How to transfer Viber from iPhone to iPhone

We transfer Viber along with all messages

Messengers. Viber, Telegram, Snapchat and others. Are actively entering people’s lives because they are universal communication tools for every taste. Today, gadgets often replace each other, and the desire to communicate with friends and loved ones always remains. Many users are faced with problems when you need to transfer Weiber to another device.

First of all, three important points should be noted:

To transfer Viber correspondence from a device with Android to a device with iOS is not possible.

Do not forget to update Weiber to the latest version on the application page in the store.

Next, we will consider in detail Viber transfer for Android and for iOS.

Download application Viber

As one of the most popular applications for social networks, such as WhatsApp, Viber also offers various versions for your portable device. You can download Viber for free for iPhone, Viber for Android and Viber for Windows by links below.

In the second part of this post, we will show you how to transmit free calls and Viber messages from iPhone to PC / Mac for backup copy. You can easily do this by performing the following steps.

Viber iPhone files by e.Mail

Click “” “Settings” “Calls and Messages”.

Select “History of Email Posts”.

Send the Viber files created by email to your email address.

Enter the email account to download these Viber applications from iPhone to a computer.

Submit Viber iPhone files using Viber Data Transfer

In addition to free calls and viber messages, you also want to transmit attached videos / audio files and images? To do this, you can rely on a professional data transfer by Viber, firstly, you can download it for free and try it.

Download, install and run on your computer this powerful software for transmitting Viber iPhone data. Connect your iPhone to it using a USB cable.

He offers three recovery modes: “Restore iOS”, “Restore the ITUNES backup from the backup file” and “Restore the icloud backup file”. Select the recovery mode “Restore iOS”, and then click the “Start scan” button to scan Viber files on iPhone.

After scanning, you can see that all data types are classified by categories in the left column. You are allowed to check and select Viber data for the iPhone that you want to convey.

After selecting all Viber iPhone files, for which you need to create a backup copy, click the “Restore” button to start copying Viber data on a computer. Then you can delete Viber files on iPhone. This Viber data transmission also allows you to restore deleted / lost photos, videos, songs, SMS messages, contacts, call history and much more from the iOS device and a backup file of iTunes / iCloud.

Preservation of the history of messages

In order for the history of communication in Viber to be preserved, it is necessary to perform several simple actions:

  • Go to the application;
  • Open the screen “”;
  • Go to the settings menu;
  • Select “Conscript”;
  • Launch “backup”, choosing further the “Create a backup” command “.

After completing the listed commands, the application will save your correspondence.

How to save the history of correspondence in Viber when changing the phone transfer of Viber chats, from android to iPhone

Messengers often ask me how to transfer Vaiber to another phone, preserving the correspondence. A similar action is required when changing the device. You can perform it even if you need to transfer dialogs from PC to a smartphone.

Is it possible to transfer Viber while maintaining old data

Set the application and register with the previous number is easy. However, more actions are required to save information.

For the correct transfer of the application between the phones, you need to enable the backup function.

Between Android

The transfer of history without data loss is helped by the backup function added by Vaiber developers.

Before removing the messenger, the following actions are performed on the old phone:

Transfer Viber Messages & Photos from iPhone to Mac

  • Launch the application. At the bottom of the main page, the item “” is found. Choose a settings section, the “Profile” tab.
  • Find “backup”. After pressing it, the frequency of creating copies is determined by it.
  • Press the “Create” button.

The function is present on all versions of the messenger from 7.0 and above. After its activation, a loading strip appears on the screen. After completing the procedure, information on the size and date of the creation of the archive will be displayed. Chats are preserved in the “cloud”. After installing Vaiber on a new phone, you need to select a copy of the copy of the copies.

Between the iPhone

The procedure related to how to transfer Vaiber to another phone, preserving the correspondence, in this case is not much different from that when working with Android.

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Before registering the old number on the new device, the following actions are performed:

  • Launch a messenger. On the toolbar located in the lower part of the page, the “” key is found.
  • Open the settings section. Choose the item “Account”.
  • Find “backup”. Press the “Create” button. Indicate the frequency of the procedure: every day.
  • Confirm actions. After a few seconds, the creation of the archive will begin.

