How to transmit contacts from Xiaomi to Xiaomi

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How to import contacts with SIM to Xiaomi

The desire to find the answer to the question of how to import contacts with SIM on Xiaomi, or in the reverse order. The result of a well.Founded need that is common among the owners of smartphones.

  • Purchase of a new smartphone;
  • The desire to ensure additional security in the issue of preservation by number;
  • Ease of use when contact numbers are more convenient to share from the memory of a smartphone;
  • The need to transfer contacts from a Google account or in it, etc.

Mi Mover transfer

Not so long ago, the Mi Mover application was available for any Android smartphone, but at the time of writing the article in Play Market, it is not available. So, with its help you can transfer data from only one Xiaomi to another. However, if Mi Mover has already been installed on the same Samsung, for example, you cannot transfer data to it, but from Samsung to Xiaomi. Please.

On the first smartphone, go to the settings.

Find Mi Mover and click on the name.

Through the icon, let it be “I am a recipient”.

On the second phone, do the same, just choose “I am the sender”-see a scan for scanning a QR code on the first smartphone. Scan.

If everything is done correctly, files for transmission will appear in front of you, including contacts, applications, etc.P.

By clicking on System (menu in English in our example, since the Mi Drop version on the second smartphone has no support of the Russian language), it will be possible to see that contacts, SMS, call history, etc. Are available for transmission.D.

Moving from one device to another

For those who want to move contacts from a smartphone to a smartphone in past firmware Xiaomi Redmi, it was possible to do this by transmitting data via Bluetooth. However, later the Chinese removed this function, apparently, considering that it no longer needs. But you should not be upset about this, since the application downloaded from the Internet is capable of throwing contacts. For example, the Xperia Transfer Mobile program copes well with this task. Despite the name, you can use it not only on Sony devices. The program works on any Android device, there is also iOS support.

How to Copy Contact from SIM Card to XIAOMI Redmi Note 10 Internal Storage – Send Phone Numbers

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The plus of the application is the fact that not only contacts are transmitted to another device, but also various content. Photos, music, video, applications, etc. A smartphone smartphone is directly in contact thanks to the connection of Wi-Fi Direct.

Contacts of contacts to the Xiaomi Redmi 9a smartphone

How to transfer contacts to Xiaomi Redmi 9A using a SIM card

On the Xiaomi Redmi 9A phone, open settings, system applications, contacts

Copy contacts on the SIM card by clicking on the SIM card. Install the SIM card in your Xiaomi Redmi 9A phone, then go to the same menu section and select imports from a SIM card.

Contact transfer to the Smartphone Xiaomi Redmi 9a

To transforate contacts to the Xiaomi Redmi 9a smartphone, go along the same way: settings, system applications, contacts. Next, click Send contacts and select the Contact Transfer Method of Transfer: Sending by mail, Bluetooth, through the Mi Dropia application, etc.

How to transfer contacts to the Xiaomi Redmi 9A phone using Mi Mover

Install the Mi Mover application on an old smartphone if it is absent.

On the Xiaomi Redmi 9a smartphone, go to the settings, system and device, expanded settings, Mi Mover.

On the Xiaomi Redmi 9A phone in Mi Mover, select “I am a recipient”, after which a QR code is generated on the screen.

Scan the QR code using an old smartphone.

Select contacts. Contact transmission will be performed in automatic mode.

Contact synchronization using mi cloud

To add an account to the Xiaomi Redmi 9A phone, open the smartphone settings, synchronization and click Add account.

To perform contacts synchronization, go to the settings, in the Accounts section, select synchronization.

Click the contacts and make sure that the synchronization of contacts is enabled.

In this case, the synchronization of contacts using an MI account will be automatically performed.

transmit, contacts, xiaomi

Contact transfer using Google Account

Go to the Xiaomi Redmi 9a settings, in the account section, tape synchronization, click Google

Choose your Google account and make sure that contact synchronization is enabled.

Contact transfer through the Google account

Important: contacts must be attached to Google account! In this case, there will be no problem postponement. And turn on the Internet.

We make sure that there are ticks in the points “Contacts”.

We take the second device in your hands. Any smartphone based on Android. It is important that it is untied from the Google account (if necessary, remove this instructions). Open Play Market.

Enter using the login and password of the account from the first smartphone.

After that you wait a few minutes while the data synchronization occurs (just do not turn off the Internet!) And here your contacts appeared on the smartphone automatically. If this does not happen, make sure that the synchronization of contacts is turned on, as on the first smartphone.

Contact transfer from SIM card to Xiaomi phone

In the section with contacts, press three points (in some devices Xiaomi you need to click on the “menu” touch key under the screen).

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A menu appears, press “import and export”.

Next, slip along the line “Import with SIM card”.

