How To Transfer A Game From Iphone To Iphone

Apple products differ from other companies’ devices in many advantages, the main of which are the constant updating of the system and reliable data protection system. But still, the basic set of functions and capabilities is similar for all gadgets from different manufacturers. All smartphones and tablets have Bluetooth technology, one of the functions of which is wireless data transfer between devices. However, it is precisely this Bluetooth function on the iPhone that is excluded. the developer explains this by copyright protection of information. Let’s figure out the question, which at the dawn of the appearance of “apple” devices on our open spaces was asked by all users. then why do we need Bluetooth on the iPhone.

Bluetooth features in Apple products

Connecting various devices, which with the development of technology is becoming more and more, is what you need Bluetooth on the iPhone. With it you can connect:

  • telephone headsets;
  • wireless headphones;
  • audio and equipment (some TVs, docking stations, car tape recorders);
  • keyboards;
  • “Smart” bracelets and watches;
  • monopods;
  • various devices for the “smart home” (lamps, door locks, heating system).

How to connect a wireless device

To connect the device, you must first check the compatibility of the accessory with the iPhone model. Then you need to perform the following operations:

  • Before turning on Bluetooth on the iPhone, turn on the third-party headset and activate the Bluetooth module with the visibility mode in it, carefully following the instructions. Then proceed to configure the connection.
  • Activate Bluetooth on iPhone. To do this, go to the main menu, go to the “Bluetooth” tab and hold the green slider in active mode.

You can also turn on Bluetooth in a faster way. call the control point by swiping your finger upward on the screen (raise the curtain), select the desired icon and click on it.

To check the activity of the Bluetooth module, you need to pay attention to its icon in the upper right corner of the display. If it is white or black, the module is active, if gray, it is not turned on.

  • The iPhone will begin scanning and show active wireless devices that are in range, which is about 10 meters. Select the desired accessory and connect to it, allowing the creation of a Bluetooth pair.
  • The device is connected to a smartphone and ready to use.

This connection will be saved in the iPhone, so to reuse the accessory you only need to activate Bluetooth on the devices. Pairing will take place automatically.

In order to disconnect an unnecessary device, in the Bluetooth settings, select it from the list of connected equipment and click “Disconnect”.

In the future, you can immediately resume the connection. If you are not going to pair with this accessory anymore, select “Forget the device” in the settings menu.

Connectivity issues

The main causes of failures when connecting devices include:

  • discharged batteries on any of the mating gadgets;
  • turned off Bluetooth on one of the devices;
  • too much distance between the devices;
  • obstacles to communication (for example, a wall);
  • Bluetooth malfunctions.
How To Transfer A Game From Iphone To Iphone

In the latter case, to fix the problem, you can turn both devices on and off, or remove the Bluetooth pair and recreate it. Also, before using Bluetooth on the iPhone, you can update the software on the device to the latest version.

Can I transfer files from iPhone using Bluetooth

Legal transfer of files via Bluetooth to iPhone, as we have said, does not exist. The fact is that Apple takes copyright to programs, pictures and music very seriously, and also considers the exchange of unapproved files unsafe, violating the protection of the operating system from viruses and other factors.

In iPhone 5 and newer, there is a special AirDrop technology that allows you to exchange files between two Apple devices (iPod, iPad, iPhone, OSX).

  • Run Airblue sharing and find the appropriate program.
  • Install the tweak on your device.
  • The program is ready to use, you can transfer files via Bluetooth using it.

To transfer data via Bluetooth, you can use any file managers that have the function “Open file in.”. Files can be sent to devices with different operating systems: Android, iOS, Blackberry OS, Windows Phone, as well as OS X, Linux and Windows. In order to exchange data with an iPhone or other iOS device, it is necessary that it also has the same file manager and tweak.

What is the danger of using pirated applications

Hacking the iOS system allows you to use the hidden capabilities of the device, but you also need to consider the disadvantages of jailbreaking:

  1. Pirated applications “crash” much more often than official ones.
  2. Hacking may cause official applications to degrade.
  3. Thoughtless installation of tweaks can lead to iOS failure, as they do not pass the moderation of specialists.
  4. Incompatibility of individual tweaks.
  5. Jailbreak compromises the security of the user’s personal data.
  6. There may be problems with updating iOS, the need for a complete flashing of the device.

Therefore, it is extremely undesirable to hack into the system and use pirated applications to work with iOS devices.

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