How to transfer contacts from Google to Android

How to synchronize contacts from Google on Android

In modern smartphones, functions have appeared that not only improve the quality of communication, but also increase the practicality of applications. So, for example, today you can easily transfer all your contact entries from one phone to another and do not worry that they will disappear or leave thanks to cloud services. In this material it will be considered how to synchronize contacts from Google on Android, which characterizes the synchronization of Android contacts with Google and how it is carried out.

Synchronization is the process of eliminating differences between several copies of data. Suggest that initially these copies were the same, but then one changed. Because of this, synchronization occurs, which changes the second, for example, backup information. So that the process does not begin to work against the user, for example, when it deleys all the data from one source, synchronization is usually turned off. Otherwise, she will erase them from another.

Throw, and then you can see the notes using gmail

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If you project this on contact entries, then the process looks like this: a person creates several notes in his contact book and synchronizes it with cloud service. Data exchange occurs and the application in the cloud is filled with copies of the contacts created on the phone. Thus, even if the records are removed from the phone, they will remain in the cloud until the next synchronization occurs, where another change or deletion will take place.

The advantages of the synchronization of contacts on Android are as follows:

  • All data will be reliably saved on Google servers. Even if the phone is lost or is physically broken, a person will not lose his contacts and other synchronized data.
  • You can synchronize data with several devices. If a person has a tablet or another smartphone, then you can have the same data everywhere and easy to exchange them.

Important! This is not all the advantages of synchronization. One of the key simplicity. It is enough to enter the same account from different phones and enable the copying process. A moment later, data from a new one will appear on the old smartphone or vice versa.

In addition to contact records, additional features involve copying calendars and events, important notes, Google browser tabs, Gmail postal box and some applications. All this is associated with one only Google account. You should figure out how to synchronize contacts on Android.

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Unlike contacts, the Note application cannot be synchronized

How to Transfer Contacts from Android to Android

How to transfer contacts using a SIM card

If you changed the phone, and old contact details (including Gmeile’s contacts) remained on the old device, then import is possible using your SIM card to update the entire contact base (including Google contacts). To do this:

  • Insert the SIM card into the old phone, and then go to the contact menu.
  • Copy information from the device to the SIM card.
  • Move the Simka to your new device running Android.
  • Go to the “Contacts” section, and then to the “menu”.
  • Select the option “import from SIM cards”.

The method has many restrictions (contact length, transmission of not all information, the number of contacts transferred at a time), so it is rarely used.

Using Bluetooth

Import contacts via Bluetooth is a simpler and simpler way to transmit data in which all additional information is saved.

This process takes very little time and does not require any unnecessary actions, for example, moving SIM or memory card from one device to another.

How to copy contacts with iPhone to another iPhone

Using the Contacts mobile application

The Contacts application allows you to share the selected contacts through instant messengers, SMS and other services. This method is most suitable for copying single contacts to devices that you do not want to connect the common Apple ID with the source device. You don’t need a computer for this.

  • Go to the Contact application on the source device.
  • Click on the desired contact, then. “share contact”.
  • Select a convenient service and send contact to another iPhone with its help.
  • Repeat the procedure for other contacts that you want to share.

Using a common Apple ID account

By connecting a new iPhone to Apple ID, you can copy all the contacts tied to this Apple ID on the old iPhone. Unlike the previous method, you can not choose which data will be postponed. But this method copies the entire phone book at once.

  • Make sure the same Apple ID is connected to both devices.
  • Enter the settings on the source and click on the profile at the very top.
  • Select iCloud and check that the switch near the Contacts inscription is green.
  • Get down and press the “Reserve Copy in ICLOUD” → “Create a backup”.
  • Make sure that in the iCloud settings on the target iPhone, the switch near the Contacts inscription is also painted green.
  • Launch the “Contacts” application on the target iPhone and update the data with a swipe from top to bottom.
  • Wait a few minutes so that the synchronization ends.

Methods of downloading contacts

The transfer of numbers from Google Contacts to the internal memory of the smartphone can be performed in two ways. The owner of the gadget is invited to contact the synchronization settings, as well as the manual export of contacts. Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages, and therefore do not limit yourself to the study of only one way to transfer information.

