How to turn off private access on iPhone

How to enable or disable “Private Access”?

On the screen that appears, turn to the button responsible for displaying open tabs;

When a miniature display of the current pages, you must click on the “Private access” menu item;

The system will immediately warn you what actions in this mode will lead to and why it is important to take care of your own safety on the Internet.

To disable the mode, you must reopen the tabbed menu and click on “Private Access”. It is important to remember that unclosed pages will reappear when accessing the confidential protection mode. Therefore, for additional security, after the end of the current session, it is better to “erase all evidence”.

How to quickly turn private access on or off in Safari

Private Access in Safari is a security-enhanced mode that prevents any information from being saved related to resources visited, filled with text fields, and downloaded files from being saved. And, although every user of the iOS operating system and the Safari browser is able to personally clear the history of visits and any activity on the Internet, “Private access” is necessary not so much to hide information on the Mac, iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, but to protect confidential data. the web resources will not be able to collect information, deliver targeted ads and remember recent actions (especially when making purchases).

Features of the mode

Recently, Apple has strongly encouraged third-party resources not to track the activities of users who surf the net in private mode. Of course, not everyone fulfills the requirements, and therefore it is worth crossing forces, using also VPN (virtual private networks). In such a bundle, data is really impossible to find! True, you will have to pay for a high-quality VPN, otherwise either the speed will be low, or the access will often be interrupted. Alternatively, use a third-party browser like Tor.

The “Private Access” mode is officially available starting from the 7th version of iOS. If a similar function is not found in the Safari browser, it is recommended to download updates for your smartphone, tablet or player (“Settings”, the “General” menu, the item. “Software Update”. the search will take several minutes). If the required button is found, but the confidentiality of the “cleaning” of recent actions is out of the question, then it is worth restarting the equipment and again going through the steps of the instructions described above. The problem is definitely temporary and can be fixed in just a few seconds. Did not work out? It’s time to contact Support on the official Apple website.

How to turn off mobile internet through iPhone settings?

The procedure for disconnecting the Internet on the iPhone is slightly different depending on which version of iOS is on the mobile device. On a gadget with iOS 7 and higher, deactivation occurs as follows:

In the “Settings” find the section “Cellular” and go to it.

In the “Cellular” section, successively move the “Cellular data” and “Enable 3G” sliders to the inactive position.

If you only deactivate the “Enable 3G” toggle switch, the Internet connection will remain, but it will become very slow. Data transmission will take place using EDGE technology. this is a maximum of 474 Kbps.

In the same section of the settings, you can block access to the Internet for individual applications installed on the iPhone. Scroll all the way down and you will find the Cellular Data for Software block.

After analyzing the statistics, you can conclude which applications are the main traffic consumers and prevent them from going online. In our example, you can see that the built-in navigation program “Maps” “ate” much more megabytes than others. If you do not use a navigator, it is wise to disconnect it from the Internet. To do this, just move the slider opposite the “Maps” item to the inactive position.

Another useful iPhone option is Data Roaming.

Thanks to this option, the user can avoid the impressive costs of Internet traffic abroad. If the slider is deactivated, the gadget will stop accessing the network as soon as it finds itself in international roaming.

On iPhones with “operating systems” version below 7.0, you can find the “Cellular data” and “Enable 3G” toggle switches by following the path “Settings”. “Basic”. “Cellular data”.

How to turn off the Internet on iPhone through a mobile operator?

You can turn off the Internet on the iPhone not only through the settings of the mobile device, but also through the operator. over, at any tariff. even one that involves prepayment.

Parents of young iPhone users who want to restrict their children in access to the network are most often forced to turn to the help of operators. If parents turn off data transfer through the “Settings”, this will not help. the child will quickly understand how to return 3G.

When contacting the operator, you need to ask to remove the non-unlimited Internet service. Removing this service will lead to the fact that the traffic will be paid by kilobytes. and this will “cost a pretty penny.” It is necessary to remove the option that provides access to the network. This option is included in the starter package and has a discreet name. as a rule, “GPRS”. USSD combinations for removing such, starting services are little known. it is easier to disable GPRS by contacting the provider’s hot line or consultants at the salon.

Mobile operators offer special services that partially restrict Internet access. so that small users can only visit useful sites. Megafon calls this service “Children’s package”, MTS calls it “Children’s Internet”. Beeline subscribers can filter Internet content on their children’s phones using the Parental Control option.

How to turn off Wi-Fi on iPhone?

If you need to turn off not the mobile Internet, but the Wi-Fi connection, you can do it in 2 ways. The first method is as follows: you need to find the “Wi-Fi” section in the “Settings”, go into it and deactivate the “Wi-Fi” slider.

turn, private, access, iphone

The second method is even simpler: you should call the “Control Center” with a swipe up and down and click on the icon with the familiar Wi-Fi symbol. The icon will darken. this will mean that the Wi-Fi connection has been terminated.

turn, private, access, iphone

How to turn off internet on iPhone?

