How To Track An Iphone

Find and Track a Friend’s iPhone

To do this, the Find My Friends application is installed on the phone (the application icon is clickable) and launched. This operation must be done both on your iPhone and on your friend’s device. You log in and perform all further actions under your account.

The phone screen will display a list of friends who have shared their location. It will be enough just to choose a friend to track where his iPhone is now. Well, and where the phone is, there is the owner.

If you are just setting up the connection between the iPhone, then you need to click on “” in the upper right corner, enter information about a friend and select Send. The person should be warned that you are going to add him to your list so that there will not be any troubles in the future.

How To Track An Iphone

Find my Friends app screenshot

You can choose the Temporary mode and then you can see your friend only temporarily. After that, you can go to the Me menu and see exactly where you are and who can watch you. There you can also see where your friends are and identify their iPhone.

Track your iPhone

  • It’s much easier to track your iPhone, but this also requires a special program. This is Find My iPhone, which is freely available in the AppStore. The developers have thought about the moment regarding your personal safety and, before installing the “surveillance”, the smartphone will ask you to enter a password. Only after that the user will see a map where the location of the phone will be displayed.

If you go to the Devices tab, you can select any of your Apple devices and determine its location. Your iPhone will also appear in this list. Click on it and the program will immediately start determining the location.

If the phone is turned off or the battery is dead, the program will show the last location when it sent a signal to the satellite. Alas, it is still not possible to accurately track phones that are turned off.

Find my iPhone app screenshots

A huge plus of this program is that you can send a notification to the iPhone. This will help you find it in a pile of things, even when the sound is turned off. The phone will give a very loud and shrill signal for a couple of minutes, which will be impossible not to hear. Lost Mode is provided for this functionality.

Iphone writes to connect to iTunes. What is the error

3 ways to track your iPhone

Often there are unpleasant situations when your favorite iPhone is lost, and sometimes there is a robbery. We have devoted several articles to such situations, for example this or this one. We also considered in detail the blocking of an iPhone in case of theft.

Today, let’s talk about other reasons that, if resolved, may also need to determine the location of the iPhone, for example: a friend lost in the open spaces of the city, the desire to look after a child, or tracking the location of employees during working hours.

We will determine the location of a person in three different ways and each of them requires preliminary preparation, and since we do not have an emergency today, there is an opportunity to prepare an iPhone.

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Ihound Program

  • This application allows you to determine the location of a person using his GPS chip and Wi-Fi, and the location information will be available when the phone is connected to the computer. The program is useful both in an ordinary situation and in the case when a person’s iPhone has been stolen.

Ihound can work through the Geofencing system. Its main idea is to inform you on your Facebook page about the current position in cases where the phone is in a popular place. You can also see where your friends are now and join them at any time.

Do not forget to read the comments, there is also a lot of useful information. If there is no answer to your question, and there is an answer to later comments, then the answer to your question is contained in the article, respect someone else’s time.


A lost phone that is turned on with active functions such as the Internet and GPS is easy to find by geolocation. To do this, each operator has a corresponding service:

The service is activated by sending SMS to a specific short number or in a communication salon, it is paid. In order for “locators” or “navigator” to be useful in case of loss of a gadget, they must be activated in advance. Tracking must be done on a different device, but with confirmation of consent from the tracked phone. Location results can be received as SMS or displayed on a map in a special application, which must also be installed beforehand. This is convenient when you need to know about the movements of the child, by the way, children lose gadgets more often than adults. You can also control the movement of adults, but will they agree, and even track the phone in this way, if geolocation is disabled.

The same principles are used in existing tracking programs. If the smartphone is turned off, then it will definitely not be possible to track it by any special means, if it is turned on, the Internet and GPS are working. It is possible, but subject to a number of conditions, which I will discuss below.

On the Internet, you can find a bunch of flashy banners advertising programs for finding a phone by imei. You shouldn’t believe loud promises. You download the program, install it on your computer, it will ask you to add a base with existing codes to it. And you can download it from the Internet, but only in such databases viruses are most often hidden. You will completely carry out the check by driving your imei into the desired window. Only in 99% of cases the program will not find it, referring either to an incorrect code or to outdated data, and an insidious virus will already penetrate your machine.