The history of correspondence with the iPhone is stored in ICLUD, which records IOS devices. If the account on the portal was not created earlier, before backup, you need to register. After that, select the phone settings section, add an account in the “Password and Profiles” tab.

Before the transfer of Vaiber to the new device, it is necessary to create a backup copy.

On the computer

To transfer the story to a smartphone with PC, it is not necessary to create a copy.

The application installed on a mobile gadget is associated with the computer version. All text messages, videos and audio files are simultaneously preserved on 2 devices.

  • Download and install messenger on a computer. Launch the program. The system asks if there is an application of the same name on a smartphone. This question is answered positively.
  • Indicate the phone number used when registering on a smartphone. Choose a country.
  • Scan the QR code that appears on the computer screen. After that, 2 devices unite. All conversations, challenges, contacts appear on the second gadget.

If problems arise when scanning code, I recommend updating the messenger to a fresh version. The computer is tied to the smartphone using the same account. After that, you can copy correspondence, transfer them from PC to another device.

With Android on iPhone

When moving Viber from Android to iOS, data is not saved.

The messenger does not have a built.In function of moving messages between gadgets with different operational systems. The transfer of Vaiber from Android to the “iPhone” is carried out without saving data. Unscrupulous masters offer services to restore the history of correspondence. However, their work not only does not bring result, but can also lead to an account blocking. Third.Party applications are also ineffective. The only way out is to ask the interlocutor to maintain an important dialogue, to send it again.

Is it possible to restore media files on a new phone

During backup, only text messages move to the cloud storage. Images, photos and videos are not preserved. Important multimedia files when changing the smartphone will have to be downloaded to the storage on your own.

To do this, open the desired dialogue, view the files contained in them. After choosing an object, manually preservation is performed. Files are entered in a separate folder, from where they can be transferred to a new phone by sending by e.Mail or connecting the device to a computer.

How to transfer through third.Party applications

If standard methods do not give a positive result, use special utilities.

Programs work only if the messenger has not yet been removed from the old device.

Titanium Backup Utility to create backup copies.

  • Install the program on a smartphone. After launch, select the “Reserve Copies” section.
  • Viber finds in the list of programs. The list of functions indicates “save”. Are waiting for the completion of the copying process.
  • Save the Titanium system folder. Install a utility with the same name for a new gadget.
  • Carry the folder with a complete replacement of investments. Start the program, go to the backup section. Find and restore Vaiber. To do this, choose the item “according to data”.

We transfer Weiber to another phone with history

New smartphone models come out several times a year. The devices become all convenient and multifunctional. Fortunately, buying a new phone is not a reason to change all accounts in messengers.

If you need to transfer Weiber to another device, you just need to follow the instructions. To begin with, we create a backup copy of the correspondence, save it. Then it remains to simply take the main steps consistently.

transfer, viber, iphone

How to Backup & Restore Viber Messages on iPhone

There are several options for transferring correspondence from Vaiber to another device. This one can be both text messages and media files. Photos and videos.

Is it possible to transfer Weiber to another phone along with correspondence

Weiber is easily transferred to a new device. Over, even if not only the gadget itself changes, but also the number. The correspondence can still be transferred.

Before proceeding to transfer accounting and history, you need to take care of creating a backup copy. You should also make sure that in the process of creating a copy, media files have been preserved if you need them. The fact is that some transference methods save only text messages. This moment must be clarified in advance so as not to lose the necessary information.

Correspondence conservation options

There are two methods that allow you to transfer Weiber to another phone: using the messenger himself, as well as using third.Party applications that need to be downloaded from the store.

Correction of correspondence through Vaiber settings

First you need to save the story on the old device from which you need to transfer Viber and correspondence. The conservation is as follows:

  • Open Weiber and go to the “Settings”;
  • We go to the “backup” section;
  • Several options for saving data will appear here.
  • When the place of conservation is selected, click “Create a copy” and wait until the process is completed.
  • For Android devices-send data to Google disk: for this you need to click on the Google icon; In the window that opens, select an account to which the data will be sent and click “Send”.
  • For the iPhone, the algorithm is approximately the same, only the information is sent to icloud.

Important: Do not forget to connect Weiber to cloud storage in advance.

Useful advice: it is advisable to create a backup and transfer of correspondence at the moment when the device is connected to Wi-Fi. If it is a mobile Internet (not unlimited), the process can be expensive, t.To. It is very resource.Intensive.

