How to transfer contacts from iPhone to Samsung

How to transfer contacts to Samsung: 3 working methods from the iPhone

Hello! The competing IOS and Android operating systems are full of similarities and differences that give birth and heated disputes in thematic forums, and technical problems. There is no difficulty even transferring confidential information from iPhone to Samsung.

Often, users have to resort to crutches and non.Standard scenarios for the only purpose. To figure out how to transfer data from the iPhone to Samsung, saving time and not giving up contacts, notes and events from the calendar along the way. You will have to look for a solution with the visual examples described below.

Manually (suitable for small lists)

If you want to transfer only certain contacts, then you can use the option “share” your iPhone. Open the Contacts app and select the desired contact that you want to save. Put your finger down and select the tab that allows you to either share it by e.Mail, or using the message. Send contact and save on a new device.

  • The second method of transmitting contacts from iPhone to Android is to use Apple cloud system. Or rather her desktop version. Enter ICLOUD in the Contacts app. Next, choose the contacts you need, noting them on the list, or all at once, by pressing an icon in the form of a gear and choosing the item “Select everything”.
  • Click the gear button again and select “Export VCARD” item. Your computer will upload a VCF file containing selected contacts.
  • Connect the Android Smartphone to the computer, copy the VCF file file to the local storage in the phone’s memory and then import contacts from the Contact application already on the smartphone. The Contacts application has the ability to add data from various sources, including internal memory or SD card. Therefore, where you initially preserved the VCF file, it does not matter.

Data transfer from iOS device to Galaxy Smartphone using OTG Cabel

To do this, you will need a Lightning cable and a company adapter for connecting external USB devices (on-the-go).

Recently, most users thought that VK was not waiting for the brightest future. Indeed, why is it needed at all, if there is telegrams for correspondence, you can share photos on Instagram, and short videos are uploaded to the tickshot. It seems that now everything has come up with the head. Tiktok leadership announced the inability to upload videos in Russia, Instagram is about to block. You will not be full of one body, agree? As if the application from Durov was not cool, this is just a messenger, true? Today I propose to disassemble the steep chips of VK, which we could not even think about before.

Recently, more and more cheat has been falling on Instagram. Say, instead of making their unique features, the guys from steal everything they get: the story from Snapchat, Reels from Tiktok and so on. I love Instagram very much and use it regularly. At the same time, they often ask me: how did you like a message? It would seem that it could be easier than a banal like in the application. However, in reality, everything is more complicated than it seems. Although I have been using Instance for a long time, the other day I discovered a new way. Today I propose to talk about how to like it in Institute in one place or another and discuss all the nuances.

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No matter how you follow your smartphone, and no one is safe from different technical problems. Over, I’m not even talking about mechanical damage and other misfortunes. It often happens that the problem arises from an even place. Pink strip on the Samsung screen. One of these. In most cases, the owners face her absolutely accidentally. If you are faced with such a strip on the display, do not rush to carry your smartphone to the service center. In our article we will analyze in detail the reason for this ailment, we will discuss several ways of solving that can help.

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Data transfer from iTunes or iCloud to Samsung Galaxy S21 (Ultra)

When you need to restore the backup of iTunes or upload iCloud data to the Android device, you cannot transmit directly due to Apple policy. But if you have Syncios Data Transfer, you can simply restore data from iTunes and iCloud to iOS or Android device.

  • Open Phone Transfer. Similarly, open the transmission tool by phone in the main Syncios integral. Connect the Samsung Galaxy S21 to the computer only via a USB cable.
  • Restore the ITUNES backup on Samsung Galaxy S21. Go to the “Restoration” section “Reserve ITUNES”. If you synchronized the old iPhone via iTunes on a computer, Syncios will find a backup copy of iTunes and provide a list of backup copies. Select the desired backup from the list, then click OK. Click “Next” to go to the next step. Select the necessary contents and press “Next” to start downloading files from the backup of iTunes. To start transferring to the Samsung Galaxy S21, just click “Next” again to start.
  • Download iCloud data to Samsung Galaxy S21. Select “Restore” icloud to enter your account icloud. When you enter the system, you can choose photos, contacts and calendars from iCloud, and then start transferring to your Samsung Galaxy S21.

How to transfer contacts from iPhone to Samsung using iCloud

To transfer the data between the devices, just use the capabilities of the cloud storage. It is better to connect gadgets using a date-cable, and not a wireless Wi-Fi network.

To transfer information, you need to take a few steps:

  • It is not difficult to pump data, but you must first create a backup copy of all information in Aiklud. To do this, go to the main menu (having previously connected the smartphone to the wireless network) and look for the icloud subsection and move to the “copy” block, and why “create a duplicate”.
  • Loading and installing the Smart Switch application to the Samsung device. On gadgets released after 2018., It is present initially. You can upload the utility from the Play Market store or from the official page of the developer.
  • After starting the program in it, the section “IOS device” is found and moved to the “Import from Aiklud” block. To restore information, you need to enter data on the Apple account (password and login).
  • Next are waiting for the entrance and downloading data on all backup copies. After readiness, all points that should be restored (contacts, photographs, etc. Are noted.) and click on “movement”.
transfer, contacts, iphone, samsung

Note! The SMART Switch program allows you to transfer information not only from Apple on Samsung, but also between two devices running the Android operating system.

transfer, contacts, iphone, samsung

Google account

Google Account is an excellent means of synchronization of any data, including contacts. To do this, on the iPhone in the section of accounts, you need to choose a Gmail and go under your account. After that, the iPhone will offer to choose data that will be synchronized with the cloud, among them there should be contacts. To check the process of synchronization for completeness, you need to switch to the Google website and check the presence of previously synchronized data.