It’s good if the program is free, but more often than not, such utilities are either paid for, or they ask for money for the service, giving a message like “we found your device, to see the report, deposit a certain amount of money.” Keep in mind that by law, only special services have the right to search for a mobile device by imei.

Still, there are programs designed to find missing gadgets. Most of them use the geolocation method, that is, tracking via satellites. Therefore, the device must be turned on by itself, it must have a SIM card (not necessarily yours), it must have a connected state of mobile data transmission (well, or an active Wi-Fi, if the attacker decided to use his Internet at that moment) and GPS transmission. Data. This coincidence is unlikely when stolen or lost, but why not try.

Find an Android phone using the free Android Device Manager utility, which can be downloaded from Google Play. By the way, the last improvement of the program by the developers from Google gave it a new name. Find My Device (“Find My Device”). This is the same.

And so we came to the very conditions that I mentioned above:

The program must be installed on the gadget in advance.

  • You must have a valid Google account to which you must link your device and mobile number.
  • On the gadget itself, you must enable the Find My Device function (Settings. Location or Google. Security) and the Location function itself must be activated.
  • Also in the same place in Settings. Google. Security, you need to connect an administrator, who will be given rights to remote control (block and erase everything).
  • The phone must be visible to the Google Play service, to check this you need to go to play.Google.com/settings and in the “My devices” section in the “Availability” column, put a checkmark in front of the desired model.
  • If all the settings are made, and the conditions are met, then to search for the gadget yourself via the Internet, simply enter the phrase “where is my phone” in the Google search engine on any machine (computer or other smartphone), just first enter the account to which it is linked.

    As a result, a special window with a map will open, where, through geolocation, Google will begin to search for the connected model.

    From here, you can also “Call” the lost phone to quickly find it, for example, in an apartment or on the street, if the gadget is dropped on the way.

    Or block the stolen phone, as you are sure that it was the theft that was present. You will need to enter twice a new (preferably unrealistically complex) password and be sure to remember it, since it will no longer be possible to change.

    If the gadget contains a lot of important information that ill-wishers can use for their own personal gain, then you can delete all of it through a computer. To do this, use the “Clean device” function.

    If the phone is turned off, is it possible to track it and how to do it: ways

    Greetings, friend of the site itswat.Ru. Today we will talk about smartphones, which in just one decade have firmly established themselves in our lives, becoming, if not best friends, then definitely good companions. Losing a smartphone is extremely unpleasant, since the device costs a lot of money, a lot of personal information is stored in it, a person is left without connection for some time, and it is simply insulting. But don’t despair right away, because you can try to find a gadget. If it is turned on (even with a different SIM card), then determining its location is a trivial matter, especially when the owner insured himself in advance, made the necessary settings and installed special software. But what if the phone is disabled, can it be tracked and how? In fact, there are several ways, although their effectiveness on the Internet is often questioned. Still, it’s better to take some action to return the loss than just put up with it.

    Track Gadget

    If you have planted the phone somewhere within your habitat, for example, in an apartment or a car, and it is turned off, then you will hardly be puzzled by the question of whether it is possible to track its location. Here you will have to make do with your own deductive abilities. Remember where you saw the gadget for the last time, interview your household members, or wait for the alarm to go off (it will ring even on a disconnected device). It is not worth connecting more serious services to the search, as you can get a fine. Contact the law enforcement agencies if you are sure that you have lost your phone outside the home, and you are unable to find it yourself. Although it is unlikely that they will quickly find your loss, such cases are postponed for later, doing more important.

    If the phone is stolen, it is very expensive, for example, a new Samsung or iPhone and you have evidence of the crime committed. Camera recording or witnesses, then your case will be prioritized, especially if this is not the first case in the area.

    I’ll tell you how and with whose help you can track your phone if it was stolen and at the moment it is turned off. You need to contact any police department, providing certain data.

