How to transfer contacts from iPhone to gmail

How to import Google contacts on iPhone

If most of your contacts are in your Gmail account, you can easily import Google contacts on the iPhone in two different ways, as indicated below.

Contact imports from Gmail on iPhone

Almost all Android phones provide immediate access to Gmail contacts, since they are deeply integrated with Google services.

In the case of the iPhone, Gmail messages and contacts will not be displayed on your phone, even if you use the Gmail account as an Apple ID identifier.

However, everything that is required for importing all your Google contacts on the iPhone is to add your Gmail account to the mail application or directly to the contact application.

Synchronize Gmail contacts with iPhone using the contact application

The easiest way to import contacts from Gmail to iPhone is to directly synchronize Gmail contacts with the contacts on the phone.

Go to the contacts settings click Add account.

On the next screen, select Google as a supplier of e.Mail services.

In the pop.Up window of confirmation, click Continue. To allow the settings to enter the system using your Google accounting.

transfer, contacts, iphone, gmail

Enter the user of the Gmail account user enter the password and click on.

After a few seconds, your Gmail account is synchronized with the iPhone and will appear on the settings screen.

On the next screen, move the switch next to the onacts to the ON position.

transfer, contacts, iphone, gmail

In a pop.Up window, click keep on my iPhone. To save local contacts (if any) on your phone, and click saving.

Note: If you have already added a Gmail account for the iPhone, go to the contacts of the contacts of the Gmail accounts move the switch next to the onacts in the ON position.

After that, open the application contacts on your iPhone, and you will find all your contacts Gmail.

Synchronize Gmail contacts with iPhone using a mail application

You can also transfer Google contacts to the iPhone by adding your Gmail account to the postal application and turning on the Gmail contact synchronization option with iPhone.

Open the mail on the phone.

On the next screen, select Google as a supplier of e.Mail services.

In a pop.Up window, click continue. To allow the mail application to use your Gmail account for entering.

Enter the user of the Gmail account user enter the password and click on.

On the Gmail screen, move the switch next to the onacts to the ON position.

In a pop.Up window, click on the iPhone. To save local contacts on the iPhone, and click.

How to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android via iCloud

The first way to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android is to use the standard ICLOD cloud service. The method is quite convenient, since it allows you to use exclusively PC and practically do not touch the phone.

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Before gathering the spirit and move the contacts, check the synchronization of contacts. It must be turned on on the smartphone from which you need to move the information. So take the iPhone, go to the mood to the ICLOD subparagraph and activate the corresponding switch near the line of the contacts.

Next, move to the browser and enter the cloud according to the same Apple ID, which was used on the phone.

Keep in mind that it is better to use the Safari browser, because in others (whether it is Chrome or Firefox) you can not even get to the task (how to translate contacts) due to the errors of the connection with the service.

Select everything (via Ctrl-a or CMD-A) or only those that you want to send as necessary on Android.

Now click on the settings icon and use the function of exporting in vcard format. This is a convenient way to get a list of contact details in a universal format, which is understandable to both old and new mobile devices. It remains to solve the question of how to translate the received contacts directly to the new phone.

To do this, in any convenient way, transfer it to the device memory. For example, you can connect a smartphone to a computer and copy it to an internal drive. Next, open the resulting file through viewing files on the phone and import the list.

Iphone contacts to Gmail using iTunes

Import the necessary contacts with the iPhone in Google can be excellent from each other. Some have their strengths, and some, on the contrary, are weak. The user should consider all possible options to choose the necessary for himself.

It is also possible to transfer contacts using the well.Known iTunes program on a computer from Apple. This utility is installed through an official source on the company page. With it, you can not only import contacts, but also transmit music, generally control the iPhone.

First, iTunes must be installed on a computer, as well as prepare a special cord to connect the iPhone to a computer system.

If the user is installed in advance, you can prepare for imports:

  • We connect the iPhone to the computer using a pre.Prepared cable. We launch iTunes, which was also downloaded in advance;
  • Now you need to open a special tab called “Information”. In it, it is necessary to open a section called “synchronize contacts”, and then click on “Google”;
  • After that, the system will ask the user to enter a name, as well as a password;
  • After proper input, the user should make sure that the process of transmission and synchronization will automatically connect and activate. You can also choose certain contacts.

After that, all mobile numbers will be transferred to Google.Account using iTunes. At any time, the user can restore them in the opposite way. This method has its main minus that it is necessary to install additional utilities, and also have a special cable for connecting.

We use cloud storage iCloud

ICLOUD also has a synchronization of the phone book, and accordingly, using ICLoud you can easily transmit records from another phone. In this case, the transfer of contacts from the iPhone using iCloud is extremely simple and looks as follows:

1 In the settings, open “Accounts and passwords”, and then “icloud”. In the old versions of the iOS ICloud IOS was on the first settings page.

