How To Transfer From Computer To Ipad

About the ways

There are several ways how to transfer from computer to iPad:

The easiest way is iTunes. You need the gadget itself, a complete cable and a computer running Windows or OS.

  • The more modern way is the cloud. Here we simply upload ours to any data storage service we like. In this case, you do not need a cable, but you need the Internet, and quite high speed.
  • A fairly popular method is to use third-party players. This will allow you to watch not only MP4.
  • And the last option if the computer is very far away. Apple Connection Kit. A special adapter that is inserted into the slot of the device and allows the gadget to read memory cards.
  • Via iTunes

    Here’s how to proceed if you want to download from your computer to your iPad via iTunes:

    Install iTunes, although, most likely, if you use Apple technology, then you already have it installed. In any case, the latest version can always be downloaded from the official website.

  • Next, you need to prepare the files for upload. Unfortunately, devices with apple, when using a standard player, can only play MP4 files, which are also packed in M4V resolution. If you have a different format, then in order to transfer it from a computer to an iPad, you should reformat it using any converter convenient for you. There are many such programs and most are even free.
  • We make a folder on the computer, where we will now and further put the files that should be transferred to the device.
  • We connect the iPad with a cable to the computer. In the tablet control menu or in the settings (then this value will be the same for all devices), enable the “Process manually” option and apply the changes.

  • Now you can open the Movies tab and just drag it from the folder here.
  • This is the whole transfer procedure. No syncs or other problems.

    Third party players

    Just like a computer, you can install a third-party player on Apple devices. This will make it possible to simplify the process of downloading from a computer to an iPad even more than in the case of a standard method and a player. There can be no instructions as such, since each program is unique. But they have in common:

      We connect the tablet to the computer and launch iTunes. We go to the gadget menu and the application tab. The desired player must already be installed.

    Go to the application tab and see the field with files, click “Add.” and load everything you need into the program.

  • After downloading the file, you can enter the program; will be there now.
  • How to download from computer to iPad

    Apple technology has always delighted its users with its simplicity, conciseness and bug-freeness. Users of other operating systems very often struggle with various bugs. And with iOS there are completely different moments, these are the features of the “eco-system”. In this article, we’ll show you how to transfer from computer to iPad. The same method works for iPhone and iPod.

    Through the cloud

    In this case, you need to create an account for yourself in any cloud storage service. We will show with the example of DropBox.

      We go into the service, create a folder there and load the necessary one there.

    After that, we install the applications of the data storage service on the device and open from the tablet.

    Can be viewed online or downloaded to the device memory.

    This method is probably the simplest, but it will require an account in the service, the required amount of memory there and a fairly fast Internet.

    Apple Connection Kit

    Probably the most specific method, only needed if you have a need to download files directly from a memory card.

    There are subtleties here, since the adapter is designed to carry and created by a device or camera. But this moment can be circumvented:

    File format. Strictly MP4 (m4v).

  • Create a DCIM folder on the flash drive.
  • Files must be named PICT0001.Mp4
  • And now you can copy files through the standard application for.
  • Everything is not difficult here, but you need a rather expensive accessory.

    Upload photos to iPad

    First, let’s create a folder on the hard drive for photos that we will upload to the iPad.

    I just called it Foto for iPad. If the free space on the iPad allows you to download all the photos from your archive, then you do not need to create anything. After we create a folder. Copy photos there for uploading to iPad, you can also by folders.

    How To Transfer From Computer To Ipad

    Connect iPad via USB to PC and open iTunes. We select our iPad and tab. Select the folder where the photos are to be uploaded to the iPad. To make the picture match what you see in the screenshot below.

    We enable the checkbox “Synchronize photos from”. In the drop-down menu, select the item “Select folder”.

    After selecting the “Foto for iPad” folder, you should get something like this.

    If you need to download certain folders, then select the item: selected folders and tick the folders with photos that you want to download to iPad.

    Check the “Include in sync” box if you want the mp4 format from the “Foto for iPad” folder to also get to the iPad. I do not recommend doing this, since it is better to upload it separately, and not store it together with photos.

    Next, we can click either the “Apply” button below, or later, when synchronizing, the photos will be added to our iPad.

