How to Transfer a Call to Another Phone

In the territory of the Donetsk People’s Republic, in 2015, Phoenix launched mobile communications. For its subscribers, the operator has provided a service that allows you to transfer money from one Phoenix account to another. Unfortunately, the function of using Mobile Transfer through a personal account on the official website has not yet been implemented. In this case, it is possible to use the mobile device itself to replenish the balance of another Phoenix holder.

How to Transfer a Call to Another Phone

Prerequisites for translation

Only individuals can send money to a number that also belongs to a citizen of Donetsk and the republic. If a legal entity is located on one or the other side, the transaction will be canceled. It was established that any transaction within 50 p. should be a multiple of the ruble. than fifty rubles cannot be transferred.

Important! You can transfer money only if the amount equal to ten rubles is on the sender’s balance.

A prerequisite for the transfer is the collection of a fixed amount of commission in the amount of 5 p.

You can transfer funds during the day without restrictions on the total amount of transfers. There is no limit on transactions after a month. This is partly due to the fact that the subscriber’s personal account is not an electronic wallet and the operator’s clients do not replenish it with large amounts.

Mobile Transfer Service

You can transfer money to another number only using your mobile phone. In this case, it is absolutely unimportant whether it is connected to the Internet or not. The Mobile Transfer service allows you to send USSD.commands directly to your service provider.

Before sending a request:

  • Log in to the dialer app. Here it is necessary to use not only a digital set, but also special characters in the form of asterisks and gratings.

For this type of operation, the short number 101 is used.

  • You should dial a combination: 101further indicate the number 2. this is a code of confirmation of intent to the amount not exceeding 50 rubles and indicate another subscriber #

The operator does not focus on indicating the international code of Ukraine “38”. Therefore, the subscriber can enter, starting with the numbers “071”. the Phoenix identifier.

By the way, the login to enter your personal account is carried out with the same numbers.

After the request is sent, you can check the balance by calling 101 #. Often, cancellation is made instantly; enrollment is also not to be expected.

What difficulties may arise

On the official website there is information about what difficulties may arise. The unavailability of the operation can be associated either with the limit on the operation, or with the impossibility of the operation for the subscriber (registration of the personal account was performed on a legal entity).

  1. If the transfer is supposed to be less than a ruble or more than fifty, then the system will send a response to the request with the following content: “The allowable transfer amount is from 1 to 50 rubles.” In this case, the movement of funds from the sender’s account will not be made.
  2. Forward to the company or from a legal entity will not work. The system will check the holder of the number before the transaction and send a response to the request with the following content: “For subscriber 071. operation is not available.”

No other errors are foreseen.

Thus, the Phoenix telecom operator allows its customers not only to make calls abroad (to Russia) on favorable terms, but also makes it possible to transfer funds between numbers. over, the size of the commission is fixed for any transfer amount. In the future, it is planned to implement the Mobile Transfer function through the subscriber’s personal account.