How to transmit an image from iPhone to TV

“Repeat of the screen” on the iPhone: what is it, how to turn on and duplicate the screen on the TV and computer

Hello! Today we will disassemble duplication or repeat iPhone screen on TV, PC and Apple TV. Immediately let’s note the two possibilities to use the content of the smartphone:

  • DLNA is a specialized technology that allows you to watch any content recorded on your smartphone through a local network. This can be done using special applications. But at the same time there is not complete duplication. In fact you will open photos, videos or music on the second device from the phone. That is, such a thing works only with media content.
  • Airplay. A technology that belongs to Apple purely. With its help, you can quickly start the broadcast from the mobile phone screen to your TV. Something similar is Miracast, but it works most often only with apple products. In this case, there is a full project by the mobile phone screen on the second device. For example, on a TV or computer.

I will analyze both of these methods in the article. If you have any questions, then write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Features of the output on different models

Almost all models of television devices have an HDMI connector. Therefore, the complexity of the connection is absent. But it is important to have a USB cable with HDMI with you. Conclusion pictures is possible on the following TVs:

All models are united by one important feature: before adjusting the contact between two devices, you must turn them off, then connect with the cable and only then turn on.


Features of the output of the picture on Samsung are as follows:

  • If your model of a smartphone is 11 versions, then a simple method to display a photo on a LCD screen or plasma tv is turned on the swap down.
  • Be sure to set up special applications on both devices. In some TVs of TVs, the AllShare application is installed in advance. If it is not on your TV, it is better to take care of this by loading it from the Samsung Apps company store. But it will be impossible to broadcast the video without a program on the phone-Allshare TV-Cast or Imediashare. For connection, both devices must be connected to one router with one SSID (one Wi-Fi network). In the phone application, the required file is selected and sent to the screen when pressing a special button.
  • To avoid hardware failures, you should not buy low-quality and cheap Chinese analogues of the HDMI cable. The broadcast in this case will be constantly interrupted.
  • Via a USB cable watch a video online or it is impossible to go to the application. But this is solved by installing Jailbreak. This method is semi.Legal, it does not give guarantees of official support.
  • Using a USB cable, you can transfer content only on a large screen, and only from the user folder “Files”.
  • To play music on the Samsung TV, just use the audio shnur.

Connection of the iPhone to the LG TV depends on the model of your TV and on the purpose of use.

  • Install the LG SMART the TV for the TV.
  • Download to device with iOS application Twonky Beam.
  • Click in the program on Show Or Hide the Visual Indicators at the Edge of the Screen “.
  • Select a video file from a smartphone.
  • The picture will appear on the LG TV after the inscription “Beaming”.

Sony Bravia

On the site of the manufacturer of this brand of TVs, information is presented about the ability to postpone the picture from the iPhone.

  • Make sure the TV will connect to the Internet.
  • Update Sony or check if the latest update is established.
  • A wireless USB-br100 wireless USB-br100 wireless USB-adapter will come in handy.
  • Next, activate Wi-Fi Direct mode on Bravia TV.
  • Install a connection with a smartphone (leave a TV on the screen showed WPA (WPA Key) (password), which must be entered in the iPhone).
  • Select Wi-Fi in iPhone settings to enable the wireless function.
  • On the iPhone screen, tape Direct-XX-Bravia to access the password input screen.
  • Enter the WPA (WPA Key) key shown on the TV screen, then select join (Join).
  • Wait a few minutes until the connection is installed and the setting screen (settings) will appear.
  • If on the side of the iPhone for SSID there is a label, and on the side of the TV there is a dash, then the connection is installed normally.
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In the absence of a connection, the above steps should be repeated, convince WPA (WPA Password) in the correctness of entering the password.

Upon completion of multimedia settings, it will be possible to use together between the iPhone mobile digital device and the Sony device compatible with the Wi-Fi Direct function.

With the help of a cable

The cable connection of the “apple” phone to LG TV will require the purchase of the corresponding adapter, since the iPhone has only one connector for connecting with other devices and it is also for charging a smartphone.

