How to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone

The simplest ways to transfer contacts to the iPhone

One of the most frequent stumbling stones that arise in front of beginners buying iPhone is to transfer contacts from the old device to it. Two main factors are imposed on this procedure:

Discrepancy between SIM cards; 2. Apple manic desire to force the user to look at the world differently (including in the implementation of this seemingly primitive operation).

On the Internet there are hundreds of sites with a description of dozens of ways to solve the problem of imports imports. From primitive. Non.Working, to perverted. Complex. We will analyze the simplest and most effective ways how to transfer contacts to iPhone from various devices. As well as how to synchronize a contact book from cloud storages.


There is an application that allows you to transmit contacts not only with Android on the iPhone, and vice versa, but also to work with other operating systems. The name in the subtitle. “Yandex.Moving “. What do we have to do?. Let’s understand together.

  • Download and install the application on the iPhone.
  • You will be sent to SMS, which will be needed later.
  • Next, you need to download the application “Yandex.Disk “on Android. Run and indicate the login that you entered in Yandex.Moving “.
  • Go to the menu and further in “Settings”.
  • Select a item with the phone move to the phone.
  • Further, everything is simple: enter the resulting code and select the transfer.

How to throw one contact from one iPhone to another

Sometimes it makes no sense to move the entire notebook, but only some numbers. In order to do this, we open the card of any subscriber in your phone book and find the line “Send contact”.

The menu pops up, which suggests choosing you the method that will be transmitted:

transfer, contacts, iphone

In this case, not all data are overwhelmed, but only the most basic ones. The number of the subscriber and his name and surname. Although most people have, only this information is filled 🙂

How to transfer numbers through the Mover program?

Mover is a specialized application for copying numbers and photos from one “apple” gadget to another (it is not only about iPhones). This application is available for free download in the AppStore by link

transfer, contacts, iphone

Install Mover on both smartphones (“addressee” and “addressee”).

Connect two gadgets to one Wi-Fi network. If only one gadget is connected to the network, Mover will refuse to work and meet the user with such an unfriendly message:

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On the gadget-“address” open Mover and through the “” button “select those contacts that you want to transmit.

Open Mover on the second smartphone. You will see that an arrow appeared on the screen of the first.

Move your finger on the necessary contacts towards the arrow and wait for them to be transferred to a new device.

Simplicity of use is a guarantee that the number of Mover users is growing an impressive pace. However, this program also has competitors. The most famous is an application with a very discreet and rather long name “Synchronization and transfer of contacts between various accounts”, which also applies to the AppStore in the version of Freemium. The functionality of this program is wider than Mover, however, there is an unpleasant restriction: it will not be possible to import more than 100 contacts for free.


To start working with Bluetooth (transfer contacts from the iPhone A iPhone), this function should be activated on two devices. If the contacts are transmitted from the old device to the new iPhone, which has not yet been activated, then Bluetooth should be turned on only on one device. Serial steps are taken as follows:

Another option is the activation of the main settings options. The “desktop” panel has a “settings” avatar. You should click on it. After entering the section, you must click on the “Turn on” button. It will light up with a green spark. After that, in the “manual mode” there will be no need to connect in this way.

In iOS 12.4 or more modern devices, the transfer function is already installed by the manufacturer.

How To Transfer from iPhone to iPhone. Contacts, Pictures, Videos &

The Fast beginning function can only work if the new device was not set up. To send information through Bluetooth, you will have to remove all the factory settings and overload the device.

After that, the new device is placed next to the old device. A wireless adapter should be turned on. The data will work out in a few minutes. After two phones “recognize” each other, it is recommended to activate the “quick start” software. It will be necessary to configure the device and maintain the identification code. Next, you need to specify the login that was used on the old smartphone.

Sometimes it happens that the window with the inscription: “Send data” does not appear. In this case, you should reload the device, check whether the Bluetooth function works. If everything is fine, then after the ID numbers are introduced. “animation” appears on the screen. The main camera “iPhone” is introduced to it. After the scan is completed, the device will ask to enter the Apple ID password. Then a request will be activated to restore information. Will be offered:

transfer, contacts, iphone

The first method is necessarily selected. Then there will be the possibility of copying information from the drive itself. After that, the user can choose the data that he wants to throw. All this time, the phones should “see” each other and be near:

Data transmission through the infrared port takes more time, so you should be patient.

transfer, contacts, iphone

How to transfer contacts to iPhone from Android

Before that, we considered the methods of transferring contacts from one iPhone to another. But what to do to those who are going to change their Android smartphone to the new iPhone? Of course, and in this case there are many options on how to move the data of the notebook from the phone to the phone.

