How To Transfer Charging From Phone To Phone

Quite often, you need to transfer some files from the phone to the computer (for example, photos). One of the most popular ways to exchange. This, of course, transfer files via Bluetooth.

However, as I noticed, some users can’t get into the process the first time. Actually, the purpose of this article. just help in this matter.

Also in the article you will find links to instructions with alternative solutions to problems with Bluetooth. I think the material will be useful to all novice users.


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Useful for those who do not have Bluetooth.

File transfer between laptop and phone / by example

Below I will show each step on the example of Windows 10 (as the most modern OS) and Android phone (as the most popular).

I will add that in this article I will proceed from the fact that you have the drivers installed, the device itself is working, there are no problems (in most cases, it is. Modern Windows 10 already recognizes and installs drivers for most of them at the installation stage equipment, including for the Bluetooth adapter).


For those who do not see the phone with Bluetooth (or, for example, there is no tray icon, some errors occur, etc.). read this material here:

1) And so, the first thing to do. it click on the bluetooth tray icon and select “Adding a Bluetooth device”.

If there is no icon, try opening: START / SETTINGS / DEVICES / Bluetooth and other devices

Adding a device. see tray

How To Transfer Charging From Phone To Phone

2) In the settings, check that Bluetooth is turned on, and then press the button “Adding Bluetooth or another device”. An example in the screenshot below.

Check if Bluetooth is turned on and start searching for the device

3) Next, indicate the type of device (for the phone, mice, pens, etc., select the first type, see the example below).

Adding a device (Windows 10)

4) Then pay attention to the phone: in its settings also Bluetooth must be turned on , as well as he must see name your laptop (computer). By clicking on the name of the device, you should see a request window with a suggestion for pairing devices (it will still show a digital code).

You must agree to pair the devices (both on the laptop and on the phone). In some cases, you may need to enter a pairing code, which you will see on your phone screen.

Available devices. connect || Android

5) If everything went as expected, and the devices conjugated (connected). You should see notifications that the devices are ready for use.

The device is ready to use.

6) Below I will show how to transfer files from the phone to the laptop (this option is the most frequently used. However, the reverse operation will go the same way!).

And so, on the laptop, click on the Bluetooth icon (in the tray, next to the clock) and in the menu that appears, select “Accept file”.

Windows 10. accept file via bluetooth

7) Next, a window should appear with a wait for the transfer. The display of the direct exchange and the files themselves will begin after they are sent from the phone (well, or another device).

8) Now on the phone you can select any files (for example, photos), click on the button “Share this” in the corner of the screen and in the list of available options, select “Bluetooth”.

Select and transfer files

9) On the laptop in the file transfer window you should see the download. as soon as it is completed, Windows will offer to indicate the place where to save the received files.

Receiving files (when all files are transferred, you just have to save them to disk)

Actually, that’s the whole transfer process.

If everything works and there are no problems with the same drivers. then the whole transfer process is very fast (even for hundreds of files it will take only a few minutes).


After you transfer the files, do not forget to turn off Bluetooth (both on the laptop and on the phone). The fact is that the Bluetooth adapter is quite demanding on power, and if you do not turn it off. then the battery in your device will run out faster!


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If you use a laptop only with a charger, then you do not need to turn off Bluetooth, after data transfer, no.