How To Transfer Applications To A New Android Phone


We began to live at a time when the information stored on the phone or PC began to cost more than the hardware itself. In general, this can be attributed to contacts in the notebook. &# x1f440;

And when buying a new phone. one of the first tasks that you have to face is just transferring contacts from the old device. If you have a lot of numbers (more than 20-30). then the manual option can be canceled immediately, because it will take a lot of time, and you can easily make a mistake and confuse the number.

In general, it is much more convenient to use specials for this task. Android system function for import / export notebook. About several options for its use will be this article.

Transfer contacts from your old phone

Note: the screenshots below are made with Android 8.1

Using a SIM card

This method is convenient primarily for its versatility (it works even if you do not have internet, there is no slot for an SD card, etc.). But it should be noted that you can’t save so many to a SIM card. only 50-150 numbers. However, if you have a lot of them, then you can transfer the list of numbers in parts ?!

1) And so, to transfer, you must first open your contact list, click on the button "Yet" and choose an option "Import Export" (if you have an older version of Android, then this option will not be in the menu, so you can immediately open the settings from the contacts).

2) Next, select the option "Export to SIM" , then specify which contacts to use (which are stored in the phone’s memory, applications Viber, Telegram, etc.), and click the button "Export" (with arrow).

Export contacts to SIM card

3) After the contacts are saved on the SIM card. install it in a new phone.

Insert SIM card into phone

4) In the new device, open the export / import settings of contacts again, select the option "Import from SIM" , After indicate the contacts you need and click on "Import". Screenshots below to help.

Import from SIM

In general, the transfer is complete! As a rule, all-pro-all takes 2-3 minutes. time.

Video: How To Transfer Applications To A New Android Phone

Using an SD memory card

This option is useful when you have a large enough notebook that simply doesn’t "breaks" to the SIM card (or due to various errors, you just can’t save anything on the SIM card). In addition, this does not require an Internet connection (which is also critical in some cases).

1) First you also need to open the contact list and go to the menu "Import / export". See the example below.

2) Next, select the option "Export to drive (SD card)" , specify the contacts (which you need) and agree to save them.

Saving contacts to SD card / Clickable

3) If everything went well, a file with the name should appear on the SD card "00001.vcf" (with current date and time).

Contacts file saved

4) Next, you need to connect the SD card to the new device.

Installing a 128 GB microSD card in a smartphone

5) On the new phone, go to the import / export settings of contacts and select the option from the menu "Import from Drive". After that, the phone will automatically find all the contact files on your SD card and prompt you to add them to the memory. See the screenshot below for an example.

Import from Drive. vCard Selection

With a Google Account

This method is the most convenient. It allows you to transfer not only a list of contacts (which can be of any size), but also many other files: documents, calendar entries, multimedia, etc. In addition, when using it, you don’t need to do anything at all, except to start account and enter it.

Note: I omit the registration of a Google account, it is standard (just click on the menu "Accounts / Add New Google Account" then enter your e-mail address, phone number, etc. data. and wow, it’s done!

So, having a Google account you can enable the option synchronization, which will daily save your contacts to its servers in "cloud" (which means that even if you lose your old phone, you can quickly restore all your contacts!).

Turns on synchronization in the section "Settings / Accounts / Google". Please note that after you turn it on, you need some time until the data is synchronized.

After synchronization. you can simply turn on a new phone, set up an Internet connection, and log in to your account. all your contacts will be automatically downloaded from the network. Conveniently? Even more!

With the help of specials. applications

Now there are a fairly large number of applications for auto-creating backups (note: backup. a special file for restoring contacts, files, documents, etc. user data).

How To Transfer Applications To A New Android Phone

For example, it is very convenient in this regard to use Easy Backup (link to the Play Market). It allows you to save your contact list in a file format ".vcf" and send it "anywhere": by email, cloud disk, SD card, etc.