How to transfer messages from Android to iPhone

Specific guide for the Apple transition to iOS

As the smartphone market is saturated, we have more opportunities than ever before. Nevertheless, when you switch between Android and iPhone, this is still very difficult, partly due to isolated systems. It makes sense that Apple has developed to go to the firmware application for new iPhone users who used Android earlier. This lesson will tell you how to use the Apple Move to iOS application in detail.

As the name implies, the “move to iOS” application helps transfer data from Android to the new iPhone. If you use it for the old iPhone, the current data will be rewritten.

The Apple Move to IOS application can transmit contacts, posts of messages, photos and videos from the camera, web-posting, e-mail accounts and calendars.

Wi-Fi network is required (it is impossible to connect to the network?) and available for Android 4.0 or higher and iOS 9.3 or higher.

Step 1. To start the process, turn on the old Android phone, go to the App Store, find go to the firmware and install it on your device.

Step 2. Open it and go to the “Conditions” screen by clicking. Then you will find your screen code.

transfer, messages, android, iphone

Step 3. Switch to your iPhone. If this is a new device, go to the next step. Otherwise, open the application settings, click in your name, go to general reset and click wipe the content and settings. When the iPhone restarts, you will see a greeting screen.

Note: you would better back up your iPhone before use, follow the actions described here to avoid data loss.

Step 4. Run the initial settings on your iPhone and follow the instructions on the screen until you reach the screen of applications and data.

Select data transfer with Android option. Click once. You will receive the code.

Step 6. Turn on the phone on Android, enter the code displayed on the iPhone screen, in Android enter the screen to build a connection.

Step 7. Select the types of data that you want to transfer to the iPhone in the application to “move to iOS” and click further start the migration of data.

Step 8. When the data transmission is completed, click ready on the Android phone and click Continue the iPhone setting to continue the installation process.

Step 9. After the home screen appears, you will receive a pop-up message with the question whether you want to add apps for Android devices from the App Store. If you choose to add applications any free applications that you used on Android will be automatically loaded from the App Store.

How to Transfer Text Messages from Android to iPhone (Two Easy Ways)

Note: According to Apple.COM, the “Moving to iOS” application is available only for data that fit on your new iOS device. In addition, you must update Chrome to the latest version on Android, if you intend to transfer your Chrome bookmarks.

We extract data from SMS from iPhone

Run iTunes and connect the iPhone to the computer. We click on the device on the left and select from the context menu “Backup”.

The resulting backup will be located here:

C: // [users]/[username]/Appdata/Roaming/Apple Computer/Mobile Sync

Here you will see folders with meaningless names. We need the newest, that is, the created minimum amount of time ago. In it you need to find a file named 3D0D7E5FB2CE288813306E4636395E047A3D28. It is enough to quickly search for the first characters in the name.

Transfer this file to the Android Storage.

Transfer of contacts to iPhone by Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

How to do without synchronization through a Google account? A small amount of data and contacts can be easily transferred using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. And if the transfer of multimedia files does not cause any questions from any user, then how to transfer contacts?

When you slip by the VCF file on the iPhone, there will be two options for further actions. “create new contacts” or “unite with existing”. Choose the option that is most suitable in your case.

Launch the command “Transfer data from Android”

  • If the iPhone is already activated, open “Settings” → “Basic” → “Reset” → “Wipe Content and Settings” and confirm data removal.
  • Turn on the iPhone and click “Manually”.
  • Select the language, Wi-Fi network and follow the tuning wizards.
  • On the screen “Programs and Data” click “Transfer data from Android”.

Transfer content

  • Wait until the inscription “Data transfer” appears on the Android Smartphone.
  • Choose what information you need to copy.
  • Wait for the end of the transfer on both devices.
  • When the inscription “Transfer completed” appears on the iOS gadget, click “Continue the iPhone setting”.
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Data transfer from Android to iPhone

To quickly transfer data, you need to install the connection between the devices

The data transfer procedure from Android to iOS is quite simple, so even the child will figure it out. Nevertheless, I will describe the key stages, my own plugs and claims to the transfer methodology.

  • First you need to download the “transfer to iOS” application to your Android Smartphone. You can do this right on Google Play.
  • Now activate the iPhone, set the initial settings and on the recovery screen select data transfer from Android.
  • Launch “transfer to iOS” to Android and set the connection between smartphones according to the instructions and select data for transfer.
  • After 8-10 minutes, depending on the volume of data and the speed of your Wi-Fi connection, will be transferred and will appear on your iPhone.

Ios allows you to transfer not so much data, despite the fact that part of the declared it still does not tolerate

It is important to understand that you can transfer a rather limited data spectrum:

Despite the fact that you can transfer contacts from an android to the iPhone without difficulty, no alarm clocks, nor applications, nor notes are tolerated. At least this is not visible on the data selection page. However, a backup copy from the Android Smartphone, which is copied on the iPhone, contains data on the applications established by you earlier. So at the time when copying is completed and you will find yourself on the iPhone desktop, you will be invited to install all your applications.

