toshiba FN F5

Now in all models of laptops, there is a functional key “fn”. It is specially created to expand the possibilities for setting up and managing a laptop. To do this, press FN some other button.

In our case, to disable TouchPad, the FN F9 combination is most often used, but many manufacturers also use other keys from F1 to F10. Very often, a symbol of touchpad with a crossed touch panel is applied to such a key.

Recently, I see laptops more and more often, where the F6 key has been involved in the touch panel.

Touchpad parameters

If the previous method is ineffective, then it seems likely to turn off the touchpad through the parameters of the Windows indicating devices or the proprietary utility of the manufacturer.

    Open the “Start” and call the “control panel”.

In addition to systems, many manufacturers practice managing the touch panel through the branded software like ASUS Smart Gesture.

  • Find the program icon in the system tray and click on it to call the main window.
  • Open the “Mouse Detection” settings section and turn off the “Detection of the touch panel”. To save changes, use the “apply” and “ok” buttons.
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The procedure for using such programs from other vendors practically does not differ.

Forever physically turn off the touchpad on the laptop

The last way to turn off the sensory device, which should be indicated, will be the physical disconnection of the sensor contacts from the connector on the motherboard. Often there is no need to resort to this method, but when the above methods did not help, then you should use this.

  • 100%efficiency. The sensory device will not function in the usual or safe modes. Of course, the shutdown will affect all accounts.
  • Can be used with limited user rights.
  • Turn off the sensor in this way is possible regardless of the installed operating system.

Naturally, the method has its disadvantages. Disadvantages of physical shutdown of the touchpad:

  • High labor intensity of the method. It is necessary to disconnect the keyboard of the leptop or disassemble it.
  • If the sensor is reused, you need to remove the keyboard again or disassemble the computer.

In order to turn off the touchpad on the laptop forever, you need to find out its position inside the Leptope. It is optimal to do this in advance to avoid unnecessary manipulations. It is possible to consider the design of the leptop on forums among various manuals.

Important! In most models, access to the train connector can be obtained by disconnecting the keyboard. To do this, you need to move the restraints to the monitor in the upper part of the keyboard and carefully clarify it. You should turn off the laptop and charger in advance.

Когда появляются сложности с демонтажом, то также полезным будет открыть мануалы по разборке ноутбука конкретной модели.

2 of the main types of train connectors is known:

The castle of the connector opens and the train is removed directly.

Important! The released holl Connector must be isolated. In order not to stain it with glue from island, for these purposes it is recommended to use, for example, a small fragment of a heat.Shaped tube.

How to disable touchpad on laptops

The train is laid in the previous state, the connector is not inserted into the nest, the keyboard is put in place.

Many laptop owners and those who periodically work with portable PC are faced with the problem of using a sensory device. Some people completely abandon the standard computer mouse, others use the touchpad only in extreme situations, and someone does not use such equipment at all, finding it completely uncomfortable. It is sometimes difficult for most laptop users to fully turn off the touchpad. This article examined the most effective ways to turn off the touchpad on a laptop.

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Turn off by applying the control panel

Through this panel you can also disable the TouchPAD laptop. Now on most of the desktop computers, the Synaptics sensor has been installed. Therefore, in many brands we will turn off the touchpad according to a single scenario:

  • Launch the “control panel” by simply entering this name into the search line of the computer;
  • Then, click on the element that appeared and in the window that opens, we will change the “category” command to “large icons”;
  • Next, we are looking for a label called the “mouse”, click on it;

Let’s note that this option works when the PC has drivers of the company that produced a laptop. If this method does not work to turn off the touchpad, then we will find a different option.

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Control panel and bios

Through the control panel, you can not only turn off the touch mouse on the laptop, but also change its settings.

To do this, you need to follow the menu “Start”, “control panel”, “mouse”, “equipment”. In the “Equipment” tab, there are usually 2 devices. A touch and a mouse, if at the moment the external gadget is connected.

Double click on Pointing Device will open access to the setting of the laptop touchbar. In the window that appears, you can configure the touch of the touchpad, if you turn on the mouse on the laptop.

To do this, you need to on the window next to the point “Disconnect the internal indicating device when connecting the external”, draw a cursor and put a check.

You can independently integrate the function into the tab, if it is not in the properties.

To do this, you need to download and install the driver with the name Synaptics Touchpad Driver 17.0.19, which is located on the official Synaptics website.

turn, touchpad, sony, laptop

The ability to turn off the touch mouse on the laptop when connecting the external device will appear after installing the driver and rebooting the computer.

However, some Lenovo models do not support the function even when updating the drivers and you just need to guess why.

If the Synaptics driver is absent, it is possible to turn off the touchpad using the device manager. Depending on the computer model and the version of Windows installed on it, the touch mouse can be called as you like.

To block the touchpad follows:

turn, touchpad, sony, laptop
  • Use a combination of Win R to call the window “perform”. In the “Open” line you need to write DEVMGMT. MSC and click OK.
  • In a neglected dispatcher to find a touchpad.
  • After detecting the touch control panel, click on it and select the “Disable” item in the window that appears.

The touchpad will be difficult to detect if several USB input USB devices are connected.

To find it, perhaps, you will have to turn off all available devices and try to interact with the sensory control panel.

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You can turn off the touchpad using BIOS. When downloading a computer, press one of the keys of the range F 1- F 12. On the screen you need to find the Advanced tab, then. The Internet pointing device and change its activity to Disabled. Entrance to BIOS can also be carried out using long.Term clicks F 2 or Del. To enable the touch panel, opposite the point that is responsible for it, you need to put Anabled. Button F 10 saves created changes.

How to enable the touch panel on the Sony VAIO laptop?

The touch panel is turned on, off is turned off by a combination of FN F1 keys or at the VAIO Control Center.

turn, touchpad, sony, laptop
  • Click on the keyboard a combination of Winr or run the “Perform” menu window through the “Start” menu.
  • Follow the Devmgmt command
  • Expand the section “Mice and other indicating devices” or “devices-hid” and find a touchpad
  • Click on the touch panel with the right button and select “Disconnect”.

Shutdown through the Synaptics panel

Synaptics touch panel is built into most laptops. By entering its settings, you can deactivate the touchpad or set it automatic blocking when connecting the mouse.

  • For a conventional shutdown, open the “start”, and then the “control panel”. Double.Click at the “mouse” item, select the “device parameters” and click “disconnect”;
  • To automatically block after connecting the mouse in the “Parameters of the device”, put the “bird” at the point “Disconnect when connecting an external device”.

HOW TO DISABLE OR ENABLE TOUCHPAD LAPTOP | on off touchpad on laptop

Using an extraneous subject

This method refers to very exotic, but also has a certain number of supporters. Therefore, he deserves consideration in this article. It can be applied only if all the actions described in previous sections were unsuccessful by success.

This method consists in the fact that the touchpad is simply closed from above by any flat item suitable in size. It can be an old bank card, a calendar, or something similar. Such an item will serve as a kind of screen. So that the screen does not fade, they grab it with tape on top. That’s all.

These are the ways to turn off the touchpad on the laptop. There are quite a lot of them so that in any case the user is able to successfully solve this problem. It remains only to choose the most suitable for yourself.

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