How to transfer contacts from Samsung to Xiaomi

How to transfer contacts from Samsung to Redmi?

Click on the point “Contacts”. Open the Import and Export tool. Two options are available here: “Export to memory” and “Send contacts”. The first option creates and saves a file with contacts in the memory of your Xiaomi device.

A backup of data can be made through the Google account, which many android owners have for him do not need third.Party applications.

  • Turn on Bluetooth on both phones
  • Select the data that needs to be transferred
  • Click “Send” “Bluetooth”
  • Confirm the sending on the second device and wait
  • Ready!

Use Syncios Data Transfer to transfer data from Samsung to Xiaomi Mi 9 directly

If there is a tool that will help you switch all the data from one phone to another, it will save you a lot of time. Syncios Data Transfer is what you need. Support Syncios Data Transfer to transfer all Samsung data to Mi 9 into one click. Several types of data are supported for transmission.

  • Step 1 install and run Syncios Data Transfer on your computer, then select the “Transfer” module on the left. Then connect the Samsung and Xiaomi Mi 9 device to the computer via a USB cable or via Wi-Fi connection.
  • Step 2 Make sure that the Samsung device should be on the left, and Mi 9. On the right. If not so, click the “turn over” icon to change the position. Then click “Next” to select the contents that you want to convey.

Syncios synchronizes the data from the Samsung device and you can select the contents on the middle panel. Just mark the necessary categories. Finally, click “Next” to start.

Tips: Please, read our Android detection guide if you are faced with any problem of detection in the process. To use the Wi-Fi connection, make sure your Samsung, Xiaomi Mi 9 device and the computer have access to one network.

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Cloneit program. How to use

In addition to Muvera, you can use any other application to transmit data from third.Party developers. Consider how to execute a backup on the example of the Cloneit program.

IMPORTANT! When using Cloneit, one of the smartphones should work as a Wi-Fi access point.

Select data for sending. The program allows you to transfer twelve types of data, including contacts, SMS, files of different formats, applications;

Application of the QR code

If you download a special application on a smartphone, you can form a QR code. This method is not easy, so they do not use it very often. After the device scanes the code with encrypted information, it will start downloading contacts. You can perform the procedure using the QR Droid Code Scanner program available in Google Play. Not only on Xiaomi, contact imports can be carried out in this way, any smartphone based on Android at your service. To prepare the QR code containing contacts, go to the “Import and Export” item to access the “Send” function. Encryption to the code is performed after clicking on “Send contact as”. Everything, business has been done, nothing complicated.

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How to transfer contacts to Xiaomi using a QR code

Method: transferring contacts from Samsung to Xiaomi in one click with a phone switch

This is another very simple and easy way to transfer contacts from the Samsung phone to Xiaomi phone. With Phone Switch software, everything you need to do to transmit contacts is to connect both devices to the computer and start the phone switching program, and then transfer/move/switch the contacts. From the mobile phone Samsung to the Xiaomi mobile phone with one mouse click.

You can easily transfer contacts from the Samsung phone to Redmi Note 4, 4G, Redmi 4a, Note 5 Pro, Note 5, 5A, Y1, Y1 Lite, Redmi Note 5A, 4X, 4 Prime, Redmi Pro, Note 3, 3S. 3S Prime, 3S, 3X, REDMI 2, Note 2, Prime, 1S and Mi 5s, 5s Plus, 5, 4I, A1, MIX, MIX 2, MAX, MAX 2, Mi 6 Plus, 6, Mi 5, Mi Note 2, 5C and T. D.

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This phone switching tool also transmit other files, such as photos, videos, messages, applications and much more, between different phones with OS for example, from Android on Android, with Android, with Android on the phone with Windows and vice versa.

Below you will find a step.By.Step guide to transfer contacts from the Samsung phone to Xiaomi phone.

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How To Transfer Data From Redmi To Samsung

Thanks to applications built into many modern smartphones or which can be downloaded from Play Market, “moving” from the old device to a new one occurs as quickly and simply as possible. For example, in Honor 9 there is a Phone Clone utility that allows you to transfer all the data from the device to Android or iOS. Even from the button phone you can “pull out” the contacts, which will be useful when mom or grandmother decides to switch “from buttons” to a modern smartphone. And whether you have encountered difficulties when switching to a new device?

We use the Mi account

To transfer data between Xiaomi smartphones, you can use your Mi-account as a “intermediary”. To do this, go to the program and select the Mi Cloud section. The process of generating transmission rules is similar to the Mi Mover service. We go to the “Backup device” section and set up backup rules. To transfer the information, we go to our Mi-account on the new smartphone, click “Restore the backup” and set up the transmission. When using the Mi-account, we recommend that you come up with a reliable password. It is desirable that Latin letters (title, lowercase), as well as symbols are present. If the password is easy, the system can become vulnerable to illegal actions. And this means. Important data stored in the memory of your mobile device may be available to third parties.

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How to Transfer Data from Samsung device to XIAOMI Mi 10 using CLONEit App

Mi Cloud is an effective and functional tool

If you use the Mi Cloud cloud storage, in which the data you need are stored, they can also be transferred to another smartphone. To do this, adhere to the algorithm:

transfer, contacts, samsung, xiaomi
  • Select in the “Settings” section “System Applications”. “Mi Cloud”.
  • If necessary, enter the login and password from your Mi-account in the fields.
  • Choosing the “Reserve Copy” tab. “Create now”.
  • On the second gadget, pass the authorization on the same account on which a backup was previously made.
  • Then select “Restoration of Data” and “Restore”.
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All data from the backup will be successfully restored.

IMPORTANT! For uninterrupted data transfer, gadgets must be connected to a reliable Wi-Fi network. The Internet connection should be good, and on the smartphone you need to check the free volume of internal memory.

Possible problems with data display

Some users may notice that the contacts on the Xiaomi device are displayed incorrectly. This is explained not quite correct actions. For work, you will need to activate the settings menu and go to the “display”. There are many ways to sort, configurations and optimal contact grouping ways here.

transfer, contacts, samsung, xiaomi

For example, if you sort them by name, they will be presented in alphabetical order. If they are absent in the list, it is required to check whether the options “only with the phone number” or “SIM-card contacts” are included.

Another option is the transfer of contacts to Xiaomi using CSV file. This is a simple and understandable method. To create a file, you must go to the My Contacts Backup application (it is compatible with Android and iOS). After that, you can send the compiled record to the mail, download, launch and save in contacts on your device.

Thus, the transfer of phone numbers to Xiaomi is carried out easily and simply. Following the recommendations and useful tips, you can easily note the data display, export/import contacts. It remains only to choose the most suitable way of several of the presented.

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