How to transfer from one iPhone to another

Iphone data transfer to iPhone

It happens that IveStore service centers are not nearby or not present in your city, but you must quickly transfer data from the iPhone to the iPhone, while maintain valuable information. I don’t really want to contact incomprehensible centers, since they can make a copy of all your data there and arrange a transfer with losses or mistakes, and at the same time they will still take a tidy amount for the entire procedure. For example, some centers, not only for the repair of Apple equipment, but also for sale, on transferring data from the iPhone to the iPhone, take 5000, which looks predatory in relation to the client. In the IveStore center, such a service costs from 500 to 1000, the price varies from shares, moreover, very often for regular customers, this service costs nothing. Therefore, we are happy to share with you about how to independently transfer all the data from one iPhone to another.

Data transfer to new iPhone

First you need to figure out which iPhone in your hands, if you want to transfer data from the old iPhone to a new model, then provided that on the old smartphone you have a version of iOS at least 11, the procedure is simplified to madness, you just need to bring two devices to each other and voila, magic:

transfer, iphone, another

How to Transfer eSIM from one iPhone to Another

  • As mentioned earlier, we put both iPhone with each other.
  • Choosing a language on a new device.
  • Get to the window with Apple ID and press further, you will be offered to use Apple ID at this stage.
  • Make sure you have chosen the desired Apple ID and click “Continue”.
  • In this case, Bluetooth should be turned on.
  • An animation ball will appear on the new device.
  • Take the old iPhone and get it on the ball on the screen of the new.
  • The message “Completion on the new device” will appear.
  • The new iPhone will be asked to enter the code-paralle from the old, enter.
  • Tune the Face ID and Touch ID functions on the new iPhone.
  • Next, enter the password from Apple ID on the new smartphone.
  • After that, a request will appear to restore programs and other settings, select.
  • In this case, it is necessary to be connected to Wi-Fi.
  • Everything, just wait.

By the way, starting from 12.4 versions of iOS, this procedure can be performed even faster, just choosing the transfer of data on the cable, for this you will have to connect the iPhones of each other-k-two. The only thing for this method will require Lightning adapter with USB and USB-Lightning cable, which comes with the new iPhone. By the way, we advise you to buy a Lightning adapter with a USB for iPhone in IveStore, since this accessory is indispensable, you can connect flash drives and other accessories to it, and in our Apple network, the price for it is very good.

Iphone data transfer using iCloud

This method is one of the most inconvenient, especially if you use Apple technique by 100%. Когда у вас очень много приложений, данных, фотографий и так далее, в «облако» резервная копия просто может и не влезть. Typically, unknowingly, some, without suspecting, activate a paid subscription to the cloud and they have a tidy amount for using an additional place only for storing backups, since this very cloud few people use it every month. But if suddenly, you do not have much data and everything gets into the free ICLUD tariff, then we do the following:

  • We open the settings on the old iPhone.
  • We go to Apple ID and go to icloud there.
  • Next, just select icloud backup.
  • Click “Create a copy”.
  • After the backup copy was created and loaded into the “cloud” take a new iPhone, choose a tongue, set up Wi-Fi and press “restore from the backup of icloud”.
  • Next, enter the iCloud account and select a backup there, which was recently created on the old iPhone.
  • Then you wait, the process can occupy several hours and depends entirely on the Internet connection and the volume of the copy itself.
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Data transfer using iTunes

This is one of the most reliable and stable methods for transferring data, since the intermediary device is used here, on which we will save a backup and can not lose 100% of it. The truth will have to install iTunes if you have not used it before:

  • Download the latest version of the “tuna” and install it
  • Run ITUNES, then connect the old iPhone to the computer via cable
  • At the top of iTunes you will have a small iPhone icon, click on it and choose “encrypt a backup”, and then click the “Run backup” button
  • The copying process will be displayed at the top of the iTunes window with a blue strip or on the right in the menu will give you % of copied data
  • After all the data has been copied, turn off the old iPhone from the computer
  • We turn on the new iPhone on the computer and you will be immediately offered to conduct an initial setting. Here we select “Restoration from the backup of iTunes”
  • After that, select the recently created backup (it will be in the drop.Down list and is called as your iPhone is called)
  • Click “Restore from a backup”
  • Enter the password from the backup (if you encrypted it)
  • We wait for the end of the process and voila, magic!

