How to turn off the dark theme on Android

Found a secret way to enable the dark theme in all apps

In recent years, the dark theme has gained popularity among smartphone users, due to the fact that it greatly facilitates navigation in the phone in the dark, reducing the burden on the eyesight, as well as helping to partially reduce the impact of harmful blue Spectra on the eyes, and increase the time of the phone in power-saving mode. We will tell you how to activate it in this article.

In Android devices there is a universal way to activate the dark mode for the entire interface, which will allow you to use dark tones even in those applications that do not support them by default. This method can be especially useful for those who do not want to go into the settings of individual applications and want to activate the dark theme on the entire device at once.

You can turn it on using the Developer menu, which is hidden in the system settings. We told you more about how to activate it in the article “How to speed up any Android phone using a secret setting”.

Once you’ve gone to the developer menu, find the “Hardware rendering acceleration” item here and activate “Forced night mode” using the switch.

Then go back to the settings of the phone, select “Display” and click on the switch next to the “Dimming mode.

After that, the night mode is activated even in those applications that did not support it before.

Advantages of Dark Mode on your phone

Dark Mode on a mobile device has a number of advantages over the normal (default) design theme of your smartphone or tablet.

The peculiarities of using this design theme:

  • The dark background takes unnecessary stress off the user’s eyes, preserving vision, especially it is important in the evening and at night.
  • The black background better distinguishes the text in the phone settings and in installed applications.
  • If you use the dark mode, the consumption of battery power is reduced, as a result the charge is saved, the device is discharged more slowly.
  • On many phones, the dark background will be more contrast than in the default design theme.

Given these circumstances, the question of how to make a dark theme in your Android phone naturally arises. Unfortunately, in most cases, simply to solve this problem will not work.

Starting with the Android 10 operating system, it is now possible to activate the dark mode in the phone settings. In previous versions of Android, partial activation is possible after changing some settings on the mobile device or with the help of third-party apps that can display the black mode on the phone.

When preparing this article, we used two phones running a “clean” version of the operating system: Android 10 and Android 9. In several instructions, we will try to solve the problem of a dark design theme in different ways.

Many users have devices with add-ons (shells) over the system: MIUI, EMUI, OxygenOS, Flyme, NubiaUI, etc. д. Third-party shells change system settings, add their own, or disable default. So your device may have different settings items because some system options may be in the wrong place at the whim of a particular phone manufacturer.

How to make a dark theme in the settings

The main method that allows you to activate a special mode on a smartphone running the Android operating system. Enabling the function is performed through the settings of the device, so the owner of the device does not have to install third-party software.

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After confirming the changes, the user can turn the white color on the screen into black. At the output the owner of the device will receive a stylish interface, which in terms of AMOLED matrix will have a positive impact on energy consumption.


If you use a smartphone not on the classic Android, but on the shell from the manufacturer, then the names of the menu items may be different. However, it will not be difficult to find the button to turn on the theme anyway.

Please note that this activation method is only available on the latest versions of Android (9, 10, 11 and later). Owners of older smartphones will have to turn to third-party software.

How to make a dark theme with third-party software

If setting a “gloomy” screen tint with the above method failed, you can resort to the help of third-party apps. Many applications available for download on Google Play can help you implement the missing function. This option is considered universal and is suitable for any version of the Android OS. This software is completely free and the feedback from subscribers shows that it works properly on any device.

Lack of free time during working hours makes many users often stay up late at night with their smartphones, or even in the dark. Unfortunately, even the most sensitive sensors can not react instantly to changes in lighting, so in normal mode displays continue to shine too brightly. Popular apps used by most mobile device owners help to solve this problem. In some to activate the desired mode is enough for one movement, in others you will have to delve into the settings.

On Instagram

In this application, the dark theme is not yet an official version of the color scheme. Therefore, to change the standard design to black you need to download additional plugins or applications. The only utility in this format at the moment is the third-party Dark Mode Theme for Instagram, which is an analogue of the official application.

To use the third-party program you need to:

  • go to Google Play and find the software;
  • Install the add-on on your smartphone;
  • in the opened window click “Accept”, agreeing with the privacy policy;
  • Authorize using the data of your own account.

The program “Dark Mode for Instagram” will open a tab in the browser version, which includes posting Stories and publications, correspondence in Direct. The changes will only affect the interface, icons, photos and videos will remain the same as in the standard version.

On WhatsApp

Any beginner will be able to install a dark theme in the popular messenger. You don’t need to download an additional plugin or software to do this. All that is required from the user is to launch the mobile application and perform several manipulations.

  • Call the “Menu” by clicking on the three vertical dots located in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • In the list that opens, select “Settings”.
  • Go to the “Chats” section.
  • Select the “Wallpaper” tab.
  • From offered options select “Solid color” and choose the black shade.

Once the process is complete, only the general background will become “dark”. The appearance of the chat will remain unchanged. Developers have been working on Dark Mode in WhatsApp since September 2018. Now the beta version of Android Q has already been released, where a native night mode is implemented. In the near future they promise to add it to all Android devices.

On YouTube

Night Mode was one of the first to appear in the app and has been successfully tested. To install it on your device you need:

  • launch YouTube;
  • click on the account icon in the upper corner on the right;
  • Select “Settings” in the list that appears;
  • go to the “General” section;
  • find the “Night mode” option and activate it by moving the slider to the right.
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After the end of the process, restart the program to adjust the work of the application in the new mode. According to user reviews, it functions normally without crashes and freezes.