Turning off the Internet on iPhone will help save not only traffic, but also battery power. Every user of “apple” gadgets should be familiar with this procedure. especially since it is extremely simple and performed in a couple of steps.

Although communication providers position their Internet tariffs as unlimited, service users still have to face restrictions. In particular, with traffic limitation. Subscribers are offered a certain amount of traffic. after it is consumed, the connection speed drops so much that it becomes impossible to use the Internet.

It is in order to save traffic that it is recommended to turn off the Internet on the iPhone when the gadget is idle. This article will tell you how to do this.

A user who saves traffic by periodically turning off cellular data on the iPhone runs the risk of missing an important and urgent notification from any messenger or social network. Therefore, it is better to spend time and make more flexible customization of the mobile device, limiting access to the Internet to those applications that are needed “on big holidays.” Then it will turn out to “shoot two birds with one stone”. to save traffic, while staying in touch.

How to turn off Internet access on iPhone via carrier

Disabling the phone menu only temporarily limits the mobile Internet. It is not even necessary to turn it on yourself, it is activated when you reset the settings to the factory settings or perform a Hard Reset. To permanently restrict cellular access, contact your operator. Any mobile provider has a basic service, the deactivation of which will block the work with the “web” through the operator’s network.

How to turn off data transfer on iPhone

Most often, you need to limit traffic through a mobile operator. Its use leads to a lot of expenses, unless, of course, you have a tariff with unlimited traffic. To turn off data transfer to iPhone, go to phone settings and select “Cellular”. In the list that opens, you need the first line. “Cellular data”. Slide the switch to the Off position and the phone will stop using the carrier’s network to send and receive data packets. In this mode, no web pages will be available in the browser. Push notifications will not come either. The same can be done faster by clicking the antenna icon in the quick launch icon block.

How to turn off mobile internet on iPhone

Internet connection on iPhone is not always necessary. expensive traffic or unsafe Wi-Fi networks force users to restrict access to the network. The article talks about how to turn off the Internet on the iPhone for different modes and situations.

Sometimes situations arise in which a smartphone needs to restrict access to the Internet. Not all tariffs have cheap traffic, and in roaming it is always expensive. Also, parents often want to restrict their children access to the World Wide Web. Regardless of the reason, it is important to know how to turn off the Internet on iPhone, and this article will tell you about it. The lack of a network connection saves not only the owner’s money, but also the battery power. Transferring information both via a cellular channel and via a Wi-Fi connection is a resource-intensive task.

How to turn off Internet access while abroad on iPhone

Using the Internet while roaming is doubly expensive. If you are used to using it, but want to protect yourself from accidental access to the network abroad, then there is such a setting in Apple smartphones. You can separately turn off the Internet on iPhone 5S and other models while roaming. Follow the already familiar path “Settings”. “Cellular” and deactivate the item “Data roaming”. Now, when traveling abroad, the transfer function will be disabled automatically.

How to turn off Wi-Fi on iPhone

In the previous paragraph, we figured out how to turn off the mobile Internet on the iPhone. After disconnecting the cellular Internet, the phone will be able to access the network exclusively via Wi-Fi. To remove this feature, turn off Wi-Fi on your phone. The control icon is located on the quick access toolbar, which is invoked by swiping from bottom to top. If the icon is light, then the function is enabled. Click on the icon to turn it off. Now the smartphone will not connect to available Wi-Fi networks. If you don’t find this icon, turn off Wi-Fi over the long path. Go to “Settings”. “Wi-Fi” and slide the switch to the “Off” position.

Changing network settings

There are a number of ways to turn off the internet on iPhone 6 and other models. First, let’s talk about the most obvious option. by changing the settings in iOS on the device itself (the algorithm is also suitable for the iPad). Smartphones access the network through the operator’s mobile channels or via connection to Wi-Fi points. In the phone menu, you can easily restrict both ways.

Restricting access to the web in applications

Now about how to turn off the Internet on the iPhone for specific programs installed on it. Most applications in a smartphone periodically access remote servers for information. Different programs have different “appetites” and, if you do not have an unlimited tariff, you can save money by turning off traffic on the most “gluttonous” applications. To do this, in the same menu, along the “Settings”. “Cellular” path, scroll down the list to the “Cellular data for software” value. It lists applications that have permission to access mobile traffic. For each program, under its name, the amount of information consumed is indicated. To prohibit a specific application from using cellular traffic, uncheck the checkbox to the right of its name.

How to Exit Private Mode in iOS

When disabled, Safari can track cookies, browser history, and site caches just like any other browser. In any case, you can always delete all this data.

Now let’s move on to how to completely get rid of Private Access so that no one can use the function.