    It’s even easier in OS X. If you work with iPhoto or Aperture or any other photo cataloger, then in iTunes in the section you just need to click the Synchronize checkbox and select the desired program in the drop-down list. Then select the necessary albums in the same way as I mentioned above. If you are not using a cataloger, you can synchronize the folder with photos, similar to the method described above for Windows.

    So, I explained how to download photos to iPad. Now let’s look at deleting.

    Preparing to upload

    Step 1. Install iTunes (Skip if iTunes is already installed)

    No instruction is required for OS X. Itunes is included in the operating system by default.

    Step 2. Preset iTunes (skip the steps you have already done)

    A) In iTunes 11 on Windows, the menu bar is hidden by default. Turn it on. It’s more convenient with it. In the upper left corner of the program, click on the icon and in the drop-down list, click Show menu bar (or press CTRLB)

    B) authorize the computer with your account. In the Store menu. Authorize this computer.

    C) turn on the side menu display. From the menu, select View. Show Sidebar (or press CTRLS).

    How to Upload Photos to iPad with iTunes

    The methods for uploading photos to iPad may differ from mine, but this is exactly what I do, so I advise you. The method is suitable for those who use or plan to use iTunes to sync.

    How to Delete Photos from iPad

    If you did everything as I described above, then deleting photos from iPad has become a trivial task. We simply delete unwanted photos or folders from the Foto for iPad folder on the computer.

    We connect iPad and sync it via iTunes. Photos will be automatically deleted when syncing.

    Separately, it should be said about screenshots from the iPad and photos taken by the iPad itself, which appear in the standard application “” in the “film” album. They can be removed through the operating system explorer or any file manager. We connect the iPad to the computer via a USB cable and delete it in Explorer.

    How to upload photos to iPad

    We continue our instructions. This instruction is based on the most modern iOS 7 and the latest version of iTunes 11 at the moment.

    I have already described in detail how to download music to iPad. The turn of photos has come. Just like that, connecting the iPad as a USB flash drive, you will not be able to upload photos. In the instructions, I will tell you how to upload photos using iTunes (this is the most standard and recommended method provided by Apple). I will also talk about how to delete photos from iPad and offer alternative ways to upload photos.

    Delete photos directly from iPad

    Thus, you can only delete screenshots and those taken by the iPad itself, as well as photos in the stream. Below is a step-by-step example of deleting screenshots.

    We go into the standard program. Go to the Albums section. We go to the album “tape”. We press the button “Select” in the upper right corner.

    Next, select the photos for deletion with a simple tap on them.

    After that, click the button with the basket in the upper left corner. And in the drop-down list, click on “Delete N”.

    An interesting point:

    Note that you can see how much space the photos take on iPad in iTunes. Yellow is the color of the photographs.

    I recommend reading:

    1.Can be downloaded using a third-party iTunes alternative program called iTools. The advantage of this method is that synchronization is not needed. Itools app overview.

    2. Photos can be stored and viewed in third-party programs. For example, in the FileHub app. Accordingly, the download to there will be different. Filehub overview. I also recommend looking at the specialized PhotoManager Pro program. Its purpose is to provide an alternative to the standard viewer. Photomanager Pro Overview.

    Well, free cloud storages Dropbox, Yandex.Disk and others allow uploading to iPad, although they are more used for online storage of photos.

    3. I also recommend reading the review of the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit, which is designed for downloading photos from flash drives. It is convenient in this way to take pictures directly from the device without a computer.

    Via iTunes

    Now we will look at the algorithm of how to download to iPad from a computer using iTunes. Follow the instructions and everything will work out:

      On your Mac or Windows, create a folder for the photos you want to upload to your tablet.

  • Connect iPad to computer and launch iTunes if autoplay is not enabled when device is connected.
  • Click on the tablet icon that appears, as shown in the screenshot, then go to the “” section and put a tick in front of “Synchronize”.
  • Now specify the path to the folder with photos and click the “Apply” button.
  • How to transfer from computer to iPad

    Ipad is a great device for viewing photos. Especially after the release of The New iPad, or as it is also called the iPad 3, since it was from it that the era of Retina-screens began, which significantly increased the image quality. We will look at how to download to iPad from a computer easily and quickly.

    Ways to transfer files

    In general, this information will be needed by people who take pictures using different devices, but like to view pictures on the iPad. There are several ways you can transfer your work to your tablet.