    The stolen phone, if it is turned off, the police will try to find by imei. An identification number that is available on every mobile device and looks like a set of 15 digits. On the gadget itself, you can find it on a special sticker under the battery or dial # 06 #. When submitting an application, you will need to provide your documents, the imei number (indicated on the box and in the device passport) and the contract number for the SIM card installed in the phone (check with the mobile operator). Then you just have to wait and hope.

    Sim card

    If you are not entirely sure that the theft took place, then it is better to start by trying to do it yourself. Contact your mobile operator with a request to trace the phone by number.

    You will also need to provide the device imei, passport and the number of the contract for the SIM card. In this case, the operator will try to find the phone by satellite. They will send a signal to the SIM card, the acceptance of which will be recorded by the nearest telephone towers. So the operator will be able to determine the location of the gadget, but with an error. In the city 100-200 meters, in the countryside up to a kilometer. With these data, if you do not find yourself, then go to the police. If the phone is turned off and is at the time of the request without a SIM card, then it will not be possible to find it in this way, since it will not receive the sent signal.


    You can track your iPhone using the iCloud service provided by the manufacturers. To search, you need to download the “Find iPhone” application and activate geolocation on the gadget.

    If your i-phone is disabled, go to icloud.com or Find My iPhone on another device. You will need to enter an ID and another password. After passing the identification, you will be able to view the last recorded location of the iPhone. Through iCloud you can also:

    Send a beep to the device.

  • Send a message with a request to return the “find” to the owner, which will appear on the screen immediately after turning on the iPhone, even when changing the SIM card.
  • Friends, I have described enough methods for you to try to find your smartphone. I hope you find them useful. Please unsubscribe in the comments about the search result. Help us determine the most effective way.

    Lack of equipment for finding a phone by IMEI

    To find a stolen phone by IMEI, you must have access to the equipment and databases of all operators in the country where the search is being carried out. This is the only way to determine where the phone with your IMEI number and its current phone number are. Only law enforcement agencies can gain access to this information, but even they, possessing such a search facility, rarely use it. This is the second obstacle that makes finding a phone by IMEI on your own problematic.

    900 million Android devices affected by QuadRooter vulnerability

    Check Point Software Technologies’ mobile phone threat research team revealed details of a new malware virus that attacks all the latest Android devices at the DEF CON 24 hacker conference in Las Vegas.

    Some alternative tips on how to find a stolen phone

    Make a screensaver on your phone screen or fill in a business card with your contact details. If your phone is not stolen, but lost, the finder will have the opportunity to contact you.

  • Install special software in your phone or smartphone that sends SMS to the specified number when you change the SIM card.
  • If you are an iPhone owner, register in iCloud immediately after purchase and activate the “Find iPhone” function.
  • Use the LoSToleN service. This is the IMEI database of stolen phones, where you can add the serial number or IMEI of the stolen phone, indicating the reward for the return. Aftermarket sellers and buyers often check phones for stolen devices.

    Find phone by IMEI

    One of the frequently asked questions to the administration of the service is “how to find a stolen phone by IMEI”. We have already given recommendations on finding a phone by IMEI with the assistance of law enforcement agencies and a mobile operator. It is theoretically possible to find a stolen phone, however, in practice, this method is ineffective, time-consuming and often ineffective. For this reason, users are interested in finding a phone by IMEI on their own.

    Let’s make a reservation right away that an independent search for a phone by IMEI number is futile and ultimately does not lead to a positive result for a number of reasons:

    List of innovations in Android M (Marshmallow)

    On March 28, Google Vice President of Development Dave Burke presented a new version of the Android operating system and its capabilities at the opening of the Google I / O developer conference. The innovations are focused on improving the user experience, while last year’s Android Lollipop focused on changing the photographic interface. “We’ve worked hard to deliver the most advanced Android ever,” says Burke.

    You don’t have access to your phone’s location

    All online services on the Internet, offers of individuals, applications and programs for finding a phone by IMEI are scams. Only a mobile service provider (mobile operator) can receive and give information about the location of the phone based on the IMEI number and only at the request of law enforcement agencies and if you have your statement about theft. We strongly recommend that you do not waste time and money searching for your missing phone this way.