How to remove private tab in Safari iOS 12 and newer

  • Go to Settings.
  • Find the Screen Time section and open it.
  • Here select Content and Privacy.
  • Next go to Content Restrictions.

How to completely remove the Private Access feature in Safari for iOS

Ever needed to turn off Private Access in Safari for iOS? It is very easy to use and you can activate or deactivate it at any time. But what if you want to get rid of it completely? We will help you with this.

It is worth noting that this method will not only disable Private Access, but completely remove the ability to use it. Just in case, we will also tell you how to simply turn off the mode.

The article was updated on 02.09. Added instructions for iOS 12. 13.

How To Turn Off Private Browsing On iPhone

How to completely remove Private Browsing in Safari on older iOS (12 and older)

You will notice that the Private Access label is no longer in the browser. This means that no one can use the mode as long as restrictions are enabled on the device.

If you don’t know what private access means at all, this is a feature that allows you to use the Safari browser without saving the cache, history and cookies of the sites you visit. This mode is useful for many reasons, but it is usually used for private browsing. However, please note that privacy does not mean anonymity. For complete anonymity, you need a private VPN or TOR browser like OnionBrowser.

How to Completely Disable Private Browsing in Safari Browser on iPhone (iOS 13.3)?

Method Via settings

1.Select in the upper right corner “Settings” (gear icon).

3.You will be prompted to enable private browsing.

After completing the actions in any way, a new window will open in which anonymous work on the network will be conducted. To make sure that the mode is really enabled, you need to pay attention to the address bar. On the right, the inscription will be lit: “PRIVATE”.

Disable private access by simply closing the tab.

In order not to perform this procedure every time, you can configure the launch of the safari browser with windows in incognito mode. This is done as follows: 1. Go to settings.

3.In the column “When starting Safari, open:” select “New private window”.

Now new windows will launch in incognito, even after closing the browser and disconnecting the device.

In order to remove the automatic launch, in the “General settings” tab, select the item “Open a new window” when starting Safari.

Mac setup

Enabling this mode in the Safari browser on mac computers and laptops can be performed one-time in a separate window or continuously when the program is launched. There are several ways to enable this function in a separate window.

Method Hotkeys

You can also quickly launch a tab by pressing the Shift Command N buttons at the same time.


Using private access leads to changes in the program.

  • Open sites are no longer saved in iCloud, therefore, they are not displayed on other devices.
  • Disable the function of autocomplete and remembering user requests.
  • Smart search does not include recent queries.
  • The downloaded files will not be listed in the downloads list, but they will be saved on the device.
  • The browser sends a request to sites to stop tracking user actions.
  • Cookies and other data are not saved.
  • Each open program tab is isolated from others and does not transmit any information.

It should be noted that in private mode, some sites may not work correctly.

iPhone iOS 14: How to Enable/Disable Private Address for WiFi

Method Opening a separate tab via “File”

In order to enable the function, you must:

  • Click the “File” button at the top of the program.
  • Select “New private window”.

Safari Private Browsing

Many users are concerned about protecting their online lives and are taking various actions to do so. Apple electronics owners know that the history of visited sites is saved on all tablets, computers and smartphones that are synchronized with each other. In order to hide this information from unauthorized persons, the company has developed a “Private Access” function for its browser. How to enable and disable private access in safari is worth talking in more detail.

Set up on iPhone and iPad

Privacy when using the Safari browser is also possible for owners of smartphones and tablets from Apple. This is done as follows:

  • Launch the Safari app on the device.
  • Click on the tabs in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • Select the item “Private” in the list that opens.

Confirmation that private access is enabled, the corresponding inscription will be lit in the lower left corner of the screen. To exit the mode, just click on the inscription.

Safari Private Browsing is a feature to prevent tracking of user activity on the Internet. It is available on iPhone, iPad and Mac devices. When the mode is on, all information remains classified, both from sites and from people who have the opportunity to use synchronized devices. This increases the level of account protection and blocks ads.

[Tips & Tricks] Safari Private Access in iOS 7

Probably the most talked about topic on the entire Internet today is personal data privacy. It’s nice that not only we, ordinary users, but also software companies, including Apple, take care of this. For example, Safari in iOS 7 has a special mode called Private Access. But, unfortunately, many new owners of iOS devices do not know about this mode, and sometimes it can be very useful.

“Private Access” is a special mode in the mobile Safari browser in iOS 7 that prevents the browser from caching your personal data: logins, passwords, browsing history, and so on.

But I must admit that “Private Access” is not an entirely new regime. In other words: it was in the previous version of the mobile operating system iOS. But realizing the importance of this mode, in Safari in iOS 7, the Cupertino company moved this mode to a more accessible place.

To enable “Private Access” in Safari in iOS 7, just go to the tab bar and click on the button of the same name. After that, you will be prompted to close all open tabs. But you can leave them, they will go into private mode. But it’s probably better to close everything, and then continue using Safari again.

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