Connecting to TV via a USB port is not easy, but very simple: one end of the USB cable is inserted into a smartphone, and the other into the appropriate TV port.

  • For the iPhone version 4 and older you will need a special Apple USB cable.
  • Starting with the 5th version of the iPhone, a special adapter Apple Lightning to USB Adapter is used.

The final step is the choice in the TV settings (“Signal Source”) USB mode.

When connecting a smartphone with a TV via a USB port, the iPhone acts as a data carrier. Simply put: there is the possibility of viewing only photos and/or videos updated into a constant memory of the device. The broadcast is directly, for example, with YouTube, it is impossible.

Iphone connection to a TV via HDMI is the best option for watching high quality video (Full HD).

To connect two devices, adapters will be needed:

This connection does not require any special settings and it looks exactly the same way as a USB connection:

  • The adapter is connected to the smartphone.
  • The HDMI cable is connected to the adapter at one end, the other. To the TV.
  • Reading the device and setting up automatically.
  • In the TV settings, HDMI is indicated as a signal source. If there are several HDMI ports on the TV. Indicate the one to which the smartphone is connected.

The only minus of such a connection is a short HDMI cable. The restriction is caused by the impossibility of transmitting a long “cord” signal without loss of quality.

Analog cable

The owners of “morally obsolete” LG TVs should not be upset and images from smartphones from APL can also watch on the TV screen. In old TV models there is a composite entrance for video and audio. In order to connect the phone to TV, you will need one of the three types of cable:

  • USB AV. For smartphones from the Apple version 4s and older. Three “tulips” of the plug are connected to TV, 30-pin plug-to the smartphone.
  • AV HDTV by Apple. For version 4 and 4s phones. The quality of the signal transmitted through such a cable has been improved thanks to the synchronization plugs.
  • Lightning VGA-adapter-for iPhone version 5 and above. In addition to the adapter, you will need a VGA cable.

Reference! The connection through an analog entrance does not require special settings, it is only important to pay attention to the compliance of the flowers of the plugs “tulips” and the inputs of the TV.

After connecting in the settings, you need to select the corresponding “signal source”.

How to use AirPlay to transfer content or mirror display

You can use the AirPlay function either to broadcast content to the receiver (audio or video), or display the screen of the current device (including audio) on it. Before starting working with the function, make sure that Bluetooth and Wi-Fi-Divorce is active, and the flight mode is disconnected on the device. The easiest method of working with AirPlay: Click on the AirPlay icon and select the desired receiver from the list that appears.

Smell up on the screen to call the “control point”. Owners of the iPhone with Face ID need to make a swipe down from the right upper corner.

transmit, image, iphone

Click and hold your finger on the widget “performed” on the right on the display until it is opened

Click on a wireless gear icon (icon with the image of three circles and a triangle) next to the playback elements.

Wait until the list of receivers is displayed on the screen.

transmit, image, iphone

Click on the desired receiver and begin to play media content.

In order to stop the broadcast, repeat the process, but in paragraph 5, select the iPhone or iPad.

Methods of connection

Consider the methods of connecting the iPhone to TV in priority, starting the most affordable and ending with the most costly. After all, it is not necessary to constantly synchronize devices for users, and to connect to the TV quickly and without horseshoes is the main task.

Via Wi-Fi Network

Connection via the Internet is the most practical way used by most Apple users.

  • Does not require the purchase of additional equipment;
  • Data is transmitted with an almost inconspicuous delay;
  • The user can play online games from the phone on the big screen, watch videos, listen to music, watch a gallery of media files, use applications and other capabilities provided by Apple.

All you need to connect is a Smart TV with a Wi-Fi connected or a regular TV with a Wi-Fi Adapters (MiRakast, Googlehromkast), which independently create an access point for TV and iPhone.

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Important! Repeat of the screen is supported only by new iPhone models. To check the performance of the option, the options call the pile control menu in the lower part of the sensor. In the absence of a function for duplication of the screen, the relevant applications from the AppStore are downloaded. Then they are activated: “Settings” → “Screen” → “Wireless Monitor”.

