How to Transfer Windows to Another Computer

Sometimes it happens that there is a need for transfer Windows from one hard drive to another. Typically, this occurs for the following reasons:

Of course, you can just take and reinstall Windows to a new disk. From this, as a rule, the computer benefits in performance. However, most often, in the installed OS there are some programs with configured parameters, programs are installed, the distributions of which were once, but lost, forgot the activation key from the antivirus, the icons on the desktop are arranged in a special way in the end.

As can be seen from the above, there are many reasons not to reinstall, namely transfer Windows to another disk, and they are not limited to the list above. Yes, and not so complicated, if you look.

Natural to bear Windows It’s not enough just to copy the files on it to another drive while maintaining operability. It simply won’t work for you. In order to transfer everything while maintaining operability, specialized programs are required that just allow you to transfer everything in the form of a disk image.

There are many programs, but, unfortunately, all of them are paid and are quite expensive. Free, as a rule, are licensed by the manufacturer of hard drives and work only with these brands.

Fortunately, there is a universal tool that you can use for free with only one significant limitation. You can use it only at home on your home computer. Any commercial activity with this software tool is a violation of the license agreement, in simple terms. Piracy. Piracy is not our choice, so we will not use all kinds of “cured” versions of products from Paragon and Acronis, and absolutely legal software.

Let me introduce you. Macrium Reflect Free. You can download it from the official site. Only the downloader is downloaded manually, which at startup will automatically download the distribution package of the program. At the time of publication, the distribution weight was approximately 181 megabytes. This information is for Old Believers and happy owners of 3G / 4G Internet with a limited amount of included traffic or megabyte tariffing.

However, first things first.

Install Macrium Reflect Free

In principle, the installation of this program should not cause any serious difficulties, but just in case, we will go through all the installation steps step by step.

When the program starts, we see a window in which, in principle, you can not change anything. Here you can set the version of the installed program. Over, if we choose Free. A free version of the program will be installed. If we choose Home, then set Trial, which will work for a while, and then require money. We do not need such happiness, so we choose Free, the path to save the installer files can not be changed, daw Run installer directly after dowloading. Leave. Push Download.

Here he asks if we are sure that we want to download, and also warns that some components will download Microsoft WinPE, which are necessary for the correct operation of the program. Naturally push Yes, because for this we downloaded the program to install it, right?

For some time you will have to admire the window in which the process of downloading the program and the above components will be indicated. If you have fast Internet, it will take no more than a minute.

Alilluya, everything has downloaded, and we see the program’s welcome window, in which they offer to press the button Next, to start unpacking the downloaded files and proceed with the installation. Naturally, click Next. Leave a daw Log or clean. At your discretion. In fact, it may be needed if suddenly during the installation process there are any problems / errors. In the logs you can see what could be the problem.

But the program installer greeted us directly, who happily reports that everything is ready for take-off. Those. To install. Push Next.

We carefully read End-User License Agreement. But what was the story that some software manufacturers wrote in the license agreement that they were ready to pay the N-th amount of money to someone who read the license agreement. Unfortunately, this is not the case, so we choose "I accept. "Because otherwise the program simply will not install and move on. Push Next.

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How to Transfer Windows to Another Computer

He slipped a license key himself, we can’t change anything in this case, so click Next.

Here the program offers us to register to receive the latest information from the world of new products from Macrium. In my opinion, there is enough spam in my mail, so I answered No and pressed Next. If you are wildly interested in what they will send by mail, you can answer Yes and fill out a simple questionnaire here. For those who are not good at English. In field Title we’re writing Mr. Or Mrs., Given name. Name, Family name. Last name. What to write in the field Email address. I think and so it is clear.

We don’t change anything here, click Next.

Here Install.

And enjoy the installation process.

The program installer reported that everything went well, click Finish.

I did not register during the installation of the program, so when I first started, I saw such a window. The points are all the same and the answer options are from left to right:
– no longer remind;
– remind after 30 days;
– remind after 7 days;
– to register.

Try to guess what I chose.

Of course I remained adamant and pressed Do not remind me.

After making a decision on registration, the program will display a window with a proposal to create a system recovery disk in case of a big disaster. If you want, you can click Yes. A wizard will open that allows you to record the version of the program to download either on a flash drive, on either CD / DVD. Such media will allow you to boot the computer and restore the system from the image. In this article, we touch on a slightly different aspect, so for now I clicked No. If someone will be interested in the process of creating a recovery disk. Write in the comments, do it.

And here we see the main program window. Here we can go in two ways. Or connect an empty disk, select both partitions of the system disk and click Clone this disk. , either click Image this disk. And thus back up the system volume "in reserve". This is in the presence of a disk, where it can be placed, of course. But, since there is nothing interesting in cloning, we will consider the second option. Select both partitions of the system disk, as shown on the screenshot and click Image this disk.

Here we can click on the ellipsis to the right of the item Folder in section Destination and select a drive or folder to save the system image.

Using button Create a folder You can create a folder on the disk for the archive. I threw the archive to disk D: to the root.

This is seen in the screenshot. I also want to draw your attention to the item Total selected. This computer is used just for various experiments, so the system disk is not particularly loaded. However, the interesting thing is that the output generated an image file with a volume of only 12GB. This is achieved by compressing the image files. Of course, paid versions of programs can do this, but it’s very nice that the free version of the program in question can do that too.

If we press the button Next, the program will offer to create a schedule according to which the entire system will be backed up. We don’t need it yet, so press the button Finish.

Traditionally we meditate on the process of creating an image. By the way, in the process of creating an image, we can set a priority (by default High priority. The highest), but if you want to do something else (which I strongly advise against), then priority can be reduced by moving the switch.

On completion is worth No shutdown. The computer will not shut down when the image is created. Can choose Shutdown. This can be useful if your system takes up more than 100 GB of space and it takes a very long time to back up it. Leave the computer running the task and go to bed. The computer will shut down as it turns off. Comfortable, in general, a thing.

Hide. Hides the window and the copying process continues in the background.

Cancel and Pause. I think and so it is clear.

Nevertheless, while we were discussing the frailty of being and various options of the program, the process of image formation was successfully completed and now we can either leave it until better times, or immediately connect a blank disk and unzip the image onto it.

Push Close

Go to the tab Restore and here we have the following options:

Browse for an image file.. You can select an image file that was made once upon a time, or on another computer.

Restore image. Opposite our freshly formed image.

I don’t have any other images at hand yet, so we’ll choose the freshly created one.

In section Source we have everything put down correctly, in the section Select a different target disk select a blank disk to copy and click Next. After that, the program will restore the image to a blank disk.

That’s how simple and, most importantly. Is free. However, remember that this software tool can be used for free only at home or if you are helping a friend with a computer (naturally, for free). In all other cases. It will be illegal.


It is very pleasant that some organizations show such a concern for home users. All the same, as practice shows, most often commercial software, albeit in the free version with limited functionality, works much better than something written on the knee by a certain Vasya Pupkin. Although there are, of course, exceptions. If I don’t make a reservation about this, I will probably be cursed by fans of software written by amateurs.

Write questions and suggestions in the comments, I will answer as far as possible and possible.