How to transfer contacts from iCloud

How to Transfer Contacts from iCloud to Android?

  • Go to the website;
  • Login with your iPhone account;
  • Go to the “contacts” tab;
  • Select all entries and click the “settings” icon (in the lower left corner);
  • Go to the item “Export files in vCard format”;
  • Open the Gmail page and go to the “contacts” tab;

How to transfer contacts from iCloud to Gmail?

Or go to Gmail mail, click on the contacts button (the upper left corner along the arrow next to Gmail) and import (for this you need to go to the old version of contacts), specifying the vCard format file that you saved from iCloud. Transfer contacts with the convenient My Contacts Backup (MC Backup) application.

How to Transfer Contacts from iOS to Android Easily?

  • Download the SIManager program to the device;
  • Run the application and copy from iPhone to SIM;
  • Contact information has been transferred to the SIM card.
  • Next in Android, go to the contacts options, then to the settings;
  • The tab with the choice of import / export;
  • “Import”;

How to copy contacts from iCloud?

How to Export Contacts from iCloud Web Easily

  • Open in the browser and log into your account.
  • Launch “Contacts” by clicking on the corresponding icon.
  • Select any contact from the list, and then press the key combination ⌘A to select all contacts.
  • Click the settings icon in the lower left corner and select Export vCard

Importing contacts to Gmail from other mail services using Yandex as an example

If you did not use Gmail on your iPhone, but some other mail service, for example, Yandex, to transfer contacts to Android, you will first have to export the Yandex address book to Google mail.

  • Go to the “Contacts” section of the Yandex mailbox.
  • The required option is in the “” menu and is called. “Save contacts to file”.
  • When saving, select the vCard format from the “Mail client” list.
  • Next, import this file into Google Contacts according to the instructions given above.

Exporting contacts to other mail services is done in much the same way. The differences are extremely minor.

Gmail data sync

Android owners are aware that phonebook data is synced using a Gmail account. This easy method is also available for iOS users.

Before you synchronize data using Gmail, it is worth doing a number of simple steps:

  • We go to the settings and in the “iCloud” item we turn off the synchronization of directory contacts.
  • Open the item “accounts”, enter the data of the google account and click on.
  • In the window that appears, confirm the synchronization of contacts by checking the switch opposite the corresponding item.

If you have added a google account, follow only the first and third steps. Then sync the data on your Android device in the “Accounts and sync” settings section.

The advantage of this method is simplicity, no need for a PC or additional programs. It is also an easy way to transfer a large database of phone numbers. In addition, subsequent saving on one or several devices is not required, which significantly saves time.

The main disadvantage is the shuffling of the list of phonebook numbers if you have previously synchronized with another device. Also, the numbers are copied completely, and unnecessary or unwanted contacts will have to be deleted manually.

Without a computer

You can use the iCloud method without a PC. Let’s find out how to sync iPhone contacts in the stock Safari browser right on your smartphone:

  • Log in from your phone to, you will find yourself on the mobile version of the site.
  • In the bottom row in the middle, click on the “Share” icon (rectangular with an upward arrow), in the submenu find “Full version of the site”.
  • Sign in with your Apple ID service password.
  • Open the phone book, click on the gear, then the sub-items “Select all” and “Export vCard”.
  • A new browser tab will appear. Click the “Open in” item and specify where to save the VCF file. DropBox storage, OneDrive, etc.
  • On the second smartphone, download the file from the storage and open it.

If no items are visible in the menu or there is no zoom, repeat step 2 again.

If you have iTunes installed on your PC, transfer phone numbers using it. Contacts will be exported according to the following algorithm:

  • Open up
  • Connect iPhone to computer with cable.
  • When the program detects the phone, open it.
  • On the “Information” tab, check the “Synchronize” item.
  • Select the copy direction: Google Contacts, Outlook, Windows Contacts, Yahoo.
  • Enter your username and password for the selected service, click “Apply”.
  • Transferring contacts from iPhone starts.
  • Go to the settings of the second device, find the “Accounts” sub-item and select the service to which the information was copied.
  • Click “Synchronize”, checking the data types to copy.

My contacts backup

  • Install the program, allow access to contacts.
  • Click Backup, sync will start.
  • Click on Email, send the prepared file to your email.
  • Send the sent file to the second device, launch it there.

