How to Turn Off Audio on a TV

How to Turn Off Audio on a TV

Samsung TVs have been manufactured for several decades. Watching devices, released under the world famous brand, have good technical specifications and are in demand among buyers in many countries.

It should be borne in mind that not every model has the possibility of voice duplication, but only copies released after 2015.

What is a voice assistant?

Initially, the voice assistant was intended for users who have vision problems. The bottom line is that when you turn on the function, after pressing any of the keys located on the remote control or the TV panel, voice duplication of the performed action follows.

For people with disabilities, this feature will be indispensable. But if the user has no vision problems, then repetition each time a key is pressed, in most cases leads to a negative reaction to the built-in assistant. And the user seeks to disable the annoying feature.

Shutdown Procedure

The lineup of equipment for watching television content is updated every year. A voice assistant is present on every Samsung TV. And if the inclusion of the voice dubbing function in all models is equally activated the first time it is turned on, then the algorithm for disabling it in different models of TVs is performed by a different set of commands. There is no universal instruction for disabling the voice assistance function suitable for each Samsung TV model.

New models

In order to understand what instruction to use to disconnect, it is necessary determine the series to which this or that TV belongs. The serial number of the product is indicated in the instructions for its use or on the back of the TV. The series to which the unit belongs is denoted by a capital Latin letter.

All the names of modern Samsung TVs begin with the designation UE. Then comes the size of the diagonal, it is indicated by two digits. And the next sign just indicates the series of the device.

New models released after 2016 are indicated by the letters: M, Q, LS. Voice guidance for these models can be turned off as follows:

  1. on the control panel, press the Menu key or press the “Settings” button directly on the screen;
  2. go to the “Sound” section;
  3. select the “Advanced Settings” key;
  4. then go to the “Sound signals” tab;
  5. press the “Disable” key;
  6. save changes to settings.

If disabling this function is completely unnecessary, then the models of these series provide for a decrease in the volume of accompaniment. You just need to set the pointer to the desired volume level and save the changes.

Old series

TV models released before 2015 are marked with the letters G, H, F, E. The voice dubbing algorithm in such models includes the following set of commands:

  1. press the Menu key located on the remote control or touch screen;
  2. select the sub-item “System”;
  3. go to the “General” section;
  4. select the key “Sound signals”;
  5. press the Ok button;
  6. put the switch on the “Off” mark;
  7. save your changes.

On TVs released in 2016 and related to the K-series, you can remove the voice response in this way:

  1. press the menu button;
  2. select the tab “System”;
  3. go to the tab “Accessibility”;
  4. press the “Sound” key;
  5. minimize the sound of accompaniment;
  6. save settings;
  7. click ok.


You can check the disabling of the unnecessary voice guidance function by pressing any of the remote control keys after saving changes to the settings. If after pressing the sound key was not heard, it means that all the settings are correct, and the function is disabled.

If the voice assistant could not be disconnected the first time, you must:

  1. once again perform the necessary combinations to disable the function, clearly following the instructions;
  2. make sure that after each keystroke a key follows its response;
  3. if there is no response, check or replace the batteries of the remote control.

If the batteries are working, and when you try to turn off voice duplication again, the result is not achieved, then There may be a malfunction in the TV control system.

In case of malfunctions You must contact a Samsung Service Center. A center specialist can easily identify the problem and quickly fix it.

Setting up voice control on a Samsung TV is presented below.