Instructions for connecting TV to the phone:

  • Connect devices to Wi-Fi (home network);
  • If TV has a Wi-Fi module, there should be no problems. If the connection is carried out without a router, you need to go to Wi-Fi Direct. Next, choose a connection source, for example, iPhone. It remains to connect the TV to the Wi-Fi point;
  • If TV is used without the Internet, the universal Wi-Fi adapter is connected via HDMI cable (to TV). The smartphone is connected by wireless connection. Next, download a special application along the QR code on the screen through which the monitor is controlled;
  • If the TV has AirPlay technology, which was developed with the aim of reproducing content from the screens of the Eplovsky gadgets, then additional installations are not made. By pressing the “TV” icon (at the top of the screen), the user activates viewing from the screen;
  • If the image of the screen is not synchronized, the application from the AppStore is downloaded an application for mirroring or repeating the screen (Smart View, Flipps, Belkin, MediaPlay). The launch of the programs is accompanied by hints. This method is relevant when it is required to not only control the TV via iPhone, but watch content online (YouTube, iTunes, App Store, and T. D.).

Wi-Fi connection is valuable, first of all, for its simplicity and convenience. The main disadvantage of the method is the inability to duplicate the screen in the presence of models below 5s. Also, if there is a simple TV, you will have to spend money on the adapter, which connects to the TV via HDMI.

HDMI cable

If you need to broadcast your own media text with good sound and picture, then HDMI is suitable as it is better.

  • Image transmission without delay;
  • It is required to purchase an adapter for iPhone, t.To. It does not contain minihdmi connector;
  • Equipment configuring after connecting cables is automatically carried out.

To bind the devices among themselves, the corporate Digital AV Adapter (4 generation), AV-Dapter Lightning (iOS 5.0). After choosing a signal source on the TV, the screen will automatically “transfer” to TV.

The main disadvantage of the method is the high cost of equipment. Almost 4,500 are asked for the adapter, however, it is unlimited: it is suitable for any TV with the corresponding port, reproduces any file formats, including online. Does not require installation of auxiliary utilities and allows you to play any games that can be removed from TV or phone.

Important! In the absence of a micro-hdmi nest in the phone, the micro-USB-hdmi signal converter is also used.

Connection via USB

The peculiarity of connecting through the USB port is that the method is suitable only for viewing files already available in the phone memory. For example, working with the application or access to the Internet with the iPhone on the big screen will not be displayed.

How to Mirror iPhone Screen to Any TV. 2021

  • Contact is made by wire with appropriate connectors (micro USB and standard);
  • Additional equipment is not required;
  • Allows you to view photos of readable formats, as well as hold presentations (text documents).

USB is selected as a signal source in the settings. Synchronization is carried out automatically.

Connection using Apple TV prefix

This method is considered the most “expensive”. However, the prefix provides the best transmission quality and allows you to use all the functions embedded in Apple products.

  • Purchase of a prefix and an additional HDMI cable not provided for by the manufacturer (set);
  • The prefix carries not only the duplication of the screen, but also serves as a media player for working with content from libraries (YouTube, ICLOUD, ITUNES, AppStore);
  • The device is controlled by any iOS device. The manufacturer provides for a remote control with a touch panel;
  • Old iPhone models for synchronization with AirPlay require installation of mirroring applications (screen repetition), which is required from the AppStore. In some cases, the program is additionally installed on TV.

The configuration of the conjugation takes place in several stages and takes no more than 10 minutes. First prepare equipment for work, connecting the prefix with the TV separate cable. Next, it is necessary to provide an exit to a single network for iPhone and Apple TV. Without proper synchronization, the gadget will not launch the repetition of the screen from the phone.