Through synchronization

Synchronization is the easiest way to transfer contacts from Google to the phone. It works on all Android devices and is an automatic load of information from the servers of the American company. To begin with, the user is invited to make sure that his list of subscribers is really on Google Contacts. You can do this, for example, through a computer:

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If the list is empty, then you will not be able to load subscribers from this online service and, therefore, you will have to look for an alternative way to perform the operation. If the rooms are on the spot, then to set up synchronization you will need:

Now the rooms will be automatically loaded into the internal memory of the device and displayed in a standard ring. Also, the method indicated above will be useful to those who plan to fulfill the back transfer of data: from the phone to Google Contacts.

Finally, synchronization setting will help to throw all the numbers to another smartphone without unnecessary movements. To do this, you need to pick up the second device, log in in the same Google account and configure synchronization according to the instructions that were described above.

Contact export

This is an alternative option for performing an operation in manual mode. If you are sure that the numbers are stored on Google servers, but you cannot configure synchronization, then it is proposed to prepare the export of contacts. For this you will need to open the Contacts page.Google.COM in a browser or starting a Google client Contacts, if necessary, downloading the application via Play Market.

Next, it remains to take a few steps:

transfer, contacts, google, android

Thus, in the internal memory of your device will be a file with numbers in expansion “.VCF “. However, the list of subscribers will not be displayed automatically in a standard caller. It will have to be imported manually:

  • Launch your application for making calls.
  • Open the program settings.
  • Go to the “Contact Import” section.
  • Select a VCF file.
  • Confirm the operation.

Now all the numbers will be displayed in your ringing, regardless of who is the application developer. Similarly, you can throw the list of subscribers from one phone to another. You just need to transfer the VCF file in any convenient way, and then make imports according to the instructions presented earlier. To transmit data, you can use Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB, E-mail and other information exchange methods.

Synchronization with another account

Often, owners of smartphones use several Google accounts on their device at once. In addition, sometimes the transfer of contacts is not required for yourself, but to another person. In this case, the principle of the operation is slightly different. It requires preliminary preparation, which is carried out as follows:

  • Through the “Accounts” settings section, add another Google account if this was not done earlier.
  • Next, go to the settings of the phone book where numbers are stored.

As you have already guessed, it remains only to synchronize contacts through the Google account settings, which we talked about in the first paragraph of the material. Read it to perform synchronization without complications.

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Create a backup copy of the old smartphone in Google’s account

Typically, backup is included in Android by default, but not always. So we will make sure that all the information. Contacts, calendar, mail, settings, applications. Reliably saved in the Google account.

Open on the old smartphone “Settings” → “System” → “Additional Settings” → “Reserve Copying”. Make sure that the “upload disc” switch is activated, and the “Account” section indicates the desired address. Then click “Start copying” → “Continue”.

transfer, contacts, google, android

The backup process will begin. It will save data on your “Google Disk”. This operation can drag on, especially if you used a smartphone for a long time and there has accumulated a lot of data.

When the process ends, you can postpone the old smartphone.

By the way, you can get into the backup panel not only from the phone settings, but also from the Google disk. To do this, open the application and click on the icon with three horizontal lines on the top left. Then go into the “Settings” → “backup and discharge”. Then everything is identical.

Using Bluetooth

To transmit contacts from android on Android, there is no need to connect the Internet.

  • Go to the settings on both devices.
  • Select the Bluetooth subparagraph.
  • Switch the slider to the “inclusive” position.
  • If necessary, configure the timeout of visibility (if you have in the settings, the vertical icon is trothe).
  • In one of the devices in the list of found gadgets, click in the name of the second device and associate with it.
  • Go to the list of numbers of a smartphone-donor.
  • Tap the right number and hold for some time before the menu appears. If not, get in contact and find the desired item in his menu.
  • Select the subparagraph “Send”.
  • When a list of file formats appears, click vcard.
  • In the list that opens, click on the device for transmission.
  • Confirm the reception.
  • On the phone number to get in contacts.
  • Make import/export from the drive in the menu.

Important! If you need to transfer more contacts, go into import/export, highlight the sending, note the necessary in the list that appears, press the “send” and Bluetooth.

An additional way

If for all kinds of reasons you do not get synchronization, and the phone has no access to the Internet, then follow the following steps:

  • Come into contacts, and through the export/import menu item, create a backup copy of the phone book.
  • Throw the file on the flash drive and transfer to the computer.
  • After going to Google, switch to “Contacts”. In the left toolbar, click “” and select “Import”.
  • Indicate the file with the backup.

Now you know how to synchronize contacts with Google on Android even without access to the network.

transfer, contacts, google, android
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