As you can see, transferring data from iPhone to iPhone. It is very simple and it makes no sense to rely on someone when you can do everything at home in the shortest time. Therefore, do not overpay for the service in obscure companies for 5000. If it turned out to be difficult for you, then come to the network of Apple centers. Ivestore, where you will be transferred to data at a symbolic price during the work of the master, no more. Over, we will tell you how to handle the iPhone correctly, pick up useful accessories and give discounts on them. Thank you for your attention.

First make a backup

So, the first thing to do is to throw data from the old apparatus. This can be done in three ways:

Each method has its pros and cons of. We will analyze each of them in detail.


ICLOUD cloud storage allows the user to transfer such information as: photographs, videos, documents, programs, program setting up and visual display of the desktop, purchases on the AppStore, Media Feals, as well as SMS and MMS messages. You can also independently indicate those points and parameters that will be stored on Apple servers. For example, only these galleries, ringtones, audiobooks, but not the config of an electronic wallet or notes.

Free user is provided with access to a virtual space of 5 GB. A larger amount of memory can be obtained if you buy an additional place in iCloud, or to clean the media text already “merged into the cloud”. This factor must be taken into account before creating a backup.

  • Log in the smartphone settings and click on the user image.
  • Find the item “ICloud”. Tap it and follow the “backup” tab.
  • Turn on the backup “Reserve Copy in ICLOUD”. Tap a little lower on the line “Create a backup”.

Ios will show a line of condition, as well as the approximate time for which a backup will be created.


The main program that allows you to make a lot of Apple settings, including the creation of a full archive, without loss of data. At the same time, all the same data is preserved in it as in iCloud. Through iTunes, you can remember all the logins and passwords to your social networks, the entire list of contacts, data from Apple Watch, including notes in the health program, WhatsApp, music, pictures, SMS, SMS.

  • Connect a smartphone to a computer or laptop using a factory cable.
  • Open the iTunes program and find the icon icon in the upper left corner. Click on it.
  • In the window that opens, you can see a field called “backup copies”. Here you need to set two flags. One opposite “icloud” or “this computer”; You can choose anyone at your discretion. It is recommended to set the second flag opposite the point “Highlight a local copy”. It is this setting that allows you to save logins, passwords (including from Microsoft Exchange and Gmail), open sessions on social networks and other web resources.
  • Click on the “Create a copy now” button. The device will begin the process of synchronization.
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Important point: be sure to remember or save the password from Apple ID. Otherwise, the new smartphone will be blocked after the completion of “migration”.

Transfer photos and videos manually

You can make a backup photo and video manually using PC (without using iTunes). As part of this instructions, consider the file transfer algorithm directly to the computer running Windows 10. The system should be installed by the Apple Mobile Device Support drivers or the ITUNES version not lower than version 12.5.One.

  • Connect the smartphone to the computer using Lightning cable. In some cases, a password may be required to unlock.
  • The telephone security system can display a warning: “Trust this computer”. Click “Trust” or “allow”.
  • Click on the “Start” button and select “Photos” item. The Windows app is opened.
  • Select the item “Import” and “with USB devices”, then follow the instructions and tips of the system.

This method will work if the smartphone does not store images in the ICLOUD cloud.


Without which no modern smartphone cannot be imagined? Of course, without applications that endow it with different possibilities. We talked in detail about the methods that allow you to share applications for the iPhone on the site earlier.

Transfer of all data from iPhone to iPhone

So, you have two Apple smartphones: one on which there is information and the second on which it should be loaded. In such a situation, it is rational to use the backup function, with which you can completely and completely transfer all the data from one phone to another. But first you will need to create a backup copy. This can be done both through a computer using the iTunes program, and using the ICLOD cloud storage.

Further, the method of installing a backup will depend on whether you will install it through iTunes or through the cloud service ICLOUD. However, it is worth noting that there is an alternative solution, which we will consider primarily.

Tenorshare icarefone

Using specialized software, you can create backups of all information stored on the iPhone, multimedia files and applications data, save them to the computer, and then restore/transfer them to the same or other phone. One of the available representatives of this segment PRO is Icarefone from developers from Tenorshare, which we will use to solve the problem from the heading of the article.

Creating a backup

Note: If a pop.Up window appears with the question “Trust this computer”, unlock the phone screen and answer in the affirmative, touching the inscription “Trust”.

Note! Tenorshare icarefone provides an opportunity to create an unlimited number of backups, and any of them will be available for restoration.

