How to Transfer Data to Another Iphone

How can I transfer the photo archive from my iPhone to my wife’s new iPhone? A backup is not an option, because you only need a photo.

The easiest and fastest way is transferring through iCloud Media Library. To do this, on both devices you need to enable this option along the way Settings. iCloud- iCloud Media Library. Of course, both devices must have one Apple ID connected.

The only limitation is 5 GB in the cloud, if the size of the photo archive is larger, you will have to buy a place in iCloud.

You can use third-party services. For example, Google Photo. This free service allows you to upload an unlimited number of photos from iPhone to the cloud.

On the second smartphone, the reverse procedure is required. save the necessary photos from the application to the device’s memory.

How to Transfer Data to Another Iphone

Of the other options, it is worth noting the transfer via AirDrop. To do this, two iPhones must be in the same Wi-Fi network with Bluetooth turned on. But it will take a long time to mark the pictures necessary for transfer.

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    And you can somehow transfer the photo back to the iPhone, from the application. Photo on Mac. In the same order, in the same albums and so on! Tell me please !

    Michael, the iMazing application has the ability to transfer not the entire copy but individual data (the photo in your case).

    Recommending one Apple ID for two iPhones is the last thing I expected from this site.
    Never do it.

    @ mark2b, many people use several devices with the same Apple ID, it’s simple and convenient.

    @ Artyom Surovtsev, take an example of one AppleID with his wife. Particularly pleased with the general list of contacts, notes, random photos. Well, general Messages is just a fairy tale.

    @ mark2b, after transferring the photo no one bothers to disconnect.

    Easier to unload through any third-party service

    According to AirDrop’s, more than 100-200 photos do not work. The application crashes. Tried on a brand new iPhone with factory settings. If there is also a, then this is the village.

    My niece was presented with a red seven for her birthday and she asked for help to transfer the photos since she did not want to transfer old data from backup, only photos ands.

    So she has 16800 photos ands since the days of iPhone 4 (she always restored when I bought a new iPhone) and it was a complete.

    At first, as a naive, I tried all 16800 photos by airdrop (for about 5 minutes I probably held my finger on an iPhone to select all the photos), then I tried 8000, then even less and even less, as a result, I could get 100-200 photos at a time. I’m tired of it, I paid for the month of Aiklaud, at night he said that the phone should be charged for charging and in the morning all the photos were in Aiklaud, and then she just went into her own aukalud, and all the photos were uploaded.

    In general, AirDrop often does not work than it works (even sometimes a Long cannot be sent)

    All photos can be selected now very quickly. Hold and pull and then airdrop