How to Turn Off Sound On Iphone 5s 16gb

How to enable / disable the sound of the keyboard on iPhone 3, 3GS, 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 5C, 6, 6S, 6 PLUS, 6S PLUS, SE, 7, 7 PLUS

Today we’ll talk about a piece of the iPhone that you use every day. this is its keyboard. Sometimes clicks of keys are fun to listen to, but when they get bored, you just want to turn them off.

Some time passes and it’s a little boring to type text without sounds, I already want to return and turn on the sound of the keys.

Today we’ll talk about these things and all the main aspects that can affect the sound when typing on your favorite iPhone.

How to enable / disable the sound of keys on an iPhone

As with any other phone, such an opportunity is present in the iPhone and many actively use it. After all, someone clicks into a buzz, but sometimes they annoy many.

To turn off the sound of keys when typing or numbering, there are two options:

  • If you want to turn off these signals on an ongoing basis, then go to Settings. sheets per item Sounds. scroll to the very bottom and see the item Keyboard clicks.If the slider is lit in green, then the sounds are active, otherwise they will be absent.
  • This option is suitable if you want to temporarily get rid of these signals. We just activate silent mode on your phone. This switch is located on the left side from the top, starting from the first iPhones. True disadvantage of this method is the disconnection of absolutely all other signals.

We choose the method that is more convenient for you and use it. Typically, the settings in Apple’s technology are very limited and so far there are only such options.

How to adjust keyboard / key volume on iPhone

If you switch to sounds, you will not find anything that will help you adjust the volume when typing any text on your smartphone. Unfortunately or fortunately there is only one way, when you adjust the overall volume of the phone, the volume of your keys also changes.

On the one hand, this is quite convenient, because you do not need to look for anything in the settings. On the other hand, sometimes I want to set a certain level and use it.

How to change the sound of the keyboard on an iPhone

Now talk about whether you can even change the standard key sound to any other. The question is interesting enough, so let’s figure it out. If you do not like to use such a thing as Jailbreak, then nothing. In the latest iOS 10, Apple changed the standard sound to a new one, but you can’t do it yourself.

How to Turn Off Sound On Iphone 5s 16gb

If you put Jailbreak on your iPhone, then many possibilities will open up for you, including replacing key sounds. There is already at your discretion.


Apple always dictates the rules and users of the technology of this technology have long been accustomed to this. Most of the settings are very truncated, including everything related to the keyboard.

If you just want to enable or disable, then please, but no more. For some part, they are right, why clog your phone with unnecessary functions.

Developers of the iOS operating system are always trying to make the most comfortable keyboard of all existing ones and they do it quite well.

Other interesting articles

How to mute keyboard sound (clicks) on iPhone or iPad

The sound accompanying typing on the keyboard is an attempt to compensate for the sensations of working with physical keys, a kind of “feedback”. Someone likes it, someone. not really. Honestly, we are inclined to the latest version. when you type quickly, the cute sound of a typewriter seems like an unpleasant noise! Right now, we’ll tell you about two ways to turn off annoying sound.

There are two ways to do this. What is the difficulty level? “Elementary Watson”. Just choose the one that suits you best in your situation.

Complete mute (clicks) of the keyboard in the iPhone settings

A method from the category of “once and for all.”

1. Open Settings your iPhone or iPad (gear icon).

2. Select Settings Sounds, tactile signals (red icon).

3. You will see many settings that regulate sound reproduction on a smartphone. Go down to the bottom and deactivate the green switch opposite the inscription Keyboard clicks.

4. Press the Home button to exit the Settings.

Done! To test the iPhone or iPad in the new environment, open any messenger or text editor on your smartphone or tablet and type at least one character on the virtual keyboard.

If you don’t like life without clicks of the keyboard, go to settings again and activate the switch.

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Temporarily disable keyboard sounds on iPhone

Perhaps, annoying clicking does not suit you only at certain periods of time. for example, you do not want to wake relatives or attract the attention of a teacher during a lecture :).

For such cases, there is a simple solution. a physical Mute switch on the left side of your iPhone. Move it to the lower position (if everything is done correctly, you will see a “tongue” in red). and that’s all, all sounds will be turned off. The main thing is not to forget to turn off silent mode when it is no longer needed. otherwise it is easy to miss an incoming call.

How to turn off the sound of the keys on the iPhone when dialing

How to mute keyboard sound on iphone

Turn on or off system sounds, vibration feedback on Android | Phone Sound Settings

How to remove the sound of the keys? The answer is here


how to remove the sound of keys on a push-button televon.

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How to turn off the sound of the keys on the iPhone when dialing

How to mute keyboard sound in iOS 10 and iOS 11 on iPhone and iPad

Apple smartphones and tablets have a special switch designed to quickly switch the sound profile. In older iPad models, it is located directly on the case, while in newer ones, it is in the iOS control center. Fortunately, the “apple” corporation has not yet removed it from the iPhone, so all owners of Apple mobile devices have the ability to switch modes by clicking on a special toggle switch on the device’s case.