  • Simka in an old phone.
  • Move all the contacts to the chip memory.
  • Install the SIM card in the iPhone.
  • Synchronize the old device with Gmail by placing contacts there.
  • Open iPhone settings.
  • Select the item “Mail, address, calendars”.
  • Click on “Add account”.
  • Select “Google”.
  • Enter account parameters.
  • Wait for the end of importing data.
  • Download the Move to iOS application on the old phone.
  • When starting the iPhone, select “Transfer data from Android”.
  • Remember the code that appears on the screen.
  • Launch a loaded application on Android.
  • Enter the code that the iPhone suggested during the initial setting.
  • Click “Continue”.
  • Select contacts for transfer.
  • Wait for the end of imports data.
  • Create a backup in the form of a VCF file on an Android device.
  • Send the resulting iPhone file in any convenient way.
  • Open the backup on the iPhone and select “Create new contacts“.
  • Create a backup on Android.
  • Select the resulting file and press the “Send by Bluetooth” button.
  • Confirm the reception on the iPhone.
  • Download the Android Smartphone.
  • Run the program on the old phone, wait for the end of synchronization and remember the proposed PIN code.
  • Open iPhone settings.
  • Select “Mail, addresses, calendars”.
  • Create a new account by indicating Yandex mail.
  • Confirm synchronization.
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What is better to use, let everyone decide for himself. But it is only worth noting that the transfer using a SIM card seems the simplest. However, it does not allow you to open more than 250 contacts on the iPhone.

How to copy contacts from iPhone to a computer: via iTunes and icloud

Hello! Today I will tell you how to transfer and save contacts from iPhone to a computer. In fact, there is nothing complicated, and there are two simple ways that we will try. If you have any difficulties in reading, or something will not work, then write your questions in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, and I will help you.

This is a cloud service that is immediately attached to all smartphones and tablets of Apple. All information (photos, videos, phone numbers, history and more) is eventually stored both on the phone and on the Internet on a special dedicated space. It is clear that this information can be viewed from any browser or using a special application.

3 Ways How To Transfer Contacts From Old iPhone to New iPhone

  • First of all, we need to check that the “Contacts” section is synchronized with the cloud. To do this, go to the “Settings”. On the main page, click on the icon of the gear.
  • We need to find the desired point and switch the runner to the “inclusive” position. This way the phones will always be stored on the cloud and with it synchronized.

CAN NOT DOWNLOAD! If you get an error when downloading, or there is no export point at all, or another unforeseen situation has appeared, then most likely you use Google Chrome. Just try to use another browser.

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After you have copied and threw the contacts from the iPhone to the computer, you can work with them similarly in third.Party programs that can open the VCF file.

If you are faced with the task of copying a phone book on a computer, you should use one of third.Party programs. For example, IBACKUPBOT. You do not need to be afraid of additional software: it is very easy to master, takes a minimum of disk space and also simplifies the procedure for copying contacts, as far as possible. Ibackupbot, in particular, allows you to get a book of numbers in Excel format, which saves the iPhone user from the need to deal with Outlook mail.

The transfer of contacts through iCloud is also considered a convenient way, because the owner of the gadget does not have to look for a USB cable. However, the export of the “cloud” is made only to the format file.VCF (for Outlook). There are no other options, and this is a minus.

With third.Party applications

We examined the tools that allow you to quickly and without any problems transfer telephone numbers from the iPhone to a smartphone on Android. And here we used only basic services and the capabilities of the iOS operating system. Now let’s try to crank up the same thing with third.Party applications.

My Contacts Backup

This application is placed on the iPhone. Initially, My Contacts Backup is designed to create backups with their subsequent sending to e.Mail. But nothing prevents us from using it to transfer numbers. Install the application, click on the green button Backup, wait for the operation to end and indicate the address address. In a minute a letter with a VCARD file will come there, it remains only to open it and import the records.


This application will please that it will help to quickly copy the phone book on the smartphone with Android directly from iCloud. That is, IPhone itself will not even need. Install the application, open, select the Carddav item, indicate the server P02-Contacts.Icloud.Com, Apple id and password. Next, we indicate that we want to download contacts from the phone book, after which we wait for the end.

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