    Based on the above facts, the only way to find a phone by IMEI is the standard procedure: a statement about theft, a request to the operator for the location of the phone. Many, despite the difficulties, succeed.

    Tips to help you avoid crashing your iPhone

    Contacting specialists

    Detective agencies have existed at any time, and in the age of high technology their resources are practically limitless. While researching this problem, I turned to an Internet search and found something on this subject. The site rozshuk.com.Ua, which will be discussed, is not an advertisement, but is given only as an example, its services are relevant for residents of Ukraine, but I am sure that there will be similar organizations.

    So, being specialists, the representatives of this site claim that it is more than realistic to find a person by phone number and are ready to confirm this upon receipt of the corresponding application through the form on their website.

    Search iPhone through a mobile operator

    The development of technology has reached the point where operators can easily find out the location of the phone that is on their network. This is done using the triangulation method: the time of arrival of the signal from the iPhone to the three nearest cell towers is determined, knowing that it is easy to find the intersection point of all three lines and tie it to the terrain.

    An example of a search for operators Megafon and MTS

    Many may think: “To find a phone like this, you need to provide strong evidence of the need for an operation and no one will just do it.”

    In fact, this is perhaps one of the easiest ways to find the location of your iPhone at any time. Almost every mobile operator has a service that can be called “Supervised child” or something similar. You just need to connect to it, and you do not need to install any add-ons, everything will work without them.

    Thus, you can always find your family and friends, your own phone or the phone of an employee, lost during a trip or stolen.

    Option 1. The phone is with you, but there is a desire to track it

    Search iPhone using apps

    • Find an iPhone is a native Apple service that provides a very rich search experience, this application is devoted to a separate review. The peculiarity of the correct operation of the application “Find an iPhone” is the need to connect to the Internet.
    • Tracker Plus is a very handy program for business people. To some extent, it duplicates the capabilities of the previous application, but at the same time Tracker Plus also knows how to build routes along which the phone moved and has a number of additional useful functions. For this application to work correctly, the phone must be allowed to use Geolocation, an Internet connection is not required for it.
    • Contacting law enforcement agencies

      This method refers to extreme measures, in the event of theft of your iPhone, we will not be very distracted on this topic, since there is already a very useful article on this matter.

      Do not forget to read the comments, there is also a lot of useful information. If there is no answer to your question, and there is an answer to later comments, then the answer to your question is contained in the article, respect someone else’s time.

      Tips and tricks for tracking someone else’s iPhone

      In the frantic rhythm of modern life, we are far from always able to be close to our loved ones. But we all want to know that everything is fine with them. So often it is necessary to track the movements of the child (from school and back) or the long trips of elderly parents. Agree, it is not always convenient to bother them with calls to find out where they are now. And here “smart” technologies come to our aid. You can find out where someone else’s iPhone is at the moment. Let’s take a look at the available tracking options in this review.

      Third party applications

      Some applications even show the battery level of the iPhone being monitored in the menu. Therefore, even if the phone’s battery is discharged, you will receive a notification indicating the last recorded coordinates.

      You can also determine the location of the subscriber of interest through the popular messenger services Viber or WhatsApp. Only for this, the user must have the geolocation function activated. In Viber, you can simply view information about the received message if location detection is enabled. Whatsapp has a special option that allows you to send another person the coordinates of the place where the iPhone is.

      Application from the manufacturer

      To always have an idea of ​​where your loved ones are, you can use the Find Friends service offered by Apple. With its help, you can independently track where a friend’s iPhone was marked on the map, and not ask about his whereabouts now in order to come to a meeting. So it will be much easier to cross in our time with the ever-busy photographers. The same can be done with all members of your family who have apple gadgets.

      To activate the service, download the application and send invitations to connect to the service to your friends by email. After confirming and installing the program on your smartphones, you will be able to see them on the map, and they will also see you. Information about the whereabouts of the group members is presented as follows:

      You can view information about a person’s movements from both iPhone and iPad (or iPodtouch), the main thing is that they are connected to the same account.