You can skip the step of sending the file to mail by opening the archive with the numbers from the browser of the new smartphone. To do this, on the iPhone, go to the utility settings and activate the server in the Wi-Fi Managmenent section. On the second smartphone, launch the browser, write the received server address into its address bar. In this case, both phones must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

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Additional Information

If you do not know how to add a Google account to a new phone or tablet, which is used in most of the methods described above, then you can do it like this:

How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android

After buying a new mobile device, you first need to pour contacts into it. Don’t worry, you don’t have to rewrite long columns of numbers on a piece of paper and manually drive them into a new phone. Let’s take a closer look at how to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android without wasting time and important information.

Apple’s iCloud cloud will help us transfer contacts from iPhone to Android. All basic actions can be conveniently performed in a browser (the method works best in Safari) on a computer, but you can also act directly on a smartphone. Check in the menu of the device if the phone numbers are synchronized with the cloud. Open “Settings”, section “iCloud“, activate the sub-item “Contacts”. Also in this way you can transfer notes, photos and videos, songs, calendars. If you have disabled backups, please sync.

Transferring Contacts from iOS to Android. Afterword

As you can see, there is absolutely nothing complicated in how to copy contacts from iPhone correctly. To do this, you just need to have a Google account, a computer (optional) and a few minutes of time.

You already have an Apple account (used by iPhone). To make it clearer, we attach a video to one of the methods described above.

How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone: 3 Proven Ways

The purchase of a new iPhone is a joyous occasion. But before showing off a cool device in front of your friends, you need to fill the contact book of the novelty with numbers from your former smartphone. Since the lion’s share of modern phablets operate on the basis of Android, the article will tell you exactly about the nuances of transferring data between Android and iOS. After studying this manual in detail, it will be possible to move all numbers without loss. So, what software to use to carry out these manipulations?

Engaging Google: a detailed manual

Another way to copy and transfer contacts from Android to iPhone (for example, 7 Plus) is using Google Contacts.

The action takes place in 2 stages:

All data from Android is sent to Google account. To do this, you need to click the menu “Settings”. “Accounts”. “Google”, then register the login of your personal account and “Synchronize contacts”. If the memory contains a large amount of numbers, the transmission will take some time.

Retrieving numbers from your iPhone account is no more difficult than the previous guide. Only in this case, already on the “apple” you need to go through the following path: “Settings”. “Mail, addresses, calendars”. “Add account”. “CardDAV account”.

Now you need to specify all the requested data and wait a few minutes. After a short time, the iPhone will have a complete list of numbers. The information can be left as it is, or edited at your own discretion.

How to add contacts to iPhone from Android without syncing?

The easiest way to transfer all your phone numbers to iPhone is to use the standard Import / Export menu items. In this case, you do not need to download additional programs or synchronization. How it all goes?

On a smartphone with Android OS, you need to find “Contact” and “Import-Export”. In this section there is “Export to storage”. Thus, a file in vcf format will be created in the database, which can also be read by devices from Apple.

Move to iOS

A service that will help you transfer all the necessary contacts from Android to iPhone in a matter of moments. Before you start using it, it will not be superfluous to check if there is enough memory on the “apple” device to accommodate all the necessary Android files. After that, both devices connect to Wi-Fi and to power. Well, and then. in order:

It will take no more than a couple of minutes to go through these few steps.

After that, you need to start the iPhone and find the line “Transfer data from Android”. A set of numbers will appear on the display of an iOS device, which must be duplicated on Android (a good gadget on this operating system is the Samsung Galaxy J7). The device sync process starts.

After connecting the devices to each other, the user will be offered a list of materials suitable for copying. Here you can select all the items or put “check marks” only in front of the desired files. Everything. It remains to wait for the completion of the transfer of information. During the process, it is not recommended to “minimize” the software, turn off the Internet or power.

By the way, Move to iOS is developed by Apple. Its release occurred simultaneously with the appearance of the ninth version of iOS to the world.

Copy numbers from SIM cards

If you need all the numbers from the SIM card to remain in the iPhone:

  • Insert SIM card;
  • Settings menu. “Contacts”;
  • Activate “Import SIM contacts”.

After that, the complete list of recorded numbers will be copied to the device section of the same name.

In addition to the above, there are many other ways to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone. All of them involve the use of computer programs (for example, CopyTrans) and take much longer. But as an alternative and for additional information, you can master them at your leisure.

As for the listed copying techniques, even a beginner can handle them. You just need to carefully follow the advice of the article and follow the instructions step by step.

Transfer Contacts from Gmail to iCloud

If you have been using Android and are switching to iPhone, then most likely you will want to transfer contacts from Gmail to iCloud!

  • Open Google Contacts and export contacts

How to transfer contacts from / to iCloud to Gmail (Google) or from iPhone to Android?

