How to Tune Mystery TV to Digital Channels

If you purchased a new TV, changed your cable TV operator or type of broadcasting, then the first procedure that you will encounter is setting up TV channels on the TV.

Depending on the method of receiving the signal, there are three main types of broadcasting:

  • ethereal. broadcast from the TV tower is transmitted to a conventional antenna;
  • cable. packets of channels from the distribution node of the operator are transferred to the apartments of subscribers by wire;
  • satellite. the satellite signal is transmitted to the parabolic antenna (dish) and converted by the receiver.
How to Tune Mystery TV to Digital Channels

In turn, terrestrial and cable television can be analog and digital. The second is characterized by a higher image and sound quality, but it may require additional equipment in the form of a digital set-top box (tuner) to view it, especially when it comes to the old TV model.

This article discusses the automatic and manual tuning of analog channels on a TV (everything will be identical for cable channels).

TV preparation

Before proceeding to directly configure the channels, you should connect the TV to the broadcast source. With an analog signal, the cable of the antenna or cable operator is connected directly to the antenna input of the TV (marked on the photo):

In this case, it is worth considering separately the situation in which more than one TV is used in the apartment. In this case, a special antenna splitter is used for connection, which in most cases has two or three outputs:

How to tune channels from a regular antenna to multiple TVs?

Often people complain that in one room the channels on the TV are tuned worse than in the other. Some of them are absent, while the rest have interference. The reason is the wrong connection. It is important that both TVs are equidistant from the main cable. Otherwise, the one that is located closer will take on most of the signal. Also, to connect two or more TVs, you should use a high-quality cable that is better protected from interference. Therefore, the standard cheap cable, which is usually offered by many cable TV operators, is not suitable here.

How to automatically tune channels on a TV

This is the easiest way to configure, which requires a minimum of effort and knowledge. The TV itself finds all available channels and remembers them.

To enter the automatic adjustment mode, enter the TV menu by pressing the MENU button on the remote control. Depending on the model of your TV, this button can also be indicated by the words HOME, INPUT, OPTION, SETTINGS or special characters in the form of three longitudinal stripes, a house, an arrow in a square and others. detailed information on this subject is contained in the operating instructions and tuning channels of the TV. Some options for designating the menu button are shown in the photo:

Having entered the menu, use the navigation buttons to select “Channel Settings”. “Automatic Tuning”. After that, indicate what type of television you are going to configure (on-air or cable) and start the search process by pressing the ENTER / OK button. In different TV models, the names of the described menu items may vary slightly, so in case of difficulty, look at the instructions. An approximate menu screen might look like this:

In some cases, before setting up channels on a conventional antenna, you should additionally select the region of your location. To do this, in the setup menu, find the COUNTRY or REGION item and select the corresponding entry in the list.

After the auto-tuning of the channels is completed, a sorting menu may appear on the TV, with which you can arrange the found channels in a convenient order for viewing.

It is worth noting that when changing or adding transmitted channels from the side of the cable TV operator, the setting needs to be done anew.

How to manually tune channels on a TV

For all its apparent simplicity of automatic tuning, it has several significant drawbacks. Some channels may repeat, have a distorted image or sound. In this case, correct the situation manually. Here is a step-by-step guide for manually setting up TV channels:

  • In the “Channel Setup” menu, use the navigation buttons to select “Manual Tuning” and press ENTER / OK.
  • Select the “Program” item and assign the channel a serial number by pressing the number buttons on the remote control.
  • Choose a color system that is appropriate for your area of ​​residence: PAL, SECAM, NTSC or AUTO.
  • Select a sound system: 2.0 (stereo), 5.1, etc.
  • Perform a “Search” of the channel and, if successful, enter it into the TV’s memory by pressing the “Save” button.
  • Repeat the same procedure for all necessary channels.

The manual channel settings menu may look like this:

It should be remembered that all actions in the proposed instructions are confirmed by pressing the ENTER / OK button.

Frequently Asked Questions for Setting Up Analog Channels

Sometimes in the process of setting up channels, certain questions may arise, some of which are discussed below.

How to set up channels on a TV without a remote control?

The process of automatic and manual tuning in this case occurs in a similar way, but to access the TV menu, use the buttons located directly on its body:

If there are no such buttons, you need to purchase a remote control.

How to tune channels on an old TV?

In the absence of a menu, the channels are tuned by special controls that can be located under the switching buttons or on the reverse side near the antenna connector. In addition, on old domestic TVs such as “Electron” or “Rubin” and portable car TV receivers, band switching is possible using jumpers, sliders or buttons. The setting of television channels for such devices is done only by hand.

What should I do if the channel tuning fails?

If you configured the channels in automatic mode, try running a manual search. If the channels fail again, the reason is to look for a bad broadcast signal, a faulty cable, or a TV breakdown. Read more: