How To Transfer A Kaspersky License To Another Computer

It’s no secret that our global network contains many threats. And I join the voice of many. the best means of protection are Kaspersky Lab products. I want to say right away that this article is for those who use these products and they have a license for them.

And exactly how to transfer this license to another computer or a new operating system, I’ll tell you now.

If you have a key

If so, then everything is very simple.

How To Transfer A Kaspersky License To Another Computer
  1. Visit the official website of Kaspersky Lab at
  2. Choose the product you need (that is, the one you used before). Click the link with the inscription of the language that you need. Downloading.

Important! Before installation, be sure to export the configuration files of the application used and its Anti-Spam database (here is the local file address C: | ProgramData | Kaspersky Lab | AVP12 | Data | antispam.sfdb). You can see how this is done at the link

  • Now run the downloaded file. Select a language and click Continue. Then “Install.”
  • Accept the license agreement by clicking the “Accept” button.
  • Now the installation of the program has begun and you have to wait a few minutes.
  • All program is installed. Now you need to activate it. Go to the “Activation” tab and enter your code in the text box. Click Activate.
  • Click Finish. Everything is now your license is valid on the device on which you performed these actions.
  • Advice! How to import the program settings can be viewed at the link “”

    If you do not remember the key

    The stored key entries are in the computer registry. The whole method is that you will need to copy these files. And how and which ones, I will now explain.

    1. Open the Run program window by pressing the WinR key combination. In the field, enter “regedit”.
    2. The registry will open. There you need to find the directory shown in the screenshot and save it to the media. Right-click on the root directory of the directory, then “Export.”
    3. Now one thing that remains to be done is to import these files into the registry of the new computer.

    Important! This action must be done before installing the distribution kit for one of the Kaspersky Lab products. Otherwise, the program will not find the key.

    Now you know in detail how to transfer a license for a Kaspersky product from one device to another (you can learn more about products in separate articles: Kaspersky Internet Security, Total Security and Kaspersky Anti-Virus for virtual environments). I hope the information I have provided will help you avoid unnecessary problems. Have a nice day and safe internet.

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