How to Track a Subscriber by Mobile Phone Number

Cellular networks can determine the approximate location of their subscribers. And on the basis of this opportunity, geolocation services were created to find other people. How to track a person by phone number and what is needed for this? The answer is simple. you need to use the appropriate services from Russian mobile operators. Consider these services in more detail.

Some people really believe that there are services on the Internet that allow you to determine the location of a person. just enter his phone number. In fact, such services do not exist, track a person without permission, knowing only his number.

We can determine the coordinates of a subscriber, but for this we need to prepare his phone. install a special tracking application, enable Internet access and activate the connection with satellites (or enable the determination of coordinates by base stations). After that, you can start tracking.

It turns out that covert tracking will not work, as the desired subscriber can see that some clearly “left-handed” programs are installed on his phone. Yes, and access to the Internet on the phone of the desired subscriber may not be. Also, some phones do not allow you to install any applications at all. What to do in this case?

Geolocation by number from mobile operators

If you want to track the location of a person by phone number, you must use the services of mobile operators. The following basic services are presented at your choice:

  • "Radar" from the operator MegaFon;
  • "Beeline Coordinates" from the operator Beeline;
  • "MTS Search" from MTS;
  • "Geopoisk" from Tele2.

Using these services, you can determine where the person is.

It is impossible to track a subscriber without his consent. all the services presented in this review imply the obligatory receipt of consent. You can get consent in a fraudulent way, but you will be responsible for possible negative consequences yourself.

Tele 2

In order to determine the location of Tele2 subscribers, use the Geopoisk service. The accuracy of determining coordinates over the past couple of years has increased, due to an increase in the number of base stations. The service is provided with a small monthly fee of 3 rubles / day. To enable tracking, you must obtain the permission of the desired subscriber. The error is 0.4-1 km.

Tracking itself is carried out via the web interface with the card or using the SMS command 119number #. The service is activated by the command 11901 #, and disabled by the combination 11900 #. You can also use your personal account or the My Tele2 mobile application to disable and activate the service.

As expected, the Geopoisk service works only with Tele2 subscribers. it will not work to track the location of other subscribers.


A simple Beeline Coordinates service will help you track a person by phone number. It is provided with a small monthly fee. just 1.7 rubles / day. The service can determine the location of up to five subscribers with an accuracy of 250 meters, and throughout Russia. As in all other cases, a one-time permission to track is required. otherwise nothing will work. To obtain the coordinates, a web interface with a map is used. On the same site the service is connected.

The disadvantage of the Beeline Coordinates service is that it does not allow determining the coordinates of subscribers of other Russian cellular networks.


MegaFon has a large number of base stations, which allows counting on successful tracking of subscribers by phone number. The "Radar" service is provided with a monthly fee of 7 rubles / day, determining the location of up to 5 subscribers. including Tele2, Beeline and MTS operators. The accuracy of determination is from 100 meters. Connection is made on the service website or by 566 # team. The location of subscribers is also determined here, but it is most convenient to use the Radar mobile application.

In order to track a person by phone number, you need to request permission from him (requested only once). Add the subscriber to the site or application, wait for permission. he will receive instructions in the form of SMS. The service is also able to build the movement routes of monitored subscribers and allows you to determine your own location. The Navigator service has the same functionality with a subscription fee of 5.5 rubles / day.

In order to determine where the person is, MTS subscribers can use the MTS Search service. The subscription fee for the service is from 90 rubles / month, depending on the number of contacts identified. You need permission to activate tracking. Tracking itself is carried out via SMS, web-interface, mobile version of the MTS website and through applications for devices on Android and iOS.

Additional services “Mobile employees”, “Transport” and “Coordinator” were created for business clients to track employees of enterprises and transport.

How to track location using Google

Google provides its own search capabilities for subscribers and lost devices. Let’s see how this is done.

Using google maps

Google Maps has such a convenient feature as Location Reporting. Activate it and send a link with permission to a person who can track the location. For example, you can activate the tracking function on the child’s phone by sending a link to yourself. the links are sent directly to the application’s settings when the function is activated. Details are in the screenshot.

Using Find My Device

This application will track the location of a lost device. Allow the function to work through "Settings. Privacy. Device Administrators. Find Device" (in some versions and firmware this path may differ). To determine the location of the device, go to this page, enter the password for your Google account and find the lost device on the card.

  • Remote activation of the call signal. perhaps the phone is somewhere nearby, thanks to the included call, you can hear it;
  • Remote blocking with displaying an arbitrary message on the screen. block the lost phone by indicating the phone number in the message for communication with the owner;
  • Sign out of the account. will prevent unauthorized access to data or block the phone;
  • Delete data from the device. if the value of the information stored on the smartphone is higher than the value of the device, delete all data and files with the click of a button.

In the latter case, the user completely loses control of the phone.

Phone Tracking Software

The following applications can be used to track the location of children, friends, and relatives:

"Tracking by phone number"

From the developer of Family Locator Inc. It determines the coordinates of an arbitrary number of subscribers without reference to the operator, shows the charge level on the monitored handsets, shows the movement routes;

“Family Locator. GPS Tracker”

From the developer of Life360. Shows your own location and coordinates of other people, knows how to track lost devices, supports chat with the people you are looking for. The first 30 days the application works for free;

“Where are my children?”

From the developer GEO TRACK TECHNOLOGIES. Designed specifically for controlling children. it tracks location, paves the way for movement, listens to the situation, tracks the entrance and exit from controlled areas, controls the playing time on the smartphone, and monitors the battery.

There are many tracking applications, but these are the most popular.

We find out where the person is on Viber

It will not work to track the coordinates of a person through Viber without his knowledge. There are outdated instructions on the network for automatically sending your location, but they no longer work. Currently, there is a function to manually send your own coordinates to another contact. select a contact, open a chat with him, click on the monk with three points, select "Send location". In the menu that appears, select "Send Location".

Find out where the person is by Telegram

With Telegram messenger, everything is easier. here you can set up a temporary broadcast of the geolocation for a period of 15 minutes, 1 hour or 8 hours. Select a contact, click on the paperclip symbol, select "Geo position", select "Broadcast my geo position".

How to Track a Subscriber by Mobile Phone Number

Next, indicate the broadcast period.

The recipient will be sent a constantly updated link to a map with your location. For example, this way you can track the coordinates of the child when sending to school or for a walk. The disadvantage of this method is the need to manually enable geolocation.

It is most convenient to track the coordinates of people using operator services. If you need increased accuracy, use the applications described by us. They can use a GPS signal to take coordinates, providing accurate positioning.