How to transfer the calendar from iPhone to Android

Data transfer from iPhone to Android: 10 ways

The transfer of data from the iPhone to Android is a little more complicated than in the opposite direction. There are several options for automatic transfer of personal information, from universal methods to specific. In some cases, you can use the manual data transfer method. In this step.By.Step instruction, we will figure out how to transfer data from iPhone to Android.

First, you need to check the amount of memory on Android, it should be enough to transfer the contents from the iPhone. The batteries of both devices should be charged and made in the performance of wireless Wi-Fi integro. If you need to transfer the browser bookmarks, then it must be updated to the latest version.

How to transfer all data from iPhone to Android

There are several ways to recalculate contacts from the iPhone on Android. It will be done as simple as possible if you synchronized before Google’s account record. All that remains to do is to enter your Google account on Android device. All your contacts will be automatically loaded.

In the event that you do not synchronize your contacts with Google, you can use iCloud to transfer contacts. Using iCloud, you can create a file.VCF, which contains information about your contacts, and import it to Android.

Using Samsung Smart Switch to transfer data from iPhone

On the Android smartphones Samsung Galaxy there is an additional opportunity to transfer data from your old phone, including from the iPhone, which allows access to a much larger number of important data, including those that are transferred in other ways (for example, iPhone notes ).

Steps when transferring (tested on Samsung Galaxy Note 9, should work in a similar way on all modern smartphones from Samsung) will be as follows:

  • Go to the settings. A cloud and accounts.
  • Open the Smart Switch item.
  • Choose how you will transfer the data-by Wi-Fi (from the iCloud account, where the iphone reserve copy should be located. How to create a backup iPhone) or by a USB cable directly with the iPhone (in this case, the speed will be higher, and more data transfer will be available).
  • Click “Get” and then select “iPhone/iPad”.
  • When moving from ICLUD by Wi-Fi, it will be necessary to enter data for entering your ICLOUD account (as well as, perhaps, the code that will be displayed on the iPhone for two-factor authentication).
  • When transferring data on a USB cable, connect it as shown in the picture: in my case, the NOTE 9 included the USB-C-USB adapter, in it-the Lightning cable from the iPhone. After connection, after connection, it will be necessary to confirm the trust in the iPhone.
  • Choose what data you need to download from the iPhone to Samsung Galaxy. In the case of using the cable, contacts, messages, calendar, notes, bookmarks and settings/letters e-mail, saved alarms, Wi-Fi parameters, wallpaper, music, photos, videos and other documents are available. And also, if Android has already entered the Google account. Applications that are available for both iPhone and Android. Click the “Transfer” button.
  • Wait for the completion of data transfer from the iPhone to Android phone.
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As you can see, when using this method, you can very quickly transfer almost any of your data and files from iPhone to Android device.

How to transfer music and video from iPhone to Android

You can synchronize the video in the same way as photos. Another thing is with music that I do not want to lose when transferring data. To prevent the loss of music files and quickly transfer them, Wondershare is used.

  • First you need to download this program to your computer through the official website;
  • Next, you need to connect the iPhone and Android to the computer using the appropriate cables;
  • You need to choose the sources of transfer. This is done using the lowest button in the program itself;
  • By choosing the source, you need to specify the device to which the files will be transferred;
  • Next, you need to choose what will be postponed. The default is all files. You need to choose only music and videos if you plan to postpone only them;
transfer, calendar, iphone, android

Important! This application is suitable for photos, and for contacts, and for files.

transfer, calendar, iphone, android

Music transfer

Using Google Play Music

  • Install the Google Music Manager on the computer.
  • Autominate and indicate that music is stored in iTunes.
  • Wait for the loading end, then listen to the compositions on Android or PC.

Using the ITOOLS manager

  • Download the ITOOLS application.
  • Connect the iPhone and wait until the program determines the device.
  • Open the “Music” tab, then the section with music on the device.
  • Mark the compositions and click on the “Export” button.
  • In the window that appears, specify the final folder to save files.
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Important! To determine Apple devices, it is necessary to install itunes on a computer.

We transfer applications and games

We are sure that you have a lot of useful applications and interesting games on your Android Smartphone. The good news is that almost all good programs and games are produced simultaneously for Android and iOS. So go to the AppStore store on your iPhone, and use the search to install the applications you need. The bad news is that the conservation of games is not tolerated, so you will have to go again.

You will need Apple ID to install applications on the iPhone. How to create it yourself read in our article.

Transfer of personal data and contacts

I think everyone will agree that the most important thing in any smartphone is the personal data of the owner. Contacts, letters, messages. This is information that should not be lost. When changing the smartphone, first of all, you need to transfer precisely personal data, and only then everything else.

There are two ways to copy these data from the iPhone to the new Android Smartphone

  • If the incident of your new smartphone is HTC or Samsung, you are lucky. Branded applications for synchronization of these smartphones have the ability to restore data from the iphone backup copy. All you need to do is create a backup iPhone on a computer, connect a new smartphone, launch a branded application, and select the recovery option.
  • If you purchased a smartphone of another manufacturer, then you can transfer data using a free Copy My Data application. You need to install the application on the iPhone and the new smartphone, start it, and follow the prompts.
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How to Transfer Calendar from iPhone to Android Phone

  • In addition, if your mail and contacts are stored on Google servers, you just need to configure your Google account In the new device. All data will be synchronized automatically.

Smart Transfer program

This application allows you to transfer not only contacts, but also all photos, videos, as well as audio and even music (in general all data).

  • Now we need to tie two smartphones. This can be done in two ways-by Wi-Fi, if you have a router nearby. If there is no router, then one of the smartphones can act as an access point to which the second device will need to be connected.

If the phone has a lot of photos, videos and other media files, then it may take a lot of time, so it’s time to go drink tea with cookies.

Transfer of notes

You can move your notes with important information to a new device using iCloud. But there is another equally convenient way. Using gmail.

To do this, in the iPhone settings, it is necessary to note the option “mail, contacts, calendars” and click “Add account”, select in the Google list and log in. All notes will be sent to the specified mailbox. It remains to enter it from the new device and download them.

Another way to transfer notes is Outlook. To do this, you need to connect the iPhone to the PC using a USB cable and run on the iTunes computer. In it, press the Info button, and in the window that appears, put a checkplace on the contrary “synchronize notes with”, select Outlook from the proposed options. Further, everything is simple: on the new smartphone you need to configure the Outlook account, after synchronization, the notes will be in the “reminding” folder.

transfer, calendar, iphone, android

How to Transfer ALL Data from Android To iPhone under 5minutes(2021)

The transition to a new gadget is a troublesome and routine case, but it can be greatly simplified if you use the proposed mechanisms for moving information.

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