How to turn off the flash on the iPhone when notifications

How to turn on the flash when calling on the iPhone?

Unlike other models, the iPhone does not have a default special notification indicator with incoming calls and notifications. Instead, ordinary vibrations are provided here. However, the iPhone has a flash function that can be used to notify the incoming calls, messages and other notifications entering your device. In this article we will tell you how to turn on the flash when calling on the iPhone.

If this function is enabled, when the call or message is received on the iPhone, the LED begins to flash repeatedly, which is very convenient with a silent mode established. This is a good addition to ordinary vibrations that already have a system.

LED warnings in the form of an outbreak on the iPhone are a convenient function that is not known to all users. We offer to familiarize yourself with how to turn on the flash when calling the iPhone 5, 6, 7, 8, X and other versions.

Flash when calling android: how to enable

In Android smartphones of different companies, it often differs from each other in the presence of installed programs, various functions, capabilities. How to make a flash flash on Android when calling?

The light notice when calling on Android is installed automatically by the company, if it is absent, then additional download in the Play markete will be required. In most phones, the light indicator on the incoming can be installed.

To do this, you need to go through the following points (Samsung):

  • Open the “Settings” menu. Select from the list “Special Opportunities”, subparagraph “Hearing”.
  • Click on the “Notification by Flash” and transfer the toggle switch to the option “Flash”.

To install blinking on the Hiaomi model, you need to do the following:

  • Open the “Settings” menu, find the item “Extended settings”.
  • Select “Light indicator”.
  • Turn on the light indicator, if desired, change the color to notifications, calls and messages.
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Note! The flash button is in the settings. In the absence of such an option, you can set a notification with a flash of ANDRID by downloading a special application in the Play Market.

How to put a flash on a call to the iPhone

Open the iPhone settings and go to the “Basic” section. If you want to turn on the flash on the iPhone, then the first thing you need to do is go to the settings and go to the “Basic” section.

Go to the “Universal Access” section and turn on the LED flash for warning. After you went to the “Basic” section, open the universal access subsection and put the LED reserve switch to warnings in the Planning Planning. This function will be in the “Hearing” settings block.

Disconnect the flash on Android

Finding a flash on Android was a little harder. By default, there is no such function at all, most often it is found in Samsung models and versions of the Android 8 and below system. To turn off the flash:

  • We go into the “Settings” of a smartphone.
  • Sweet to the point “Special opportunities”.
  • There is a point “rumor”, go there.
  • Translate the “Notification with the Flash” switch to inactive position.

Life. If you find it difficult to find any of the points in the smartphone, use the search for the settings in the top panel. Enter the word “flash” and see all the settings with this word.

Flash when calling on the iPhone for a quiet mode

Some are interested in how to put a flash on a call in the iPhone for a quiet mode. To do this, you must have an iPhone, the version of which will be at least 5.

Note! In the iPhone 4 S, such an option is absent. On this device, you can simply enable a light notice that will work both in normal mode and in soundless.

So, in order to enable the light indicator in soundless mode on the iPhone, you must go into the settings, then to the “main”, then go to “universal access”. Next, you need to find the “Hearing” tab, on which to find and click on the option “Fleet of warnings”.

After all the actions performed, the user will see a window in which there will be two functions. In order for notifications to be accompanied by light flashing in any mode, it is necessary to put the flag near each option. If the user is interested in the presence of an flash only with the sound mode on, then he puts the flag only near the first function. If he needs to make the flashing machine work only in sound.Free mode, then he needs to turn on the second function. “outbreak in silent mode”.

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How to turn on flash for alerts IPhone X (10), 8 /8 plus, 7 / 7 Plus, 6S / 6S Plus, iPhone SE, 6/6

How to enable the LED indicator on the iPhone

With iOS 13, Apple has a little corrected the Accessible settings. For diversity, now he has a separate section, and he is no longer part of the general category. Given how convenient this function is, it is a long.Awaited step.

Moving also shuffled the place of LED flash. And that is why I thought that many Apple customers can be slightly puzzled by the process of turning on the LED notifications on the iPhone.

Launch the application settings on your device and select accessibility,

Under the Audio section, click on the audio / visual option,

In the Visual section, turn on the switch that is located next to the LED flash for notification. Next, another switch will appear “Flash without sound”. If you need a visual indicator of notifications, even when your iPhone is silent, be sure to leave this switch on.

In the future, you will receive visual notifications on your iPhone. Later, if you someday you want to turn off the notification of the flashlight, all you need to do is return to the same settings, and then turn off the switching of the LED flash at the end.

How to make a flash when calling on iPhone

On old operating systems before iOS 13

  • Open the settings application.
  • Now choose a universal access section.
  • Scroll down to the hearing section.
  • Select a warning flash item.
  • Here you can set a flash when calling on the iPhone. It can only work in sound.Free mode or always.

Iphone 6S. How to turn flash notification on / off

As soon as you turn on the flash when calling on the iPhone, you can turn it on in sound mode. The flashlight when calling on the iPhone only works when the device is blocked. If it is not blocked, the home screen is active or any application works, with an incoming call, the flash will not light up-the notification of the call will be seen on the screen itself. This is established by the manufacturer for a reason; Thus saves battery charge.

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We were convinced that the answer to the question of how to put an outbreak on the iPhone at a call is quite simple. This is carried out in a couple of slippers. Salm actions add the third type of alert to the vibration ground and melodies. Visual.

Flying out flash at the call when the iPhone calls

However, at first, a little hunting to talk about this function and how exactly it works. This is quite fundamental information before implementing at least what function.

Everyone is known that Apple is quite serious about people with health restrictions. Therefore, the iPhone has a lot of functions that help in work with this device.

Some of them is precisely the function that allows you to enable the outbreak. She begins to blink with an incoming call or at any notice.

It is also possible to put it inactive when you put your own iPhone on soundless mode. What remains to make our client is quite seriously.

Today, ordinary people also use it. After all, you can come up with enough situations when this function is very necessary.

For example, if you left the phone at the end of the room, then you can react more frustrated to the call. Also when listening to music at very high volume or in headphones on another device.

How to disable a flash for notifications in the iPhone

To return the standard type of notification and abandon their visual version, you need to take the same steps that are described in the chapter “How to include a flash when notifications in the iPhone?”, But at the last stage do not turn on the toggle switch, but rather turn it off. In this case, all notifications settings will return to the previous look.

  • We go into the system settings (an application with a gear on the icon).
  • If you have iOS 13 or a newer version, you need to click on a blue icon with the inscription “Universal Access”. If you use an earlier version of the system, then you need to find a similar section in the submarine “Basic”.
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