Recovery from a backup

    By analogy with the first two steps of the previous instruction, start the program, connect the iPhone to the PC and go to the “backup and restoration” tab.

Note! If the backup is protected by means of password, to go to the next step, you will need to enter it.

Note! Tenorshare icarefone allows you to restore on the iPhone only photos, videos, music, messages and contacts, bookmarks and notes (the appropriate notification will appear in the program).


Thanks to the emergence of the iCloud service, most users have practically no need to connect a smartphone to a computer, since even a backup can not be stored in iTunes, but in the cloud.

    To install a backup from iCloud, it is necessary to completely clean the smartphone of content and settings. Therefore, if the second smartphone already contains any data, perform their deletion.


Through iTunes, installing a backup on devices is easier, since it is not necessary to perform data removal here first.

How to transfer a phone number to a new iPhone

After the SIM card is inserted into the purchased equipment, the telephone number will automatically recognize. The mobile mobile receives calls and wireless communication, the conditions for using the tariff from the service provider cannot change.

The problem sometimes consists in unsuitable size to the purchased smartphone of the SIM card. Independent pruning will not give anything. The procedure should be carried out by a specialist from the operator of the cellular communications. In extreme cases, the representative office will replace it with a new.

The exchange of SIM cards is made for free points for free, you can also connect a new one, but sometimes dealers require the service for the service.

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Different types of cards

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Sorry, please, for a stupid question, perhaps I will ask everything: is it possible on the iPhone, on which there is some music and, most importantly, the ringtones, to pull music from a computer to which this iPhone had not previously been connected without losing musical information? It’s just that the whole thing is that the laptop, through which all my iPhones were synchronized for many years, was stolen. It turns out that now it remains only to “make friends” of the phone with a new computer, but I really would not want to lose everything that has accumulated there for so many years In other words: there is a need to add new music to existing music, through a new computer. Thanks in advance for the answer. I hope I more or less outlined the essence of my difficult question)

Good afternoon. The best way out in this situation will be the use of itools. With it, you can either: a) just throw music and ringtones on the iPhone from a computer; b) initially copy music and ringtones through ITOLS on a computer, and then synchronize the old content of new songs/ringtones through iTunes. In this case, neither music nor ringtones will be lost.

You can find out more about how to download/throw music on iPhone via itools here. There is also a lot of information and other methods of loading music on the iPhone can be useful.

Thank you very much for such a quick and detailed answer. You can’t tell me where exactly to read about itools) I just can’t navigate here. Sorry. And thanks in advance.

Yes, and another question: to use itools, it is not necessary to install a jailbreak? I really would not like

How to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone via iCloud

The method of transferring contacts from the iPhone to iPhone via iCloud is the simplest and fastest. Everything that is required of you is to have access to the Internet.

On the iPhone from which you want to transfer contacts, go to the “Settings” menu → icloud and make sure that the “Contacts” switch is active.

Go to the “Settings” menu → ICLOUD → “Reserve Copy” and click the “Create backup” button. Wait for the end of the process.

Advice! You can check the successful synchronization of contacts with the cloud on the icloud website.Com. The number of records in contact books (displayed at the bottom of the list) should be the same.

On the iPhone, to which you want to transfer contacts, go to the “Settings” menu → ICLOD and get back to your ICLOD accounting. If you have already been authorized, you can skip a step.

In the “Settings” menu → icloud (on the new iPhone) activate the “Contacts” switch.

transfer, iphone, another

Transfer All Data From iPhone To iPhone (Without iCloud or iTunes)

Ready! Your contacts after only a couple of minutes (time depends on the number of contacts) will transfer to the new iPhone. Make sure that the transfer is over by watching the number of contacts at the very bottom of the contact book.

Mobile applications for sending contacts

It is not necessary to use software for PC to transfer numbers from a telephone book. There are many mobile applications with which this will also be done. Among them, the following can be distinguished:

  • Copy My Data. This is a fairly popular program that is often used in exporting contacts. Among its features, one can highlight the fact that it works without problems on the mobile phones with Android OS.
  • Contaker. This utility was developed specifically for the iPhone. Its main purpose is import and export of phone numbers. With its help, it will be possible to transfer all contacts at a time.
  • Move to iOS. This is a universal application that allows you to transfer absolutely any content. Therefore, it is suitable for sending contacts, photos, videos and other media files.

Iphone owners periodically face the need to postpone contacts. However, before doing this, you need to familiarize yourself with step.By.Step instructions that will help to do everything right.

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