How to transfer contacts from Windows to iPhone

How to transfer.VCF contacts from a computer on iPhone

Not so long ago I wrote about how to transfer contacts from SIM card to iPhone. The article was born as a result of a stupor, in which I fell when the above necessity arises. Everything seems to be intuitively clear, but I could not cope the first time. A couple of days ago a situation of this kind arose again with contacts.

How to Transfer Contacts from Your Computer to Your iPhone

This time the contacts were saved from the old iPhone to a computer in the form.VCF files, and now they had to be poured on a new iPhone 6. Today I will share with you the simplest solution to this issue. Go!

How to transfer photos and other documents from Windows Phone to iPhone

You can also transfer photos in two approaches. For example, using a computer. First we connect a smartphone to it to Windows Phone and find in it a folder with photos. In order to transfer it to a computer, you do not need to additionally install any programs. The computer itself will see a new “drive”, and it will be enough for you to transfer the necessary data from it to the PC hard drive.

Using this method, you can save all the necessary data: photos, videos, music files, electronic books, documents, etc.P.

After the files are preserved on the desktop computer, they can be transferred to the iPhone. To do this, connect the smartphone from Apple and open the iTunes program. Here you can’t do without special software. In addition to the main client for synchronization of files between the computer and the iPhone, you can also use third.Party applications:

  • IFUNBOX is the most popular alternative customer ITUNES for Windows and Mac
  • Itools. Has less functionality than ifunbox, but with the transfer of music and photos will cope
  • Diskaid is a functional file manager that “sees” the device on iOS

Using one of these programs, you can transfer the photos and other data that you saved to the computer from the device on Windows Phone.

Alternative way: Instead of a home computer, you can use a popular cloud storage as a “gasket” for such a transfer. Since the OneDrive service is well developed in Microsoft, almost every owner of the Windows Phone devices synchronizes with him multimedia files from his smartphone. If you haven’t done this yet, now it’s time.

Then install one on your iPhone and save on your smartphone those photos and other files that you need daily. Or don’t do it. Cloud technologies allow you to use the data saved in such remote storage at any convenient time.

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Using an iPhone flash drive

The second method that I would recommend to everyone is to create a backup of contacts using a flash drive for iPhone. If you are not in the know what kind of “flash drive for the iPhone” is, I advise you to familiarize yourself with reading the article on the link below:

Naturally, this flash drive must first be bought, which means that if you do not have it now, then you automatically move on to the next method.

But if you still took possession of SIM a miracle of technology, look and be surprised how to transfer contacts from the iPhone to the iPhone literally in one movement of the hand.

Step 1. This means we need to have an iPhone with contacts, as well as a special flash drive with a lightning connector. We insert the USB flash drive into the iPhone and install the Companion application from the AppStore.

In my case, the manufacturer of the UGREEN flash drive, then the company is a companion for him GEENDISK. You will automatically be redirected to the AppStore after inserting the flash drive into the phone.

Step 2. Launch the GreEndisk application and go to the settings section.

Step 3. Click on “Create a backup copy of contacts” and wait a couple of seconds

Step 4. Now we insert the USB flash drive into the new iPhone. It is also necessary to install the GreEndisk application here.

Step 5. We again go into the settings of the GreEndisk program, but now we are already choosing the “Restore contacts” item.

It’s all! So, in two clicks, contacts are transferred between any iOS devices. In this case, the old contacts will not be replaced, and will also remain on your device.

Now let’s look at the case when you have neither access to icloud, nor money to buy flash drives. Both are very bad! Do something to get out of this state! In the meantime, I propose a way for completely advanced cases.

How to transfer numbers through the Mover program?

Mover is a specialized application for copying numbers and photos from one “apple” gadget to another (it is not only about iPhones). This application is available for free download in the AppStore by link

Install Mover on both smartphones (“addressee” and “addressee”).

Connect two gadgets to one Wi-Fi network. If only one gadget is connected to the network, Mover will refuse to work and meet the user with such an unfriendly message:

On the gadget-“address” open Mover and through the “” button “select those contacts that you want to transmit.

Open Mover on the second smartphone. You will see that an arrow appeared on the screen of the first.