However, it often happens that you want to turn on the mode with sound, but get rid of unnecessary and extraneous sounds. The most distracting element of iOS 10 is the sound of keyboard clicks. If the mode with sound is selected on the iPhone or iPad, then when typing in any application, keyboard clicks will be clearly audible.

Fortunately, Apple has foreseen this point and put functionality in the iOS 10 operating system designed to mute audio when typing on iPhone and iPad. You can mute the keyboard sound by going to “Settings”. “Sounds”. At the bottom of this section are the lines “Keyboard Clicks” and “Lock Sound”. Turning the toggle switch to an inactive position, the soundtrack will be turned off when typing.

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How to disable T9 AutoCorrect, predictive dialing and keyboard sound on iPhone

Many iPhone users are faced with the fact that auto-correction (the so-called automatic word correction on the device, T9 is just a more familiar name) replaces words in a very unexpected way, as a result of which the message becomes difficult to read, or its meaning completely changes. This article will talk about how to turn off this feature, as well as how to turn off the keyboard sound.

How to disable AutoCorrect and predictive dialing

In order for the phone to no longer correct messages on what he himself likes, you need to change several settings. First you need to go to settings menu and go to the main section, then go to a keyboard.

Need to translate here auto correction slider inactive mode.

After that, the user will decide what to write and send to him. However, there are a few more settings that may be of interest.

  1. Here you can disable the function that makes all letters are uppercase at the beginning of input. Usually, this item does not cause problems, however, if the user often encounters this and does not like it, then this item can be turned off.
  2. Can turn off Predictive dialing. He predicts what word the user can write and immediately offers it. If this setting is not necessary, then you can turn it off.
  3. Can enter your templates. If the user often has to write long or complex words, then you can come up with an abbreviation, when writing which, the word will be replaced by the full expression. For example, you can make sure that “ivet” is replaced by Ivan Ivanovich.

After all the manipulations, the use of the smartphone should become more convenient, and the written messages will not need to be re-read and edited several times.

Mute keyboard sound

Some users do not like the standard sound that accompanies typing. It can be turned off. For this you need go to settings, and then go to Sounds item.

At the bottom there is an item that is responsible for keyboard clicks, if you turn it off, they will stop.

So, as you can see from the article, setting up a smartphone is not so difficult. Therefore, if the user does not like something, then this function should be found and turned off, then using the device will become much more pleasant.

iPhone mute when dialing

How to mute keyboard sound on iphone

how to disable iphone keyboard clicks

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iPhone mute when dialing

How to turn off the sound on iPhone? iWiki. Apple Encyclopedia

IPhone phones, of course, have excellent speakers, but there are situations when you may need to turn on the so-called “Silent mode”, that is, turn off the sound. Such a function has long been possessed by almost all mobile (portable) communication devices, from ordinary cell phones to PDAs. And, of course, Apple products are no exception, here this mode is especially well debugged. As a rule, it is used in a working environment, at universities and institutes at lectures, at performances in theaters and in other situations where etiquette rules preserve silence. Do not worry that you will miss an important call. After all, the delicate vibration of the iPhone will certainly notify you of the incoming call, and the update, and the letter, and SMS.

In order to activate the silent mode on such a device as the iPhone, you do not have to make many extra gestures, going over and over a bunch of settings. Everything can be done in literally a second. On each model of the iPhone currently existing on the left side of the case near the display (top) there is a convenient switch. One movement. and the phone will cease to make any sounds, recalling itself only by vibration at the right moments. IPhone vibrate is not loud.

Now we will talk about the positions that such a switch can take and how to quickly understand which mode is turned on now. And so, in one position, the lever creates a silent mode, and in another. the usual one. In the first case, a small red dot or a strip is lit on the switch itself (depending on the signal of the phone). In addition, notifications are displayed directly on the iPhone display when switching between the two described modes. If you turn on the sounds, then the image of the bell appears, if you turn it off, the bell still appears, but already crossed out with a rather bold line obliquely.

Note that in silent mode, in any case, an alarm clock works, as well as sound notifications from the calendar: iPhone developers do not want to let their customers oversleep or miss an important meeting, event, event. In addition, you yourself can even listen to the track, turn off the sound, watch the, and so on. But in applications, music and sound as a whole will not work until you take your gadget out of silent mode.

By the way, even in normal mode, you can easily nullify the ringer volume for incoming calls. Firstly, this can be achieved simply by opening the volume control menu, and then move the pointer to the lower. zero. position. Secondly, you can use the special volume debugging button or the corny multi-function Power button, one short press of which immediately extinguishes the ringtone, while it does not reset itself. you can still pick up the phone. But the second same press will interrupt the call completely.