    Using cloud services

    Cloud services, which are gaining more and more popularity, are excellent assistants in deciding how to download from a computer to an iPad.

    The most popular services today are Dropdox, Yandex.Disk, Google Drive, and so on. Let’s look at Yandex.Disk as an example, but the operations do not differ much from each other depending on the resource. So, how to download to iPad from computer:

      If you are not registered in the Yandex system, you will need to do this. The operation will only take a couple of minutes.

    Then you can go to Yandex.Disk. There you need to create a folder, as shown in the screenshot.

    In the created folder you drop photos from any medium. Whether it is a memory card or a computer hard drive. This can be done by dragging and dropping or simply by clicking the “Download” button.

    For this step, you need to install the official version of the Yandex.Disk Client application on your iPad from the App Store. After downloading, log in to it.

    Now go to the folder with photos, click on the one you need, then on the “Share” icon, then select “Save to gallery”.

  • You can throw the entire folder offline. This is done simply: select folders and click “Offline”. This will give you access to these files offline.Offline.Png
  • Using a gadget from Apple

    Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit: this gadget is an adapter, on one side of which there is an output for a 30 pin connector or lightning, and on the other. An output for USB to connect a camera, or an output for a card reader, depending on the version.

    Well, we’ve covered all possible ways to transfer photos from computer to iPad. If you have any other options or have problems. Write comments. We will definitely respond.

    How to Transfer Files from Computer to iPhone and iPad

    Several different ways.

    Iphone and iPad are multimedia devices with which you can listen to music, watch movies, read books and do a whole lot of other tasks. But a user who recently bought an iPhone or iPad has a reasonable question. How do you get all these files onto your device? In this article, we will look at the process of downloading various types of multimedia (and not only) files on the iPhone and iPad.

    You can drop any file on the iPhone and iPad, without exception, but, unfortunately, not every file can be opened. Let’s start with the simplest manipulations. Learn how to reset movies, music, books and using iTunes.

    How to Transfer Photos from Computer to iPhone or iPad Using iTunes

    Step 1. Open iTunes. If the utility is not installed, download the latest version from the official Apple website.

    Step 2. Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer using a USB cable.

    Step 3. Select the appeared device on the top panel.

    Step 4. Select the “”.

    Step 5. Click on the checkmark next to the words “Sync photos from”.

    Step 6. To the right of this label is a button labeled “Images”. Click on it and select “Select folder”

    Step 7. Specify the folder with the photos you want to see on your iPhone or iPad.

    Step 8. Click “Apply” in the lower right corner and wait for the sync to finish.

    How to Transfer Books from Computer to iPhone or iPad Using iTunes

    With books, things are a little different. We have already described in detail three different applications for reading books on the iPhone and iPad, these are iBooks, Bookmate and Aychitalka. Follow the appropriate links to get detailed information on this process.

    How to Transfer Music from Computer to iPhone and iPad with iTunes

    Step 1. Open iTunes. In case it is not installed, download the latest version from the official website.

    Step 2.Connect iPhone or iPad to computer with USB cable.

    Step 3. Add to iTunes the music you want to download to your smartphone. To do this, click File → Add File to Library to open a specific song, or File → Add Folder to Library to add a folder with music. Itunes supports Drag’n’Drop, which allows you to simply drag individual songs and folders with music to the program window to add.

    Step 4. Wait until the music is defined in iTunes and select the icon with the image of your device on the panel.

    Step 5. Go to the “Music” menu and select the songs you want to transfer to your iPhone or iPad. You can also check the box next to “Entire Library” to sync all your music to your device.

    Step 6. Click “Apply” in the lower right corner of iTunes and wait for the sync to finish.

    To transfer movies to your iPhone or iPad, you must do exactly the same operation as described above, but choosing in Step 5 not “Music”, but “Movies”. By the way, just after several such operations, users who disliked iTunes for their apparent complexity completely change their minds about this unique multimedia combine.

    How to use an iPhone or iPad as a flash drive

    Step 1. Download and install the latest version of iFunBox.

    Step 2. Open the program and connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer. In order for iFunBox to see your device, iTunes must be installed on the computer.