Want to transfer iCloud contacts to Gmail, or vice versa, or can you transfer them from iPhone to Android? This is not so difficult to do and is done in just a couple of steps.!

transfer, contacts, icloud

What will I tell you in this article? If you need to have an up-to-date phone book on different devices, for example iPhone and Android, then the ideal option would be to sync them with one universal account, for example Google (Gmail).

Transfer iCloud contacts to Gmail (Google) for use on iPhone

Now all changes, the creation of new contacts will be made to the contacts that are located in the Google account.

How to Sync your iPhone Contacts to iCloud?

Transfer iCloud contacts to Gmail (Google) for use on iPhone and Android

If you plan to use contacts not only on the iPhone, but also on Android, then you will need to repeat all the steps as in “Transferring iCloud contacts to Gmail (Google) for use on the iPhone” and on Android do something else.

  • Add Google Account to Android if not already created.
  • Turn on sync and sync.

Now on your Android, there will also be an always up-to-date phone book just like on your iPhone!

Do you still have questions? Write them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, tell us what you did or vice versa!

That’s all! Stay tuned to the Android 1 site for more fun! For more articles and instructions, see Articles and Hacks macOS.

The essence of the problem

It was like this My close relatives bought a brand new iPhone 6. And the question arose about transferring contacts from the old iPhone 4S to the new one. Since they live in another city, they initially turned not to me, but to some familiar guy who sells phones.

As a result, this guy helped save contacts (more than 1500) to the computer as separate files with the vcf extension. I still cannot understand why it was impossible to use sync via iCloud. Anyway…

VCF (Virtual Contact File), more commonly referred to as vCards, is the most common file format for storing contact information digitally. Usually the vcf file stores the name of the contact person, postal address, e-mail address, phone number and other contact information.

This file type is essentially a container for transferring contact data between address books of different devices. VCF files are supported and recognized by all popular operating systems (Windows, OS X, iOS and Android).

Having received more than 1500 individual files in vcf format, the question arose how to transfer them to the new iPhone now. First of all, we decided to use the contact sync feature built into iTunes.

If you click Details in the left column while your iPhone is connected to your computer, you can sync iPhone contacts with Outlook contacts or Windows Contacts. By adding contacts to Windows Contacts and synchronizing the iPhone with it, we got an address book full of hieroglyphs and cracklings.

For some unknown reason, during the transfer of contacts, an encoding failure occurred on the iPhone. As a result, all contacts filled in Cyrillic became unreadable Delete everything! And start over!

  • How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to iPhone. 3 Working Ways
  • The method of creating a backup copy of Contacts using a USB flash drive for iPhone is described here
  • How to transfer contacts from SIM card to iPhone. Instructions

Transferring contacts via iTunes failed. I didn’t want to try the same thing, but through Outlook Wait! There are other ways to transfer contacts to iPhone. For example, through the online service, you can add contacts in vcf format directly to the cloud, which is then synchronized with the iPhone.

The trouble is that you can add only one file at a time and we had 1,500 of them. Having rummaged on foreign sites and forums, I found the best way to solve this issue.

If you also have a bunch of vcf files with contacts that need to be transferred to the iPhone, follow this simple instruction.

We combine contacts into one vcf file

We combine all vcf files with contact information into one large vcf file. It may sound ridiculous, but trust me, it works.

Before copying all 1500 files into one vcf file, make sure that all these files are in the same folder.

Then, from the Terminal command line (for Windows, you need to run cmd.exe) run the following command:

OS X (Terminal): cat vcf contacts.vcf

Windows (cmd.exe): copy vcf contacts.vcf

I hope you guessed that you need to go to the folder where the vcf files are located? If you don’t know how to do this, then here are a couple of additional commands that will tell you how to navigate the disk from the command line.

  • cd folder name. allows you to enter the folder
  • cd. allows you to return to the “original position”, namely in your user folder
  • ls. displays a list of folders and files of the current position on the disk
  • cd folder name. allows you to enter the folder
  • cd exit to the level up
  • dir. displays a list of folders and files of the current position on the disk

Example: My contacts are located in the contacts folder, which in turn is located in the Downloads folder. In order to go to the folder with contacts, I executed two commands in turn (see below):

How to Transfer.vcf Contacts from Computer to iPhone

Not so long ago I wrote about how to transfer contacts from a SIM card to an iPhone. That article was born as a result of a stupor that I fell into when the above necessity arose. It seems that everything should be intuitively clear, but I didn’t do something the first time. A couple of days ago a situation of this kind arose again with contacts.

This time the contacts were saved from the old iPhone to the computer as.vcf files, and now they needed to be uploaded to the new iPhone 6. Today I will share with you the simplest solution to this issue. Go!

Transfer vcf contacts to iPhone

As a result of the first step, a new file called contacts.vcf appeared in the same folder. Now that all contacts are inside one file, transferring them to iPhone is a matter of one minute.

To do this, we need to send the contacts.vcf file to the e-mail address configured on this iPhone. If you still haven’t set your iPhone to receive mail, do so now. Instructions for setting up mail on the way.

3 Ways How To Transfer Contacts From Old iPhone to New iPhone

You should now get the contacts.vcf file in the Mail app on the iPhone. Go to the letter and click on the attached file.

Now you need to click on “Add all contacts (number)”. Then confirm by “Create new contacts“.

The contacts will be copied to the iPhone. In order not to bother with transferring contacts from one iPhone to another in the future, I advise everyone to set up automatic synchronization of contacts to the iCloud cloud.

To do this, you need to activate the necessary switch on the iCloud Settings page.

Something like that. If the article helped to resolve the issue with contacts, feel free to LIKE in social. networks (buttons below). In the near future, it is planned to release an article on transferring contacts from Android devices to iPhone.

My contacts backup

To export contacts, just follow a few simple steps:

  • Install the My Contacts Backup application and after launch, allow access to contacts on the iPhone.
  • Press the green Backup button and wait for the process to finish (it takes no more than a few seconds even with an impressive size of the contact book).
  • Press the Email button and send an email with the attached VCF file to your email.
  • Download the VCF file on your new device from your own mail and run it. Contacts will be exported automatically.

You can also access the VCF file from the browser of the new device by turning on the server on the iPhone in the My Contacts Backup application (Settings. Wi-Fi Managmenent) and opening the corresponding address (in the format: Please note that both smartphones are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

transfer, contacts, icloud

Note. Before starting the export, make sure that contact sync is enabled in the settings. Open Settings. iCloud and turn on the slider next to Contacts.

This method requires a laptop or computer with a full-fledged browser (Safari is preferable). The attached screenshots are in the order in which you want to export.

  • Open the iCloud website and sign in with your Apple ID.
  • Select Contacts from the offered icons. Wait for the contact list to finish loading.
  • Highlight any of the contacts (tap once), and then press the key combination CMD A (for MAC) or CTRL A (for Windows), thereby selecting all contacts in the list.
  • Click on the gear in the lower left corner and select Export vCard.
  • The browser will automatically download the file with the VCF extension, which contains all your contacts. Send this file to a new device and run it. Contacts will be exported to the smartphone memory automatically.

How to import contacts from iCloud to iPhone

This export option allows you to get a complete offline copy of all your contacts in a small file that is compatible with both smartphones and mobile phones of “past years”.

iCloud Dropbox

The considered Method 1 requires a stationary computer or laptop, but if you wish, you can do with the standard iOS browser Safari.

  • On iPhone, in Safari, open
  • Click on the Share button (rectangle with an arrow) and find the item Full version of the site.
  • The full version of the page will be loaded. Log in with your Apple ID details.
  • After authorization, you will be directed to the iCloud menu. Alas, scaling may not work and page navigation will become impossible. To see all the sections, again from the Share menu, select Full Site. The page will reload and you will have access to all elements.
  • Open Contacts.
  • By clicking on the gear in the lower left corner, tap on the Select all item (touch the item twice). Once all contacts turn blue, click on the gear again and select Export vCard.
  • After downloading the VCF file, a new tab will open in the Safari browser. Select Open in and save to any of the cloud services: DropBox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc.
  • On a new device, it is enough to upload a file sent to the cloud storage and export contacts to the smartphone’s memory.
transfer, contacts, icloud

Four Ways to Transfer Contacts from iPhone

Tired of your iPhone, want to change your mobile platform, or need a second Android / Windows Phone smartphone? Today we are going to share how to quickly transfer contacts from iPhone to Android (or other OS). Four universal ways to help you export your contact book.


Another option for exporting contacts to a smartphone running Android, using the iCloud server and the specialized CardDAV application.

  • Install the free version of the CardDAV app on your Android smartphone (Download from Google Play).
  • Launch the application and select CardDav in the list of accounts.
  • Enter the following as the server: Username and Password. Your Apple ID account details. Click Next.
  • Enter any account name and be sure to check the box next to Synchronize only from server to phone. Click Finish.
  • Synchronization will start and contacts will be automatically downloaded to the memory of your smartphone.

The idea behind this method is to directly export contacts from Apple servers. After examining the settings of the CardDAV application, you can turn on automatic synchronization: by adding a new contact to the iPhone, it will be automatically added to the smartphone running a different operating system.