Move your finger on the necessary contacts towards the arrow and wait for them to be transferred to a new device.

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Simplicity of use is the key that the number of Mover users is growing an impressive pace. However, this program also has competitors. The most famous is an application with a very discreet and rather long name “Synchronization and transfer of contacts between various accounts”, which also applies to the AppStore in the version of Freemium. The functionality of this program is wider than Mover, however, there is an unpleasant restriction: it will not be possible to import more than 100 contacts for free.

Copying of contacts through additional applications

The easiest and most convenient way to copy a telephone directory to the computer offers the Ibackupbot application. You can download this useful utility here.

After downloading and installing the program, act like this:

In the “User Information” unit, click on the Contacts link.

There will be a list of contacts that are saved on the iPhone.

Through the Export tab, select in what format you want to get a telephone directory. There are quite a few options. The numbers can be “displayed”, for example, in the form of a VCARD document (which, as we recall, opens in Outlook), as well as in the form of an Excel document. On the last option, we will stop just. Click on the “Export as Excel File” button.

A window will appear, warning that you use the test version of the Ibackupbot application. Feel free to click “Cancel”.

transfer, contacts, windows, iphone

Through the “conductor”, select where you want to save the Excel document with numbers, and click “Save”. You will launch a copy procedure that a similar message will notify you about the successful completion:

transfer, contacts, windows, iphone

Find the Excel file on the disk of the computer and open it. The guide should look like this:

You can use not only IBACKUPBOT, but also other third.Party applications to postpone contacts from the iPhone. Imazing utility is very convenient, but in the free version it allows you to copy only 10 phone records.

Contacts on the SIM card

Export the numbers on the SIM card smartphone on Windows 10 Mobile, alas, it cannot, but it is very easy to save them in memory of the device from Simka. To do this, you need to run the application people, go to the “Parameters”, select the “Import from the SIM-Card” option and indicate which card and in which account the record will be copied.

Copy contacts to the computer

To download the file with all contacts, it is not at all necessary to connect the device to the computer. To do this, you can use the company’s company software from Apple. The uploaded file with contacts will have a VCF format. If you want to open it, find out how to do this, you can from our other article.

ICLOUD cloud is quite popular with iPhone owners. It allows you to store all files, as well as their backups not in the memory of the smartphone, but on the company’s company servers. Access to them can also be obtained on the ICLOUD website, entering your Apple ID. But first you need to enable the synchronization of contacts.

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Now let’s move on to work with the site and to export contacts to the computer. To do this, we recommend using any browser except Google Chrome, since it often does not open the right window and it is impossible to download the file with contacts to your PC.


A method that will help not only transfer to the iPhone contacts, but also other files: notes, music, video, etc.D. This requires only a USB cable and a computer. In addition, it is with the help of iTunes that you can perform recovery without using a file with VCF extension.

Itools. A program that resembles iTunes, can work with various data on iPhones and iPades. Including with a phone book.

    Download, install and open itools. Connect the phone to the computer using the USB cable.

If the user has a pre.Created reserve copy of all iPhone files, the process of throwing off the contacts on the phone will not take much time. You just need to connect the iPhone to the computer and go to the iTunes program. About how to do this, you can read in the method 2 of our article on the link below.

Contact transfer from Windows Phone to iPhone

Use a smartphone based on Windows Phone without accounting for Hotmail, so it is probably set in the settings. It turns out that the book of contacts is synchronized with the account. Therefore, if you need to postpone a notebook, you just need to add an account and start the synchronization process. All the actions described below must be done on the iPhone.

Open “Settings”. 2. Go to the point “Post, address”.

From the general list, select the picture “Outlook”.

Next, you will need to enter the mail data (Outlook or Hotmail), which was previously tied to the phone on Winphone, and click the “Forward” button.

Now it is necessary to note the data for synchronization and confirm your choice.

Do not forget to check for a “standard account” to select the desired account.

Conclusion: transferring phone numbers to the iPhone is quite simple. The copying process will take a certain time, but, ultimately, all contacts will be available on the new smartphone. The most important thing is to sequentially perform the actions described in the instructions. By the way about how to register on the App Store, you can read on our website.

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