    Step 3. The device will be identified in the program and you will be able to upload absolutely any files to it using your iPhone or iPad as a USB flash drive.

    Step 4. Drop the files that need to be “moved” to the “Shared storage” folder.

    A very convenient solution that can help out at the most crucial moment. For example, there is no flash drive at hand, but you need to drop an important file “weighing” several gigabytes. Do not send this by mail. Iphone or iPad, together with iFunBox, does an excellent job with this task. Files are not damaged and are thrown off safe and sound.

    Users who jailbreak their devices are in better luck. With Cydia’s huge selection of file system tweaks, they can unpack files using dedicated managers, download files straight from Safari, and more. A prime example of such a tweak is the iFile file manager. You can find other useful jailbreak tweaks for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch by following this link.

    How to Download Movies and to iPad from Computer via iTunes?

    Itunes is a software specially designed for copying media files from iOS devices to Windows-PC and Macbook. It remains to find out how to upload a movie or to iPad from a computer using this program.

    Launch iTunes;

  • Click on the name of the iPad;
  • Open the “Shared files” section on the device, select the desired file, for example, a movie;
  • Drag the folders from the PC to the list of devices on the iPad.
  • Done. The copied movie can be viewed on the iPad in the “” section. Other media files are transferred similarly.

    To copy folders via iTunes to Apple’s PC, you need to update macOS to the latest generation. If a computer is used on Windows, the operating system must be installed at least Windows 7.

    Important: this way only files in.Mov.M4v and.Mp4 formats are copied. If the files on the PC are of a different format, the tablet will display a record that the copying failed. Exit. Convert files to another format.

    How to transfer movies, and from iPad to computer and vice versa: 7 ways

    Ipad allows you to not only surf the Internet, download movies and music, but also shoots or vivid shots from everyday life. It is convenient, because the gadget is always at hand.

    But how expedient it is to store tons of accumulated data in the memory of the iPad is a moot point. Isn’t it easier to periodically dump files onto your computer, freeing up megabytes for new information? To anyone interested, the article offers 7 instructions on how to transfer media from iPad to computer and vice versa.

    Transferring files using AirDrop

    Initially, AirDrop technology was used to exchange information between Mac computers from the same network. But in 2013, the software became available for iOS devices, it became possible to transfer files between iPad (for example Air 2019) and Mac.

    For your information: the technology is relevant only for computers from Apple, there are other ways for Windows.

    To use this method, iPad must have at least iOS 8th generation installed, and at least OS X 10.10 Yosemite on the computer. In order to send selected or movie files from iPad to Mac, it is worth doing 6 steps:

    Open Finder on your computer, go to the AirDrop section;

  • Software must be available for all users, you can check this through the switches at the bottom of the screen;
  • Enable AirDrop by setting it “For all devices”;
  • Now open the file you want to transfer on the tablet;
  • Share button;
  • When the image appears on the computer screen, confirm the file reception.
  • Pictures and will be automatically saved to the Downloads folder on your computer. For the transfer to be successful, the iPad must be no more than 10 meters from the Mac. In addition, on both devices you need to turn on Wi-Fi and bluetooth.

    Now, on the contrary, how to copy files from Mac PC (Macbook Pro as an option) to iPad. The manual is just as simple and accessible. Everything is done like this:

    • Activate AirDrop on the iPad via the “Control” item;
    • Open the desired file on your computer and click on the “Share” button;
    • A window with the name of the addressee will “pop up” on the screen;
    • Confirm transfer.

    To open the received files on the iPad, you need special programs. It is worth downloading them taking into account the file format, for example, for.Pdf, iBooks software is ideal, for text documents with the.Doc extension. Pages, etc.

    Option 2: iMobie AnyTrans

    The main purpose of this software is to simplify the transfer of other content from the iPad to the computer and back. Its only drawback is the English-language interface, but this does not pose a particular problem. Need to:

    • Connect devices to each other;
    • In the menu, click the icon with the desired action (the icons are so clear that it is difficult to make a mistake);
    • Decide on the elements to transfer.

    Information is transferred from device to device at lightning speed. With this program, files can also ply between two Apple gadgets, to iTunes and back, to any device on iOS specified by the user (for example, iPhone).

    Paid software, suitable for Mac and Windows. During the download, you need to purchase a license for your OS on your computer. You will need a license for authorization in the system.