2 Put the sliders in the “v.”Opposite the appropriate paragraph (by name it is not difficult to find out it). After that, everything that is in the phone book will be automatically copied to the Apple cloud.

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3 To move contacts from iCloud to iPhone, just log in using your Apple ID. To do this, enter a login and password on another device. This can be done already when setting up.

Hint: If you have not immediately authorized on Apple ID, go to the “Mail, address, calendars”. Do this by analogy with section 1 of this Instruction, through accounting accounts.

It is also important to note that here we do not go to the ICLUD website, that is, we do not copy the iCloud link to the iPhone. Instead, we use the standard capabilities of the device. Therefore, we do not need to know how to copy the iCloud link to the iPhone.

How to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android

The first stage of transferring numbers from any iPhone (for example, iPhone 6). Make sure that he has a binding to Google’s account. If you use Gmail mail, then most likely your device is already synchronized with it. If you have not yet mastered all the convenience of services from Google and use another postal client, then it’s time to have your account there. Since you are still about to change the platform, it will be more convenient to start Google accounting on a computer. Android will require you to log in to Google to access all possible services.

The next stage of our step.By.Step instructions is to disable iPhone 5 synchronization with iCloud and synchronize it with Google account. To do this, in the settings section, find the item “Mail, address and calendars”. When you press it, a page will open with all the accounts of our device. Add to this list our recently created account. For this you will need to enter an email address and password.

After the new account appears in the list, we slip through it. A page with settings will open. On this page, you can manually indicate that it is from the data that should be synchronized with the cloud. You can copy both the phone book and your entire electronic correspondence and notes from the calendars and notes of your iPhone 5s.

Using Yandex.Moving

Yandex products also help to solve the problem. As for how to transfer contacts from Android to the iPhone, you need to use the Yandex application for this.Moving. This is done like this:

2 Launch the program. Enter your login in the Yandex system. After that, there will be automatic export of contacts to Yandex servers. It is important that at this stage a PIN code will be issued, which must be remembered.

3 on the iPhone go to the already familiar section “Mail, address, calendars” in the settings. Click “New Account”.

4 On the next page, click on the inscription “Other”. Next, enter the server “Yandex.Ru “, your username, password and description” Yandex “. Click “Ready”.

Devices are synchronized, and all further actions will take place automatically.

How to transfer through iTunes from a computer

At the very beginning of the article, we told how to transfer contacts from android to the iPhone 5, 6 s via Gmail, and emphasized that you will have to add Google account to an apple gadget. If for some reason you do not want to see Google services in a new device, you can use the iTunes program.

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How To Import Contacts From Excel to Gmail

Itunes used to allow you to import telephone numbers with Windows, Google or Outlook, but today this option is not available. To carry out the transfer of contacts from Android to iPhone via iTunes today, you will have to install an auxiliary application with access to the file system in an apple gadget. We recommend the utility Good Reader, Izip Pro, Parallels Access. By the way, you will not even need a smartphone with Andro, but a computer will come in handy!

  • Connect the iPhone using the cord to the computer and go to iTunes;
  • Find an icon with the image of a mobile phone (at the top, closer to the center);

The names of the commands may vary, depending on which application you have chosen, but the principle of action is the same. In our opinion, this method is too complicated. You need to synchronize with Google, connect a computer, download additional software on the iPhone. Why so many actions, if there are other, easier options?

As you can see, to transfer contacts from android to the iPhone through a computer, you will take more time. The fastest option, in our opinion, is Google synchronization. If desired, after, the account from the iPhone can be deleted. To solve, of course, to you, our task is to familiarize you with all the current ways. We hope we managed and turned out to be useful to you!

Through Google

Let’s find out how to transfer contacts from the iPhone to Android via Gmail. We give a step.By.Step instruction:

Thus, your list of numbers is preserved on Google servers. Now you need to open and save it on a device with android.

Export Contacts from iPhone to Google Account| Sync iPhone Contacts to Gmail

All numbers will be copied in full, there is no selective transfer here. You may have to clean the phone book. Remove unnecessary or repeated numbers.

transfer, contacts, iphone, gmail

Using a SIM card

Without third-party tools, such as My Contacts Backup, transfer contacts using a SIM card if the iPhone “Donor” is impossible. Apple products are in the opposite direction-allows you to import important data-names, surnames and numbers from a SIM card to a smartphone (or in some kind of cloud storage). For what reasons it works like this is unknown.

But, since the restriction appeared and it is impossible to get around it without jailbreak, it is worth trying to try the methods listed above. Gmail and iCloud deserves special attention. At their level, the method with the SIM card looks very faded and boring. Firstly, due to the fact that certain information can be removed from the SIM card-numbers, yes names. No dates, photographs, notification and other nuances.

And secondly, for too long you will have to suffer, pulling out the map and changing everything in places. And if the form factor is different? Somewhere ordinary, somewhere nano. How to be? In a word, there are more interesting methods on the network, and it is worth starting with them!

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