If necessary, select the Google account.

Put the checkmarks next to the necessary numbers or everyone at once, then click “Import”.

You can check, the numbers were transferred from SIM cards to the phone.

Data transfer using Mi Mover

To use the program, it should be launched on both phones. If your gadget is on Android, then download it from the market, if it is Xiaomi, then it is from the menu: “Settings”. “Advanced settings”. “Mi Mover”.

The use of the program comes down to several steps:

  • We launch the program on a new device;
  • Choosing an option for receiving data “I am a recipient” (i’m a recipient);
  • We are waiting for the connection to our access point through the Wi-Fi or QR code;
  • On the old device, select “I am the Sender” (I’M A Sender);
  • We connect to the created access point or scan the QR code camera from the screen of the new device;
  • The conjugation of the apparatus should occur.

How to Transfer Data between phones using Samsung Switch– Copy data from Xiaomi to Samsung S20 Ultra

If you need to transfer data from one Xiaomi to another, then if a newer and more convenient way. Read our article how to transfer data from Xiaomi to Xiaomi phone.

Selecting data for transfer

Before starting the transfer, it is necessary to select the categories of the transmitted data:

  • System: Contacts, SMS, MMS, call history;
  • Apps: applications installed on the phone (from the market and via APK);
  • SD Card: Data from a memory card if it is.

The type of choice of data may vary, depending on the firmware and device.

After the choice, click “SEND” (send) that will launch the procedure for moving the data.

Data transfer via backup

Another way to transfer the necessary data from Xiaomi to Xiaomi involves the synchronization of both smartphones with one Mi account.

To date, it is enough to simply enter the Mi account (Mi Cloud) and, by analogy with the previous point, create a set of rules for backup in the paragraph “Backap device”.

Then, if necessary, it will be possible to click “restore using the backup” and choosing the desired recovery point, load data on another smartphone using the same Mi Cloud account.

transmit, contacts, xiaomi

Thus, the transfer of data between the two smartphones from Xiaomi is carried out very simply. It is important not to forget about such a function as backup, so that for some reason not to lose the most important data, files, settings, etc.D.

The application does not work. Transfer with Huawei G630 Redmi 5A. Phones recognize each other, Huawei reads QR code with Redmi 5A, then shows the list of data of which you can transfer to Redmi 5A. We say “Start” is transferred data from Huawei G630 to Redmi 5A. On both phones, the number of data transferred is displayed. After the transmission is completed on Huawei, a message is displayed. The following data is placed and finish below. Redmi shows information that the data is obtained and their restoration is expected to be “back” at the bottom. After that, a message appears on Redmi that the data was not transmitted. And so in a circle to infinity. The minimum amount of data is transmitted. Only contacts and still “zero” effect. Although everything goes according to the scenario: the phones make contact, one transmits the other accepts data, after receiving the phone expects some kind of “restoration” of the received data?! Before turning out and that’s it, if you press the “back”, then Mi Mover closes and there is a message that the data was not transmitted. And more and more the choice of actions has repeated the procedure many times, the result is zero: the data is transmitted.Ubated, they are waiting for the recovery, the data is not possible.

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Not tested with this device. It is possible that some incompatibility.

And what is the attitude of the huyway to Xiaomi?

Try Huaveevsky Phone Clone (eat on Google Play)

I bought myself Note 4X and tried to transfer applications from Fly 450 nothing good came out. Applications are selected, archived, sent, but in a new place are not restored. On the adopting smartphone there is a message “Recovery is expected”And nothing happens to infinity. After several attempts, he writes “there is no place”, although 5 more gigabytes are free. Calculated that the data is transmitted and placed in the folder “Internal drive Android Data Com.Miui.Backup.Transfer Cache ”, which creates folders with the transfer date in these folders are files with applications that I tried to transfer with the extension.BAK why the work of the program is interrupted on this. The question for the developers

After all, it is written that this copying works only from the Xiaomi phone to the Xiaomi phone)

Contact display problems

Again, it is worth telling about the nuances of displaying data on Xiaomi devices, since the incorrect actions of the user-novice can lead to certain contacts will simply stop displaying in the list. So, after the “settings” menu was included (described earlier), it is necessary to enter the “display” section.

The menu contains a number of different methods of sorting, reflection configuration and smart group function. For example, if you perform sorting by name or surname, they will be shown alphabetically. If the contacts are not displayed in the list, but the user is sure that certain records were there earlier, then you need to check if the sliders are disabled: “only with the phone number”, “SIM-card contacts”.

So, the transfer of contacts within the same Xiaomi device or other gadgets is performed quite simply. Guided by the recommendations presented above, you can easily configure the reflection of contacts, as well as export or import them. It is enough to carefully study all the information and choose the most optimal way.

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