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When the reservation is completed, Weiber can be removed from the old device. Next, you will need to activate Weiber on a new device and restore the story on it. To do this, we connect the Google disk or iCloud account account and select the “Restore now” item. If the restoration of history is planned to be completed later, this can be done at any time. To do this, we act like this:

  • We go to the settings, then. To the “Account”;
  • We go to the “backup” section;
  • Click “Restore” and wait for the end of the recovery process.

Everything, correspondence is transferred to a new phone, it can be read at any time. To make sure that the story was moved correctly. Go to any of the chats and check its contents.

Correction of correspondence using third.Party programs

transfer, viber, iphone

This method allows you to transfer the history of Viber to another phone without the need to save it in cloud services. The main advantage of the method is safety. When the information is in the cloud, it is vulnerable, and scammers can get to it. The use of special utilities for transferring correspondence helps to avoid this risk.

One of the popular applications is Titanium Backup. With its help you can create an archive of correspondence for subsequent movement to a new device. Procedure:

  • Download the program in the store, open it;
  • Choosing a language. Russian;
  • A window opens on the screen in which it will be necessary to select the “Reserve Copies” item;
  • In the proposed list we find and select Weiber;
  • Click “Save” and wait for the copying process to complete.
  • Next, install the same program on the device where you need to transfer the correspondence. Viber should be installed at this point.
  • We find the Titanium Backup folder in the old phone and transfer it to a new one. This can be done using a flash drive or cloud.
  • We carry out the Titanium Backup program on the new device,
  • We go to the menu, then. To the “Accounts” and go to the “Reserve Copies” section.
  • Here we find Vaiber and click “Restore”.

This method has one drawback. The media files with this transfer of correspondence are not preserved.

On Android

The transfer of correspondence between Android devices is performed using the “backup” option. The process of preserving history looks like this:

  • We open the messenger, go into the settings;
  • We go into the account, here we select “backup”;
  • If necessary, go to the Google account;
  • Click “Create a copy”.

After that, the application will save the history of all messages and download copies of images to the server.

If desired, in Viber you can configure automatic creation of backups for the necessary periods. To do this, change the parameter “Create a backup” for “daily”, “weekly” or “monthly”.

The created copy can be restored anyway. To do this, you just need to go into the settings, then. In the account. Here we open the backup section and click “Restore”. After a few minutes, correspondence will appear on a new device.

On iOS

To transfer the correspondence from the old iPhone to a new one, you need to use the backup option. The information is stored in the cloud. Before you start copying, you need to go to your icloud profile.

Next, to transfer Vaiber to another iOS device, we perform the following steps:

  • We open Weiber, go into the settings;
  • In the accounting installations, select the “backup” option;
  • Click on the line “Create now”. This launches the process of copying information;
  • If desired, in the settings you can set the time of automatic creation of backup copies; If this is not done, copies will not be saved.
  • Next, we connect to iCloud from the new device;
  • We activate Weiber;
  • Choose “Restoration”, then. “Restore now”.

How to transfer the Weiber messenger to another Android or iPhone phone

It is not difficult to postpone history, text messages from one smartphone to another if one operating system is used on both devices.

Unfortunately, to avoid loss of information when transferring from Android to the iPhone or back will not work. Systems use various cloud servers. Android works with Google disk, iPhone. With iCloud.

Sometimes users are concerned not only to preserve the chats and photos of Vaiber. It would be ideal if it were possible to save all the settings, for example, autosaspor of media files, a way to obtain notifications. Unfortunately, there is no such function in the messenger.

How to transfer correspondence to Viber to another smartphone?

First we save the data, then activate the backup on the new device. For this on the old smartphone:

  • Open the messenger.
  • We go to the lower right tab with three points “”. The profile will open.
  • We go to the “Settings” section “Account”.
  • If, together with the new smartphone, you changed the phone number, then select “Change the phone number”. Enter new data.
  • If the phone number remains the same or you updated it, following the instructions of the previous paragraph, then click on the “backup” “Create now”.
  • We are waiting for the completion of copying and saving data.
  • Download the Viber application, open it, enter the country and our phone number.
  • We get an SMS with a confirmation code, enter it into the dialog box in Viber.
  • We register, following the instructions on the screen.
  • In the Viber profile settings, connect the iCloud account.
  • We go to the “Settings” “Account” “Reserve Copy” “Restore”. We are waiting for the end of the process.

