How to Transfer Vatsap to a New iPhone

How to Transfer Vatsap to a New iPhone

WhatsApp is a messenger that needs no introduction. Perhaps this is the most popular cross-platform tool for communication. When moving to a new iPhone, it is important for many users that all correspondence accumulated in this messenger is preserved. And today we will tell you how to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to iPhone.

Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to iPhone

Below we will look at two simple ways to transfer all the information stored in WhatsApp from one iPhone to another. Performing any of them will take you a minimum of time.

Method 1: dr.fone

The dr.fone program is a tool that allows you to easily transfer data from instant messengers from one iPhone to another smartphone running iOS and Android. In our example, we will consider the principle of transferring VotsAp from iPhone to iPhone.

  1. Download dr.fone from the official website of the developer using the link above and install it on your computer.

Please note that dr.fone is shareware, and a function such as WhatsApp Transfer is only available after purchasing a license.

Run the program. In the main window click on the button “Restore Social App”.

The download of the component will begin. Once the download is complete, a window will appear on the screen, on the left side of which you will need to open a tab “Whatsapp”, and in the right go to the section “Transfer WhatsApp Messages”.

Connect both gadgets to your computer. They must be determined: on the left side the device from which information is transferred will be displayed, and on the right. onto which, accordingly, it will be copied. If they are confused, in the center click on the button “Flip”. To start transferring correspondence, click on the button in the lower right corner “Transfer”.

Please note that after transferring chats from one iPhone to another, all messages will be deleted from the first device.

  • The program will begin the process, the duration of which will depend on the amount of data. As soon as dr.fone’s work is completed, disconnect the smartphones from the computer, and then log in to the second iPhone with your mobile number. all correspondence will be displayed.
  • Method 2: Sync iCloud

    This method using iCloud backup tools should be used if you plan to use the same account on another iPhone.

      Launch WhatsApp. At the bottom of the window, open the tab “Settings”. In the menu that opens, select the section Chats.

    Go to “Backup copy” and tap on the button “Create a copy”.

    Select item below “Automatically”. Here you can set the frequency with which VotsAp will back up all chats.

    Go to the section ICloud. Scroll below and find the item “Whatsapp”. Make sure this option is activated.

    Next, in the same window, find the section “Backup copy”. Open it and tap on the button “Back up”.

    Now everything is ready to transfer WhatsApp to another iPhone. If another smartphone contains any information, it will need to be completely canceled, that is, returned to the factory settings.

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  • When the welcome window appears on the screen, perform the initial setup, and after entering the Apple ID, accept the offer to restore from the iCloud backup.
  • Once recovery is complete, launch WhatsApp. Since the application was reinstalled, you will need to reconnect by phone number, after which a dialog box will appear on the screen with all the chats that were created on another iPhone.
  • Use any of the methods described in the article to easily and quickly transfer WhatsApp from one apple smartphone to another.

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