“All applications”. This, of course, is said loudly. Despite the fact that the iPhone really pulls up some part of the software installed on your Android, for some reason it happens very selectively. Over, I’m talking about free applications, not about paid. But even they were not established in full.

How to transfer SMS from iPhone to Android via iTunes

So, if in your plans to change the “apple” device to Android, then in order to transfer messages to be transferred, they need to be extracted. To do this, we perform the following actions:

We connect the iPhone to the PC using a USB cable (30-pin or Lightning-depending on the device model).

Open iTunes. When you connect the device, a button with the iOS logo will appear on the top panel. We click on it (depending on the version of the program, it can be in the left or right corner). After that, the backup process can be launched automatically (depending on your settings). In this case, a screen with the inscription “Summary” on its upper panel will appear, then the next steps will not be needed.

If this does not happen, then we click on the item with your iPhone in the left panel with the right button and select “Back Up” in the falling menu:

Now on the computer we are looking for a file with SMS-kami, here it is: 3D0D7E5FB2CE288813306E4636395E047A3D28. Depending on the operating system of your PC, its location will look like this:

Now, among the folders under random names you need to find the latest, and look for the aforementioned file there (you can use the search line to facilitate the search).

The found file is copied and sent to your Android device for ESD card, or to the internal memory:

Now proceed to conversion. We will perform this procedure using the ISMS2DROD service. Open the browser, insert the link https: // ISMS2Droid into the address line.Com/, further, following the instructions, click “Select the SMS database in iPhone (English. “Select iPhone SMS Database”). We are looking for a backup file of SMS messages iOS. Find and select the file (3D0D7E5FB2CE288813306E4636395E047A3D28). Here we will have the opportunity to choose the necessary messages, or converting a whole list:

Then on the display we will see the conversion process. Upon completion of the file converting, we need to download the SMS Backup Restore utility to restore SMS on Android. After installation, start the application and click the “Restore” button (recovery). In the Directory of the files where we get, the converted files will be displayed, click “OK”:

We can indicate the period of time, or restore the entire list, then press the “OK” button to start the recovery process:

Upon completion, a window will open on the display, where the number of restored messages and the number of those that could not be restored will be displayed. Well, it remains to check the “incoming” folder to make sure that all important data on the spot:

Using the described tools, you can convert the file from the computer, and then transfer it to your Android. What do I need to do:

transfer, messages, android, iphone
  • After the iphone backup and the file detection (location is indicated above) on PC, copy it to any place and set it another name. Db
  • Open the HTTP: // FAKED service.Org/ ISMS2Droid/ and perform the conversion there, after which we get the iPhone file.XML
  • Now we need to install the SMS Backup Restore utility on our Android Smartph (see.Higher).
  • We ask our iPhone file.XML Name ISMS2Droid.XML, and send it to the root folder Android.
  • Launch SMS Backup Restore, open “Settings”.
  • After the manipulations made, you need to assign a folder of backups, namely. Mnt/ sdcard/ (or another in which you put the file).
  • Click on “restore”, ready!
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This method is good because having copied the iPhone file after conversion.XML before unpacking in a smartphone, open in a notebook on a PC and see in what form the conversion occurred (messages should be in Russian).

How to transfer WhatsApp to iPhone using third.Party software

One of the most convenient ways to maintain correspondence on the new iPhone is to use special programs. For example, Tenorshare icarefone for WhatsApp Transfer: a Russified version can be downloaded for free. This software is good because it does not require the use of the developer mode and allows you to perform the desired operation in just a few clicks.

First, connect both smartphones with USB cables to the computer, on which ICarefone for WhatsApp Transfer is installed. For the iPhone, it is better to use the original cable. Make sure the program recognized them.

Now you need to create a copy of all data on the source device. To do this, click the “Create a new backup” button “.

It remains to transfer it to the iPhone: for this, the WhatsApp application should already be installed on it. The program will ask you to enter the phone number to which the messenger is tied.

After that, all information from the backup will be restored on the “apple” smartphone.

SMS transmission from Android to iPhone using Move to iOS

Apple picked up the tendency to use several devices and released the Android transmission application to the iPhone called to go to the firmware, as the name implies, this application can transmit SMS from Android to iPhone. In addition to messages, the appendix to IOS also supports contacts, photos, videos and other data types.

Step 1: Connect the iPhone and Android device to one Wi-Fi network. Unlock your Android device, go to the Google Play Store, find and download the “Move to iOS” application for free.

The Move to IOS application is compatible with Android 4.0 or later. IOS supported devices include iPhone 5 or higher, iPad 4th generation / mini 2nd generation and iPod Touch 6th generations running iOS 9 and above.

Step 2: Tune the new iPhone until you see the “Appendix and Data” screen. Choose an option called “move data from Android”. Then click “Continue” on the screen to display the verification code.