We recommend that you restore data via Wi-Fi wireless connection to avoid a large flow rate of mobile traffic.

How to transfer Weiber from phone to phone

Our gadgets become obsolete and, no matter how we love them, require replacement. Well, if this replacement is planned, and a new phone was presented to you for your birthday. But it happens that our favorite plastic-glass friend for some reason stopped working and we have to buy a new.

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In any case, in a short time it is necessary to adapt a new, let’s say, a device. That is, put all the necessary and unnecessary programs and, in particular, various instant messengers.

Today, let’s look at how to transfer one of the most popular and beloved people for communication Viber.

It is to transfer, since it is impossible to install Weiber on two phones in the usual ways. You can do a smartphone and a computer, but on two smartphones you can’t immediately deactivated on the old smartphones.

As usual, we will tell you on the example of a smartphone under the control of the Android operating system.

So, if the old phone is in your hands and in working condition, then the first thing we make a backup copy of the correspondence that is saved on the Google Disk. Only text, without pictures.

transfer, viber, iphone

For this, of course, an entrance to the Google account must be executed. As a rule, everything has already been connected for everyone, since the Google Market does not work without this and you can not install applications on the phone (who can live so long?).

Pay attention if you have several accounts, then specify which story will be stored on the disk, since it is with it that we will synchronize the new phone in the next stages.

Worse, if the old phone is not available to you. With automatic preservation of daily copies, you will lose almost nothing. With weekly, and even more monthly backups, some piece of history will be lost forever.

To preserve the story of Vaiber, we are currently acting as shown in the drawings below:

Open Weiber on a smartphone and click again

And in the settings, select the account

In this menu, press backup

And click create a copy in order to save our correspondence at the moment

For some short time we expect while copying occurs

And now the history of your messages is loaded to the disk

All. On the old device, nothing else needs to be done.

We now take a new one in our hands, enter the battleship Google and load the Viber Appendix Viber from the Play of the Market of the latest version.

Now open the application on the phone and click on the button further to start the installation.

Press the button further. The link to transfer the story will open up your instructions on how to do it. But most likely in English

Next, enter the number on which you have Viber registered. Over, it is not at all necessary that the SIM card with this number stand on the phone with which you are now conquered. The main thing is that Simka be at least in some phone, since it will come to SMS with a code that will need to be introduced to fully activate the application.

If Viber is registered on the room that is now in your smartphone, then instead of SMS with a code (so that you do not bother and not enter it with your handles), there may simply be an incoming call, which does not need to answer Viber himself and will do everything himself

Enter the phone number on which Viber is hanging

transfer, viber, iphone

If everything is fine, then you will see your favorite messenger on a new phone. In fact, this is the whole installation.

If everything is done correctly, then instead of Brad Pitt you should see yourself your beloved

Then you will immediately be invited to restore the history of correspondence from the last copy, which should be on the disk. If the Google account is now the same as on the old phone, then the copy should be available. Just click to restore now:

If the process has gone, we are waiting for about a minute and that’s it!

After loading, all contacts and correspondence become available on the new smartphone. In addition, of course, pictures and videos that are not preserved on the disk, since the sizes of these files are simply huge for some users.

Do not forget that using the Waiber application, you can call from the border home to any phone even an old grandmother.

And when you want to change the number for Viber and not lose all the contacts, you can read this article.

I would also like to remind you that Viber loves to score the memory of the phone with various extra files, which he carefully hides in hidden folders. But we will tell you how you can delete all this business and release several gigabytes, especially when the application works on your phone for a year or more.

How to create a backup copy of chats (correspondence) in Viber on iPhone and iPad

Launch the Viber application and go to the “” tab.

Open the “Settings” section and select “Account“”.

Go to the “Reserve Copy” menu.

Click on the point “Create automatically” and indicate the period of creation of backups. Daily, weekly or monthly.

To create a backup right now, click on the “Create now” button. It can take a few minutes. At the end of the process, a message will appear above the “Create now” button about the latest reserve copy in the “cloud”.

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