  • Include Bluetooth on the iPhone, which is brought to the minimum distance to the console for the first synchronization;
  • On the screen of TV and the phone displays the connection requests are displayed. After confirmation, the TV goes into the settings (conjugation) mode;
  • On the screen of a smartphone pull the pile control curtain up. Or press the “Home” button twice and choose “volume and brightness control”;
  • Click on “AirPlay” or “Repeat of the screen”. Connect the Apple console by activating the AirPlay Mirroring. Synchronization will end automatically;
  • If the Options “Repeat of the screen” is not, you should download any of the applications: TV Assist, Flipps, ImediaShare or another analogue. For some TV brands, developers create specialized programs adjusted to the TV integer;
  • In this case, the activation of the option is carried out in the application environment. All files, including media, are also viewed by internal programs of the program.
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Using the prefix

Apple TV is a full-fledged home media server that allows you to combine all the “apple” products. The modern gadget in the priority supports work with a wireless connection.

To convey a video from the iPhone to the TV you need:

  • Turn on TV and prefix.
  • Connect all the necessary devices to one wireless network. Connection with one Wi-Fi is a prerequisite without which nothing will work out. You can organize an access point using a TP-Link router or an analogue from another manufacturer.
  • On the iPhone, activate the AirPlay function (by default it is in the “drawer” on the main screen). Now you can duplicate any content.

The downside of this method is the high cost of equipment and the inaccessibility of many services in the CIS countries.

Wireless connection via DLNA

The DLNA standard (Digital Living Network Alliance) is designed to transfer content on a local network and is supported by most modern TVs. To broadcast photos, videos and music from the iPhone or iPad on a large screen, you will need to install a special application from the App Store, the benefit, most of them (for example, IMediaShare) are distributed free of charge.

The algorithm for the operation of such programs is quite simple, the only condition-iPhone (iPad) and TV (supporting DLNA) should be connected to one Wi-Fi network. It remains to choose the desired TV in the application to create a pair, and then start broadcasting content to a large screen. At the same time, the application itself often offers the user many different streaming services, films and music (in most cases in English), as well as the ability to transmit content from photos, video and music applications.

If the TV is not equipped with a Wi-Fi module or does not support appending applications with iPhone (iPad), you can use a special TV adapter with AirPlay puncture support, for example, Mirascreen (even cheaper can be found on AliExpress by link).

transmit, image, iphone

The adapter is connected to the HDMI TV and accepts the signal from the smartphone or tablet by Wi-Fi. To transmit videos, photos and music, it is also necessary to install a special application on the device, for example, the aforementioned IMediaShare.

Next, on the TV, you need to select an HDMI connector to which the device is connected and install the connection with Wi-Fi.

The advantage of this method is that the connection does not require additional devices (with the exception of the transmitter in some cases) and is quite easily adjusted. However, at the same time, such programs do not know how to directly display the image from the iPhone (iPad) screen to TV, but only transmit content from certain iOS applications and connected affiliate services. In addition, DLNA technology involves the use of the resources of the final output device (that is, the TV), which may affect the speed of work.

Iphone connection to Smart TV via USB

USB is the most universal and widespread connection intensity. With it, you can connect anything: from flash drives to game accessories like racing rudders. Among other things, USB can also help in connecting the iPhone to the TV:

3 Ways to Screen Mirror iPhone to Any TV (No Apple TV Required)

    Using the USB. Lightning cable, connect the iPhone with the Lightning plug.

A couple of seconds after completing the synchronization of the smartphone and TV, you will see the image. Unfortunately, it is impossible to duplicate everything that happens on a smartphone using this method of connecting to a TV. To broadcast the screen, it is necessary to use HDMI.

However, this method will help you transfer downloaded media files to the TV without any problems.

Additional broadcast opportunities

In addition to the methods described above, you can:

  • Use the Lightning adapter. HDMI to transmit the image using HDMI.
  • Connect the iPhone on the USB to the TV (and allow access to the media on the phone) to watch photos and videos from the phone on TV.
  • Use iPhone applications such as TV Assist (available in the App Store) to transmit media (video, photo, auido) from phone to DLNA TV (and this standard supports almost all Smart TV TVs, enough that the phone and TV are connected To one Wi-Fi network).
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