How to turn off subtitles on your LG TV

Hidden captions/subtitles for TV shows, movies and apps

You have a new Sony Smart TV? Great, you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite videos on a crisp, crystal-clear Ultra-HD screen. And best of all, there are plenty of settings to customize video playback on your Sony TV.

This article is about turning the subtitles on and off to get subtitles for your videos. Sony made it super easy to turn on/off CC. But if you just press the CC button on the remote, the subtitles may not play. That’s why it’s worth taking a closer look at all the available options and menus.

Audio Guide

LG Smart TV also has an “Audio Guide” option. It helps people with vision problems by providing on-screen menu descriptions. To enable or disable this:

  • Press “Home.”.
  • Go to the TV settings.
  • Go to the “Availability” section.
  • Select “Audio Guide.”.
  • Turn on audio so you can make changes.
  • Once enabled, the sound menu makes its settings available. Here you can set the pitch, speed and volume of the voice.

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How to disable subtitles on Samsung

To disable subtitles on your Samsung TV we recommend to follow the following algorithm.

  • Using the remote control (the “Menu” button) to open the control window on the screen.
  • Go to the System menu. The transitions are made with the buttons on the remote control marked with the arrow symbols of the corresponding direction.
  • In the submenu to open the corresponding option and set the trigger to “OFF.

How to turn off subtitles on your Samsung

If the TV remote control has a specialized key “Subtitle”, then using it is even easier to remove the subtitles. Simply press this button to activate/deactivate the display of text information.

How to turn on subtitles on your TV?

Select “Watching TV” and press the “Enter” button. Press the “Down Arrow” to select the menu “Preferences (Channels)” and press the “Enter” button. Select “Subtitle setting” and press “Enter” button.

Run the “gMKVExtractGUI.Add MKV video file from which you want to extract subtitles, in the “Input Files” field of the window. The program will scan the video file and in the same field will display a list of tracks it contains. Subtitles in the list will be marked with the word “subtitles“.

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How to disable subtitles on LG TV ~ KOMP-REVIEW.RU

Subtitles on TV is the text that goes below the TV screen in the original language or in translation, and dubbing as it is called complements what happens in cinematography.

The text is displayed on the screen momentarily watching a movie, TV show, etc. This, such a feature is very comfortable, especially if the viewer has a problem with hearing (television for the deaf).

Alas, sometimes it is necessary to disable subtitles. How to adjust the TV and disable subtitles on TV electronics LG or other models and brands?

Countless options on modern TVs are rarely understandable to anyone. If there is a need to disable subtitles on televisions with teletext for programs with closed captioning, it can not be done immediately. The process of turning off the subtitles in the various models of LG multifunction TVs to distinguish. Despite the model of TV, subtitles can be controlled with the remote control, and not just turn them on or take them away.

Turn off subtitles in the course of a movie is easy. To do this, press the button in the center of the screen, busy this is an arrow, then opens where “show additional controls”. Only here and find the disabling of subtitles.

disable the text from the bottom of the screen does not work (subtitles are in every movie and unrealistic and in the settings do not come out to find the method of turning off), it says that the software or outdated, otherwise it is affected by a virus.

Here will help professionals only service center. Without the help of others to remove the problem on televisions with teletext to receive programs with closed captions is impossible, if you do not have the knowledge to do so.

On the remote control of some models of older TVs are special button “subtitle” or another “sub-t”. Using this button is only to turn on or off subtitles, but manage them so that the picture on LG TV was better, there is no possibility in such a wide range, as in modern TV.

How to remove subtitles from the movie and change their language

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If you want to disable subtitles, the owners of TV Samsung should take a closer look at the remote control to it. If it has a button “subtitle” to do this will not be difficult. On the contrary of such a button on the remote does not exist, then you should use other options to solve the problem.

On the remote control to press the “Menu” button and select the tab “System”, then go to the “Subtitles”, where and select the option to turn off the subtitles. The manufacturer himself outlines the method of turning off the subtitles on Samsung TV.

If the pass, when after the manipulation to disable subtitles did not work, you will need to contact the service center or call the master to repair the TV at the apartment.

If you can not remove the subtitles from the video, which is viewed through the options in the TV, then you need to process the video files themselves. Our client is left with the fact that the recording itself, in the format that plays back, includes subtitles.

To remove the subtitles can be a method of downloading and installing on your computer, a special application MKVToolNix. Thanks to this program there is an option to edit and convert video in MKV format, which supports some modern devices.

If the application is installed, you need to run mkvmerge GUI, and look for the subtitles working in one of the formats. often than others are found subtitle format SubRip (.srt), which need to be extracted.

There are situations when the user of the TV need to connect subtitles, in order to view video with text at the bottom of the screen.

LG Smart TV, installing the application.

As said before it’s hard to do in today’s multifunctional TV’s. What to activate the subtitles, exactly as for their disconnection, should be the remote control to the TV.

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How to enable Captioning on your Samsung TV?

On your TV remote control, find the icon button with the stylized screen with three or four lines of text on it. If you press it once, the TV will go into teletext mode with the characters superimposed on the black background.

How to turn on and set the subtitles

Most TV-panels of different models, including Philips TV, have a “Subtitle” mode. There is a button with the same name on the remote control to activate the option, but it can also be called by other names. You should check the documentation for your specific TV model.

The mentioned “Subtitle” mode allows you to enable, disable or set to automatic application mode for content broadcast in a foreign language. Here you can also set up the main and additional text display languages.

Smart TV through the menu “Show advanced controls” allows you to configure the text information not only in terms of selecting your preferred languages. Settings such as text color and character size, layout, encoding and other settings are available.

How to set up teletext on your TV?

Find the icon button on your TV remote control that has a stylized screen with three or four lines of text on it. If you click on it once, the TV will go into teletext mode with the characters superimposed on the black background.

  • Open the drive page on your
  • Select the desired video.
  • Click on the icon with three dots Manage subtitled tracks.
  • Select the subtitle track.
  • Click Edit.
  • You can change the name and language of the track, as well as enable or disable it for the video.
  • Click Save.
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