      “Beacons” from operators

      You can also track the movement of your phone using the appropriate services of your carrier. They are provided legally, for a fee. In this case, it is not at all necessary to have access to the Internet, the search in the cells will be carried out by the phone number. You get the opportunity to see the location of the iPhone on the map or regularly receive SMS about the movements of the monitored object.

      To activate the service, you will need to send a special service request message indicating the number of the subscriber you want to look after. After that, an SMS will come to his iPhone with a request to allow tracking, you need to send a “Yes” message or other text in response to the conditions of the operator. Now you can at any convenient time see where your child is (another relative or subordinate). In urban conditions. With good coverage, the error will be minimal. Up to hundreds of meters. Outside the city, where there are not so many cell towers, the location accuracy will be lower. About the cost, features of setting up and using the service. Check with your mobile operator.

      Other options

      There is also a mass of hacker software that makes it possible not only to track the movements of the iPhone owner, but also to get access to all incoming and outgoing calls or messages. Many sites are full of advertisements for the sale of unique spyware for your phone that can hack even the most secure device in the world. An iPhone.

      However, such surveillance of an unfaithful spouse or negligent employee is not only illegal, but also jeopardizes the safety of both devices involved. No one is safe from the fact that the developers of these programs, through the malicious code written in them, will not gain access to the menu of each phone, and will not be able to crack passwords to steal personal information or finances. Having all the ins and outs, then you can blackmail users and demand a ransom. You need it?

      In addition, often, in order to put such software on an iPhone, you have to jailbreak, which is certainly in inept hands. Just a godsend for scammers. We strongly discourage you from using such programs.

      It is clear that not everyone is happy with total control, which is why all applications operating in the legal field require tracking permission. Although if you are absolutely honest with your partners in life or business, then what are you afraid of? Such services will be especially useful for busy parents who are not always able to accompany their child to school or hobby groups.

      How to Locate an Android Phone

      How to find out where your device is, lock it, or delete data from it Go to android.com/find and sign in to your Google Account. If you are using multiple devices, select the one you need at the top of the page.

      Be safe in advance: “link” your android to your Google account. You can find your phone by Imei using the search function GPS, Wi-Fi and mobile networks. Or call even if the SIM card is reinstalled.

      • To enable the search function, go to “Settings” → “Security” → “Device Administrators”
      • Confirm with the checkbox that you allow the services to lock the screen, change the photo password, and delete data from the phone. Get active.

      Now you can control your mobile phone from a distance when you enter Google.

      Important: you will be able to find out the location of the phone only if it is connected to the Internet and its accounts are saved.

      When you visit the site for the first time, you will have to accept the conditions that allow the dispatcher to use the data on the location of the smartphone. After that you can track or call back to find the phone by number.

      What to do now in order to quickly find a stolen phone using Imei. How to find a stolen iPhone

      God protects those who are careful to protect the iPhone, connect the “Find iPhone” function. In the future, you can block, send SMS and determine the location of the phone even if it is not connected to the Internet. Changes will take effect when online.

      • Go to icloud.com/find from your computer.
      • Launch Find My iPhone.
      • If the app doesn’t show up, be aware that your account only has access to iCloud web features. To access, set up iCloud on your iOS device or Mac.
      • Click on “All devices”, select yours to track / block.
      • Click Lost Mode (iOS 6 or later) or Lock (iOS 5 or OS X 10.7.5 or later). It will lock the device with a password. Follow the instructions shown on the display.

      How to find a phone by IMEI?

      It would be great to “annoy” the cybercriminals if you enter the IMEI into the global search database at goo.Gl/fdZAk5. Make it easier for the police to find a device. As soon as the smartphone “lights up”, you will be contacted to return.

      Imei code is a fifteen-digit serial number written on the back of your smartphone. It encrypts information about the smartphone, which is displayed on the network of mobile operators. The number can be displayed on the screen by dialing the combination # 06 # or found in the warranty card, as well as on the packaging from the mobile.

      Do not wait for the occasion, rewrite the IMEI number in your address book so that it is at hand. This will make it easier for you to find your phone by IMEI.

      Leave your opinion and suggestions to the article “What to do now to quickly find a stolen phone using Imei”

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