    How to download a movie or to an iPad from a computer

    The instructions will be especially interesting for fans of TV series. To keep your favorite movie always at hand, you can use one of the suggested guides for copying.

    Option 1: EaseUS MobiMover

    This software is an improved alternative to iTunes, free and with great functionality. Designed specifically for Windows PCs. It is better to download it from the official site. The app supports audio, files, as well as contacts, messages, bookmarks, etc.

    To transfer all this stuff from the computer to the iPad (including the mini 5 model), you need:

    • Connect both devices with a cable, start the program;
    • Connect it to the iPad;
    • Go to the Click Transfer tab and select the transfer direction. There are only 3 options: from PC to Apple gadget, in reverse order, between two iOS devices;
    • Decide on folders and files to copy;
    • Click Transfer to confirm your intentions.

    Now you can open the gallery and view.

    How to Transfer from Computer without iTunes

    With services like iCloud, Dropbox and Google Drive, you no longer need to use iTunes to transfer photos and. If you’ve set up iCloud on your Windows PC, you can easily sync all your locally saved photos from iCloud and access them on any Apple device signed in to the same iCloud account within seconds. And if you’re using a Mac, your images are automatically synced to your iPhone and iPad using iCloud.

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    How to Transfer Photos from Windows to iPhone or iPad

    If you have not previously synced your device with iTunes, you will not be able to use the Wi-Fi wireless sync function in iTunes, and you will need to connect your iPhone with a cable. First of all, make sure you have installed the latest version of iTunes on your computer to proceed with this operation.

    • Connect your iPhone or iPad to your Windows computer using the original USB to Lightning (or USB to USB C) cable and open the iTunes app on your computer.
    • Click on the iPhone or iPad icon which is right next to the Music tab as shown in the screenshot below.

    Go to the device page in iTunes

    Sync must be enabled

    Select the folder where your photos are stored

    Now if you go to the “” app on your iPhone or iPad, you can access all the photos that you have chosen to sync on your computer.

    If you have HEIC photos, you may find this article helpful on how to open it.

    However, connecting an iPhone or iPad to a computer over a wire is gradually becoming a thing of the past. If you don’t want to rely on a USB to Lightning cable for transferring content, you can enable Wi-Fi sync in iTunes for wireless transfers. However, for this to work, your PC and iPhone / iPad must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

    How to Transfer from Windows Computer to iPhone and iPad

    Want to transfer photos that are stored on your Windows computer to your iPhone or iPad? Many of us take pictures with a professional camera and save them on a computer for later processing, but if you want to access them on your mobile device, you need to transfer them to your iPhone or iPad using iTunes first. Yes, someone will say now “Apple has stopped supporting iTunes!”, But on Windows this is still an effective way to move.

    There are several ways to transfer from computer to iPhone or iPad

    Earlier versions of macOS and Windows use iTunes to sync content to iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch using a wired or wireless connection. Previously, even activating a device without iTunes was impossible, but now everything is much simpler. In macOS Catalina, iTunes moved to Finder; on Windows, many still use it to transfer content to iPhone and iPad.

    It should be noted that this is about moving from computer to iOS, not vice versa. You can now transfer photos from iPhone to Windows without iTunes, there are tools built into the operating system for importing images.

    Best comment

    There is also such a thing as iTools, I have been using it for a long time, it is much better than iTunes, because it does not require annoying synchronization after each time you connect your iPhone, you can easily drop music, and so on.

    Method 1. How to download to an iPhone via aytyuns from a computer

    For experienced users, and for Apple itself, this method is the most obvious. You just add to iTunes and sync it to your device.

    Step 1. Connect your iPhone to your computer and turn on iTunes. Wait until everything is decided and the synchronization ends.

    Step 2. Open the section on iTunes in the drop-down menu of your smartphone. This section will list everything that is in iTunes and on your iPhone.

    Step 3. Open the folder with which you want to transfer. Drag it to the center of the iTunes window to the others and make sure that after processing there is a checkmark next to it confirming the synchronization.

    Step 4. To download from computer to iPhone, go to the information section about your smartphone and start the synchronization manually. After its completion will be on the iPhone.