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How to transfer contacts from iPhone to Samsung

The manufacturers of these devices provide several ways at once that allow you to easily and conveniently transfer contacts from one device to another. You just have to choose the most preferred for you.

    First of all, you will need to synchronize your contacts on the iPhone with Google mail. To do this, open the settings on your device and go to the “Contacts” section.

From this moment, you can only synchronize your Android device with Google’s account, after which all contacts will be successfully postponed.

Additional Information

If you do not know how to add Google account to a new phone or tablet, which is used in most methods described above, then this is done like this:

1 In the settings click “Add account”. In the early versions of Android, this item is called “accounts and synchronization”.

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Electronic book with an unusual screen format 10.01 inches and OS Android 10, focused on those who need more the screen, and the founder of domestic academic science named in the Honor. We prepare, analyze and summarize.

The Samsung Smart Switch Mobile application has existed for many years, it is convenient for migration with iPhone or any Android Smartphone on Galaxy. You need to install the application on your Galaxy, but you don’t need to put anything on the iPhone, the application with Samsung will get access to your data itself.

For the iPhone, the easiest way is to copy all the data from iCloud, just specify your username and password, and the application will do everything else for you. The path is simple, but perhaps not the fastest if you have a large amount of data in the cloud.

Before transferring data, it is worth charging each device so that it does not let you down at the most crucial moment. In each device you choose what role it will play (accept or give data). We take my Galaxy Z Flip3 and select that it accepts data, follow the instructions on the screen. Everything is so simple that the child will cope with this. If you choose the iPhone, then when connecting via cable, it is necessary to note “Trust this device”, such a window will appear on the screen.

Depending on the volume of data that are stored in your old smartphone, the transfer may take from a few minutes to an hour. If you want to transfer data from WhatsApp, all your dialogs, be sure to specify this in the settings.

How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android Phone (Without PC or Apps)

Subsequently, returning to this item will not work. On each device, it is necessary to update WhatsApp to the latest version and do this even before you start transferring data, I think this will not be difficult.

Let me remind you that in WhatsApp you will need the use of the same number on both devices, that is, your SIM card from the old apparatus moves to a new. Where it will be at the time of transfer, does not play a role, but you need to configure on the new WhatsApp apparatus before you begin to transfer data. You will be offered to read the QR code from the screen of the old apparatus, and then all the chats will be postponed. Of the minuses, I note that all the media from the messenger appear in the gallery, they mix with your pictures, if any are already on the new apparatus. But this is a trifle compared to the fact that you do not need to dance with a tambourine to transfer chats, as it was once.

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There are no difficulties at the transition from the Android Smartphone at all, everything works like a clock. I note that you can transfer not all the data, you are free to choose what you need. When moving with iOS, they will also try to choose the same applications or show their analogues. The main question of iOS users is a habit of applications that they used on the iPhone. For example, Apple Music is also on Android, so the entire transfer is exclusively in introducing your username and password, gain access to all playlists and their subscription. But to transfer the data of Facetime calls for obvious reasons will not work, as this is a messenger existing only on iOS.

Many use clouds to store their data, so they often already contain all photos and videos. For these purposes, I have Google Photos, where there is a pair of TB space, and when moving photos, I usually miss this item. The application is in the default Galaxy memory, so it’s enough to enter it to see all your files that are saved in the cloud.

Another interesting point that Samsung Smart Switch can be installed on a computer, an application without a mobile prefix. With it, you can create full.Fledged archives of your smartphone and then install them completely or partially on a new device (as an option, it can be just an archive of a smartphone). The application is convenient in that it allows you to quickly create an archive on the computer, which gives additional insurance from loss of data on the device, periodically such archives should be created.

Remembering how everything was arranged until recently, when you needed to put each application with your hands, send your documents and media in one way or another, now everything has become completely different. We have connected to the old apparatus and just transferred the data. The level of claims also Smart Switch Mobile is approximately as follows. Does not tolerate the screen wallpaper! And this shows how much we spoiled the fact that we want to get a full copy of the iPhone on the Galaxy smartphone. The curious moment is that in Oneui we have different settings of the desktop, control of the keyboard, and when transferring from the iPhone, the style is turned on, which resembles iOS. That is, a medium is created, as similar as possible to the one in which a person lived before the transition. And many people sincerely believe that this is the only way to manage a smartphone, although this, of course, is not at all like.

How to transfer contacts from android to iphone | move contacts from android to ios

I wanted to remind in a small text that moving to Galaxy is not so complicated, especially since this question is increasingly asked by those who lived for many years on the iPhone and migrate from there. I hope your move will be successful in every sense!

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