How to Transfer Video to an Android Memory Card

The internal memory on the phone is expensive. Gadgets with a large volume are expensive, so many are faced with a problem when you need to transfer applications to a memory card in Android 7.0. There are two ways to perform the move: from the manufacturer and third-party software.

How to Transfer to an Android Memory Card

Transfer application from the manufacturer through Settings

Each smartphone by default has the installed transfer function from the internal memory to the SD card. The process is not complicated, so consider it in stages.

  • 1. On the main screen, click “Settings”.
  • 2. Take a look at the General tab. There will be the category “Applications” below.
  • 3. From the list that appears, select the software you want to export.
  • 4. Now find something like a category called phone memory or SD card.
  • 5. Clicking on “Change” indicate the route. SD card.
  • 6. For the rest, it remains to agree with the changes and wait until the application is finished exporting.

Some inaccuracies in the description of Android 7.0 are not excluded. Different installed themes or other third-party applications easily change the name of the menu. However, relying on this scheme, you will still understand the course of action.

Third-party software for transferring applications to an SD card

  • AppMgr III
  • Link2SD
  • Recovery Utility
  • EaseUS Partition Master
  • Link2SD

Not everyone works on smartphones. The EaseUS Partition Master application will require manipulation from a computer. In addition to export, moving software can be deleted, renamed, and much more. Third-party utilities are more convenient than the factory settings due to advanced features. Although it will take more time to study the export process.

You will also need to get root access in Android 7.0. All manipulations are possible only on behalf of the developer.

Root rights are opened by using the appropriate applications. You can read more about the topic on the Internet. Be sure to check for root access before switching to using software to export applications.

Features of internal and external memory

It should always be taken into account that the internal memory of the smartphone provides more stable operation of applications. Some game manufacturers in connection with this feature remove the possibility of exporting their products. That is, in order to make a move, this function must be implemented by the manufacturer. Not all software can be transferred to external memory. There are no options. no memory, download other games and programs where the export function is implemented.

SD card is not suitable for storing many powerful applications. Due to their high performance, they need to work directly in symbiosis with the processor. Moving to external media will decrease performance, which will cause a number of problems. Therefore, despite the availability of exports, such a function is not always advisable in its application.


I hope you figured out how to transfer applications to a memory card in Android 7.0, and also know the key differences between internal and external memory on your Android device. If you have other questions and difficulties in using. ask questions in the comments on this page or in our contact groups.