Step 3: Turn on your Android device and open the “Move to iOS” application. Click “Continue” in the main intese and “accept” the conditions of use. Now enter a 12-digit code that is displayed on the iPhone screen on the Android device.

Step 4: After entering code, two devices will be connected through a single.Rat network, and you will fall on the screen of data types. Be sure to select “Messages” and other types of data, and then click “Next” at the top of the screen to start the SMS transmission from Android to iPhone.

It is convenient to move to iOS as an application for data from Android to iPhone. But there are several factors that you must understand. First of all, this is available only when transmitting data from Android to the new iPhone. In other words, Move to IOS is not designed to synchronize files from Android on iOS with everyday use. In addition, you must carefully follow the procedure. One error can lead to a compound failure.

Is it worth switching to the iPhone

Face ID. Perhaps the best invention of Apple

Despite these shortcomings, I like iPhone. Apple mobile operating room is very logical and intuitively clear. Here are the main arguments that made me stay on iOS:

  • I make less errors when typing, car administration works better.
  • Applications do not stop working out of the blue, and their functions are not disconnected when overflowing the cache.
  • Updates for most applications first go to iOS, and only then on Android. Even Google most often releases an update in the App Store than in Google Play.
  • Applications ask me if I want to be tracked and collected by my data. So Apple really cares about my confidentiality.
  • Face ID is a super-circular thing. There is simply no more convenient verification system, you just don’t notice how it works.
  • Pares with other Apple devices, iPhones gain new functions. For example, now I can copy the text on the computer, and insert on a smartphone, or take a call to the iPad.
  • Updates for iOS go to all devices at once, and I do not need to wait until the manufacturer wakes up and releases an update for my smartphone.

How to Transfer Data from Android to iPhone (2 Free Ways)

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Objectively iPhone is a smartphone that is really made for people. It seems that he was created so that the user does not, God forbid. Android is not on Android. Of course, I do not think that Google developers did it on purpose. Most likely, all those shortcomings of Android, which are not in iOS, exist due to the architectural features of this particular platform. But, in fact, what is the difference to me why it happens that way?

After all, I just want to use my smartphone, I do not want to clean the cache to work, I don’t want to know what cache is on Android. So the iPhone may not be very convenient in the initial setting, but it is very convenient in the further use. And, you know, I am ready to get confused once so as not to fool myself in the future.

You can discuss as much as you like about the quality of Google services, but deny the fact that Google Chrome. One of the best browsers all the time is simply pointless. Every day, millions of people around the world use it, regardless of the platform of their devices, especially since the reasons for this are enough: fast work, simple and at the same time convenient integration, excellent synchronization between devices. But this all fades compared to the main advantage. Extensions.

You probably already know that recently Apple and Google are very actively canceled by Russian users. However, they not only limit the work of their services in Russia. They go further than the law obliges them, and remove the application of local banks from their stores that have fallen under sanctions. As a result, neither in Google Play or the App Store you will no longer find Sberbank online. But it is at such moments that you begin to rethink your values ​​and understand what really matters and what. No one.

Alice from Yandex. This is the best Russian.Speaking voice assistant of those on the market. She quickly responds to questions, gives them the right answers, very nicely cuts off, and her voice is almost impossible to distinguish from human. The robot in it is given out only rare problems with stresses in words. But even at the same time she has practically no equal. Accordingly, if you buy some kind of column with a voice assistant, then only Yandex.Station. Another question is what exactly, because in the assortment of Yandex there are already as many as 7 pieces.

Everything in Apple products is great except the price.

I have IMAC 27, Makbook M1. Everything in Apple products is fine except iPhone. Around 2012 he went to Android. There was an attempt with the iPhone 11, I could not sit on it more than one day. After android. As if he had returned in 2012 updates and price. Samsung, for example, produces patches every month, the price is comparable.

6 years ago tears with a wretched iOS on a beautiful robot. I never regret. Both systems are used, but as the main android of course.

As I liked in the same previous one, such an article is “the matter is not better and what is more suitable, what is more like”. Yes, price is the main thing that is not even that scares away, but (I don’t know if there is such a word in russian ulcer). It takes away the process of buying iPhone. I am an ordinary citizen, a disabled person, that is, a pension and a salary below the average. I am killed by the idea of ​​giving 200 Baku for a bootelphone of 5-6 years ago-of course, more practical for the same grandmas to buy a new Android with a year of warranty.

transfer, messages, android, iphone

The price of flagships is comparable. But there are beautiful devices from OnePlus, Realme, Xiaomi for a very reasonable budget. And if you consider the BU, then you can take last year’s flagship Samsung inexpensively.

Quote: However, the binding was not the most convenient. Unlike Android, where the NFC works in both directions, the iPhone does not just allow you to attach a “plastic” to the back cover to write down payment data in memory. This is very inconvenient, because you have to score all the information manually. Rave. The card can be added quite conveniently and quickly to Wallet from most banking applications on iOS!!

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