    This method has a significant drawback. Itunes must be installed on your computer, and with your PC this is often not a problem. Over, if you are an Apple user of a mobile device, you have definitely installed iTunes for yourself. But, with someone else’s computer there may be problems.

    Three ways to transfer from computer to iPhone

    Sooner or later, every owner of Apple devices faces the question of how to transfer from a computer to an iPhone. And this issue is solved very easily and in several ways. Although, each of the methods will be more convenient for different cases.

    For example, you can easily sync to your iPhone from your computer using iTunes. It’s another matter if the computer does not belong to you, but it has what you need for your iPhone. In this case, iCloud will help. A cloud storage that will allow you to transfer over the Internet.

    But, if this is someone else’s computer and there is no Internet connection, or you just do not want to understand the intricacies of iTunes, then it is better to use the iCareFone utility from the developer Tenorshare. Now in more detail about each of the listed methods.

    Method 2. How to transfer from computer to iPhone using iCloud

    If you don’t have iTunes on your computer, but you have the Internet, or you don’t want to look for a cable that was lost somewhere, then iCloud is the best solution to send from your computer to your iPhone. All you need is the Internet on your computer and iPhone, as well as registering your Apple ID.

    Step 1. On your computer, go to the iCloud website. Log in using your username and password.

    Step 2. Go to the file storage itself.

    Step 3. Drag and drop into it from your computer. Directly into the browser window or just follow the instructions for downloading files.

    Step 4. After you have uploaded to iCloud, go to the iCloud app through your iPhone.

    Step 5. Now you can download to your smartphone from the cloud storage.

    This method is extremely convenient at the present time. Rarely in any house there is no good Wi-Fi, and unlimited mobile Internet is no longer a novelty. But, there is a problem with the iCloud service itself. The maximum amount of free space provided is 5 GB.

    This problem is solved by using the direct competitor of iCloud. Google Drive. Cloud storage from Google is a little more supportive and already provides 15 GB of free space. All you need is a registered Gmail mail. The transfer instructions work exactly the same.

    Both iCloud and Google Drive allow transferring to Android smartphones in the same way.

    Method 3. Transfer from computer to iPhone via iCareFone

    The quickest and easiest way to add from your computer is using the iCareFone utility from the developer Tenorshare. It is extremely easy to use and does not require an understanding of syncs and other features of iTunes. You just work with the memory of your smartphone as with a regular flash drive.

    Step 1. Install Tenorshare iCareFone by downloading it from the official site. For a start, the free version will be enough.

    Step 2. Connect your iPhone to your computer and run the utility. Wait for your iPhone to decide.

    Step 3. Go to section c in the utility. Or select the partition with in the file system tab.

    Step 4. Now all the files on your iPhone are shown in front of you. Just select “Import” and drag the necessary ones from your computer to the iCareFone window. After downloading they will be on the iPhone.

    To transfer folders, select “Import” “Select folder”, then select a folder and click “OK”.

    Tenorshare iCareFone is built with ease of use in mind. Thus, you can transfer any files in just a few clicks. In addition, the application itself has a wide functionality including the ability to download any files, including applications. Also, using the utility, you can create backups of your smartphone, restore it, update the firmware or repair the firmware in case of critical errors. In general, iCareFone is an easier-to-use version of iTunes, but without licensed media and linking to Apple ID.

    Final part

    Downloading from computer to iPhone is very easy. To do this, you can use any of the methods presented earlier. All of them are the simplest and fastest. For example, iTunes is the most obvious way for those who use many Apple devices or have used the brand’s products for a long time. In this case, mastering iTunes and using it is a must. Icloud and Google Drive are ways for those who have a stable internet connection and who constantly use cloud storage. In addition, this method will allow you to transfer to an iPhone, which can be located anywhere in the world where there is Internet.

    Utilities from Tenorshare, namely iCareFone, is a one-stop solution. It works with any computer other than those running the Linux operating system. Also, the utility supports any iOS version and iPhone model.

    The developer Tenorshare itself also produces other utilities for working with the iPhone. All of them are as easy to use as possible, are universal and fulfill their function in just a few clicks. For example, Tenorshare UltData allows you to recover deleted files on your iPhone. Other utilities allow you to back up or transfer files or the entire system from one iPhone to another.

    Update 2019-07-25 / Update for Transfer iOS Files