In Yandex Browser

The default “night mode” in Yandex Browser for PC and Android is already provided by the developers, so it’s easy to activate. To do this, you must perform several simple actions.

  • Open the menu (three horizontal bars or dots at the top right) and enter the section “Settings”.
  • Through the left panel go to the tab “Intease”. In the window that appears, click on the icon “Dark Theme”.
  • The user is offered many different options, among which there are combined.
  • If you click on each of them, you can see the changes and choose the best option.

Once the chosen mode is activated, you’ll see the tab bar, the browser header, and the dropdown menu as dark.

In Google Chrome

The black theme for the Chrome browser is experimental, so you can check it only by following a few simple steps. Here is a detailed guide for those who prefer darker colors to light colors.

  • Click on the Chrome browser icon on your smartphone.
  • Type chrome://flags in the address bar, and proceed to the experimental settings page.
  • Type “dark” in the search box, and two options will become available: “Android web contents dark mode” and “Android Chrome UI dark mode.
  • To activate any of them, click the “Default” button and switch to the “Enabled” mode.
  • When the “Relaunch Now” button appears, you need to click on it for the changes to take effect.

To switch to a dark Chrome mode, you should go to “Settings” (three dots at the top right), where you select the item “Themes”. Here you need to activate the “Dark” option.

The necessary function, until recently, in the application was absent, and users resorted to installing third-party utilities, seeking to set a dark background. Now after the appearance of the corresponding functionality, the problem is easily solved. The user has only:

  • log in to your social networking page;
  • Click on the three dots at the top right, bringing up the menu bar;
  • Under “Settings” select “Appearance”;
  • On the screen that appears, click on the line “Theme design”;

How to make a light theme on Samsung?

To get to them, you need to open the Settings app and go to the “Display” section. By clicking on the toggle switch “Dimming mode”, you can turn on a black theme, and by clicking on the name of the item. go to additional options.

To activate the nighttime theme, you should launch Settings, and then go to Advanced, where you should select “Special Features”. At the bottom of this section, activate the toggle switch next to “Color Inversion,” which will make your entire Android screen darker.

How to remove dimming mode?

Tap “Universal Access” VoiceOver “Darken Screen. The option activates screen darkening when you turn on VoiceOver. To turn off the screen darkening, repeat these steps.

  • Open the Google Docs, Spreadsheets, or Presentations app on your Android phone or tablet.
  • Tap the menu icon in the upper-left corner of the screen.
  • Select.
  • Press Select Theme.
  • Set the theme to Dark, Light, or Default.

How to choose a new theme for your phone

Any Android has its own installed theme, which can remain unchanged for a long time. When the user has decided to change the design, install a new theme, if it should be remembered that the installation must follow certain rules:

  • The user must be sure that the installation of the new design takes place on a “clean” phone, that is, no additional utilities should be installed;
  • It is also necessary to fully check your device for viruses;
  • It is worth choosing a design that will exactly match the version of the phone.

It is also worth looking at the fact that in general the user likes the design that he chose. If the design is not to his liking, then it will be of no use.

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It is worth choosing the method by which to install the new theme on the phone. You can use both special applications on Play Market and special sources. Some people take risks and install the theme through other sources. You should not do this, because such actions can lead to viruses.

In general, this is all that you need to know when choosing a theme. It is necessary to be guided by the version of Android, design characteristics, as well as the fact that the user in general likes what he installs on the device.

How to make a light theme on Samsung?

To access them, you need to open the “Settings” application and go to the “Display” section. By clicking on the toggle switch “Dimming mode” you can turn on the black theme, and by clicking on the name of the item you can go to additional options.

  • Go to your phone settings by tapping on the appropriate icon.
  • Scroll down the menu until you see the “Display” section, then tap on it.
  • Navigate to “Night Mode” and then tap the switch on the right side to turn it on.

The hidden setting on all Android smartphones allows you to turn on the dark design theme

The owners of smartphones based on the Android and iOS operating systems have long been waiting for Google and Apple deign to add to the operating system a dark design theme, which would allow comfortably use the mobile device in the evening and at night. In fact, all Android smartphones already have a hidden setting that allows for a dark design theme, it’s just that many people don’t even know about it.

A dark theme is useful because it significantly reduces the strain on the eyes at night and in the evening, when there are no light sources in the room or on the street. If you read black text on a bright white screen for a long time, your eyes will begin to feel the heavy load, which can subsequently lead to vision problems. To avoid this, you should use a dark design theme that makes the background black and the font white.

It is very easy to turn on the dark design theme on all Android smartphones with just a few simple steps. To use such a color scheme is possible absolutely on all mobile devices and tablets running the operating system Android 5.0 Lollipop and newer. Google notes that this can lead to a large reduction in speed (in the range of 5%).

To activate the night theme, launch Settings, and then go to the Advanced section, where you should select the “Special Features” item. At the very bottom of this section you should activate the rocker switch opposite “Color inversion”, as a result of which the whole interface of the Android operating system will become dark. Most of the elements will look like it was designed for this kind of display, but there are some disadvantages.

The main disadvantage is that all the icons and images will also be displayed with a color inversion, that is, they will look very unusual for the human eye. However, the dark design theme on Android can be turned on every time you plan to use your mobile device for a long time in the evening and at night. We want to believe that in the future Google will add to the Android operating system a full-fledged and native night mode, which will allow you to use smartphones and tablets with more comfort.

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